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  • Generation Darwin

    Generation Darwin


    He lay on the torrid sandy floor, too weak to protest his imprisonment. The first few days, maybe weeks, of confinement, he fought, banging on the hard metal wall, clamouring at whoever would listen. Eventually, he gave up, quickly losing hope of freedom. The pinnacle of his protest, was the barely noticeable dents left on the blistering alloy walls. Now, he merely lay on the floor, engulfed under the cloak of darkness. --------------- Generation Darwin are, supposedly, the next evolution of man. They are faster, stronger, and smarter, the better version of humans. Instead of just allowing nature take its course, the government as usual, intervene. They capture innocent children, teenagers, and young adults, any Darwin they can find, and perform inhumane experiments on them. Donovan is one of these prisoners. He's been in there for just over a year, and has lost all hope of freedom. That is, until he meets another prisoner, who feeds him hope of escape, hope of a better future. A future where Generation Darwins can live in peace and harmony, not in fear and confinement.

  • tales of Darwin

    tales of Darwin


    I am just writing for fun I'll probably upload a chapter once a week, so if you do read and enjoy please be patient.a classic adventure with some twists you'll hopefully enjoy.

  • Dj darwin

    Dj darwin

  • Darwin, Are You There?

    Darwin, Are You There?

    Sci-fi ACTION R18 MAGIC

    "Hm? Hello? Are you actually listening to this? Well, anyways. This is a story about me, Nikolai, about the future and my evolution... Or, at least, you can see me try to be a better person."A short recording made by our protagonist. He isn't really that good at presenting himself to others, even though he has that eccentric personality of his.---------------------------------------------------------------------------This is my first novel, and I am not an native English speaker, so it may contain spelling error and things as such as that.

  • The Dominant Wife Of Young Master

    The Dominant Wife Of Young Master

    Romansa Kontemporer ROMANCE BETRAYAL CEO


    Warning!Cerita ini, untuk kalian yang sudah berusia di atas 18 tahun. Harap bijak memilih bacaan, karena novel ini mengandung unsur kekerasan, adegan dewasa, dan kata-kata yang kurang pantas. Tokoh, latar, alur, dan segala unsur di dalamnya, merupakan hasil murni imajinasi penulis dan tidak terkait dengan apapun atau siapapun.Follow ig : zoyaalicia_dmitrovkaSelamat membaca dan terima kasih!Silakan mampir juga ke novel Zoya lainnya:Marry The TwinsThe Romanov Diadem-Oblast DmitrovkaGet The Contract And Get MarriedThe Richman System**Cyzarine Alisiya Kovrova, seorang anak asuh berusia 19 tahun yang berpenampilan kuno dari salah satu keluarga kaya di Rusia yang hampir bangkrut. Ia dijadikan tumbal dengan alasan sebagai balas budi dan menikah dengan Vyacheslav yang berasal dari keluarga terkaya nomor satu se-Rusia. Vyacheslav Veselovsky Romanov, anak semata wayang keluarga Romanov yang berusia 27 tahun. Pria dingin dan gemar bermain-main dengan wanita ini selalu menolak kehadiran Cyzarine hingga akhirnya ia menawarkan kontrak pernikahan kepada Cyzarine.Zio Darwin Tanudjaya, seorang CEO asal Indonesia yang tidak sengaja bertemu dengan Cyzarine saat berkunjung ke Rusia dan lambat laun menjadi sahabat Cyzarine. Namun di balik topeng kebaikannya, Zio berusaha mendapatkan hati Cyzarine dengan menghalalkan segala cara.Di usia yang masih sangat muda, Cyzarine harus merelakan pernikahannya berakhir di meja hijau. Dan 5 tahun kemudian, mantan pasangan suami istri ini pun bertemu kembali dengan keadaan dan di belahan bumi berbeda.Apa yang sebenarnya terjadi pada Cyzarine dan Vyacheslav hingga sang mantan suami menawarkan kontrak pernikahan padanya? Mampukah Cyzarine mengatur roda kehidupan agar berjalan sesuai dengan keinginannya? You have only life once, so stand up and fight for your honor and for your precious life!

  • Projeto Darwin - Chamas do Ódio

    Projeto Darwin - Chamas do Ódio

    Magical Realism ACTION

    O sonho humano de transcender sua humanidade leva as pessoas a criarem loucuras.E Ryan Savoia, um rapaz que sofre de amnésia retrógrada desde os 12 anos, é um resultado direto desses esforços. Mudando-se a contragosto para uma pacata cidade no estado de Montana, EUA, ele irá deparar-se com uma realidade mórbida coberta por diversos panos densos, e que está relacionada com sua existência anormal de modo mórbido.

  • The Bizarre Tale of Leslie Darwin

    The Bizarre Tale of Leslie Darwin

  • Dungeon Darwinism

    Dungeon Darwinism

    Completed novel! Check it out at my patreon at patreonDOTcom/crownfall

  • Hunting Darwin I: Blood Winter

    Hunting Darwin I: Blood Winter


    Darwin Frost, dubbed as the apex of all predators takes on a bloody crusade to find the Five Great Vampire Generals of Valhr to avenge and find justice on the death of his entire family. As a top wanted, the largest and the most prominent institute in the city of Glidehaste wants Darwin Frost dead or alive. Both for bounty and for the absolute peace for the whole land. Along his way, he met Stephen Stern, an elite agent working in The Colossal as Lightkeeper to whom he never expected to hinder most of his plans. But as they go on with their journey together in the name of a timeless mark bound by an ancient law, they started to get closer and closer unexpectedly with each other. Will Stephen be able to take on Darwin or will they both run away and be hunted by what’s coming for them?

  • Darwin's Finches

    Darwin's Finches

    A group of five are chosen to be part of top secret experiment named "Darwin's Finches".Keira and Henry are excited when they learn they are the privileged few to be part of the project. Upon arrival Henry learns that it is not just them geeks but also his all time enemy Daren, a boxer, who is part of the project.Perplexed by the selection criteria they question the authenticity of the program. But it seems they are too late and already in the game before they know it.They discover love, friendship and courage as they journey through the game called Darwin's Finches.~It is a BL/GL novel

  • College Construction: My Principal System

    College Construction: My Principal System



    Fang Yuan traveled through a parallel world and inherited the private high school founded by his late grandfather, Yun Ding High School. Due to its consistent ranking as the worst high school in Jingcheng City throughout the year, its qualification to be allowed to run as a school would soon be canceled. Fortunately, for Fang Yuan, the universe activated the Strongest Principal System. As long as the school gained prestige, it could establish buildings, summon famous talents, and redeem various God-level rewards. From the founding of the main teaching building to improving the efficiency of learning; constructing a library, improving overall intelligence, constructing a well-equipped hospital as well as ensuring health and safety standards are followed...the Strongest Principal System made everything possible. In addition, the System provided a concert hall, art gallery, a lake garden, an observatory, a cafeteria with five-star cuisine as well. However, this was not all, the System even allowed Fang Yuan to summon world-famous talents from parallel worlds to teach his students. He could summon Shakespeare to teach Literature, Gauss to teach Mathematics, Einstein for Physics, Curie for Chemistry, Darwin for Biology, and Nightingale for medicine. He could also summon Beethoven to teach music, Van Gogh for art, Spielberg for film, and Messi for football! Thus, a formidable high school that would shock the world was born. Students would go forth to win Nobel Prizes, Olympic Medals and break world records in all the manner of categories. Countless Hollywood celebrities and Silicon Valley geniuses would be produced by the school. “Bitcoin? Oh, you mean our IT Department teacher, Satoshi Nakamoto’s little experiment?” Even students from prestigious institutions such as Harvard, Cambridge, and Oxford would cry about wanting to attend Yun Ding High School.

  • Darwinism Doesn't Apply Here

    Darwinism Doesn't Apply Here

    When you die, aren't you supposed to resurrect as some kind of human again?! Why didn't that happen to me? Now, I know what you're thinking. "Oh, so this guy became some kind of monster? Maybe a goblin or slime. Something weak." Well, I wish I was that lucky. Unfortunately, I didn't even get that much. I was resurrected as... an earthworm!

  • World Online

    World Online


    It was the year 2169. The apocalypse finally arrived. Global warming, zombies, nuclear war, all at once. Just one tipping point and the world itself would crumble. Then, Nova Corp, a hegemon of the corporate world, seemingly convinced the global super powers into doing the impossible: Taking everyone online. And they did. Everyone, poor or rich, was taken into the VMMORPG: World Online. A fantasy world where anything was possible. A utopia, unlike everything that the real world was. But what was supposed to become a method of existence, became a battleground for supremacy. Companies, world powers, and the rich battled to become the greatest. The disparity between the poor and the rich grew. There was no justice in this world. It took Darwin's words further than any other. Jake, as poor as one could get, was caught in the rift, torn apart by the unfair system. He was a dog of the Shadow King Guild, and even though he was absolutely loyal, at the end, the guild cut him off. He was without an anchor and left in the cruel world. He knew no Utopia like the others. But one day, when he opened his eyes, nothing was the same anymore. Opening his eyes, he found himself ten years in the past. He was done being the henchman now. He was not going to let himself be used anymore. Now, it was time for him to fight back. So what is the strongest were going to stand in his way? He was going to be unstoppable.

  • Skandalisme


    Realitas Magis ROMANCE R18 COMEDY


    GRATIS!WARNING: BANYAK KONTEN DEWASA 21++Perhatikan usia anda, harap menanggapi dengan bijak hanya untuk hiburan semataShinta gadis naif yang membenci pria bucin! Pertemuannya dengan Eki si mesum, Darwin si budak cinta, membuat sisi lugu Shinta pudar, dia menjadi gadis berani dan agresif. Shinta berniat membuat Eki jera dengan tingkah mesumnya, dia juga ingin Darwin sadar kalau Ratih, kekasih pria itu tak pantas untuknya. Terjebak dengan hubungan dua pria!Oh tidak! Masih ada Rama, adiknya yang menderita sister kompleks.. begitu menyayangi kakak perempuan nya. Siapa yang akan menjadi final destinasi Shinta?

  • Ares Game: The God's General

    Ares Game: The God's General


    Sebastian and Rezel are two teenagers with no problem who both study at the same history university. Both passionate about military history, these two friends complement each other although they disagree on certain points. However Rezel finds his daily life boring to the point of wishing to want to reincarnate in a world at war where he can experience what the ideal life is according to his fantasm. Things that Ares the god of war will answer by making him die before bringing him back to the Duchy of Elysion with only one goal. Create a Hyge that will bring High power to the god of war. Except that he intends to enjoy his life as Count's son in this new world.

  • High School E- Sports:
MLBB is Life

    High School E- Sports: MLBB is Life

  • The Most Magical Halloween

    The Most Magical Halloween

    Darwin Watson and Kellan Houghton own paranormal agency. They handle cases together and spend a majority of their waking hours with each other. When a supernatural murder occurs, they’re introduced to Endymion Vano by one of their mutual friends. Their attraction to Endymion leads them to finally confess their feelings for each other, as well.<br><br>The three men deal with supernatural cases back-to-back while getting to know one another as potential lovers. The cases grow in intensity, and one involves a painful betrayal from someone close to Darwin, Kellan, and Endymion. None of the men expect it, but they have to work together to survive, especially since the betrayal comes on Halloween night, when the barriers between the worlds are at their thinnest.<br><br>Will they find their happy ending on the magical Halloween night? Or will Halloween spell the end for all three?

  • I only have PASSIVE skill

    I only have PASSIVE skill


  • Warrior of Adrun

    Warrior of Adrun


    Nothing can stop them, they fear neither gods nor devils nor wolves, they are the immortal warriors nicknamed Killicks. Warrior people born since birth, they are stronger, faster, more resistant than humans. But the day came when this invincible army was enslaved by the kingdom of Adrun. Using magic the king was affixed a seal forcing their obedience to the royal family. From then on Adrun considerably increased its territory and its power thanks to the help of its new allies. But what happens when one of those mad dogs is not put under the strain of the seal? After 380 years of enslavment it is time for uprising

  • Black Nessa

    Black Nessa


    Humanity continued to kill each other even in the space travel area. While terraforming made it possible to acquire new planets, the discovery of a new species changed the fate of mankind forever. As if their minds had aligned they ceased to quarrel and all humanity decided to ally. Today, after more than 200 years of combat, the conflict is coming to an end. It was then that the planet of Kai'O, considered one of the most peaceful, plunged into an unprecedented crisis.