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  • Imperfect Desires

    Imperfect Desires



    "Are you looking for your Mr. Right?""Why would I wait for him? Mr. Right is lost on his way."He quirked his brow at her answer with a faint smile at the corner of his lips."Then what are you doing?" He questioned in amusement.She placed both her hands on his chest and pushed his masculine body against the wall taking him by surprise.Her honey-brown eyes blinked at him with mischief dancing in them as she planted a firm kiss at his jaw and said, "I'm planning on taking advantage of Mr. Right Now!"His eyes widened dramatically in disbelief. Before his eyes darkened with desire and passion. He placed his hands on her small waist and she could feel the heat of his big hands through the flimsy fabric of her shirt.His head leaned ahead as he whispered close to her ear, "Feel free to take whatever you want." She felt his hot tongue licking her earlobe making her heart to beat erratically.~~~~~Chen Xiu; known as Ms. Goody-two-shoes. A Superstar who was said to have it all which made her the center of hatred and envy as well.Little did anyone knew that the same Superstar had to nurse her own wounds in the silence and darkness of night where no one was looking.But for how long could she hold on for? Eventually, she decided to end her own misery and ended her life in the darkness of night, her only companion.Having woken up in a new body and at a new place wasn't something she could ever believe in. At least, not until she became Bai Xiu out of the blue.The day she thought to be her last became her first as a second chance awaited her. But whether this new chance was a blessing or disaster, it was hard to tell since she was trapped in a new body with a new life with the shackles of only her old memories.New life or a new curse? What really awaited her? The same disappointing silence of the night or was there someone calling out her name desperately at the end of the tunnel? Were sparks meant to fly in her heart or the fire in her heart was meant to burn her whole? Was this leap of faith gonna make her fall on her face or was she meant to fly the horizon?The new life brought a lot of questions. But the answer was simple...You would never know until you give it a shot!~~~This is an original novel by Xiao MeeHee. All rights are reserved to the author.Thank You! ~~~Join the Discord Channel: amaya_meehee~~~Other Novels by the author: "Mr. CEO Loves The Devilish Beauty""The Inconceivable Flame: A Fallen Angel's Disguise"~~~

  • Forbidden Desires

    Forbidden Desires


    Let's play a game he said.And I agreed.He called it possession and the possession was me.Maybe just this one night I'll let Mr. Arizona possess me.I might call him sky when we are all together but secretly when he touches me, touches the heat of my skin and the lust that drips along my legs I call him Mr. Arizona again.It's a vile game we play where he lights a fire on my skin and I call him Mr. Arizona, watching the fire burn within his eyes when I moan it again and again. It's lust. That's what Mr. Arizona means.Just that single word and in different names as we play different games but tonight he calls it possession.Not another game of lust. He invited me to be won. To be possessed by him.

  • A Wave Of Desire (BL)

    A Wave Of Desire (BL)



    After having been abandoned on the beach as a baby Ocean has lived the best life possible. He is the school's star swimmer. He is the most popular and a shoe in for the student body president. He is an honors student. And he even has the hottest girl in school as his girlfriend. But everything comes crashing down around him when the hot new Makai Rivers transfers in their senior year. Makai begins to steal Ocean's popularity, his number one spot on the swim team, even his girlfriend dumps him for the new guy. All of this just infuriates Ocean. So, why is it that Makai seems to follow Ocean around like a lost little puppy? Why can't he get this super annoying and super hot guy to stop following him? What is it that he truly feels toward Makai. And What is it that is different about Makai? Why is it that they're both so drawn toward each other? ******************** MATURE RATING ******************** This book is a LGBTQ story with mature content. There will be scenes that contain the following: ADULT LANGUAGE UNDERAGE DRINKING VIOLENCE SEXUAL SITUATIONS FOLLOW ME AND TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK **THE AUTHOR OWNS NO RIGHTS TO THE IMAGE ON THIS COVER, IF THERE IS AN ISSUE WITH ME USING THIS PLEASE CONTACT ME WITH ANY CONCERNS**



    Matt Bradford and Dash black are best friends, rich, handsome, irresistible and sexy. Going around the world to make their fortunes. Now, though they have money, power and success, they discover those things mean nothing without a special person to share them.As destiny throws two unique women into their paths, these driven men discover that achieving material success is easy compared to the challenge of forging a close, passionate relationship that will last a lifetime.--------------Matt Bradford knows his ex, Savannah Carson can't be trusted. He knows that because one year ago, she cheated on him with his brother...and he doesn't think he can ever forgive her for that. But the problem is that, he can't seem to stop thinking about her. Even after a whole year. It doesn't help matters that she seemed to drop out of the face of the earth after their, break up.... And he is worried about her.. Even if he shouldn't be. So he hires an investigator to find her... And he does... But he's not prepared for the attraction he still feels towards this woman who cheated on him... Will he be able to put the past behind him and move on?? Dash Black has a business deal with Neal Patchett and he really doesn't want to loose it. Everything seems to be going well, but Neal Patchett has made one final condition. Dash has to marry his daughter Tess Patchett. Dash thinks it's ridiculous. Who the hell still does this arranged marriage nonsense. He is going to go through with this plan just to get this business deal. And then after that he plans to divorce Tess. But will he be able to go through with his plan when he meets the beautiful and innocent Tess Patchett?

  • Desires of a Lead

    Desires of a Lead


    When Nadia is handed a new novel in a series to edit, she isn't exactly thrilled. What Nadia doesn't know is that the story she'd been handed is about to come off the pages. One character in particular is not happy with the way the story is going. He's a side character name Xyle. Xyle is angry that he has been treated so poorly in the series he was written. He has a few things to say and mistakes Nadia for the author at first. Nadia has no idea what to do with this inhuman warrior that has stepped off the pages of the novel she is editing. What's worse, he starts to come after her in a far different way. When Xyle realizes that if you want to stay alive you need to find a way to be a lead in this world. To him it seems obvious that Nadia is a female lead. A female lead that does not appear to have a male lead in her life. How is that not a perfect opportunity to escape his fate and get what his original author denied him? A life, a mate and even simple joys. Xyle realizes pretty quick that Nadia is going to make this hard. To bad he's already used to a hard life, and being denied. He's going to win this time, even if he has to write their fates himself into the pages of this story.

  • Hidden Desires

    Hidden Desires

    Fiksi Realistik ROMANCE

    Warning!! 18+Tahu Andin juga menyukainya, sikap Tommy berubah jahil. Ia sering mengerjai Andin dengan perhatian dan perlakuan lembut agar gadis itu mau mengungkapkan perasaannya. Tommy takut ditolak sehingga ia melakukan segala cara termasuk menciumnya agar Andin baper dan mau jujur. Tak tahan akan gejolak dalam dirinya yang semakin bergolak, Andin memutuskan untuk menyatakan cinta pada Tommy. Tapi di saat ia ingin mengungkapkan perasaan itu, Tommy malah meninggalkannya ke luar kota. Dengan setia Andin pun menunggu sampai Tommy kembali. Karena tahu Andin tidak membalas perasaannya, Tommy menyutujui perjodohan yang ternyata sudah lama direncanakan. Kedekatan yang terjalin cukup lama membuat Tommy mencintai Sherly dan melupakan Andin. Dan sebagai sahabat dekat, Tommy pun terpaksa memperkenalkan calon istrinya kepada Andin saat ia kembali dari luar kota. Akankah Andin bisa menerima kenyataan?Apakah Tommy akan mempertahankan Sherly kalau tahu Andin menyukainya?

  • Wild desires

    Wild desires

    WARNING: R18+( CONTAINS MATURE CONTENTS) " How much did you see mum ? ", With everyone silent, Axel reached out and asked first. Hearing him ask that, my eyes immediately popped up out of their sockets. It is what I had just said. He had an uncontrollable mouth. " l saw what was enough .... ", Marie Credence retorted before shrugging her shoulders as if it was something not serious. " Enough oh! My goodness is screwed up ', At that l lowered my face in my palm as a blush made its way on my face. Oh! My goodness, she also saw the part where Axel ran his index finger over my c*m coated p***y and then licked his finger "", I facepalmed while trembling. It was ashaming and I didn't know how to act in front of Axel's mother.WILD DESIRES ( A story about two horny teenagers )

  • Desires!


  • Lustful Desires

    Lustful Desires

    Short stories which contains matured contents. If you are sensitive reader then I suggest you not to read but if you are searching for some spice then give a try.

  • the desires

    the desires

  • Desires.



  • These Maddening Desires

    These Maddening Desires



    "They say the first son of the Duke is cursed."Refusing the marriage was the last thing Rosé could do when facing her parent's and sister's request. But what if the man she had to marry was a cursed man who was rumored to feast on humans?Rose, an energetic young lady learned of her older sister's fondness of a man. In happiness, the young girl supported her sister's love and hope for a happy marriage until one day, their aunt came with an offer their family could never refuse where she would be wedded to son of the Duke, Dominic who was known to be bound with a curse— a curse where he would feast on humans every full moon.But it had once been said that a monster might not be the evilest creature there is in the world. As such Rose learned more about Dominic and the true monsters lurking around them.Perhaps what others know about Dominic is not what the truth is?An interesting fantasy story with twist. turns, and fiery passion.

  • Otherworldly Desires

    Otherworldly Desires



    A teenage girl got hit by a truck and was reincarnated into another world – a world of swords, magic, and dragons.Her new life starts off as quiet and cold. But after a certain prophecy and the death of her newfound brother, things take a bit of a turn when she's forced to masquerade as him."Come year of 184,A deer and a lionHeirs of white and black coatsWill either destroyOr unite the world."... –Updates are random. –The cover isn't mine. –I hope you enjoy reading! \\(>u

  • Submission To His Desires

    Submission To His Desires

    "Tell me you are mine" the cold, sharp, merciless blade tried to force me into submission. Into HIS submission. I am not a dead thing that anyone can own. "I-I am yours". Green is supposed to be my favorite color but as I look into his green merciless eyes I feel nothing but fear. "Good girl. Now, we don't want your dear ones hurt, do we?" ****Where do you see yourself in three years? Two? One?What gives you the certainty that there will be one at all?In a world where most people dream and everything is normal, how would it feel to not know what normal is? Life is never easy, and it won't ever be. It's harder when you have demons of your past and devils in your present to fight against. No one wants to lose, but how long can you keep yourself stable? Only the strong and brave survives the race. Is she strong and brave?Triggers are present.




    WARNING MATURED CONTENTS R18 kamlyn yang a 17 years old beauty adored by her family and friends. Living a peaceful and carefree life, pampered by her parents. what happens when tragedy strikes and her walls of happiness crumbles. Not being able to take the misfortune kamlyn falls into depression. Legally adopted by the Lu's her parents business partner and best friends.kamlyn is set to live a new life,but what happens when she meets Ethan Lu , A cold and aloof yet devilishly handsome man legally being her brother by adoption. What happens when a depressed kamlyn finds herself in a family situation in contrast to hers? what does life have in plan for them? read to find out how she will overcome challanges and fight for love ******************************* please this is my first book.please forgive my incorrect spellings and other mistakes if any. kindly support me if you find my work worthy of your liking . I'll appreciate. It will encourage me. If there is any problem kindly notify me in the comments. I'll have to rely on your reviews to improve my work . THANK YOU.

  • Lusty Desires

    Lusty Desires


    A collection of free erotic stories written for men. Our brain is our biggest sexual organ, tease your sensual imagination!

  • Lies And Desires

    Lies And Desires

    One bracelet, two women... Who was the real princess? Alexander Hanks had spent most of his life looking for the little girl who had saved him from death's clutches years ago and he swore to never let her go after finding her and now he has; the beautiful Jennifer Hardy but when he finds himself falling in love for her wallflower cousin instead, he begins to question certain things concerning what he remembers about the little girl who'd saved his life many years ago. Kelly Hepburn was on the verge of being swallowed by hatred, she'd been betrayed by the people she'd trusted the most and now she's back to reclaim everything, she would destroy anyone who threatens her, even the man she loved.

  • Untamed Desires

    Untamed Desires


    The least person Carter expected to be forced to work with, was Christabella. Christabella was a young, smart and beautiful woman whom Carter despised so much because she was everything his father wanted in a child, and everything he wasn’t. Christabella hated Carter with the same vigor, because she saw him as a spoilt and unserious playboy who doesn’t take anything work related seriously, despite his father being the owner of the company they were both working in. The two rivals would be forced to work together at a certain point, despite all tries to prevent that from happening. The rivals didn’t see Cupid coming to seal their fates together, and they’d start to slowly realize just how much they have in common, and how they are so much better off as a team... and as lovers. Sometimes, tragedy waits until everything’s already perfect before striking hard, and in this case, it’s in form of dark secrets and forgotten people from the past, shoving Carter and Christabel in the midst of the whole conflict– whereas their love for each other would be tested vigorously and tossed around heartlessly. How would they overcome a mountain without knowing how to hike, to begin with. This is a story about love, friendship, desires and secrets. Hang in tight as you prepare to lose yourself in the story.

  • Dreams And Desires

    Dreams And Desires

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE VAMPIRE


    "There is only one way to break this hex if I ever mate with a true lover." Ze sighs, "Only if she offers her blood on her will to me.""Maybe, I can offer you my blood and if the myth is true, I might get normal again" Lian smiles in hope."But here are a number of your brother vampires who are in search of their true lover." Lian looks at him, "Whom shall I choose?"═══════════════════════════A laboratory mishap mixture of a drug, when consumed by Ye Lian, the drug reacted with her DNA resulting from that her would-be invisible in sunlight. She had to go to the night schools to receive her classes, where she was being bullied by the boys of her class. She stayed alone at her home..Until she met Qín Ze, a cursed Vampire, in an accident, who would not drink her blood but would heal her. Their relationship changed their lives. Both chased a life to be a human, unaware how much they could do with their selves but could never live together if they were to remain how they were.So get ready to experience the Love Story of Lian and Ze, while they chase to become a human again.Let every word of this Book go through your Dreams and Desires because both Dreams and Desires are Different.═══════════════════════════COVER: I do not own this cover, the rights go to the owner.═══════════════════════════• No smut scenes uptill Chapter 10.• Contains Mature, R-18 contents.• Join the author's server to discuss about This Novel, and get fanarts• Any comments that are baseless and not meant for the novel will be Deleted.═══════════════════════════ CONTACT ME:•Discord - Tisha#6746•Join my server -•Instagram - @imaginetishad , @tishad.arts , @mistress_of_leoSUPPORT ME:•• More═══════════════════════════IF YOU ARE NOT READING THIS BOOK ON THEN THIS BOOK IS STOLEN BY THAT SITE. THE AUTHOR ONLY PUBLISH ON WEBNOVEL.

  • Endless Desires

    Endless Desires

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE R18

    When desires clash together and force one to live a life that wasn't meant for them, or rather, they make one desire a life that has a path which is totally different from the one they're supposed to take, chaos are bound to take place.. Karma and bad luck follow them everywhere making them thirst for things that don't matter most to other people. Stephanie wanted to be a normal person. To live a normal life just like her fellow teenagers. But she's from a Christian family and her over protective parents see to it that she's on line, thus there are certain things that are considered as taboo when done, she tries to avoid them all and be that good girl that she's meant to be. But what happens when she's tired of abiding the rules, when circumstances forces her to break all those rules? Will she be the same again?. How will it all turn out? How will her life be?. Join me in Stephanie's journey and learn all about her insecurities, heartbreaks and above all, the desires that she faces and all that she has to abide with.

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