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  • Real or Fake Missy : Female Side Boss Character Does Not Want to Die

    Real or Fake Missy : Female Side Boss Character Does Not Want to Die


    Shen You is a real daughter. When she returned to the Shen family, she realized that the Shen family was biased towards the fake daughter. They always said that Shen You was not as elegant and kind as the fake daughter Shen Jiao. Even if Shen You did not fight for it and only wanted to gain the recognition of her family, they believed that Shen You was fighting with Shen Jiao. Until Shen You died of a terminal illness. At this moment, Shen You realized that she was living in a novel. Shen Jiao was the real lucky female lead in the novel, while she was just a supporting actress with a tragic ending! Shen You, who had been reborn through the system, decided not to care about her family anymore. She wanted to stay away from her fiancé, Zhao Nan, who hated her. She immediately packed her luggage and left. But after she left, her cold parents, her brother who hated her, her hot-tempered brother, and her fiancé, Zhao Nan, who was used to being pestered by Shen You, all felt uncomfortable? In order not to get terminally ill again, Shen You had no choice but to follow the system's tips and try her luck with Young Master Huo. Every time this young master saw her, his face was so red that it was about to bleed, yet he still had to pretend to be cold. "Can you stay away from me and not always stick by my side?" Shen You nodded and left. She was going to take advantage of other people's luck. At a cocktail party, her fiancé saw the beautiful Shen You and took the initiative to strike up a conversation with her. Unexpectedly, she rejected him coldly. Zhao Nan was about to pester Shen You when he was stopped by Master Huo's bodyguards. At that moment, Young Master Huo was walking over from the banquet hall's entrance. He grabbed Shen You's wrist and finally lowered his noble head. "I thought you wanted to pursue me, but you just wanted to take advantage of my luck. That's why I was a little angry before." "From now on, I'll let you stick to me, okay?"

  • Strike Back, Proud Goddess!

    Strike Back, Proud Goddess!

    Fantasy Romance SYSTEM


    Xiao Rou, a girl growing up in a poor countryside family, found that she was actually the daughter of a wealthy couple, and her mother mistook another girl as her when she gave birth to her in hospital. She thought she would change from an ugly duckling to a noble swan and lived happily ever after with her real family, but the reality gave her a heavy blow. The girl, Xiao Jinning, who took her family, her fiancé and everything else from her, used every possible means to frame her up. She returned to her biological parents only to find her parents despised her but doted on Xiao Jinning. She was framed as a thief and expelled out of home. And then, she was hit by a car and stomped to death by Xiao Jinning. her tragic life was ended. Tang Xi, a real princess, the heiress of the powerful Empire Group, was murdered by her greedy relatives. When she opened her eyes again, she found she was in another girl’s body. She became Xiao Rou and had a magic system—008 in her body! With the help of 008, she began her journey of revenge. She would avenge poor Xiao Rou, punish the murderers of her, become the most popular star, and….make up with her true love---Qiao Liang.

  • Die die die

    Die die die

  • Become The Duke's Wife Or Die

    Become The Duke's Wife Or Die



    Warning mature content! Don't read if you are underage! Waking up to find a naked man sleeping beside her is a common thing. Life is an adventure, as well as an area for fun, so she will make the most effort in it. But what would happen if a morning she found Duke Kleochard, the most ruthless duke who liked to execute people, sleeping beside her? “Holy crab, did I just spend the first night with Duke Kleo?” she, Lyra, said nervous and scared. “Didn't he just execute a maid of his palace for accidentally touching his body in a fall? Then what will he do to me if he wakes up and finds me sleeping beside him? No! I have to run!” But before her feet could reach on the floor, a hand grabbed her slender arm, followed by a heavy, pagan alto. "Where are you going, Miss?" It's Duke Kleo. “You have to take responsibility after taking my first night.” "Don't kill me! Don't kill me, My Lord!" she pleaded. "I still want to live." "I will not kill you as long as you want to be my wife. But if you refuse it then you must die." "No!" Shook her head quickly. “I cannot be your wife, My Lord. I don't want to get married. I beg for your forgiveness.” "Then do you want to die?" he asked, giving her a cold, hideous look. This is a story about a girl who loves having one night with many men, with a man who doesn't even have a single woman in his life. How will their story end? ***

  • Lord of the Truth

    Lord of the Truth



    "Why would I take the same route as my ancestors ? why should I become stronger? to beat this and compete with that..? At the end of this road what will happen? get a harem then die and be forgotten after a few years? NO! That is not what I got my talent for... THAT IS NOT WHAT I WAS BORN FOR! what I want is more... much more. I refuse... I will not take anyone's route, I will make my own... I do not want to be a legendary figure, I will be THE Legend.. I.. Robin.. will do it my way, or die trying."

  • Die die

    Die die

  • Die Die

    Die Die


  • Negative -Girls: To Live And Die

    Negative -Girls: To Live And Die



    A (not) rom-com of a (broken) immortal tutor and his (dying) female students.https://discord.gg/MJCjx2vZh6 - kill me here

  • To Die For

    To Die For

  • They Will Die

    They Will Die


    Arden struggled with lots of issues. Her across-the-street-neighbor, Harlow, comes to cheer her up. Arden finds she wasn’t the kid she used to be. As Harlow is sent off to camp, Arden is sent to her dad who she hasn’t seen in 4 years. Unlikely, they become best friends, before Arden meets Will. Will see the struggle in her and tries their best to help, but something terrible happens to Harlow, which is the last straw for Arden. What will fate unravel?We all do something to escape. Some read to go to another world with epic love stories and tragic heartbreaks. To experience things they would never experience in the real world Some do drugs to get a sense of euphoria. To feel numb from what they are really feeling. To block it all out. Some drink to forget everything that has happened, even if it’s just for a little. To drown the sorrows away. To bring peace. Some workout because it leaves them feeling energized and motivated. Like they can do anything and everything. Some listen to music. To have nothing but their thoughts to distract them. To feel the music on another level. To be free. Some self harm to feel in control when everything else is out of theirs. To have at least one thing is their life that is theirs. Some sleep the day away. To not wake up and do the same thing over and over again. To get away from their reality. Hopefully, to dream. Some throw themselves into work to distract themselves from their own problems. To busy their minds and forget. Some write so they can express themselves without actually having to say it outloud. To write away the pain. To get it all out. Some watcallh movies or tv shows to relate to the characters. To feel understood. To be desired and loved. We all do something different to escape, but we do it for the same reason. To cope.

  • The Villainess Wants to Die!

    The Villainess Wants to Die!

    Li Ran struggled with depression for years... Her family did not want her, her boyfriend cheated on her, and the person she treated as her best friend betrayed her... She finally chose to close her eyes and embraced death.What?! She is still alive?!What?! She is a rich merchant's daughter?!What?! Her mother hates her?!What?! She is to be engaged to a son of a Duke?!Wait?! Her name is Elvira Carmine ParallIsn't that the villainess in the otome game their company is developing?!The death of the villainess is quite tragic! And it will happen after 10 years! She is just seven years old right now! Can the heavens make it sooner!--------------10 years have passed...The hot-headed Duke's heir: "Aren't you, my fiancee? Then it is only right I stay close to you."The gentle future Prime Minister: "You saved me, therefore I am yours!"The indifferent Master Mage: "You summoned me therefore take responsibility!"The arrogant Crown Prince: "I have decided to make you mine, so fall in love with me."A black-bellied mercenary: "You promised me one thing, I'm just here to collect that promise."Elvira just wants to die but why are the capture targets getting in the way?!-‐-------------------------------Please note that this novel will touch on sensitive topics like depression and suicide.

  • Never Die Extra

    Never Die Extra


    Extras die every day in various ways in the game [Demon King’s Palace 3]. He was an extra when he reincarnated into the game. I’ll never die. Never. “Let’s get started.” Evan had come to a conclusion. He tapped his cheeks as a way of signaling to himself that he had made up his mind. He would become a character who never dies.

  • Rule or Die

    Rule or Die


    “Rule or Die,” said the Voice, and Luke opened his eyes in a new world. Lucas Haldoff has never had an easy life.  Instead of giving up after being abandoned by his father on the streets of Mexico at the age of twelve, he did everything he could to survive. By the time he turned fifteen, he ruled those same streets with an iron fist. At eighteen, he took control of his first gang. Now, it is his 25th birthday, and he is on the verge of becoming the hidden leader of a state in the U.S. All he wants to do is enjoy his hard-earned power and prestige while reconnecting with the family he has just found. His father saw him as nothing but another useless mouth to feed, but his mother and sister had loved him unconditionally. Alas, on the brink of finally enjoying his accomplishments, he is chosen by the Voice and thrust into the world of Bloodmagic in the body of a common soldier. He is given a simple order: either take command of his city, or die and be graced with endless torture. His lust for power is unrivaled. His greed is legendary. His selfishness is the stuff of whispered stories. He seems like the perfect man for the job…but in a bloodstained world that has been on the brink of destruction for decades, is he capable enough to succeed? Will the journey change his beliefs and his principles, or reinforce them? Will he rise, or be crushed? Will he rule…or die? ... If you're looking for a story with steady character development, memorable characters with their own arcs, an interesting world with a unique magic system, and a quest to take control of a Kingdom, this is the perfect fit!  Release Schedule: 1 chapter every weekday, released at 8 am Pacific Time, ~2000 words each. Please visit my patreon to support me and read ahead! Times are tough, and every penny counts.   https://www.patreon.com/ruleordie

  • You Must Die

    You Must Die

    Balas dendam, sering kali terjadi karena rasa sakit hati yang tercipta oleh perbuatan buruk seseorang. Hanya untuk memuaskan rasa sakit, sebagian dari mereka rela melakukan perbuatan buruk yang sama. Terkadang pembalasan sebuah dendam menjadi hal yang paling menakutkan, terlebih jika hal yang dilakukan menyangkut nyawa. Sama halnya seperti beberapa cerita pendek di dalam karya ini yang mengajarkan bagaimana rasa sakit hati bisa membuat seseorang menjadi makhluk mengerikan. Pembunuhan, terkadang menjadi jalan satu-satunya untuk mengobati perbuatan buruk mereka. Perbuatan buruk seseorang harus dibalas dengan penyiksaan yang berakhir kematian. Apa saja permasalahan yang harus mereka alami? Pembalasan dendam seperti apa yang mereka lakukan?

  • Date or Die

    Date or Die


    Have you ever had that daydream where you imagined yourself as a girl?Well, seemingly i was just a truck-accident away from making that dream a reality. Crazy, right? Only catch is that it came with an annoying system attached...Popular System: get popular with the ladies and stand at the apex!!! Warning: Unpopularity and Obscurity is punishable by death..."Da f***k?"yes I made a watt and royal account too*Don't own the pic, but it's pretty sweet, right?

  • Main character's parents must die

    Main character's parents must die


    "Why do the main character's parents often get the short end of the stick?" That is what Mila asked while looking up at the sky. She was grumbling toward whoever sent her inside the novel she read before she died. She becomes the mother of the main character, whose parents are both dead. Mila's character was merely a tool for the MC's character development. It's a simple, fix-all solution. The author wanted to make the audience instantly sympathetic towards the main character, and the best thing he did was to have the MC's parents die. After she avoided her death in the original plot, death flags kept coming for her. Will the original plot not end if she's not dead? .... proofreader: Aserehtam  

  • Ride Or Die With Me

    Ride Or Die With Me



    Story is deleated! New Account: Miss_Moon7

  • Mated to Die

    Mated to Die


  • Never die

    Never die

    Fantasy BLEACH

  • Queen, Please Let Me Die!

    Queen, Please Let Me Die!

    Fantasy MAGIC


    Sous transmigrated to an alternate dimension and became a citizen of the Skalan Empire. Just like the other transmigrators, Sous was able to activate a system. However, his system was cursed. It would only make him invincible after he died! Thus, Sous started on a manic journey with the aim of having himself killed. To seek death, he would curse furiously at the Empress in the palace for being incompetent and unable to make the masses acknowledge her! However, Sous ridiculously found out that he could not die no matter how he much he sought death. The Empress said, “Sous risked his life to admonish me. Though he had humiliated me, I might not have realized what my problem was without his words! He prevented the destruction of the Skalan Empire! He is the only person who is most loyal to Skalan! I will not allow anyone to harm him!" She continued, "Only Sous was able to tell me loudly in front of all the orthodox warriors that I have not done anything wrong. Only he understood what was in my heart. I'll tear anyone who dares to harm him apart!" "All I want to do is die, why is it so difficult!" Sous thought.

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