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  • The dome

    The dome

    Realistic Fiction ACTION

    Same old same old,he came with no memories,he has no idea what he is here for all he knows that he is trained to kill and kill he will, anything to stop the torture he receives,but fate frowns on him and leads him to one of the most dangerous groups ever,0001 the best and most deadliest team of assasins,determined to escape he tries to befriend the leader the only one who has a memory Xavier,but he soon finds out everyone hear is just like him everyone here has or well had a story.a life that they hope to get back to.This team of assasin are here to kill and destroy and there’s nothing stoping them.with unique powers and questionable personalities they might just escape from the dome.

  • run dome

    run dome

  • Shadow of dome

    Shadow of dome

  • Inside The Dome

    Inside The Dome


    Life can be difficult at times, for a 13 year old nothing could go wrong. Raised in a large family being the only man, Raiden Nishimura would have to face this reality, when the people he loved most in this world betray him, his two sisters and his mother turn their backs on him for someone else.What could a child do in that situation? When the only thing that caresses your face is only the cold air from outside. Walking lost on the road, without hope or joy, without smiles, without warm heartbeats, did you lose everything because you were weak?Fortunately or unfortunately for him, the world as he knew it was still in the process of evolution. A big change that would come with a test Prologue, he was unknowingly chosen to participate, an event unprecedented in human history. Did you think powers were science fiction? fly through the skies, have super strength, move things with your mind, everything is possible, right? Only here where the abandoned have their second chance. Reborn from the ashes, like a majestic phoenix.Welcome to the dome.

  • The Moonlight Dome

    The Moonlight Dome

  • Legend of the Mythological Genes

    Legend of the Mythological Genes



    Every myth and legend is a path to Godhood! When humans enter the interstellar era, ancient cultivation techniques shone with new life. Your genes exist with you! A single sentence showing the true meaning of cultivation. Myths and legends are not a fantasy, there are ancient mythological genes in the bodies of everyone. The Hou Yi Gene allows you to shoot a hundred miles, using a single arrow to break down the dome of heaven. The Kuafu Gene allows you to run with flying speed, chasing after the sun and moon. The Divine Dragon Gene allows you to soar among the clouds, roaming around the starry space. …. Almost ten thousand years have passed. Feng Lin came from the 21st century to this majestic era that surged forth with great momentum. Based on his understanding on the myths and legends of the ancient earth era, he embarked upon a unique genetic cultivation path. Monkey Gene + Stonebirth Gene = Stone Monkey Gene Stone Monkey Gene + ??? = Spiritual Stone Monkey Gene Spiritual Stone Monkey Gene + ??? = Handsome Monkey King Gene Handsome Monkey King Gene + ??? = Sun Wukong Gene Sun Wukong Gene + ??? = Great Sage Equal to Heavens Gene

  • Nation's behind the dome

    Nation's behind the dome


    600 Ago, Nations were formed and united together, But one day the samurai nation attack the others stabbing them in the back, It was a deadly fight between two lands one which can control the elements and another which can use forbidden weapons to aid them in the battlefield,One of the nation leader name ryushiky had sacrificed himself in order to end the battle, punishing those who are left from the samurai nation to a land which was created by multiple magic, and then he created a magical barrier shaped like a dome, and deleted the samurai memorie trapping them inside the dome with no clue of how or why they are there,As a result of the strong magic used by Ryushiky his body was destroyed and his soul was united one with the magic barrier,Althought it is believed that the dome will one day fall and ryushiky will raise from the dead once more to lead the other to the battle.



    Stella found the key to the Skypsess. The Skypsess never existed

  • The Rising of the Anomaly

    The Rising of the Anomaly



    Following planetary devastatation in the aftermath of WWIII, humanity is driven to the brink of extinction as the world is turned into a nuclear wasteland. In order to prevent humanity from being wiped out, a large enclosed dome called the Sanctuary was built during WWIII, saving a small fraction of the world's population. Overtime, the radiation results in the proliferation of powerful, vicious creatures known as Mutants. Humanity remained sheltered in the Sanctuary, with no way of defending themselves against these creatures, until... A few decades later, the worldwide radiation results in an evolution in all newly born humans, known as Paragons. Specifically, they are born with a special energy known as X-Factor Energy, or XFE for short, allowing them to potentially harness and manifest this energy into weapon-like forms, giving humanity a way to defend themselves against the rapidly multiplying Mutants. However, only about five percent of Paragons could successfully manifest their XFE, known as Prodigies. Non-Prodigies are sometimes derogatorily referred to as Duds. However, of the ninety-five percent of Paragons that fail to become Prodigies, there is a miniscule chance of them developing an ability different to those of the Prodigies. The rare few who achieve this are known as Anomalies. Kilzachs is a Paragon who, following a series of unfortunate incidents before getting disowned by his father for not turning out to be a Prodigy, finds himself hitting rock bottom through no fault of his own. Furious and outraged, he finds a glimmer of hope when he realizes that he is an Anomaly, and decides to keep it a secret. Armed with the ability to manipulate time and space, he sets out to prove all those who put him down wrong, by becoming an X-Warrior while maintaining that he's just a Dud with no abilities. Along the way, he does not hesitate to grab any opportunities for revenge...Genre - Sci-Fi Sub-Genres - Psychological, Action, Superpowers, Dark Fantasy, Post-Apocalyptic, Harem Age-Rating - Pg-13 Warning: Mild Profanity, Mild Sexual Content, ViolenceFor updates and discussions, join my Discord server: character designs and other posts, visit my Instagram page: @aimdaqs

  • Ichigo Domei

    Ichigo Domei

    Romansa Anak Muda ROMANCE

    Kisah seorang remaja perempuan yang mempunyai penyakit .

  • The Dome Trilogy: Book 1- Capture

    The Dome Trilogy: Book 1- Capture


  • dome
dimana kedamaian adalah kebohongan

    dome (kubah) dimana kedamaian adalah kebohongan

    Perang dan Milter ACTION

    sudah beratus-ratus tahun manusia harus hidup didalam kubah untuk menghindari gas beracun yang membunuh setiap manusia yang menghirupnya gas yang awalnya untuk membunuh predator mereka sekarang berbalik melawan mereka dan membuat mereka juga harus hidup dengan predator mereka.cerita ini menceritakan bukan cuma tentang manusia tapi tenang mereka yang ingin menggapai tujuan mereka.(note: saya masih menulis karya saya yang lain)

  • The Nightmare King, Book One: The Dome City

    The Nightmare King, Book One: The Dome City


    Following the death of his father at the hands of the legendary Nightmare King, a boy by the name of Tyler Skaggs enters the mysterious Dreamworld with the dream of becoming a pirate and exploring the vast and unique floating islands within it, ultimately with the goal of finding the center of it all and getting his revenge.In a roller coaster of a journey, Tyler searches for a crew, hunts bounties, and discovers the secrets of the Dreamworld.

  • Mind Games and Monster Domes

    Mind Games and Monster Domes


    Elias Triston was normal, in every sense of the word. Whelp, until the fetal day of 11 September 2001. Finding that some concepts of religion might be just a little wrong and that yes: things like magic definitely exist. Tasked with something that was harder to do than it was supposed to be and armed with the gift from the Scales, it might just be a little easier. If only that was how it works. He had never dreamt of fighting or traveling. But apparently that was something that was expected of him. At least it made finding out who was playing around with the lives of others just that much easier. Too bad that his magic was a little chaotic and sometimes borderline uncooperative.Update: Monthly. 11:00Words per chapter: 1000 or moreChapters per update: 7-9

  • Fallen Star (BL)

    Fallen Star (BL)


    Castyr immediately felt light-headed as the machine began draining his energy; his body felt as if it was phasing in and out of reality. The star closed his eyes as the pull from the machine tugged on his life force. A cry from outside the dome shook Castyr, ripping him from his death trance. The star opened his eyes to see his angel fighting to reach him. "Kilo." A fire sparked deep within Castyr that he had not felt in a long time. It was a fire of despair and rage as he was helpless and watched Kilo be in pain. A fire with the drive to protect, to save. A fire of love. Castyr knew Kilo would do anything to save him, but so would he. He would give his life for Kilo. Kilo had given him so much: protection, warmth, safety, love. Castyr decided long ago that he would risk everything to save Kilo. And now was the time. He would do whatever it takes. "Forgive me, Kilo." >>>>> A world of Angels and Demons where an Angel fights to save his one love, the shining Star, Castyr, who is sought after by the King of Hades for his power and light. Where a Demon falls in love with a Human fated to be his sacrifice. A world where blood is shed and souls are lost.

  • The Debt

    The Debt

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE R18 DARK

  • Re-Start


    Video Games SYSTEM


    At thirty years old, Phil is an unemployed gamer who struggles to make ends meet. His only source of income is freelance writing (when he feels inspired enough to add another article to his less-than-popular blog). His wife has just walked out on him, leaving him without money, purpose, or food in the fridge.On the day his wife dumps him, Phil receives a mysterious piece of wetware. A game interface seems to have been implanted in his brain which allows him to see the world through the eyes of an RPG player.Now that Phil discovers his real-life stats, he can see they’re far below average. With 4 pt. Agility, 6 pt. Strength and 3 pt. Stamina, his most advanced life skill is predictably gaming.Luckily, real-life stats can be leveled up just like virtual ones. But will it help Phil get his wife back? Can he stop being such a couch potato? Would the new game help him become fitter? Or more successful? Can his gaming skills finally come in handy in real life?Last but not least, can he find out who could have uploaded the mysterious game to his brain? And how is he supposed to deal with this unknown but apparently omnipotent force?

  • The Grand  Library

    The Grand Library


    There is a legend, about a place with all the answers, a legend about The Grand Library. As magic somehow made its way to our world, not everybody was ready. It changed people, it changed animals, it turned into a complete apocalypse. But there was a hero, who saved everybody by creating a barrier that protected one settlement, his name was Xavier Velrosh. That was several hundred years ago. Now people live in a massive city, split into five districts. Those with strong magic powers are privileged and live in the center, while those without them have to survive on the very edge and suffer the dangers of the close proximity to the protective dome. Trevor, a teenager born in the fourth district has a problem. He still isn't showing any signs of having any magic. Each evaluation shows a zero. As his schoolmates find out, he gets the nickname 'Zero', but then fate smiles upon him. His good friend, Liv, shows him a letter her ancestor got from one of the greatest mages in history who filled the shoes of Xavier Velrosh, a man named Lex Roy. In the letter, he mentions The Grand Library. Something that used to be just an urban legend now becomes reality. The search for a myth starts! Join the boy on his way to solve the mysteries, find his way through the magical world kept from him by those holding the power, and become a true legend.

  • A Flower that is impossible To Reach

    A Flower that is impossible To Reach




    An unexpected gift changed Yue's life and she ended up as the wife of Mr. Bolin Wang, the ruthless president of Sinsen International and his ex-boss. Unable to understand the turn of events, she decided to leave him. But, Mr wang was up to any trick from sex to accidents to lies, to keep her by his side. Things get complicated when Xi Fang, Yue's secret admirer and Min Feng, Bolin's ex-fiancè entered the scene. Will Yue keep up with the marriage and changing relationships? Or will the mystery of the pendant force her to leave Bolin?Does past life has any role to play in Yue's and Bolin's present?