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  • Flirting With The Delinquent

    Flirting With The Delinquent


    Narration. Merl, A girl who was a head prefect, has a peaceful life until a troublemaker, Ace, comes to her life. Ace always skip classes and almost barely passed the test. The thing that he's good at was sport and fight. He was handsome, tall and an asshole. He flirting with literally every girl who was his age or older. So troublesome to the point he has to be handled by Merl, a head prefect. When he was with Merl. He always try to flirt with Merl and she plays along. They has become famous in school for being flirty couple and they are not dating. They have a good relationship. Both of them understandanding each other, help each other and flirt with each other. But Merl has a secret, what is it?! One day, Merl find out that Ace has applying to work as a bodyguard to her. My my, he even lied about his age. How did Merl balance her life as a Mafia successor and her school life? What secret do Merl has? Who is she? And what about Ace? Why did he applied for such work? What problems could he had? My my, so many thing to discover. Stay tune for Flirting With The Delinquent/Bodyguard Tadaa... Welcome to Flirting With The Delinquent. If you interested in wholesome flirty relationships and delinquent, this is for you.Also if you're into rich or gangster mc this is for you too. Magic and secret too. More tag#strong-female-character #mafia-girl #action#slowburn #romance #delinquent #headprefect #wholesomeStory related to The Princess Life Stories My twitter @Malay Weirdo GirlMy discord for introvert and novel chat...

  • No Rulebook for Flirting

    No Rulebook for Flirting

    When Gabriel goes to the annual gaming convention, planning to play as many games as he can during the next three days, he doesn’t expect to be glared to death in the parking lot by a really cute guy. So when the same guy joins the game Gabriel is playing, Gabriel is determined to make him smile, even if it takes some awkward flirting.<br><br>When Aitor makes it inside the convention center after someone steals his parking spot, he doesn’t expect to be so attracted to the man he decided to hate just a few minutes earlier. But as he gets to know Gabriel through gaming and flirting, he just can’t look away.<br><br>The game of flirting has no rulebook, but for Gabriel and Aitor, it may just have two winners after all.

  • flirting in the beast world

    flirting in the beast world

    this story is about a girl there's nothing interesting about her she's not that great beauty either but one day meeting a strange man on the way of her hiking change her life she got teleported in a strange place having system with her is pretty assuring but little she knows in order to be safe and sound in this place she needs a six handsome and powerful beast husband a great beauty of a tiger man, a pretty alluring snake man, a cute sly fox man, fly high eagle beast man, a strong dragon beast man, so what kind of beast is her six husband please follow and read this is tagalized storynew writer

  • The Best Actor and Actress Are Flirting Again!

    The Best Actor and Actress Are Flirting Again!


    Su Xia is an actress well known for her exceptionally wide range. Aside from being a household name for her work in famous TV shows, she has received the highly regarded Best Actress award several times over. In the five years since her debut, she's not had a single piece of bad press. The only time she ever shocked the press was when news of her being a massive fan of Best Actor Lu Jingyao began circulating. Who would have known that even the queen of cinema would be a fan for the great king of cinema! One day, Su Xia attended a variety show and was asked about the luckiest moment in her life by the host. As she tilted her head in deep thought, she smiled and said, "That should probably be when I'm spending time with my idol." Her answer shocked the netizens and within a day, pictures of Lu Jingyao feeding his beloved young lady ice-cream began circulating on the Internet. Upon sight of this, the netizens could take it no more as they ultimately declared, "Can Mr. Best Actor please control yourself! I can't swallow this dog food no more!!!"

  • Is my boss flirting with

    Is my boss flirting with Me?!

  • Godly Empress Doctor

    Godly Empress Doctor


    She is a genius girl abandoned by her family in the 21st century. He is an arrogant, black-bellied crown prince of an empire. A lofty existence that can cause the world to enter turmoil in his rage. She plays dumb and takes advantage of him, tricking him, tormenting him, agitating him, running away after every successful attempt at flirting—an act no man can tolerate! Helpless, he can only hunt her, drown her in love, seduce her to be his, but by a strange twist of fate, he is the one who falls for her first. This is a story of a powerful youth and beautiful girl being on opposite side of an equally-matched game of romance.

  • Shrewd wife of Lin brothers

    Shrewd wife of Lin brothers



    I got cheated on cheh ~ don't worry I have five men who dote on me .A stoic man who couldn't string two sentences ? I will make him rap watch me .A hot and cold tsundere who has a venomous tongue for opposite gender ? I will make him pour honey from his mouth .A stupid and childish man ? see how he flirts like a womanizer with me .A gentle scholar , cough he ain't gentle with me on bed A shy introvert ?see him become a wolf in sheep's clothing .Su Wan - a thirty years old divorced woman who was cheated on by her husband and step sister , spends a night drinking alcohol all the while watching how her ex husband and step sister makes a joke of themselves ." ahhh !You bastard ! You slag man you think this old lady won't have a man anymore ???Not only this great aunty will have a man ! I will have five men ! One to sleep ! two to roll and three to pamper !! " Amidst her alcohol intake she passes out only to find her self transmigrated over to a small village in ancient China and that too on her wedding day with The five Lin brothers !-Cover not mine email at to have it removed ( i edited it )

  • National School Prince Is A Girl

    National School Prince Is A Girl



    Fu Jiu appears to be a normal lad in high school on the surface. But in fact, she (Yes! She!) is the hacker, Z, a villain-terminator in the online world of an alternate world. Having reincarnated into the body of a woman and being forced to disguise herself as a young man, she reigns over the game world, fights for justice, and puts a spell on all the girls around with her innate charm. However, her flirting comes across as gay to the rich Almighty Qin and his inner circle. Over time, the Almighty Qin falls for him… her. Has he turned gay for him… her? Now, that's confusing! Keywords: Rebirth, Face-slapping, Online gaming, Pet lover, Hacking, Chocolate-flavored lollipop Sugary Scene: Fu Jiu said, "Almighty Qin, do you have a girlfriend?" Qin Mo lowered his laptop. "No." Fu Jiu lowered her voice and started flirting carelessly. "You have one now, me." Upon hearing that, Qin Mo pounced on Fu Jiu domineeringly! Fu Jiu was stunned. "Wait, what are you doing?" Qin Mo replied, "Exercising my boyfriend rights." Please support us on Patreon: If we hit certain milestones, we will release more chapters in a mass release as well as increase the release rate!

  • She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement

    She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement



    The Assertive Female Lead VS The Super Strong Male Lead During a fire, the nation’s first love was disfigured, and her future was ruined! Her fiancé was disgusted by her face and broke off their engagement. Her adopted mother regarded her as the dirt on her shoes and chased her out of the family. She then wrote a letter to break off the engagement and another to cast off her family before she left! After Yu Huang left, the people in the entertainment industry said that after she left, she dyed her hair red, wore a veil, and went to nightclubs every day! But some thought that she went into detention centers. Just when everyone thought that Yu Huang abandoned herself to a life of degeneracy, was sent into jail, and could no longer create any sensational news, Yu Huang got herself trending again. Education Department of Prosperous City: We congratulate Eternal High School’s Yu Huang for becoming the top scorer with 7xx points! Congratulations on being admitted into Divine Academy! That is the academy that will only take in 10 geniuses every year! From then on, Yu Huang began her counterattack. She was reborn, and she shocked the whole world! Sheng Xiao was the greatest genius Divine Academy ever had, and his looks, too, were one of a kind. But he was an aloof person who did not fall for any woman’s flirting. Hence, he was known as the Aloof King of Hell. One day, someone saw him pin Yu Huang in a corner and grab her hand. He said, “You can predict the future. Tell me, are you the only person in my future?” Yu Huang looked into his future, and she shook her head. “No. You have a pair of cute, lively children in your future too.”

  • Marie Can't Stop Flirting With The Boys!!

    Marie Can't Stop Flirting With The Boys!!


    [TAGLISH][UPDATES: MON-WED-FRI]DISCLAIMER: K-12 was not yet implemented when this story was written. Marie is an ordinary 3rd year high student who's looking forward to her JS Prom next year. She's into designing, so she has decided to design her own gown for the prom. Five boys will change her outlook in life: the best friend, the class president, the delinquent, the musician, and the sports guy. Apart from her studies, friends, and family, how will she handle all these boy-related problems this school year?--THE BEST FRIEND“Nasprain mo ba yang ankle mo?” Asher frowned at kinuha kaagad yung chips at cola sa akin tapos inassist ako papunta sa couch. Para naman sobrang nabalian ako ng paa nito ah.I pouted my lips as I sat down, “Di ko naman kelangan ng special treatment—““Special ka kaya sa akin,” he sat on my left at kinuha yung nasprain kong paa. THE CLASS PRESIDENTRave raised his hand, “As the president of this class, I will vote Marie Marshall for the position.”I rolled my eyes at him. Ano na naman ba ‘to Rave?“Since you owe me something, maybe being the vice president would suffice,” he added. “I know you’re the president of the Arts Club but if you still need some help, I’m always here to guide you.”THE DELINQUENTNathan placed his thumb on my lips and rubbed it. He cupped my chin and tilted my head to the side. “Nandito pa rin.”“Ang alin?” inalis ko yung kamay niya.“Yung mark na ginawa ko para sa iyo,” he looked me into my eye.“Ma...mark?” Yung hi..hickey ba yun na ginawa niya nung acquaintance party?“Oo,” he looked down to my lips, my neck, and my blouse. “Para malaman nung iba na may nag-mamay ari na sa iyo.”THE MUSICIAN“Sorry sa nangyari kanina kung bigla na lang kita hinila palabas,” Morgan released my hand. “Baka kasi pagkaguluhan tayo, mahirap na.”“Ah okay lang,” I answered.“Unless...gusto mong pagkaguluhan tayo at maging sikat ka na rin,” he was looking at me.Tumingin ako sa kanya, at parang nagtatanong ang mga mata ko kung bakit.“Syempre, may kasama akong babae. They’ll think we’re dating’re my girlfriend.” THE SPORTS GUYI glared at Flynn, “Kung ayaw mo mag-aral sabihin mo kaagad para hindi nasasayang ang oras kong magturo sa katulad mong tamad.”“Tangina, harsh,” he chuckled and covered his mouth. “Ang ganda mo pag nagagalit ka, ate.”Medyo nag-blush ako dun. Maganda pag nagagalit? Weird. “Alam ko nang maganda ako dati pa.”He grinned widely, “Mas gumaganda ka pag nagagalit ka. Okay na?” --[BOOK COVER: Credits to the owner of the photo. Edited using Canva]AUTHORS (radbffs/besties):iridescentdream (Amega Furoto)AinaWang (Caring for Mr. Mutant)

  • Stop Messing Around, Mr Bo!

    Stop Messing Around, Mr Bo!


    Ms Shen goes about her usual days while Mr Bo flirts with her relentlessly. "Isn't CEO Bo a pure and modest gentleman who doesn’t associate himself with females?" With lazy eyelids, Mr Bo lies idly on the sofa with a posture graceful, his face revealing a contented smile. Glancing at that face, Mrs Bo is suddenly reminded of the incident earlier— "Dear, address me as your husband." Deep beneath the cold demeanor lies a man who cannot lose her. When facing him, she is helplessly charmed.

  • Flirt Girl

    Flirt Girl

    Sandrina Jen Phoebe mendapat tugas dari seorang wanita yang membebaskannya dari Rumah Sakit Jiwa.Tugasnya adalah balas dendam dengan cara menggoda mantan-mantan kekasih wanita tersebut.Dengan kondisi mental yang belum stabil, Jen di paksa untuk memainkan perannya sebagai orang ketiga.

  • Young Master Jue's Beloved Wife: She's Great At Flirting

    Young Master Jue's Beloved Wife: She's Great At Flirting


    The night of her wedding, she wakes up to a ruthless man that she has never seen before. Her feeble escape doesn't save her from the resentment from her lover as she is condemned for her actions. Despite believing that she would never come across the man that ruined her innocence again, the latter hunts her down. He corners her and whispers in her ear. "Honey, you're my drug." She rattles when his lips come close to hers. "Why me?" He is mysterious, wealthy, merciless, and tenacious. It is rumored that he would never lay hands on a woman, but she has him addicted with no way out.

  • The Demon Lord and his Hero (BL)

    The Demon Lord and his Hero (BL)



    When Demon Lord, Syryn Nigh'hart, found that he had gone back in time and turned into his child self, he had assumed to do better with his second life - commit smaller crimes, keep away from burning villages and inciting other demons, contribute to society, abide by most laws, you know? But then the hero, his old friend, had to fall in love with him and ruin his plans. "Goddess, I cannot take responsibility for your champion, Rowan Windwalker, getting bent. Please don't strike me down!"_______#This story can get sus af and is set in a fantasy world with different morals so please suspend your modern sensibilities and bear with the bull$hit. #Characters are damaged and carry psychological baggage.Their relationships won't all be happy and lovey dovey till they've healed mentally # After like 150 chapters - Angst and Emotional damage.Your mental health may decline as the characters' mental health decline #Trigger warning for mentions of child abuse #World building #Demon Lord (shou/uke) is a shameless FLIRT#The Hero(gong/seme) is an extremely patient man for putting up with the demon lord's nonsense #Gay and sassy #Reformed and immature demon lord (but he's nice now okay. He isn't a psycho.) # MULTIPLE POTENTIAL LOVE INTERESTS I'm begging you please dont fall for the other guy cause some readers do be crying. Second male lead syndrome is real. #Slow burn Romance #Patience is needed#The cat is NOT the ML pls don't ask about the cat ಥ‿ಥ some of you are getting the wrong idea.#If You're commenting under the chapters, avoid using these words (harem, BL, porn, sex, lmao, sh*t, b*tch) that webnovel is blocking even though my book is rated 17+ ______________________________________________Disclaimer: Cover art belongs to the original artists. If you're the artist, please let me know so I can credit/take down the image.

  • Master Lu, I  Flirted With The Wrong Person!

    Master Lu, I Flirted With The Wrong Person!



    "After being betrayed by a scumbag and her stepsister, Jiang Xinxin vowed to pursue the scumbag's uncle and make those adulterous swine treat her respectfully and regret everything they did to her! Upon hearing that the uncle of the scumbag was handsome, rich, and very flirtatious, Jiang Xinxin did not believe it at first, but when she waited for him at the hotel, she was almost dazzled by the long legs and eight-packs in front of her. She could not hold it and decided to turn this fake thing into a real one and sleep with him on the spot. After she slept with him, Jiang Xinxin was a little regretful... The uncle looked icy and unapproachable, however, he unexpectedly turned into another person when his clothes were off. He was so aggressive that Jiang Xinxin could not bear it! Jiang Xinxin intended to quickly finish this. He was the scumbag's uncle anyway so he must be the same as the scumbag. They were just tools! Therefore, Jiang Xinxin turned into a loving sweetie pie and frantically flirted with the cold and abstinent uncle! Lu Yuanzhi was busy with work and had no time to eat, so she would send him lunch boxes filled with her love, rain or shine. Lu Yuanzhi went on a business trip and he was lonely and cold, so she quietly went to the hotel to prepare a surprise for him. When Lu Yuanzhi returned to his ancestral home, he was frantically urged to get married. Hence, she pretended to be his amazing and filial girlfriend. A few months later, at the engagement banquet between the scumbag man and her stepsister, Jiang Xinxin went to the banquet arrogantly with Lu Yuanzhi who she got wrapped around her fingers. She could not wait to see their jaws dropping. It must be very exciting. Unexpectedly, Lu Yuanzhi was not the uncle of the scumbag at all, but the superior of the uncle! She flirted with the wrong person! Jiang Xinxin, ""Why should I keep you around then? I want a breakup!"" Lu Yuanzhi pushed her against the wall and said in a dangerous tone, ""You little liar, I haven't settled the accounts with you yet."" After settling the accounts, Lu Yuanzhi, ""Do you still want to break up?"" Jiang Xinxin, who had a backache whenever she mentioned she wanted a breakup, ""I don't dare anymore. Why do I want to be the aunt of the scumbag? Isn't it better being Mrs. Lu?"" The scumbag and the stepsister shivered in fright when they heard that Jiang Xinxin managed to get a rumored powerful demon king who was immune to all women wrapped around her little ginger. Lu Yuanzhi was much more terrifying than his uncle. Even if the scumbag worked hard for ten lifetimes, he could not keep up with one of Lu Yuanzhi's hair, but Jiang Xinxin wants to dump him? Scumbag, ""Xin Xin, don't quarrel with Mr. Lu because of me, I only see you as my sister."" Jiang Xinxin, ""Who do you think you are? Do you think you're even worthy to be my brother?"" That night, the scumbag's family went bankrupt and was driven out of Jiang City. They were now impoverished and had no chance of making a comeback. Stepsister, ""XinXin, we are a family. Don't hurt the peace for the sake of a man."" Jiang Xinxin, ""Alright, stop cursing now. Darling, we are a family. Don't hurt the peace because of others."" The next day, the stepsister's persona was ruined and she managed to get herself, haters, everywhere. She even needed to pay so much money for her breach of contract that she wanted to vomit blood. The tool, Lu Yuanzhi, ""I have completed the tasks, when will I be rewarded with adorable buns?"" Jiang Xinxin, ""You can steam a pot of them yourself!"" She was then carried back to the room before she could run far, ""Very well, Mrs. Lu, we'll give birth to a whole nest of them."""

  • MMORPG: Divine Monster Transmuter

    MMORPG: Divine Monster Transmuter


    Infernal Demon Dragon: A dog like you dare to face me in combat? Do you wish to die so much? Jiang Feng: Don’t get too cocky, lizard! You will soon become energy used for my evolution! Transmute Monster, transmute! So, what can you do when you entered the game and accidentally became a Level 1 wild dog? No worries. With Transmute Monster, I can endlessly evolve. At the same time, I can transmute any monsters into materials and items that I want! Jiang Feng: Who said that players are the only one that can kill monsters? Who said players are the only ones that can flirt? Who said players are the only ones that can build cities? My existence will subvert all the expectations and become an existence that surpasses the Divine Beasts!

  • He Named Me "A Flirt"

    He Named Me "A Flirt"

    “You’re a damned flirt and I don’t like you.” Nakatiim ang mga bagang ni Carl nang ibulong sa ’kin ang mga katagang iyon matapos mapadaan sa aking mesa at lingunin ako. Napaawang ang mga dila ko at halos manlabas ang mga mata ko. Naramdaman ko rin ang mabilis na pag-iinit ng aking mga tainga. Hindi ko lubos maisip na iyon ang sasabihin niya sa akin. What have I ever done to him?! “Bakla! Gago ka.” Iyon ang gusto kong imura sa kanya. Pinigilan ko nalang ang nangangati kong dila. Sobrang nakakatimpi ang ginawa niya. Breath-in, breath-out. Tatlong beses kong ibinulong iyon sa aking sarili. Sinundan ko nalang ng mga tingin ang lalaking sa palagay ko ay sinaniban ng demonyo. Gusto ko sana siyang batuhin ng hawak kong tinapay.

  • Flirt Girls in Room 143

    Flirt Girls in Room 143


    This is the story of Five flirt and Bratt Girls who living in the Room 143 of Funky Dormitory. what if they having a Enemy? How did they Defeat them?

  • A fierce and cute wife came to flirt with him

    A fierce and cute wife came to flirt with him


    She had somehow transmigrated to a lazy and lazy little girl who was despised by everyone. It was said that she even shamelessly relied on her savior? ? ? ? Wasn't this too terrible? However, when Kang Xiaoqiao took a look at the little brother that the original owner had relied on, she decisively accepted her fate. So be it if it was terrible. It was not her turn to be terrible if others wanted to be terrible! PS: Duo duo has already finished her old book, "report, the cute wife has married" . It has more than three million words. The scam is guaranteed. Welcome to jump into the trap. Ordinary Book Group: 285699337, knock on the door brick, all of duo's book protagonist name can be, VIP Book Group: 611482740 Fan Value 2000 + , or any of duo's book can be added.

  • Strong Female Side Character Awakens

    Strong Female Side Character Awakens

    Contemporary Romance VILLAIN


    When Ye Qing Ran wakes up, she finds that she has transmigrated into a book. She has become the vain, domineering, and evil villain who dies a tragic death. Before she transmigrated into the book, she was the carefully groomed heir of the family. Her life goal was to make the family stand at the apex of the world of fame and fortune. After she transmigrated into the book, she does not want to participate in wars in the business world anymore. Every day, she would hit on chicks, torture trash, and flirt with handsome boys. But why do her father and three brothers look at her more and more lovingly? Father: "Whoever dares to say that I favor boys over girls, I'll make his family bankrupt." Big Brother: "My sister is the smartest and most suitable to be the heir." Second Brother: "My sister is invincible and cool. She is my idol." Brother San: "My sister is an angel. Our whole family is honored because of her."