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  • Forget It

    Forget It

  • If the Deep Sea Forgets You

    If the Deep Sea Forgets You

    Contemporary Romance MYSTERY


    When Xia Qingyi wakes up and finds herself in a hospital without any memories of her past, what else can she do other than to approach the person who had saved her? Enter Mo Han, a renowned barrister in the legal world famous for his coldness, arrogance, and competence. With no one to take care of Xia Qingyi, Mo Han finds himself with no other choice but to act as her elder brother for the time being. However, it does not take long for him to realize that there was something wrong with the girl. What’s up with her ability to read others at a drop of a hat? How is she so adept in fighting? Just… who in the world is this girl? With his world being turned upside down with the appearance of this mysterious girl whose new world has nothing else but him, Mo Han’s search for her lost memories begins… Keywords: Memory loss, "Siblings"-turned-lovers, Unknown identity, Law

  • Forget!


    Hola!I nancy you can call me nano. So let me tell you i am to be a designer pursuing graduation having hobbies like writing poetries..through I want to get try my best luck.

  • Forget Me Not

    Forget Me Not

    Jensen Morris is financially stable, and has been dating Milo Hawkins for more than fifteen years. Once in a while he feels as if something is missing, but he's probably imagining things.<br><br>Milo is a witch who works as an exorcist. His parents died many years ago, and his foster parents were murdered by demons a few years later. Milo thought he must be cursed and would never find stability and happiness until Jensen came along. Since then, Milo's life has been wonderful. Then Mariana, the leader of the coven of witches Milo belongs to, has visions of a nine-tailed fox and a trail of forget-me-not flowers.<br><br>Kenta is awakened from a deep trance when he senses a spark of magic from someone who has ventured too close to his well-concealed cave. The first time he sees Jensen and Milo, something about them feels familiar, but he doesn't know what. Something inside him is blocking his memory. However, they make him feel safe.<br><br>Can the three men find some joy and stability with one another when danger lurks around the corner?

  • Forget Again

    Forget Again

    "You need to forget." But what do I need to forget? "Have you forgotten?" What do you mean? "We have to go, there's no time." What about ⋆₊?.?⋆₊?. . Wait ⋆₊?.?⋆₊?. . Why can't I remember? What did I forget? Who...did I forget?"Everything's okay." Who are you? No! Stay away! I'll forget you too! Get back!Waking upEverydayJust toForget againbut...Forget what?





    My Name is Farah and I am going back to the place where my mother was despised for being pregnant so young. I don't know what I'm going to do, I just know that I hate that place.-Forgive me daughter-Forgive you thanks to you my mother left this place, I grew up without a father but you don't really care-But you know that thanks to you I met my best friends but what I will never forgive is that you lied and my mother let her true love go

  • forget that trashh

    forget that trashh

    Martial Arts SYSTEM NARUTO


  • Chose to Forget

    Chose to Forget

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE

    She was chasing him since high school. She devoted her years working in his company. Still, she was nothing to him. After being ignored for years, she decided it was time to stop. Then something made her forget him.He had eyes on a lot of people, but never on her. He despised how she always appears in front of him. When she stopped, he missed every moment of it. Then he decided to open his heart to her. When he did, he was nothing to her.

  • Forget and Remember

    Forget and Remember

    Have you’ve ever thought on another version of Tommy’s arc? Here is another version i’m writing! Something much more different than what he is doing right now. :) something different

  • Forget me Not

    Forget me Not

    Realistic Fiction FIRSTLOVE

    'Forget me not', sometimes a flower's name. Sometimes, words he wanted to claim.

  • Forget the Earth

    Forget the Earth

  • To forget you

    To forget you

    Maraming magagandang babae sa school namin ngunit hindi ako nagkagusto sa kahit na sino sa kanila. Hanggang sa isang araw, ay nakilala ko ang babaeng napakasimple ng ayos at simple lang rin ang kanyang ganda. Sino nga ba siya? Sana ay mapansin niya rin ako.

  • Dancing to Forget

    Dancing to Forget


    Aurelia's love of her life has been taken away from her by someone she never expected. Can she win her love back or will a new man steal her heart away? She has to marry someone now that she is of age and is the daughter of a nobleman. Her only hope is to find someone to marry at the balls thrown throughout the social season. All the eligible young bachelors are vying for her attention and her hand in marriage. Under the care of her elder brother and sister, Aurelia navigates the treacherous waters of the social season. Who will she end up with?

  • Forget the past

    Forget the past

    Entah apa yang terjadi pada raline agatha sehingga melupakan masa lalu. Tidak mungkin mabuk membuat nya amnesia. Tapi apa?? Pria bernama jason lucas membuatnya merasa nyaman tapi di sisi lain seolah hubungan mereka salah serta seorang pria yang mengaku suaminya, tapi di dekatnya hanya terasa menyakitkan. Siapa yang sebenarnya ingin di lupakannya?? Masa lalu menjadi jawabannya. Tapi, ia tak kan membuka lagi ingatan yang ia tahu ingin di lupakanya. Bisakah ia membiarkan segalanya mengalir meski membuatnya frustasi dengan perasaan yang terus membingungkan ini??

  • Quick to forget

    Quick to forget

  • Forget Me, Not

    Forget Me, Not

    Magical Realism ROMANCE R18 BL ABUSIVELOVE

    Popular in highschool, captain of the swim team, academically inclined, and is almost loved by all. He seems like the perfect dream guy, the 'casanova' of Skaia High, the talented athlete... There's only one thing he struggles with accepting; relationships. With his arrogantly self-centered ego and the popularity that follows, he has barely any experience with real romance. At least until he finally encounters someone who challenges everything he thought he knew about himself; for the good and for the bad.This is the aftermath of what changed his mediocre life. From secret affairs to beckoning addictions, the truth about unpredictable love is here. The drama, the lust, and one heck of a love story about a guy who is inconsiderately unknown to the word itself...This is his how his story ends.-Cronus D. Ampora * * * * *DISCLAIMER: Mature topics are mentioned throughout the book such as; strong language, substance abuse, physical abuse, self-deprivation, depression, suicide, and death. If the topics make you uncomfortable or you're under the age of 15, it is at your own risk to read further. This disclaimer will be seen once in the book, no warnings of listed topics will be mentioned in advance.* * * * *

  • Forget︱A Novella

    Forget︱A Novella


    Kira Black is a beautiful yet deadly creature─a demon─created by Death itself. Her life has been pointless, killing the souls of both the innocent and the sinful, her existence meant to kill. To never feel emotions, and steal people from their very own life. With a heart made of stone, she doesn't realize that the haunted memories of her past are beginning to crumble inside of her. And she'll never forget the pain... Until she sees her.

  • Forget and Forgive

    Forget and Forgive

    Armielle a woman who dies from Takotsubo cardiomyopathy or what they call Broken heart syndrome gets a second life in a form of a poor simple girl from countryside who dreams to be a well known painter!

  • forget this pls

    forget this pls

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE R18 COMEDY


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