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  • Freezer


    I'm from nepal and hello my friend I hope it works and I will be there by and grab and go meals

  • Married to the bad boy

    Married to the bad boy

    Teen R18

    When a nerdy girl Yuri gets stucked in a freezer room with the school bad boy xavier and as a result has to get married to him , will she fall in love with him? Will he love her despite knowing her past ? How will her family react? To know , you have to watch married to the bad boy




    Being brutally murdered is one thing but coming back to life not only stronger than your murderer but richer, brighter and hotter is everything a person could ask for. Right? Diary Samone is back from the dead. Born again she sets out to find her murderer. There's just one problem. She's followed around by an old high school friend that's taken a fancy to her. Both stubborn. One colder than a restaurant walk-in freezer, the other warm and gentle. Is he gentle enough to Break the Amori's Ice wall that she built around her heart?

  • Reborn in dbz as a frost demon

    Reborn in dbz as a frost demon


    This is my first story about my male oc being reborn as freizas twin brother.And also Im not that great of a writer so if you guys are writer's I'm open to tips and suggestions plz and I hope to do better in the futureby the way OC will as strong as Freezer at the start of namek it will be like this strong to OP if you don't like ocs being strong at the start then don't read this story

  • S+ Class Ruin Hunter

    S+ Class Ruin Hunter


    Earth 100,050, All energy has been replaced with a renewable energy harvested directly from inside the core of the sun by an 'unbreakable' cable called Tetra. The main character Shin has to make a difficult choice. He has two options. Option A: He leaves behind his little brother and sister and makes his way to the families freezer pod in no time or option B: He takes the family heirloom 'Katana A' and takes his family with him in order to get to the freezers safely but slowly. Which will Shin choose?

  • The one that took my virginity.

    The one that took my virginity.

    Realistic Fiction ACTION R18 COMEDY

    Daniel was sent to summer school by his mother because of failing grades. There is one more seat open and here comes Gabe, his crush, he has been in love with him for 6 years. They make small talk and Daniel is invited to Gabe’s party. They find them selves liking each other and dating. The morning comes with Gabe’s ex trying to kill Daniel. Gabe kills her and they hide her body. They are calm about the murder and Daniel does not know why. They agree to not talk about it, instead they come out to Daniel’s parents. His mom knew already but his dad didn’t take it so well. His father tried shooting Daniel and when Gabe’s pulls out his emergency gun to shoot the father, he shoots Daniel! Daniel faints and wakes up in his mother’s house. After crying and apologizing, Daniel asked what happened to his dad. With a normal response, his mother replied, “in the freezer”. Daniel was confused why murder was not freaking anyone out. Little does he know that his mom has a huge secret. Secrets unravel and more death takes place. Daniel and Gabe have become the next Bonnie and Clyde! After numerous murders and questions asked, one attempted murder ruins it all. Sadly their happiness comes to a stop when the FBI finally finds them. The question is, is this the end or is it just getting started?

  • Smoked Gin

    Smoked Gin

    Two heroes. One has made his name in the cold, while the other has spent a lifetime twisting unseen forces. They want the same thing, but they’re on opposite sides. Can a teleportation accident help them find what they’ve each been missing all along?<br><br>Gin got his code name because his namesake liquor lives in the freezer, just like him. He can control ice to an extent never seen before, and he uses that power to help keep the world safe from those who would use their power for evil. He knows he’s got a tremendous ability to destroy, and it’s important to keep himself rigidly under control at all times. His work in Alter Enforcement brings him into direct conflict with vigilante alters, who may want to help people but refuse to be accountable in how they go about it.<br><br>Smoke doesn’t trust “authority figures” and he definitely doesn’t trust the government. He didn’t trust them before the terrorist attacks that created Alters in the first place, and he sure doesn’t trust them now. He’s not going to let government Alters stop him from taking out dangerous super-villains in the name of procedure. Sometimes that means he has to fight people who should be on his side, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles.<br><br>When Gin’s team and Smoke’s team trip over each other trying to take out a notorious super villain, disaster follows. A teleportation accident strands Gin and Smoke together far away from each of their teams. They have to rely on each other for safety ... and maybe more.

  • Murder in the Basement

    Murder in the Basement

    There's a silhouette of a girl that resembles a cheerleader in the back of my kitchen. I thought she was a ghost at first. But then there's a news of a girl that was kidnapped. That girl was reported to be a captain of cheerleader. A week later, I was here, in the police station, because that girl was found in my freezer. They say I am The Killer. I knew I am not. But why, why is did she look feels so familiar?

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