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  • Universal Genocide System

    Universal Genocide System


    Julian sanchez a young man at the age of 21 is a big fan of the Warhammer 40k universe as well as several other famous universes. in his spare time he reads manga and light novels as well as anime. He lives at the US border town of el paso in Southern Texas and lives a very boring life as hes stuck at home with online classes. He had been born with vast intelligence so although he had trouble learning online it was not much of an issue. one day he is attacked by a cartel during his routine trip into Mexico for business and gets randomly teleported to a new world. everything he comes across shocks him but he somehow adapts and survives. He learns he has a powerful system but little does he know what kind of consequences using it will bring to his personality.

  • Game genocide

    Game genocide

    My name is Linwright Gardbowel, but the members of our group call me simply Lin. I consider it an idiotic idea to keep a diary, but Rosa, a former psychologist, said that it helps keep my thoughts in order.So, now comes the seventy-fifth day since the beginning of the “Game genocide”. Someone calls it an apocalypse, but I believe that my term more specifically describes the situation in the world. If you look out the window, you can see that the streets are empty, and some humanoids occasionally look out of shopping centers and other buildings. So that you understand how the world has come to this, I will tell you everything from the very beginning. Since the beginning of the “Game genocide” ...

  • Genocide of The Myriad Realms

    Genocide of The Myriad Realms


  • The War On Genocide

    The War On Genocide


    This book is NOT real. This is a fantasy war book. Any similarities to other books is COINCIDENCE There will be short chapters as I have never written before, and updates will be sporadic. The Cover Is Not Mine, credit goes to the actual illustrator. Since this is my first book, any and all criticism is welcomed and will be listened to, thanks for reading!

  • Undertale (Genocide) (paused)

    Undertale (Genocide) (paused)

    Fantasy VIDEOGAME

    A genderless child fell into the underground and kill the monsters.

  • Project: Genocide (PIG)

    Project: Genocide (PIG)


    In the beginning of his story, Kaito is like that of a caged bird in a rose cage gazing out onto the open fields of mother earth yearning to one day walk in them, after much thought put into and a disturbing dream sparking an interest in him, he runs away and seeks refuge in the city of "Passaway Euphria." Kaito, a 11 year old boy, will embark on an adventure that will restart the cycle of genocide all over again! With the help of friends he will meet on the way, Kaito will venture into the heart of Paradise Isle with the ideology of freedom and fun on his mind, but what will really happen?...

  • Diệt Chủng ( GENOCIDE )

    Diệt Chủng ( GENOCIDE )


    Ngươi mạnh hơn ta, người có thể đàn áp ta nhưng ngươi không thể giết ta vì ngươi có những sợi xích lương tâm giữ ngươi lại nhưng ta thì không, không có cái gì có thể ràng buộc ta, ngươi vô tội nhưng nếu giết ngươi sẽ có lợi ích cho ta thì ta rất sẵn lòng.

  • Genocidal Auxilium

    Genocidal Auxilium

    O apocalipse real chegou, as pessoas são tolas e aquele que sabe o óbvio é considerado louco, você será capaz de sobreviver?

  • Genocidal Star

    Genocidal Star

    In the near future, humanity has advanced and progressed outward into space colonizing the rest of our solar system however an event where a hyper dimensional nexus gate suddenly appears and a legion of otherworldly soldiers and mecha robots along with monsters emerge to attack the city of New Risen Phoenix. Using modern weaponry and tactics, the United Earth Defense Forces (UEDF) easily repels the enemy and passes through the Gate to establish a forward operating base and initiate a counter offensive. The war on terror exploded, literally for this was no simple world despite it being a world of fantasy universe of swords and magic, as the opposing civilization was already making advancements into outer space. In this world exists huge humanoid weapons known as Magitek Armors and spaceships do battle. Screw them! They think they can fuck with us just because they think can ha! Let them try Earth is not weak let the war commence! Magic? So, what-! We have Science on our side we can learn and adapt to your little wizard tricks its not that hard! Spirts? How cute can they work as effectively as our cute A.Is? This isn’t going to be a war you fools, it’s going to be a Genocide. Disclaimer all artworks you see here such as the cover are not mine but in time, soon I will hopefully get my own artworks up but what ever artworks i will put up for my works are all forms of inspiration art works for my stories

  • RE;START, or How Genocide Can Occur in 48 Hours

    RE;START, or How Genocide Can Occur in 48 Hours


    After an unexpected disaster during a routine expedition, a band of soldiers set out on a journey across a continent that teeters on the brink of industrial revolution, to correct the wrongs of history and prevent world war. But the past never dies, and they soon learn that the greatest enemy in this new world is themselves.

  • The Untold Story of Yuric & Erika (Genocide)

    The Untold Story of Yuric & Erika (Genocide)


    War broke out between two countries, one of which is fed with hatred. Here, two people from two different sides meet each other in the middle of a dark time. Could the two find love and peace in the center of war?

  • That time I got reincarnated as a potato with a genocidic system

    That time I got reincarnated as a potato with a genocidic system


    potato system is called war crimes

  • Witch of Calamity

    Witch of Calamity


    Verona the Crown Princess lays in a pool of her own blood and says to the heavens “This kingdom and its citizens will fall! My name will be the nightmares of gods, mortals will cower in fear when they see my face, this world WILL BURN!” This story will be very very dark, torture, slavery, gruesome acts of violence, rape, genocidal maniacs. This story isn't for the faint of heart. Our MC won't be some hero of justice she will be the vile villain everyone hates and will stop for no one in the pursuit of power. She will kill ‘friends’ and family if need be.

  • Loli in Fairy Tail

    Loli in Fairy Tail


    This cover does not belong to me, but it's rightful owner. I may be moving this to Wattpad as there are more readers and fonts and photos to share. I accidentally put this on Novel and is supposed to be a fanfiction.No emo allowed. But suicidal and genocidal is.

  • Starless Mage

    Starless Mage


    Noah was born into a corrupt family where he was forced to do many hellish activities in order to survive. After being killed by his brother he vowed to become the strongest and never allow anyone to ever push him around again. Follow Noah’s story as he reincarnates into a world full of monsters and magic as he rises to the point where no one can stop him. ———————————————————————— Contains swearing and non explicit sex scenes. MC does have a ruthless and anti-hero personality that will not change. However he won’t purposefully commit genocide for no reason. There will be romantic interests that won’t falter the novel in many ways (NO HAREMS). If none of this is to your taste I suggest you look elsewhere. ———————————————————————— I am a high school student if the spelling and grammar is poor forgive me. Along with my ever changing schedule. Also this is my first ever story. Enjoy!————————————————————————Discord:*This is not my cover but edited in Photoshop if it needs taken down I will do so immediately*

  • A Seal Upon Your Heart

    A Seal Upon Your Heart

    Pepper writes stories that span the gamut from humorous to heartfelt, however the common theme is crossing boundaries. Pepper's unique stories often tackle taboo topics such as mental illness and homelessness. Readers will find themselves questioning their own sense of right and wrong, attraction and desire. In addition to writing, the author is also an artist, an introverted recluse, a self proclaimed empath and a foodie. Pepper Pace can be contacted at: Jane used to have a different name, a different life—but that was before she was rescued from the refugee camp after the Rwandan genocide and brought to the convent to be raised. Now she is being dismissed, told to go out into the world. Tim Singleton lost his wife to breast cancer less than a year ago and yet the pain and anger is still fresh in his mind. When Corrine died, so did Tim’s faith…so when he received the call from the convent, Tim isn’t quite sure why he agreed to help the young African girl with a job. She didn’t quite fit in with the others at the law firm that wore thousand dollar Chanel suits while her clothes were picked with care from the donation bin at the church. At nearly six feet tall, the shy girl tried to become invisible in the hectic world around her. But if her ill-fitting clothes didn’t draw attention to her, then it was a beauty that couldn’t be hidden so easily. Soon Jane sees Tim as not only her benefactor, but her one true love. But can Tim finally open up and allow someone else touch his heart? Can he forget their difference in race and age? And more importantly, would being with him mean the loss of her innocence?

  • Flower of death

    Flower of death


  • Love Is Nothing But A False Realization

    Love Is Nothing But A False Realization

  • Grand Arch-Magus General

    Grand Arch-Magus General


    Everyone has something they're gifted in. After a soul dies for the first time, they're sorted into a job that fits them the best.Atlas is a green haired boy who is reincarnated. Having been reincarnated, he lost all of his memories. His gifts however, have stayed His family is incredibly loving, with each day feeling more and more happy for them. They receive blessing after blessing. However, some blessings turn out to be curses...-----------------------------------------The MC has no memory of his past life at all. Nor will he ever. He also isn't extremely cruel so don't expect genocides or anything of the sort from him. Executions, maybe. His only goal is to protect his family and his people. The world may seem slow to build, and that's because we learn about it as the MC does.He will be pretty overpowered, but not to a crazy extent. I mean, everyone with a class like his is overpowered.-------------------------------------------Note: I do not own the art on the cover. If you're the artist that created it and want me to take it down, let me know.

  • Book One: Learning

    Book One: Learning

    Water. Earth. Fire. Air. The title 'Avatar' has brought peace and harmony among the Four Nations. From Avatar Wan to Avatar Korra's journeys, benders and non-benders have thrived with their decisions to either save the world or create a better one. This story begins after the Air Nomad genocide, past the Hundred Years War, and further than the Spirit World becoming one with ours. 17 years have passed since the time of Avatar Korra, leaving millions of citizens with the same question; who and where is the next Avatar? A/N Hello, beauties! I just wanted to say I made an Instagram that you can now follow @thenextavatar2. Catch "behind-the-scenes" content from Harmony's world.