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  • El cambio de Kagome

    El cambio de Kagome

    Romance de fantasía ROMANCE ANIME

  • Tangled fates

    Tangled fates


    This is a fanfiction, created by my imagination after watching the whole series of Inuyasha. I know that the majority of you ship Kagome and Inuyasha and some ship Kagome and Koga, but because of Akitoki Hojo's vocal feelings towards Kagome, I made this story for you guys to see how I would have wanted them to end if they were the main couple characters on the series. Anyway, enjoy the story and let me know your thoughts about this one. I hope you will like it. Btw, a sequel of Inuyasha is coming this year. Let's support its comeback, guys. Arigato!

  • How I Met Sesshomaru

    How I Met Sesshomaru

    In no way do I own any of the InuYasha characters, but the side characters are mine alone and if you've watched any episodes or movies from the series then I'm sure you'll know the difference between them. If your not sure you can always ask me.

  • Empress reborn

    Empress reborn

    Kagome is a modern 21 year old girl that die on a mission to avenge her father and family that were killed by her stepmother. She was framed and killed before she could avenge them. She suddenly woke up as the 16 year old empress of the Xia empire . The original empress was killed by the emperor and her best friend. The treacherous couple killed the empress kaguya at the tender age of 19. Kagome was reborn in the body of the empress 3 years before her death, can she stop her tragic end and avenge the fallen empress. In a world where cultivating ,power and spiritual essence is everything. Follow along and find out if she can make it. There will be a male lead but he enters much later into the story so bear with me ....



    Romansa Kontemporer ROMANCE

    yura berjalan pulang sambil memikirkan ucapan yoongi tadi. tiba tiba ada mobil hitan berhenti tepat di samping yura.Sebuah tangan dengan cepat menarik yura ke dalam mobil, Yura pun kaget setengah mati mulutnya di bekap dan kagetnya yura ternyata itu yoongi."yoongi... apa yg kau lakukan ?" teriak yura panik"yoongi... jawab aku." teriak yura lagi"yura aku sangat mencintaimu tak akan kubiarkan kau bersama jungkook." jawab yoongi.

  • shuut...i'm pcychopath

    shuut...i'm pcychopath

  • top wings

    top wings

  • 混雑した記憶


    aku bernama hatsusuki kagome. aku ini penyuka alam yg...sedikit menyukai hal hal di luar nalar, tepatnya aku ini indigo. umurku 13th dan aku blm pernah ke gunung atau hutan lainnya selain hutan di dekat tempat tinggalku. suatu hari aku bertemu seseorang memakai masker di hutan festival yg berada di dekat rumah pamanku... mau tau kisahku selanjutnya yuk baca 混雑した記憶 "congested memories".

  • The Wolf Spirit And The Priestess

    The Wolf Spirit And The Priestess


    Kagome Yuki is a priestess. She exorcist people who are possessed by the evil and spends her time at the shrine. She is devoted and has a pure heart. She is not afraid of ghosts and other entities. One day when she is performing an exorcism to a little boy, the spirit that possessed the little boy is strong, and her chants are not working. Suddenly, the possessed person kicked her and bump her head at the corner of the glass table, and she was transported to the other world by the spirit that possessed the little boy. The spirit that possessed the little boy is not ordinary, but a powerful entity. When she woke up, she is clueless as to where in the world is she because the place is not familiar to her. Kagome doesn’t know that she was teleported in the other dimension. The world of the spirits. Spirits are good creatures, but some of them can be possessed and needed exorcism. When she is roaming around the dark woods, a possessed spirit is about to attack her. She is weak and can’t run nor fight. Luckily, she was saved by a man that transformed into a wolf.Haise Ayato is the name of the man who turned into a wolf. He is a wolf spirit, powerful and lived in a shrine. Haise brought Kagome to the shrine and gave her first aid. As time goes by, the two of them get along, and they team up to exorcist the possessed spirits. But it will not be easy because problems may arise. Not to mention, Kagome's unexpected feelings to Haise.

  • Wolf's Mate: Inu & Ookami

    Wolf's Mate: Inu & Ookami


    Set after the defeat of Naraku. Kagome didn't go back to the warring era, everyone goes on with their lives and Inuyasha is left to sort out his feelings now that Kagome isn't coming back. He's left to find his place in the world, and then left hoping that maybe he might've found it in the wolf demon tribe with Kōga.

  • I Want To Kiss A Girl

    I Want To Kiss A Girl

    At the age of seven, a young girl, Dendra, realized that she was in love with a classmate named Kagome. Now that they're about to graduate high school, will she finally confess her feelings?

  • SAGANA of Maharlika Islands

    SAGANA of Maharlika Islands


    "Why are you doing this to me, Aryanna? Did I do something wrong?" SAGANA weakly asked as she looked up at her best friend's vicious eyes. "Why?! You are asking me why?!" Aryanna chinned her up as their eyes met. Sagana was stunned to see the hatred inside Aryanna's eyes as if saying that it is better for her to die. Aryanna forcefully pinched Sagana's chin as she recalled the indifferent eyes of Santo Family when looking at her... as if she's an outsider- No. She's indeed an outsider. Aryanna narrowed her eyes then put her hands on Sagana's neck and was ready to strangle her to death. "Sagana Del Mundo- No, it should be Sagana Santo" Aryanna started strangling Sagana's neck. "W-What... are you.... talking about?" Sagana's face turned red as she tried freeing herself from Aryanna's clutches. "Sagana.. Oh! Sagana..." Aryanna evilly called out Sagana's names. Sagana felt the clutch tightening. "I... I understand. Please let me understand" Sagana started crying. She treated Aryanna as a sister because they were best friends since Junior High but Aryanna suddenly changed when their Senior High School times started. "Fine. You are about to die anyway" Aryanna's eyes turned red while staring straight at Sagana. Sagana was shocked to see the changes of Aryanna's eyes. Next, Sagana felt a warmth energy circulating inside her as if exploring every meridians of her body. After that, Sagana's eyes felt pain in her eyes so she closed her eyes and restrained herself to groan because of pain. "Do you feel it, Sagana?" Aryanna further tightened her hands on Sagana's neck. Sagana turned blue and couldn't breathe. She opened her eyes and everything in her sight became clear and bright. She saw different colors of energy emitting out of the environment. However, the red and black energy that surrounding Aryanna made her horrified. Aryanna's body emitted a stronger hatred towards her that made her uncomfortable and unable to breathe, even if Aryanna was not strangling her now - the outcome didn't mean different. Aryanna's energy was enough to directly kill her. However, her pure white energy prevented the black energy to invade her body and consciousness. It was also the reason why Aryanna must kill her with hands. "Sagana, you are the biological daughter/sister of Santo Family. They are looking at their biological daughter's whereabout right now after they have known about the exchanged 25 years ago" Aryanna finally revealed a shocking news to Sagana. However, Sagana only heard her words that she's the biological daughter of Santo Family because her consciousness was cut off. She died on the hands of her best friend. "Aryanna, May GOD curse your life forever" she thought inside as she couldn't no longer responds to Aryanna. When she woke up, she found herself that she went back in time ten years ago before Aryanna found out about their identity exchanged incident. Copyright 2022, IdleJoy2022 Bookshelves Author : Hazel Joy Impal Pen Name : IdleJoy2022 Started : June 1, 2022 End Goal : October 25, 2022-----------REMINDER: Saman is Sagana but Sagana is not Saman. What I mean is, Sagana is the reincarnation of Saman but she's not entirely Saman. Just like the situation of Kikyo and Kagome in the anime Inuyasha.Also, this is a spoiler. There will be more Supreme Beings who will claimed that Sagana has something related to their bloodlines.-----------

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