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    "Hello James", the nightmare crooned.A shiver traveled up his spine as he tried to reason out how the thing knew his name. It took all of his will power to respond, "What are you? Why are you speaking to me?"The creature paused as it stared at him, "You...interest me."* * * * *In the near future a world-wide blackout gives way to a sinister presence. People begin to disappear one by one and despite all efforts of finding the creature, no one has even managed to see what it looks like.Meanwhile on a day like any other, on the other side of the world, 17 year old James Sulman has a dream. Inside it he becomes the first person to lay eyes on the creature, just before he wakes up. When he does everything changes.He finds that he has drawn the abomination all the way to where he lives. Just as soon, he realizes that it's up to him and his friends to find a way to warn everyone before it's too late.There is one crucial question to be considered though: How many will have to be lost before they can succeed?

  • LiMbO



    “Where the hell is Levota?”, this particular question turned a teenager’s life upside down. Beverly Smith is not your regular 18 year old college student. She moves to a new neighbourhood to start a new life with her mother but little did she know that she was heading for her doom. She moves to a place entirely different from the former life she knows. This new life is controlled by a priest and some pathetic rules. If you do not follow these rules, there are severe punishments coming your way. She is haunted by her past and threatened by what is to come in her future.

  • Limbo



    A group of people gets sent to a world filled with monsters, animals, and many other races besides humans. To get another chance to enter heaven, and this story would follow them Khalid, Nate, Lucy, Faith, and Ted. It is about them getting through together to pass the trial that was suggested by God and created by Satan and the guide that would be helping them a demon named Ron.

  • King Of Limbo

    King Of Limbo



    Aron was a child of the beast monger race, a race that held an appearance similar to humans but had the hearts and mentality of beasts. They thrived in what many considered hell itself Limbo, a place full of chaos, death and misery where only the strong, cunning and cruel survived. Born to a mother who did not want him and a deluded father who could only do his best to raise the child, Aron had learned of the world’s cruelty at an early age. It wasn’t long that he was left to fend for himself while still young with only the guidance his father had instilled into him, rules to follow if he wanted to survive in the cruel that he was born into. And so Aron like all mana beasts had to become something akin to a demon as he fought for survival, for evolution and territory, by whatever means necessary. This was the beast monger way. “Why would I do something that doesn’t benefit me? Be selfish and be cruel because life will never take pity on you. If you can’t accept this truth then you and I walk very different paths.” ——————————————————————— Neutral Evil MC- Tags: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Magic, Mature, No Harem, Romantic Sub Plot, Dark, Cold Protagonist, Strong Protagonist, Calm Protagonist, Ruthless Protagonist, Smart Protagonist, Monsters, World Travel, Demons, Gore, Wars, Magic Beasts, Strength Based Social Hierarchy, Scheming, Evolution, Rivalry

  • The Limbo Project

    The Limbo Project


    The discovery of the Limbo technogy has taken the worlds leading scientists by storm. One company in particular, Embellished Inc. wants to learn more and use the Limbo to alter reality and take over the world. They start kidnapping people, using them as pawns in a grand scheme. The story follows S-001 as he learns the power of the Limbo, and uncovers Embellished Inc. as criminals.

  • Limbo Garden

    Limbo Garden


  • limbo and coffee

    limbo and coffee


    Ten young adults got trapped in a comfortable hell with no pain and no escape, what could go right? oran attempt at serving romantic (?), angsty multi-pov, omegaverse, kidnapped fic in the middle of the pandemic no one asked for.

  • Psychedelic Limbo

    Psychedelic Limbo


    He accepted his traumas, his fears and doubts...he lives as a boundless being in expression of the dance of emotions that set the stage in one's life, and moved forward as circle openers and closers, in elegance and grace. A story of a man who lives inside his mind and feelings searching for his paradise. In this book, you will also find your paradise; but will you get lost in the limbo, or will you sacrifice everything for your most pure desire?

  • Limbo Paradise (Paused)

    Limbo Paradise (Paused)

    Playa Limbo, un lugar paradisíaco para descansar del estrés cotidiano. Al contratar cualquiera de nuestros paquetes vacacionales tienes acceso a todos los beneficios del resort. Una sola regla: no reveles tu nombre.

  • Spirit of limbo

    Spirit of limbo


    The spirit of playful genius human gets sent back in time after re-enacting the most powerful magic circle in the popular game: god’s bet.After he gets sent back in time the 16 year old boy instantly becomes the first and only person in all reality.Waiting on the verge of life and death unable to escape, even time and space doesn’t exist yet.Until millennia into his life he unlocks his divine wisdom, to become the spirit of limbo.Accompany him on his journey as the first being transcends the gods who put him through an eternal hell.

  • Hell station: Limbo

    Hell station: Limbo


    DROPPEDJapan is a very peaceful country, so of course that there won't be some kind of laughing maniac stabbing corpses in an alley so close to the airport of Osaka, right? There's no way someone would approach him from behind without thinking and use his knife holding hand to make him stab himself, right? Uhm? What do you mean i died? It was the other guy that got a knife sticking out of his face! Actually, where in F*** did that come from?!*Most mechanics of the game parts are similar to the one found in the novel 'the devil's cage', though I'd say I was inspired instead of copying out of it. If someone does find something overly, please, do leave a comment or the like.

  • Limbo Or A Shining Chance

    Limbo Or A Shining Chance

    A boy in the suburbs dreams of living in the big city and having an exciting future. His physical health continually declines, along with his mental health, but there’s a chance to fix it.

  • Elsewhere: Vagrants of the iterant limbo

    Elsewhere: Vagrants of the iterant limbo


    Imagine...A hidden World that overlaps our own...Where everything is laidbare for anyone else to see...A place for one to be accepted no matter how broken or twisted A person is...A place for wicked souls and the tormented go to seek Shelter...when despair has long since pushed them from the brink...where they are forced to face their fears...all for one tainted wish....Follow Rinné, a timid yet surprisingly head strong girl as she is unknowingly drawn into a unforgiving World of Unspeakable horrors in hopes to find her long lost brother.will she be able to find her brother? or will she be consumed and become a permanent part of that filthy World?"Welcome to the City of Misery~"

  • Limbo, Vol.1-Vol.3

    Limbo, Vol.1-Vol.3


    On the day of his graduation, Hiro's family was brutally murdered. His mother, father, sister, and brother-- all massacred in front of him. Hiro was helpless. However, two months before the night of the attack, it all came down to a deep grudge against a sibling, a fatal mistake made from jealousy, and the longing for a magical ability. (Arc 0) In a world where the peace that people sacrificed their lives to protect is built on numerous lies and assassinations, a world where magic exists within each and every person, and a world where the line between right and wrong and good and evil becomes more blurred each and every day, the citizens of Luncia live obliviously to the dark secrets of the country. (Main Description) Arcs 1 and 2 currently in the works~ Keep up with story updates on my Instagram, at!

  • Hell's Insanity

    Hell's Insanity


    "For it was told by the old books, where angels and demons collide" "When gods shall stretch their rule and dominion" "Ye have not be forgotten" "For men shall covet power". ........................................................................... In the year 3040 Earth has reached its limits, its resources depleted, its ecosystem destroyed, even humanity hangs on its last rope due to its severe overpopulation. Conquering space was our only hope, but with the help of several talented scientists in their various fields coming together, made such a dream a possibility. Unfortunately, in the year 3045, an earthquake on a global scale sent every human on earth into a frenzy. At that point, a voice was heard by everyone, as a template hanged in the sky. A question with two choices, an answer that decided one's destiny from that day onward. But unfortunately, not everyone picked the right choice. Elijah kingsman was a 19 years old university freshman, who had just escaped the horrors of world war 3, couldn't have picked a better day to make the worst decision of his life. As his judgement, his very being was sent to limbo by an undead giant. There he meets an imp far different from his average fantasy personage. Coerced to make a deal, Elijah made a deal that would change his life forever. ............................................................................... “Don’t worry boy” “It seems I haven’t introduced myself,” the imp said widening the smile on its face. “I am Deltrich, ‘he who bears the Principality of knowledge’” Elijah wasn’t sure if he saw a ray of light coming from Deltrich. But he was sure of one thing, that this was no ordinary imp. Deltrich who was already done with his introduction, saw Elijah looking at him in awe, puffed his chest up in pride. “I am sure there’s nothing you have that I want and nothing you can give that I desire”. Deltrich said choosing to break the atmosphere. “In other words, a deal which I’m sure would be satisfying to both parties” Elijah who wasn’t used to this type of situation scrunched his face up in frustration. He knew Deltrich,’ the Imp’ wasn’t his usual fantasy personage, so he decided to keep his mouth shut and listen to what Deltrich had to say. “In return, you shall ask me anything you want and I shall offer if it’s beneath my power”. ....................................................................... Chapter updates! 7 days a week ( 1,500 words to 2,000 words) GMT +08:00 ......................................................................... Donate to support the author! ........................................................................ Disclaimer! The cover is not mine and belongs to its respective owner. Found on Pinterest.

  • When I Laid My Eyes on You

    When I Laid My Eyes on You

    Castiel is a man of few words. He prefers to stay quiet, and hates loud noises. He is a man blessed with a mysterious halo. His family is noble and rich.His business is booming and successful. He is also handsome and Charismatic, Truly the son of heaven. but Something went wrong. He suddenly died. He was stabbed. Then died.However, There's no heaven nor hell. Just a vast darkness stretching far beyond he could see. Filled with confusion, Castiel cursed. Dying Wasn't Enough? He remained at limbo. Stuck and unable to reincarnate. Then, he suddenly heard a mechanical voice in his head.[I am System 25, also known as Guardian System. Congratulations to host for bindingto this System. Please, be the guardian ofthose who were oppressed and unjustlypunished. Save the true son of heaven, and punish those who seeks death. Prepare yourself, Host. Launching in 3...2...1...]

  • Apex world

    Apex world

    Eastern Fantasy SYSTEM LEVELUP

    Angelo Rothschild is the child of a family elder, Angelo has no power of sway in the family especially since his father was a traitor.Angelo learned from an early age that he had no one to rely on, least of all his so called family.The Rothschild family considered him to be an eyesore, so they sent him to live on an island in the middle of nowhere, however Angelo did not mind this as he had everything he needed and he didn’t like socialising very much so the fact that no one was on the island he was completely alone and this worked out in his benefit as he needed to experiment with the new system he was granted.

  • (Mass Effect) Within the new Dawn

    (Mass Effect) Within the new Dawn


    This is a story about a man who linger too long in limbo and was reincarnated by a goddess into the mass effect universe it starts out small from the tribal Era In he’s HomeWorld and works his way up to space travel as the story goes on to he will face more and more hardships and challenges in different ways and a bit of world building mixed in with it to give you a good feel of a good story the best of my abilities{Note: I do not own Mass Effect or stellaris the story is about fun writing and introduce my type of style to the community I hope people enjoy the story.

  • Jackson halt and the staff of time

    Jackson halt and the staff of time


    Jackson was just a regular kid until he turn 16, now he has to learn how to use his new powers to survive the trials he will face. With twist, turns and a plot that will leave you hungry for more!!! SLIGHT NOTEMy writing has been getting progressively better, so expect some stuff at the start to not sound right or be writing well.

  • Why do I have to love you?

    Why do I have to love you?

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