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  • Mutant


  • Mutant Farmer in the Apocalypse

    Mutant Farmer in the Apocalypse



    In the year 2022, one year after the Z-20 Virus outbreak, all of humanity had been infected by the virus, and their bodies reacted differently. The majority of the humans turned into zombies, while the minority turned into ability users. Some didn’t change into either. They were powerless in comparison, as even feral zombies were more powerful than an average human. At 20 years old, Yang Zhang was used as a scapegoat and kicked out of his town; a medium-sized shelter base used to protect humanity from the ever-growing threat of zombie attacks. Scared and powerless against the harsh world infested with zombies, he stumbled upon a squirrel that ate the brain of a dead ability user and began discharging electricity constantly. He realized that he could use this newfound information to protect himself. “That’s right! I can build a farm and create more and more of these mutated animals and plants to protect myself!” Thus started the journey of Yang Zhang as he created a farm while continuously breeding many magical —albeit grotesque— mutated animals and plants. Yet, once the zombies and ability users started noticing his unique farm, they began to invade. With no choice left, he armed himself by creating stronger mutated animals and plants to protect the farm at all cost! “Get off of my lawn, you bunch of greedy pigs!” ** Tower Defense + (Mutated) farm simulator + Zombie waifu (Small harem). ** Daily Update -- Cover art is Kureiji Ollie, I got it from Pinterest. English is not my first language. Pardon me if there are few mistakes. --

  • Lord Of The People: I Recruited A Mutant Succubus From The Start

    Lord Of The People: I Recruited A Mutant Succubus From The Start



    The whole world mutated. Mysterious resurrections happened in real life. The Tribulation descended. Everyone would awaken the ability to rule over beasts at the age of 18 and obtain a Lord Space of their own. After one month, their Lord Space would materialize and they would become a Lord. When they awakened, each Lord would obtain a summoning pool to summon their own troops. They had to plunder resources, strengthen their troops, expand their territory and defend themselves against the invasion of demons! Ren Qi recruited a mutated succubus from the very start. She could keep ascending until she became a fallen angel! Someone exclaimed, “Someone managed to recruit a succubus?” Another person said, “Why are you envious of him? Succubi don't have much combat ability and are weak. When his Lord Space materializes, he will most likely be consumed by the demons.” Someone said, “Hahaha, I awakened a top-tier troop, the Golden Tiger. I am invincible.” Not long after, Ren Qi’s territory expanded to the Warring Nation Level. A group of fallen angels stood beside him as they looked down on all the demons. The weakest fallen angel was an existence akin to a demigod.

  • The Mutant

    The Mutant

  • Caring for Mr. Mutant

    Caring for Mr. Mutant



    [COMPLETED] How can a Mutant and a Mutant Caretaker fight for their love, if science is their greatest enemy?------------------------Year 2023: Random DNA mutations suddenly occurred around the world. These mutations caused newborn babies to acquire animal traits, and no one knows why or where they originated. Year 2033: When funds, advanced technology, and a capable workforce became available to study these mutants, a national team of scientists was formed, called the "DNA Mutation Cadre" or "D.M. Cadre". They were given modern, state-of-the-art laboratories complete with equipment and isolation rooms. Here, mutants were studied and monitored in exchange for a large sum of money and government assistance. Year 2048: In the busy city of Makylee, a 25-year-old part-timer, Lia Brentvale, got fired from her two part-time jobs in just one unlucky day. Since her parents aren’t around, she’s the breadwinner of her family, providing for her two college brothers. She applied as a Mutant Caretaker in the D.M. Cadre Research Facility and after passing their exam, she was assigned to the mysterious and aloof vulture mutant. But as she got to know him, she also learned more about D.M. Cadre. Together with her hacker friend and their batchmates, they tried to uncover the deep secrets that lie within the research facility.------------------------PREVIEW:Aesop had always felt that being a mutant is a curse. But upon meeting Lia, he started accepting himself. Lia was always pointing out his strong points. She was always encouraging him to enhance his skills and discover his talents. She always tells him not to think of himself as a test subject just like how the scientists treat him. She reassured him that even though he's a mutant, he's not less than a person, so he shouldn't look down on himself. It was her uplifting words and her mere existence that gave color to his monochrome life."Lia… I love you," Aesop uttered as his golden eyes stared through her deep blue eyes."Ae, I… I love you, too," Lia then wrapped her arms around Aesop's neck, drawing in close to him.Aesop's hands slid down to Lia's lower back, and he embraced her. Their heartbeats quicken as their lips graze against each other. Lia thought it would be just a simple kiss, just like they had always done after their very first kiss, but she was wrong. Aesop's right hand suddenly caressed her back, then he placed it at the back of her head, pulling her to him with a little force. The vulture mutant's majestic wings enveloped them, and it was as if he was owning her. Aesop's wet tongue slid into her mouth, and it surprised her. She tried to resist, but with his hand at the back of her head, she couldn't get away from him.Eventually, she gave in to that passionate kiss...NOTE: Not a superhero story, but tackled more of science ethics and social issues------------------------UPDATE: Added CFMM Special - The Afterstory chapters after the Finale. Happy reading! ;)------------------------WEBNOVEL CONTENT EDITOR: Ms. Qianyu BOOK COVER by @omichiart on IGSPECIAL THANKS: tricks, Wang Cult, AquilaOfficial Instagram: @ainawang.officialOfficial Discord:

  • Mutant God

    Mutant God

    Fantasy R18 HAREM

    A spark of black lightning changed his life.Read my inspiration here:

  • Mutant Heroes

    Mutant Heroes


    The Nuclear Reactor explosion in Blake Technologies LTD. has caused 60 percent of the humanity to become mutants with superpowers. The superhumans are not only heroes but there are villains too. Let us go through the journey of our Male Lead, Kayden Brock in becoming the world's number one hero. As the saying goes, "With great power comes great responsibility", our hero has to face all the dangers and defeat the villians with his friends.As time passes many secrets are unveiled including that of the truth of the nuclear reactor incident, the creator of the superpowers and Kayden's true father.

  • Mutant Legion

    Mutant Legion

  • Mystical Mutant

    Mystical Mutant


    Several years ago, legend had it that only two mystical creatures existed in the world. The Elevanas and the Glorindians. They lived together in peace for decades until the day that the Glorindians claimed to be more powerful and superior than the Elevanas. It caused the leaders of the clans to create boundaries between them. "Who dares fight science with nature?" The Glorindians boasted. On the other hand, the Elevanas were certain they were stronger. Nature is like a masked devil, so beautiful yet so deadly. ... A terrible war wiped out the entire species. But there was a survivor, and her name was Fiona. She must overcome all obstacles to live a normal life forever in the human world. But the question is, would hiding be enough for Fiona? Twist and turns of plots, and the fight between two diverse realities. Witness Fiona's saga of survival as an alien species.

  • Mutant species

    Mutant species

  • Mutant World

    Mutant World


    When the ozone layer suddenly depletes over some parts of the world, the polar Ice caps melt and flood half of the world. The resulting radiation kills off half of the population and mutates the other half. Because of this the world's population is split into two:The dragons as people who got fire based powers when touched by UV radiation, and the krakens who got mutated when their villages were flooded with water. Eventually a way to coexist presents itself. But what happens when a former government agent who currently has amnesia is recruited by the President of the New United States of America to extract her daughter who's stuck in post apocalyptic London with danger closing in on her from every angle.

  • The Immortal Mutant Teen

    The Immortal Mutant Teen



    100,000 years ago, a meteorite crashed into Earth, granting a 17-year-old caveman the power humans have craved for millenniums, immortality. Though originally a savage and cruel caveman, millenniums have let Acheron refine himself and surpass the epitome of Humanity, basically, a god on Earth. With his power, he mastered all forms of combat, every language, all the arts, and much more. He sometimes created empires, sometimes built empires, sometimes destroyed empires, at times, even his own. Today, mutants with superpowers walk among the public, it is kept a secret by the governments throughout the world, and events pertaining to them are covered up but doesn't stop Acheron from interfering with their plans.2 months ago, his oldest adopted daughter passed away, she was 96 years old. Though he cherishes all the children in his family, she was without a doubt, one of his favorites. "Her last wish was for me to have a normal life but what do children do in this era?" Acheron asks one of his adopted sisters. "They go to school, Lord Acheron," she says. "School? Will it be entertaining?" he asks, "It would at the very least be a new experience" she replies. "Make it happen!" he orders. " Yes! I will do it immediately, Lord Acheron" she says.He, who was there when the first Homo Sapiens migrated out of Africa and existed way before the wheel was created, will let nothing interfere with his daughter's last wish and will slaughter anyone that stands in his way.P.S this is not a Marvel or DC fanfic.I will also be posting this on photo was taken from Google)




    Waking up to being told it's the end of the world was not how SAM taught his day would go,Oddly enough all he remembers was a flash of bright light only to wake and be told the adults were gone .In the new world Nick named " ASTRONOMICAL " Where the children are struggling to survive the no - adult plague and trying to maintain the newly found burst of Mutant powers, who will survive and who will Perish.

  • Mutant saga

    Mutant saga

  • Variant Mutant

    Variant Mutant

    Sci-fi R18


  • Transmigration of Mutant

    Transmigration of Mutant


    Krish is an infamous mutant who one day appeared in another world out of nowhere. [Warning]This is my first novel. So there surely going to be mistakes. Read at your own risk.



    Earth, one thousand years after the Great Accident in human history, is now home to new species of plants, animals and humans. Mutants and 'normals' as they refer to themselves share the Earth together. Due to the Great Accident, humans were being born with birth defects but the new strides in technology help these 'mutants' to manipulate them into any form they want. Now that certain men and women are born with special capabilities, chaos and terror rain as the strong brutally rule over the weak. Gangs and terror groups practically run the world and everyone has been forced to seek shelter at thriving cities. Max Lin and his mother struggle to make ends meet that is until Max lands upon a dangerous package. After he opens the package, he's knocked out and later wakes up in his bed with a notification, [ Congratulations: You have received the Mutant System. Select a mutant species] Will Max be able to handle the system and change the way the world runs or will he burn out. Find out in more in My Mutant System.



    A OP character that doesn't want to be a hero, he isn't a hero, he could even be a anti hero. -------------------------------------------------If you don't like OP characters, this might not be for you. ( not telling you not to read, just that you might not like it )

  • Mutant on the Run

    Mutant on the Run


    Your whole life, you live, day in, day out, in a place filled with misery, watching your friends get punished until they’re almost unrecognisable, knowing you could be next with one mistake. Either that or you’re taken away, never to be seen again, just like your best friend. How do you feel, what do you think? You’re told the world outside is lifeless and baron, though all you see under the sky is the grey, cold concrete walls that surround you. Wouldn’t you want to see for yourself what it’s like? Nothings gotta be worse than the hell you’re in now, but at least you’re fed, educated and sheltered. This is the curiosity that almost killed James. Escape means fear, trying to live normally in a world that hates you without reason. You escape to find a lush and flourishing world, but it’s cruel and harsh, but you know you can’t, shouldn’t go back. In a world that seems to hate you, though you’ve done nothing to deserve it. In a time, a couple hundred years after the war had ended, James, a young man from Australia grows up knowing only the grey walls in the prison around him. He lives there with his fellow mutants, but unlike the others, he wonders about, dreams of, longs for a life of freedom, outside.

  • Mutant evolution System

    Mutant evolution System

    A young man called Duke wakes up one day to find himself in a world where people with mutant powers exist and discovers his own power - The mutant evolution System-

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