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    Renji Isamu. Male, 29 years old. Bisexual. Number 1 celebrity gay novelist in Japan. Handsome, thick wallet, professional, but live in sorrow. Renji is used to doing one night stands. With mens. With girls. With friends. With whores. For him everything is same. In the past, Renji wasn't like that. Deep disappointment has changed him. His father hates him being able to love men too, Renji is separated from Veer and his family from Netherland. He fled ... And then lived alone in Japan. In Japan Renji falls in love with Jean. A girl. But, he fell broken again. When he was about to get serious with Haru, a guy, reality had slapped him hard. Two failed marriages. Renji doesn't want to live a life of romance and fuck everyone. However, one day Renji met Ginnan Takahashi. A gigolo. Male prostitutes in a 24 hour bar. They met accidentally. They stare at each other without a plan. And they fell in love with so many stories. . . . .A POETRY FROM GINNAN TO RENJI: ["I could be anything in the world, but i wanted to be his"] ["I don't believe in magic, but they said 'You will, when you see him"] ["He is a mess, but he is a masterpiece"] ["And how dare the world to take him"] ~ Amsterdam, Midnight. . . . Follow My IG: @er_himmel

  • The Transmigrated Novelist

    The Transmigrated Novelist


    The Transmigrated Novelist (The Mighty Roy!) Roy was a Novelist. To, Roy, the passion he had for Novels, and the Eastern Fantasy were special. His Passion, his fire about Novels and Fantasy were so big and bright, that it had lighted inside him the fire about archeology, and history. As he would almost jump at every opportunity of going to explore ruins, where there was a chance of finding traces of abnormal powers, or sources. He had a deep-rooted belief inside him that those novels didn’t describe fantasy, but were the stories of great heroes, and villains, just like the story of Iliad. For that reason, he would spend any income he would get through writing to go on his archeological hunt. That had made him earn the nickname, The Delusional Hunter, but also the respect of the others. But who would have thought that his hard work would one day pay off and that he would stumble upon a ‘Pearl’ that would take him to another World? A World where magic and magic cultivation existed. A World of magical creatures, and beings. A World of Dreams. A World that every Otaku would wish to be Isekai’d to! But that was only on the surface, as the true face of this World was one of pain, suffering, might make right kind of world! Alexander FitzRoy was the last living descendant of the FitzRoy Imperial family, of the Illyria Empire, that was dethroned moments ago, by the Gerald family. He had managed to escape his death only due to his parents’ efforts, as they had even stopped the enemy with their bodies just so that he could escape. He had seen them die in front of his eyes, and be made into porcupines from their enemies, but still, they didn’t move from their position, until they saw him disappear into the current of the river they had thrown him. Today was supposed to be his happiest day, his 18th birthday, and the day that he married the love of his life, the daughter of the same man, that uprooted his family, Alice Gerald. But even as he was escaping like that, he had taken two critical injuries on his body and now he was on the verge of perishing too. Fate had been too cruel with him, his heart was seething in rage, as his mind could only try to activate the Ancient Spell of the FitzRoy family, the Soul Recalling. He wasn’t trying to keep his life, he was looking for a soul to take over his body, and take revenge for him. He was offering his body for revenge! Accidentally or Coincidentally the soul he was able to pull to his body was none other than our MC’s soul Roy! Follow Roy as he enters a path of magic cultivation and Revenge through this whole World, Gods, and Immortals! .... Hello Everyone Author here, this is my third novel and my third try for a blockbuster :p! Well, I just love writing and living through my own fantasies, so I hope you like it and give it a read. P.s there will be some r-18 contents in the book, but I have yet to decide how much, and when... Enjoy!!!

  • web novelist

    web novelist



  • Lustful Novelist

    Lustful Novelist


    A novelist was sent into the world that he wrote by the King of Hell, for giving a bad ending for both the leads.But what if he was forgotten to give a limitation?Let's follow Claude as rose from being a supporting villain into one of the lead character in the novel world."I'll get and fuck every girls before the MC does!"

  • The Great Novelist

    The Great Novelist


    dropped, invalid

  • novelist me

    novelist me

  • The Newborn Novelist

    The Newborn Novelist

    Realistic Fiction ROMANCE

    An editor, whose wife died 3 years ago, slowly started regain intrest in novels, again, because of some authors he met.

  • Diary Of A Novelist

    Diary Of A Novelist

    I had 5 rules to follow at the university:❗️Pass your classes to make your parents happy.❗️Be good at sports, especially soccer.❗️Don't fall for the mean girl traps.❗️Don't get in trouble at school.❗️Most definitely don't fall in love with Boston.©DiaryOfANovelist

  • I am novelist

    I am novelist

  • in love with the Web novelist

    in love with the Web novelist

  • I'm A Novelist

    I'm A Novelist


    I'm A Novelist. But What Type Of Novelist Has To Go Into His Own Novel For The Atonement Of His Sins.

  • My Dream Life As A Housewife

    My Dream Life As A Housewife

    Lin Xiaoye opened her eyes and found that she had become an infamous ugly woman from peasant family. In front of her was a cute baby and a hunter husband. But who is she? As the 33rd generation of the family of Chinese medicine, Lin Xiaoye will not be easily stumped.With silver needles in hand, she earns a lot of money by treating patients. In daily life, she flirts with husband occasionally, raises children, and farms. What? Her husband turned out to be a warlord? And even the founding general? Lin Xiaoye is shocked.☆About the Author☆Mu Xixi is the contracted web novelist. Her representative work is Rural Vixenish Wife: Raising and Farming. This is a finished ancient romance novel which is popular with readers for its lively style and interesting theme.

  • My Novelist Owns a Gun

    My Novelist Owns a Gun

    "I wanted to get out of this nightmare, but it keeps on coming. It chases me wherever I go. I cannot keep on hiding forever."-----------------------Rose is a 20 year old woman who lives with her big brother, Evans, she lost her parents when she was only 3 years old. Since then, her brother has been taking care of her. However, even though these two siblings are close, Evans has kept a dark secret from her sister. Nevertheless, this dark secret seem to bring a lot of surprises in Rose's life, things she has not thought of have begun to happen in her life. These surprises even brought a sweet taste to Rose's life.

  • Random Ideas of an Aspiring Novelist

    Random Ideas of an Aspiring Novelist


    Just a collection of random stories started by an aspiring author but never finished. Each volume is a different story. Some might have multiple chapters while others only have a few pages. If any of the ideas gets enough comments I'll pick it up as my second project. Enjoy.

  • A Young Novelist, an Old Guitarist...

    A Young Novelist, an Old Guitarist...


    Elizabeth Hugo, a dreaming woman in her 20s, started her career as a romantic novelist 8 years ago. She met by accident an old man in a bar, called Jack McCallister, in his 60s. He's guitarist and specifically a "classic, folk, country" composer. But when Liz realized that Jack is a failed musician, she tries every time she re-meets him accidentally to help him.However, he refuses, until he finally accepts after becoming homeless. Once he gets in her life, Liz survives incredible and imaginary moments with Jack, thanks to his music, through his famous secret "Close your eyes..."

  • Novelist transferred to his own novel!!!

    Novelist transferred to his own novel!!!

  • I am a amateur light novelist

    I am a amateur light novelist

  • The Novelist's Secret

    The Novelist's Secret


    A writer from Earth who transmigrated into the world of a book she read.

  • Novelist’s last wish

    Novelist’s last wish


    “It was only a foolish that led to this.” She wanted to disappear, but wishes to reincarnate, in hope of finding a happier life. A primordial took pity on her and the wish was granted. She reincarnated, but that what was supposed to be a blessing, became a curse of endless loop.

  • Contract Marriage : Detective Novelist Falls into the Past

    Contract Marriage : Detective Novelist Falls into the Past


    What would be your reaction if one day you wake up and find yourself in a completely different era, a completely different country and in the body of a person who looked just like you??Alexis's life was going pretty normally until she finds herself transmigrated to the body of a girl who looked just like her and most importantly, the girl seemed to live a thousand years ago.And as if waking up as someone else was not enough, she finds herself betrothed to a man of whom she knew nothing. But his hazel eyes kept drawing her close to him and always seemed to offer a sense of familiarity.Since she didn't believe in love and there was no way she could get herself out of the marriage, she proposes a contract marriage with her would-be husband, which he readily accepts for his own reasons and out of curiosity to know what the woman who looked so simple yet mysterious was up to.Having lost her mother at a young age and a miserable childhood prompted her to steel her heart and stay a mile away from the matters of the heart.While looking around the next few days, she realizes that the place she seemed to have been transmigrated into was not as serene as it looked. A seemingly peaceful place was going to be the victim of one of the most treacherous schemes made by one greedy and vengeful man.But it seemed like this was just the tip of the ice berg. Days after her wedding, she finds that her biological father is working as the right hand man of this man and is helping him conspire against the royal family.------------------------------------------------------------------"The first clause states that no physical contact will be allowed without the consent of the other person, unless there is a life threatening situation.", she read out the first clause."I agree.", the man replied calmly.Few weeks later."Mo Ting Xiao!! What are you doing??!", Alexis yelled in shock as she found herself pinned on the wall."Kissing my wife...", the man replied nonchalantly as he placed soft kisses on her slender neck."You are breaching the contract!!""The contract states that a life threatening situation is the exception. And now my heart his going to explode because of your beauty... So let me kiss you to save my life, wifey!!"With that said, without even giving her a chance to retort, he sealed her lips with his own."...."Was this the same man who would turn red on being complemented by her. Since when did he become this shameless?? How come she never noticed it??And before she knew it, she was kissing him back with the same intensity.-----------------------------------------------------------------Seeing multiple schemes being made to harm the royal family, to which she was married into, how will Alexis protect everyone??Will what started as a contract marriage, end up in love or hatred?What will happen when she discovers that there was something exceptional about her?? Something magical.... Something about which she had only heard in novels and fictions....What is it?Read and find out. Hi guys.. This is my second novel. I hope you will enjoy it. My other novel-My Manager ; My First LoveThe cover page is not mine, all credits to the creator. I have only edited it to my convenience.