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    Who days is lonely Who weepeth sore at nightWith none strength and comfort

  • Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death

    Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death

    Magical Realism URBAN


    Jack transmigrated to a parallel world and locked on to a Judge System that provided rewards for punishing evil. Hence, an Adjudicator of Death who stood above the law was hence born. A livestream channel named Deathstream Channel hence appeared in various major livestream platforms, with a judge’s pen and a Death Notice sent to every criminal. *** [Name: Mogul] [Gender:Male:] [Age:45] [Job: CEO of Mogul Group] [Crime: Brutal killing of children] [Punishment:Decapitation] [Name:Natalie ] [Gender:Female ] [Age:33 ] [Job:Vagrant] [Crime:Abduction of women, forcing them into the prostitution of death] [Punishment:removal of limbs and reproductive organs, bleeding to death] [Name: Watton] [Gender:Male] [Age:47] [Job:Mob boss] [Crime:Gang fights, slaughtering civilians ] [Punishment: Death by a thousand cuts and skinning] All who received Death Notices were sent to the Deathstream Channel without exception, for death awaits while everyone in the world would watch as they were punished! No matter where you are or how noble a position you possess, a baptism of blood and fire awaits you once you receive the Death Notices. It is the prelude of death. Sinners—come receive your time of death!

  • The Prostitute

    The Prostitute


    Angela currently plunges into poverty that forces her to went to prostitution where she sells her body to keep her two younger siblings alive, paying their school fees and put food on their table at least twice a day.Despite experiencing the whip of life, she didn't lose hope. She believed one day she will be freed from prostitution, she will feel love, respect and care for. She believed there is someone who will come to save her and help to get off the mud, and the person she believed was her childhood friend who went to study abroad seven years ago.What if her childhood friend came back all of the sudden and looking for her? Is she will reveal her secret to her at the moment they met just to be saved or is she will go to choose to be silent just to keep her childhood friend by her side and don't run away because of the nature of her work?Is it possible for a prostitute like her to have a happily ever after?

  • Prostitute?


    Realistic Fiction ROMANCE BL

    An offer is given to you, an offer with a lot of secrets behind it, but all that is known to you is whether yes or no should be said....what will you decide?LGBT+ story

  • Prostitute's Escape

    Prostitute's Escape


    [Warning: MATURE CONTENT18+] Lara commits suicide and wake up as a prostitute of an emperor of ancient Empire. Not knowing what to do next, she plans to escape and settle down at a faraway peaceful village. But despite her continuous efforts, she still fails multiple times. Will she finally give up and continue her life as a prostitute or will a drastic event change her mind?A/N: This work deals with themes of suicide, sexual depictions and violence that may be upsetting to some readers. Discretion is heavily advised

  • Virgin Prostitute

    Virgin Prostitute



    Don't 'Kill' That Marriage or Take Your Life Until You've Read This Book!Steve Davies, a strict, disciplined and morally upright company executive suddenly fell in love with a notorious, long-term prostitute, Serena. Despite strict warnings from his friends and relatives, Steve took this strange love to another level - he proposed marriage to Serena and went ahead to marry her. This unusual engagement sparked off lots of matrimonial troubles, yet Steve was glad to put his love, his name, his home and his reputation on the line for Serena. Did the forces that bind such engagements come to the aid of Steve as he became a husband to a wife-prostitute?Did Serena act like a pig who always returns to the mud? Was Steve able to sustain his intimate love for his unusual wife?A story of extreme love, fury, and jealousy.This is a painful personal love story. A story of what deep and true love can do when gross infidelity and contrary societal opinions hold sway in a relationship. Find Below the Many Benefits to You If You Read this Novel Today:•This Christian Romance novel will help you to finally find the love that will save your ailing marriage.•This book will help you to discover the mysterious extent of God’s love for you.•Please don’t ‘kill’ that marriage until you have read the last word or statement in this book.•You will learn the patience, perseverance, deep love, forgiveness that will save your marriage, family and children’s future. •You will find the love that is needed to believe in yourself, your ability, and your future. Your life will become more precious to you.Get a copy today.

  • The Prostitute and the Painter

    The Prostitute and the Painter


    Olivia is a prostitute, who's life is going down the drain until she meets Lucas, a Painter who comes and turns her life around by loving her unconditionally




    Even more beautiful is Dawn. With more vigour and seduction knowledge than Amanda. Life has been a female dog on heat for her and her family. With her bewitching beauty, rich tycoons are allayed, bad boys ' pride hammered and slay queens who thought they are really sexy are ashamed till kingdom come.So, clients are not a problem, but is this the life path Dawn is entitled to? Is Amanda worth her body's sacrifice? Only time will surely tell.

  • Virgin prostitute

    Virgin prostitute

  • The Holy Prostitute

    The Holy Prostitute

    She is well known as a Holy girl in religious sphere , but same time she is an inborn prostitute ! Let's see how these two contrasting identity immersed in her and carried out by shamshi the ghost of terrific Lust !

  • Capture The Blue-Eyed CEO

    Capture The Blue-Eyed CEO

    Contemporary Romance R18 COMEDY REVENGE CEO FAMILY


    "I don't look like a prostitute because I am not one." she coldly smiles at his questioning gaze as she sips her coffee. 'Jerk!!' she screams in her head."My apologies." he sincerely said, seeing the expression on her face. "But why do you have a key to this room.""Well, probably because this is MY room." she spat her words as she put down her coffee on top of the coffee table. She chose a magazine with the Kardeshians on the cover and put down her cup on top of it.He scoffed at this girl watching him with open distaste on her pretty face. He would admit that he felt insulted with how she acted now when just a while ago she was feasting on his body while he was on the phone."You change your mind easily, huh?" he said mockingly. "Just a few minutes ago, you said you like me.""Well, a girl sure can change her mind, as many times as she wants. If you want to change my mind, you could stand up and turn around so I could see you from behind because you see, I prefer a guy with a nice pair of ass."........................Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. When her flight was canceled due to a heavy storm, she had a one-night stand with a stranger that happened to be the future CEO of one of the top five pharmaceutical companies in the world.However, the next time they met, he did not remember her!But is it a reason enough to take revenge? If it was, how far would she go to soothe her wounded ego?Was it really just her pride that got hurt? What really happened that night? And how does a night with a stranger change Jess's life?[WARNING: Some chapters may contain mature R-18 content.]---------Book cover by Jushel



    It's a time travel drama in india....One who has most popular as a scientist, created a device to know his past because of he is insulted by all the people. Why he called as a son of a bitch

  • THE RICHMAN (English Version)

    THE RICHMAN (English Version)

    Magical Realism ROMANCE


    Christabell, that is my name. I was born to a woman who even until now I did not know her. I grew up in an orphanage and devote myself to helping nursing mothers to take care of the other kids until I was twenty years old. That day a woman came and offered a promising job. Among the few girls there she chose me and I could not refuse to go with her. And since then my life has changed. Here, in the agency, I wear beautiful clothes, fancy jewelry and I can even wear all the items from famous brands in every look I have. Not to dance, or sing, but to give sexual satisfaction to a man who pay the price. I was stranded in an agency where I was sold as a prostitute, A horrible thing that I never imagined. But in my first debut, a man came and paid a million dollars to have sex with me. What a crazy man. He won the auction and he took me to the VVIP room because of the fantastic amount of money he paid. But strangely he did not touch me at all until his time was up. And when he left, I only realized if he had just stolen my heart. The man who called RICHMAN *** Their love story begins with a fantastic auction price won by Richard for a night's satisfaction with the innocent girl. And the next story will make the reader feel like being taken in a rolercoaster because the love journey between Christabell and Richard is not easy.

  • Magdalena (The Prostitute)

    Magdalena (The Prostitute)

    Nang manganak si Esmeralda kasama ang asawang si Rodolfo sa hospital ay di inakalang may kukuha sa anak nila.Di kayang ipapatay ni Divina ang bata kaya iniwan nito ang bata sa labas ng bahay, Nakita ito ng babae nagngangalang Vanessa. Nagalaga si Vanessa ng isang bata ang pangalan ay Magdalena. Pinalaki, binihisan, pinakain at pinag-akalang inakit ang asawa kaya pinalayas niya ito.Naging palaboy si Magdalena sa kalye hanggang sa siya'y madampot ng van, akala niya ay papatayin siya at tatanggalan ng mga kahit ano sa katawan. Isang pangyayari nasali siya sa isang Club, pagiging prostitute ang trabaho niya. Dito siya lumaki at nagkaisip, ngunit di alam ng nakakarami na si Magdalena ay birhen pa.Nakilala niya si Owen at Mateo, ang mga lalaking nagpabago ng kaniyang buhay. Ngunit sino ang pipiliin niya? Si Owen na mahirap at masipag o si Mateo na mayaman at mas minamahal niya.Matutuklasan ba niya na siya ay isang mayaman at galing sa prominent family, paano kapag si Owen ang maging dahilan upang makuha siya nito nang biglaang yaman.

  • Transmigrating into a prostitute

    Transmigrating into a prostitute

    Opening her eyes, she was in another person's body, but wait, that wasn't just it. She was in a prostitutes body. ---- Disclaimer: The cover does not belong to me, credit to the original owner.



    kaniyang ina ay tutol rito at hindi siya gusto nito at ang masaklap pa ay gusto siya nitong ibenta at ipamigay sa mga kano upang sa sariling kapakanan ng kaniyang ina mga ilang buwan ay na ibenta na siya ng kaniyang ina at kinuha siya sa isang americano at dinala siya sa America upang doon mag-aral at mag kolehiyo. Unti-unti nito tinanggap ang nobyo na americano hanggang naging asawa niya ito ngunit nag bago iyon sa nakalipas na buwan na pagsasama nila ay naging bayolente ito hanggang tumong-tong na siya ng college ay naging masbayolente ito at kapag umuuwi siya galing sa paaralan ay sinasampal siya nito at pati s*x ay hinahanap hanap na nito na parang asong na uuhaw akala niya ay doon lang ang kaniyang paghihirap hanggang dumating sa punto na hindi na siya pinapalabas sa kwarto o di kaya sa buong bahay hanggang may dinala na itong mga kasamahan na mas lalo na nag padurog sakaniyang pagkatao para na siyang lantang dahon.Hanggang nag pasiya siya na umalis na sa demonyong bahay na iyon at tumakas. Naging palaboy-laboy siya sa daan, ngunit nakatatak sa isip niya na gusto niya ulit mag aral mag sikap kahit para na siyang palubi sa daan. Dahil sa kakaisip niya ay napadpad siya sa isang bar kong saan niya nakikita ang mga babae na parang makikita na ang buong katawan dahil sa suot. Sa una nag dadalawang isip siya pumasok doon hanggang naisip niya na dito na siya kukuha ng trabaho kahit katawan niya ang pamalit upang makapagtapos ng pag-aaral ay gagawin niya upang makamit niya ang gusto niya. Wawasakin na lamang niya ang kaniyang buhay, natutu narin siyang manigarilyo,uminom mag drugs hanggang nawala ang kaniyang pangarap sa buhay at nakulong siya sa isang murder case na hindi niya ginawa at kahit doon sa presnto ay nag dro-druga parin siya hanggang may isang lalake na tumulong sakaniya na isang sikat na abogado na si Arthur Selga sa una ay hindi siya na niniwala sa isang abogado hanggang na numpa ito sakin na "Iwawala ko ang aking pagiging abogado kong hindi ko ito ma so-solve" sabi nito ngunit nag dadalawang isip parin siya sa sinabi nito.Hanggang nag sabi na siya na "sige" upang tulongan siya nito. Palagi na pumupunta si Arthur sa aking selda upang pagdalhan ako ng pagkain,inomin atbp tumutulong siya sa muder case na kinakaharap niya ngayon.Hanggang naging tatlong buwan ay hindi siya nito binigo at nakalaya siya sa presento at nag bagong buhay. Na hindi kasama si Arthur..Dahil .....?Hali na at mag subaybay sa kwento ni Leofie Wang na isang babaeng half pilipino half chinese.Excited?????Free pa! kaya hali na...

  • The Devil’s Prostitute

    The Devil’s Prostitute


  • The Holy prostitute

    The Holy prostitute