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    me ranting

  • My Master Is A Tsundere

    My Master Is A Tsundere



    Rant Valo was an outcast in his village. His dream was to marry the village maiden, Zaria, and live a normal life.His life took a turn for the worst when the whole village decided to kick him out. Left alone with no place to go, he can only travel to the nearest town.On his way to the town he fainted because of dehydration. That was when his life started to change.Filled with violence and fiery temper. A small little girl who claims to be a Mana Dominion expert which is someone who stands at the peak of cultivation in the world saved his life.The little girl named Floriana Sabina forced him to be her disciple before taking him on an adventure around the world. They cooked fishes, explored ancient ruins, learned cultivation, and lastly, got a daily dose of tsundere..........."Just kowtow already! You idiot!"Floriana Sabina grabbed Rant Valo's hair and dragged it towards the ground.Ow! Ow! Ow!After hitting Rant Valo's head on the ground three times, she stopped."Now call me, Master!""No! I don't wanna!"Rant Valo struggled to free from her grip on his hair. But to no avail could he escape."Mas! Ter! Call me Master!"Where was the peaceful life that he was promised?=====Join my discord! Talk to me about stuff.https://bit.ly/LittleYunDiscord========Authors Note:This is my take on Spirity 2021Since this novel is a slice of life novel. It will be VERY VERY slow paced. So don't expect anything major happening anytime soon.The release rate will be improved over time. From 7/week to 8/week till we get 14/week or 2 chaps per day.NEW STATUS: COMPLETEDSo I can achieve a daily upload, the chapters will only be 1,000 words long.



    Historical Romance ADVENTURE COMEDY

    hello, this is where i keep my rantings. feel free to read it.

  • My little rant

    My little rant

    It's a massive rant of things, all made up. Mini story's of tragic lives which I hope nobody has.I thought that it would be better to change it to random stories of fictional people.

  • Diary Rant Of The Day

    Diary Rant Of The Day

  • Ranting - Ranting Patah

    Ranting - Ranting Patah

    Romansa Kontemporer ROMANCE

    Ada masa tidak aman ketika kehidupan dihamparkan dengan beragam kejutan yang tidak terduga, bahkan sebuah akhir bisa saja itu menjadi awal dari perjalanan baru terukir sedemikian rupa nantinya.Waktu terkadang berasa tidak bergerak maju, namun kembali berputar bagaikan siklus rindu. Datang dan kembali kepada poros yang seakan menjadi ketetapan sejati dari kisah anak manusia. Meski terlambat sadar Disa memulai langkah terseok untuk tetap menggapai impian meski banyak dilanda ragu.Apakah Disa akan menemukan kebahagiaan sejati?****Keterangan buku:Gambar cover: https://unsplash.com/photos/z2u4tUrNvmYCover edit oleh Tomi Saputra via Canva

  • Ranting


    This is just me ranting, you don't have to be offended about what I write, It's just something I do in the spur of the moment.

  • My Rant on Novel as a hole

    My Rant on Novel as a hole

    I Feel Like A Lot Of Novel Are Overestimate Or Undermining A Lot Of Potential

  • Rants



    Our mind's a mess. What about yours?

  • My rants

    My rants

    Just a place where I can rant about things. I'm french, so I will mainly rant about that, not sorry.

  • Random Rants

    Random Rants

  • Rants with Me!

    Rants with Me!

    My rants. The rants of a young, asian girl. Welcome to my rants.

  • Random Rants

    Random Rants

    As the title suggests, this book is about random rants. It's just a platform for me to let out my emotions. p.s.If you do like this book, I'm honoured but do not expect any regular updates. p.p.s.Positive criticism is appreciated but if you simply wish to hate then I suggest you do that somewhere else. Thank you for taking time out to check my book out and have a nice day!

  • Zion’s Rants

    Zion’s Rants

    This is a series where I rant about many different things. I will rant about human psychology and different perspectives on our lives, everyday things, or even logic in a specific category. Logic can be about anime, comics, or anything of the sort.

  • basically Ranting

    basically Ranting

  • My rant and questions in why we need to pay for novels

    My rant and questions in why we need to pay for novels

  • Rants, Reviews, and Recommendations

    Rants, Reviews, and Recommendations

    - Rantings on novels which you dropped in first few chapters. (Suggestion on books you hated are welcomed too.) - Reviews on book you did/didn't enjoy. - Recommendations with their cons and pros - Send it to me through PM, and I'll then post it in My R.R.R book [Warning] Take everything we write with a bit of salt, everyone's opinion differ. Grab some chips and lets rant together. Cover ART BY fleeeetinqi#1710 (Discord)

  • Don’t read just a rant of pathetic fear

    Don’t read just a rant of pathetic fear

    For a while now(before COVID-19 started) parts of my body started to feel numb. But I was told it was probably nothing so I ignored it. This year the feeling started spreading. I’m scared. So I write this in pathetic terror. Fearing death is coming from one of any number of incurable problems that this numbness could be a symptom of. I suppose you all can get a laugh at a pathetic loser if you read. If you’re feeling like kicking a dying lump while he’s down don’t expect a response from me

  • Rants of the mentally unstable

    Rants of the mentally unstable

    I hope my account doesn't get cancelled :) I guess someone might like reading someone else complain. Otherwise I do not recomend.

  • Rants when bored

    Rants when bored

    Just some rants of mine when I am in a bad mood...