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  • Reincarnator




    The change that had started in order to rid of a God’s boredom.The diary of Kang Hansoo who had come back in order to save humanity which had been destroyed by this change.---Ekdud’s Revised Synopsis:Reincarnator is a Korean novel that is quick paced under the genre of reincarnation action fantasy. A novel situated in a world located in another dimension after the original world goes through an apocalypse. A ‘God’ decides to relieve his boredom by creating a whole new world where countless races from numerous worlds and dimensions were poured in, the Abyss. Humans were one of the weakest and most feeble races of all within the Abyss but their potential for growth has helped them survive. Alas, almost all of the last remaining humans have been hunted down by the strongest races of the Abyss, the dragons, and demons. The few remaining members find and reach the Space Time Crystal, an artifact that can send one person back in time.A novel about the main character going back in time to redo everything humankind has done to ensure the survival of their race in the future. This novel actually hits a lot of different genres as it attempts to integrate romance, comedy, gaming, action fantasy, modern fantasy and more. Please give it a chance!*** PS : Until it is fixed : Gwang goonju / Light Monarch / Mad Monarch are all the same people.



  • Three Meals of a Reincarnator

    Three Meals of a Reincarnator


    After living in a desolate land, where there wasn't even a single blade of grass and hunger was an everyday reality, Min Sung finally returns to Earth: his home."Am I... back from the dead?"Having lived off the remains of the monsters he had slain for a century, the food on Earth became a heavenly delicacy to him."Do NOT get between me and my meal!"Judgment awaits those who disrupt the champion's meal.Now, let the feast of the ultimate reincarnator begin!

  • Reincarnator's Adventures

    Reincarnator's Adventures


    A man from Earth died after getting laid off from his company. He woke up only to find that he has been reincarnated. Follow his journey and his adventure/miss-adventure in this bright new world. ====== I'm a rookie author so please forgive me for any grammar mistakes. I'll try to keep it simple as English is not my primary language. Constructive reviews and comments are appreciated Cover by my friend,




    She never imagined her life would come to an abrupt end over of a poisoned 30ml of jelly, but it did, and it was the start of a new one.M awakened in the body of an abandoned child who had been loathed by everyone and had a criminal record, having been given a new life and a second chance in life.M got blessed and received a Tycoon System that would lift her to a higher level, enabling her to do things she couldn't in her previous life.How far will she go in order to accomplish her goals and dreams? Will she be able to protect those that she failed to protect in her past life?

  • My Girlfriend Is A Reincarnator?

    My Girlfriend Is A Reincarnator?



    He transmigrated to a parallel universe with no supernatural powers, no demons or angels. It’s just that his girlfriend was a little strange. An 18-year-old girl could catch bullets with her bare hands. An 18-year-old girl could fly high into the sky, dig deep into the ground, carry an airplane on her shoulders, and stop a train by just pushing against it. Until one day, his girlfriend stood in front of him and said, “Honey, I’ll tell you the truth. I’m a reincarnator, and the world is about to end!” “I’ll tell you the truth too, I’m a transmigrater, and I’ve got a System!”

  • The Dark Reincarnator

    The Dark Reincarnator


    Naman Wilson, A 17 year old boy, was killed tragically in an accident. When he thought that his life was over and that he will never see his little sister again, he heard a voice, after which he woke up in a body of an endless void. There he met a Goddess giving him a chance at Reincarnation. However, she refused to answer any of his questions or her own reasons for helping him. Despite that, Naman chose to live a new life in a body which had the same name as his previous life. He is told to pick one of the nine elements. With his choice being the "Dark" element, which was hated by everyone, he ends up reincarnating as the adopted son of the noble house of Lycan. He becomes "The Dark Reincarnater". However, his life was anything but normal. Watch his life as he becomes the world's feared "Black Hero". Surpassing the heroes chosen by the Eight Gods and surpassing his fellow reincarnators.What if there were more people reincarnated like him? What if the heroes called by the Eight Divine Gods of the world along with the people they dragged along were people he knew?Note:- I wrote this after being inspired by many fantasy games, novels and manga. I hope you all enjoy!The chapters may sometimes be in first person pov or third person pov.I have also uploaded it on wattpad.

  • A Reincarnator's Guide To Staying Lowkey

    A Reincarnator's Guide To Staying Lowkey


    Our MC reincarnates in a new world filled with magic, however he quickly finds that it is full of danger. A game set up by the gods puts him in a competition against other participants. Luckily he is given a special power when he wakes up in this world. The problem is... so were the other participants. He must fight to survive since the last one standing will be able to become a god themselves. If you don't like the MC or the system part then I suggest you read a few more chapters before you stop reading.

  • The Shameless Reincarnator

    The Shameless Reincarnator

    Our shameless MC lived his life like any normal human in 2018, he ate got to work procrastinated, he didn't exercise, and was a huge pervert, no surprise he died of heart attack at 37 years old, his hobby's included reading chinese cultivation novels. Lucky for him he gets reincarnated into one, even more lucky,he reincarnates into a baby who will become the silk pants young master of one of the biggest sect in the middle hierarchy sects. Lets see how he does?

  • Rebirth and Reincarnation

    Rebirth and Reincarnation


    A man died during the pandemic in 2020, but as he closed his eyes for the last time, something stirred in his mind. When he opened them, he discovered that he had been reborn in what appeared to be ancient China, yet he retained all his memories from the future. Let us follow Shen Mu, as he makes his way in a world he knows nothing about and learns the truth about the world, and his mission as a cultivator.Can his memories of the future help in a place where magic is real? And what is that other presence in his mind?

  • The Author is an Extra, The MC is a Reincarnator

    The Author is an Extra, The MC is a Reincarnator



    Zaiden Archman. He’s the main character in my novel called ‘Awakener’s Dead Harem’. As an author, I love it when my main character suffers and is depressed. He’s the main character that I took pride in. With my novel about to end, I pushed myself to write the last volume. However, what I never expected was that it would be the end of me too. When I opened my eyes again, I had become Vincent Dihart, an Extra in my novel, who is only mentioned a few times in the novel. I then found out a sad truth about my Main Character that I took pride in. He has changed. He’s not the Main Character that I made. He’s a Reincarnator. Someone has replaced my Main Character. And that someone has read my novel. I feel empty and betrayed. As an Extra, I will not be able to save this world from danger. Only the Main Character is the one who can save this world. But, he will also not be able to do it without being depressed. So the answer is clear. “I will make him suffer.” This is my story about living as an Extra. And once in a while, messing with the Reincarnator to make him suffer. Weekly Bonus Chapter: 300 Power Stone: 1 Bonus Chapter! 700 Power Stone: 2 Bonus Chapters! 1500 Power Stone: 3 Bonus Chapters! Disclaimer: The Cover is Commissioned from @just_dit It's edited by: Reina, Lilith Arruelle, Swordater, and Ganoush Shoutout to them!

  • Reincarnator System

    Reincarnator System

  • anime reincarnator

    anime reincarnator

  • Infinite Reincarnator.

    Infinite Reincarnator.

    Fantasy NARUTO DC RWBY

    Reborn for the millionth time. watch the Mc goes to the Narutoverse, and beyond

  • Heavenly Reincarnator

    Heavenly Reincarnator

    A lazy playboy that becomes a Heavenly Reincarnator. As so, together with his “book”, they will wander through the Realms, making new friends, living different lives, completing missions and mainly, conquering all the beauties of the universe!

  • The Unfortunate Reincarnator

    The Unfortunate Reincarnator


    Shichiyu died because he commited suicide due to his personal issues... He met a god and was informed that he was going to another world. What will he do in this situation?

  • The Chronic Reincarnator

    The Chronic Reincarnator


    It's been over two thousand years of consecutive lives for the protagonist, at this point it's safe to say they've gone past depression and into the inescapable cynical void.In an unusual turn of evens the protagonist is reborn again but this time not as a baby, but as an eight-year-old - furthermore they discovered they not only reincarnated as a different gender for the first time in the above mentioned two thousand years - luckily for the protagonist, a certain someone offers them a deal, survive till the end this one time and get a way out of the cycle of reincarnation.

  • UNlucky Reincarnator

    UNlucky Reincarnator

    //I am Just writing for fun and isn't planning to update the novel regularly.//Aldrich (the mc) is thr luckiest person alive. when he was killed he reincarnated to another world sent by the Goddess of jealousy. Hmm Goddess of jealousy!!! He was given a system by the Goddess as he checked his stats Strength: 10Agi:5Vit:7Int:20Luck:-100-100 LUCKK!!!!!. Once the luckiest person alive. Now he has to live as the unluckiest. how will he survive in the new world?

  • The Saga of a Reincarnator

    The Saga of a Reincarnator


    Life is not fair...That's what I thought ever since I was born and raised in my family. I was never good enough for them, my efforts all flushed down the drain from the start because of mediocrity. In their eyes, my life and existence were worthless...Even my classmates, all of them looked at me like I was some kind of filth hanging around their blessed school. My heterochromia a petty reason to bully me to the ground.Life sucks...I just hope in this new life I was given, I can finally wash away all my past regrets...

  • A Lazy Reincarnator

    A Lazy Reincarnator