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  • ROSE


    Human looking creatures known as the Malien invaded the earth three hundred years ago after the mysterious pandemic called the COVID-19.War broke out between humans and the Malien, for years countless lives were lost from both sides until a man; half human and half Malien, intervened and brought peace to the world creating a place where humans and Malien could co-exist.Only for decades later, a mysterious girl joins the threat that's against humans and Malien co-existing. This girl has seen the world through the eyes of an enraged mad man. The girl who plans on covering the ground in blood and fill the wind with screams of her victims."Every one has their own way of been free, been independent. It's just that my way involves bloody dead bodies and ear bleeding screams" I said holding the gun with grace like I have done for a long time now, He stands there looking at me like I told him he was adopted "You're mad!" he screamed on the verge of crying, I smiled "any last words?" I asked titling my head but never removing my emotionless gaze from his frightened face "No! I don't want die! I want to-" and I pulled the trigger ignoring his pleas."What I want is simple. I want to kill those who hurt me and those I care about. I want them to feel pain like no other. Think whatever you want, it will not change a thing. I'm not the bad guy nor am I the good guy. I'm just the guy" Join her as she tells you her story, shows you each and every scar and bruise underneath her armor, and drags you in her world of vengeance where she's the player and everyone are her pawns."Check mate...I win"

  • ROSe


  • Wild Crimson Rose: Beloved Handyman Prince’s Courtesan Wife

    Wild Crimson Rose: Beloved Handyman Prince’s Courtesan Wife



    Update: 3 times a week What would you do if you woke up as an infant in an unfamiliar world? Why, earn money and build your power, of course! Sold off by her "biological" father to a brothel? This entire red light district belongs to her! Minister's family? Who do you think you are? Not even a Head Minister and already so arrogant. She burns her past to cinders and starts her life anew. But why does this prince from another kingdom keep following her around? And is she really as simple as she seems? This reincarnator, just what could she be hiding in her past? Why does she sometimes have such empty eyes? Such a conflicted sense of self? And, if she is a virgin, how can she be so knowledgeable about what goes on between couples?! Author's Note: Like the cover? Thank Kiz#4961! Please don't be mean if you don't like the art or style, he took time out of his busy schedule to draw the cover and even gave it to me for free! Please be appreciative of the hardworking, creative people!





    Mature content 21+ Roseaz Angelinedave,seorang gadis cantik yang sederhana ditengah kekayaan orang tua dan kedua sahabatnya,Alaric Cashel dan Darren Gale. Dirinya diperebutkan semenjak usia 5 tahun,yang artinya dia terjebak dalam cinta segitiga selama 15 tahun. Hal ini membuat Rosea merasa bimbang karena mereka terlibat sebuah perjanjian. Rosea harus memilih antara Darren dan Alaric. Dia tidak boleh menikah dengan pria selain keduanya. Kira-kira siapa yang harus gadis itu pilih? Alaric Si Playboy yang suka menebar sperma kesana kemari atau Darren Si Kutub yang selalu dingin dan memiliki sifat emosional?————————Cerita Arland, Dylan, Arasha : Destroyed By A Billionaire

  • The Story of Blood and Roses

    The Story of Blood and Roses



    [COMPLETED] "Are you going to shoot me, baby?" "Don't tempt me..Mia Vincent only wanted one thing: Kill Anthony Murray. Kill the person who murdered her parents. Only his death would satisfy her thirst for his blood.When she was assigned the task of infiltrating his gang, she agreed willingly and started plotting the ways to destroy him. Yet she failed... miserably at that. How could she fall in love with a man who caused her so much pain? So. she ran... as fast as the wind, hoping to never see him again.When Anthony met Mia, he fell in love with her feisty attitude and thirst for adventure. He loved her with every fibre of his being. Yet in his world, loving someone was a risk, a danger to his empire. So, he chose to hurt her... made her stay far away from him. However, he soon realized how important her existence was. He couldn't live without her.Betrayals. Mobs. Guns. Violence. Will Anthony and Mia survive the wild ride?- - - - -Read my other works: 1. Cornered by the CEO - Complete2. Autopsy of a Mind - Complete3. Alter Ego: His Sultry Lover - Complete 4. Phoenix in the Moonlight - HiatusStory Discord: Instagram: @sunscar9

  • Black Rose

    Black Rose

    My name is April Fields. My parents were killed by rogues when I was 13. I was accused of being their killer and was cast out by my own pack. But I didn't care. All I wanted was to avenge my parents' deaths. I started training in secret, preparing myself for when the perfect time comes. But things are not always what they seem and my mission for avenge didn't turn out to be as smooth as I anticipated.

  • Rosabel: My beautiful rose

    Rosabel: My beautiful rose


    "What are you doing?" I looked at the man who walked towards me with an evil smile. I could not help but swallow. "We are dating." He said as he stood in front of me. His hands touched my chin as he smiled. I looked into his eyes. Something that I had always admired. "But it is a .." Before I could finish an hot sensation touched my lips as I was pulled into his arms. All of my emotions that I had hidden till now, just exploded. ----- I was a person that believed in love but was never loved. Until Valentine's Day changed my whole life. This is my story, the story of Rosabel McCarthy who found love in an unexpected situation. Follow me as we dive into a love story that did not start with love. ------ Add the book to your library if you liked the story. Check out my new book "The Web of Knightspur" for WAS 2022. Note: This is an original story by IrisSky and not a translation :) Update Schedule: 6-7 chapters per week. The cover is by Go follow the Instagram account to see more of his work. Other books:- 1) Love or Obsession? 2) CASSANDRA: The Unfavored Princess Instagram- irissky_author

  • Rose Rose Rose

    Rose Rose Rose

  • A Courtyard of Roses

    A Courtyard of Roses


    “And what if you, too, are unable to help?” Alice threw the question back. “What if helping would risk everything?” Spade didn’t miss a beat. “You are everything.” “Don’t say things that you don’t mean,” Alice chided. “You’ll leave a trail of broken hearts.” “And would you believe me if I say that I have no intention of breaking yours?” Spade countered. “However, mine is yours to play with. Shatter it, fix it, do anything you desire. As long as it feels the warmth of your hand, I am content.” *** Gifted a candle that was said to make wishes come true, Alice Clemente burned it to find herself awake in a different world. She had wished for a life of adventure away from the city and its routine. With her wish granted, she was no longer in the 21st century and was instead lost in the middle of the Kingdom of Gladiolum, a place reminiscent of the 1800s. With luck, she soon gained connections to the rich and powerful of this new world— the nobility. However, how much of it was good and how much of it would eventually be detrimental? After all, mingling with royals not only meant extravagance and daily parties. It also meant warfare and death. Caught in the middle of the two princes and other nobles, Alice would soon have to face the battle between those two royal brothers― a fight for the throne. She had wished for adventure, after all, and she received just as such. Kept in the center of all this, would Alice be able to emerge from the rabbit hole unscathed? Or will the overwhelming troubles of love and war be too much for her to bear? *** Image used in cover not mine.

  • The Mafia's Rose Married The CEO

    The Mafia's Rose Married The CEO



    This message is to let you know that we're coming for you. Yours truly, The Mafia's Rose — After her mother’s death, Feng Xuan was sent overseas to continue her studies and was under strict instructions to never come home. Feng Xuan had always known she was going to marry someone she did not love. That was why she was not surprised that when her father finally allowed her to come back, she was off to be married immediately. Upon marrying the handsome, somewhat brooding but caring, Qing Chen, a hotelier and the new mafia boss on the side, Feng Xuan started to realize that she might not be the woman whom she thought she was. There was only one condition that allowed Qing Chen to marry Feng Xuan: he is to keep her protected from the world, and from herself. **** This is a story about a woman who uncovers the long buried details about her life, the society, the world, and her mother’s untimely death. Along the way, she discovers who she really is; smart, ruthless, cunning, and powerful. **** WARNINGS: (If you comment anything about this, I will direct you to read these AGAIN) 1. This is a slow-paced story, because of this ROMANCE CAME LATE FOR THE LEADS. I'm saying this again, LATE. There's a huge reason behind this, if you will be patient you'd get there.  2. Male Lead is weak AT FIRST. As this story is slow-paced, character development took a while. 3. Female Lead will start to reawaken around Chapter 80 and ML will rise into his full potential shortly afterwards--once you start reading you'll know why it took this long. 4. This book is not just about the romance part, it is also has a lot of mystery and later on, action in it. English is not my first language. Please do not hesitate to comment corrections regarding spelling and grammar. Thank you! This is an original story. The picture on the cover is not mine. Credits to the real owner. Update schedule: One chapter a day.

  • Royal Rose

    Royal Rose


    She always dreamed of being in another world and living another life, but definitely not this kind of life, where her life is always in danger and filled with handsome boys, she doesn't mind the handsome boys, but falling in love with one of them in another thing. Now she is standing in front of him as he is on one knee, while her 'husband' is watching with a proud smile and her 'daughter' is holding hands with her lover, looking excited and happy. "Did I miss a step or something? What is happening right now?" "I am proposing to you. Will you be my wife?” "No! Corey, you are engaged to Bella." "But she loves someone else and I do too, I love you." "And I don't." “She doesn't love you, accept that." "I don't want to hear that from you, Jack." "Can't you see that you are making her uncomfortable? Let's go somewhere else, my love." "You are not taking her anywhere, Jonathan." 'Lyn! What is happening here?' 'Why are you asking me?' 'Because you are the......' Notice: The cover is not mine.

  • Adored By An Alpha ~ Freya Rose Book One

    Adored By An Alpha ~ Freya Rose Book One

    Freya's life was one that many girls have dreamed of. The kind that people wrote novels about. Hers was a story about an average high school girl who fell in love with her best friends gorgeous older brother. Tristan Cole was popular, handsome and athletic. You know, the type of guy that every boy wanted to be and all the girls wished they could date.Tristan barely noticed Freya, until one night when he ran right into her at his brothers birthday party. While almost knocking her to the ground, he reached out to save the brunette bombshell and sparks flew. They became high school sweethearts and life couldn't get any better for the young couple, but we all know how cruel life can be and that happy endings are only for romance novels and fairytales.You see, Tristan was keeping a secret and he knew that it would end their relationship if Freya discovered the truth. His lies and secrecy began to plague them both and soon enough, their once solid foundations were shattered.Will he be able to paper over the cracks and repair their relationship in time? Or will someone else come along to claim his mate as their own?

  • His Rose

    His Rose


    Elia Dominic Morello, an experienced killer and also professionally known as someone who is in the Mafia. His dark stormy eyes have saw violence, his tanned rough hands have done violence and his perky full lips have said threats of death. He had gone through pain . . . suffering and all the possibility of making him stronger. All her ever did was for the sake of his family and his loved ones. His selfishness was to keep them safe without having to deal with the possibility of dying, with each passing day but it all changed when he found the ONE.

  • The Rose Of The Impotent C.E.O

    The Rose Of The Impotent C.E.O

    “You need money? I can give you that, you only need to be my wife.” Those words, his cold and emotionless eyes told me that he sad. Roselyn Jensen is known as a queen of bad luck and clumsiness. But she a warm, sunny and loving person. She stops studying in college because her mother is in comma because of an accident. She meet a man that will change her life. She can easily attach herself to people but she fell for him because he is the saddest man she meet. For some reason she had this feelings of wanting to take care of him for the rest of her life. A 30-years old C.E.O and an heir of a multibillionaire business empire is just a lonely man. Due to an accident, Crimson Luca became an impotent. He lost his fiancée and also ready to be alone in seclusion. But his grandfather threatens him. “Get married or you won’t inherit anything.” He found a girl whom he can be a contracted wife. Little did he know that woman will give him a rosy world whom he gives up already. Love knocks on his door once again.

  • Cursed To Be A Red Rose

    Cursed To Be A Red Rose


    Princess Ievna was the princess in the kingdom of Shovalon. Shovalon was a small kingdom, and it was conquered by the kingdom of the witches, Wemor. Her parents were killed in front of her eyes, and she was cursed to be a red rose by the strongest witch, Sharass. Fourteen years passed, and Princess Ievna was living as a red rose in the last fourteen years. The witches locked the red rose Ievna in the tower prison, and she would only be able to return to her human form in Spring when roses would bloom. And even in Spring, she could only exist in her human form during the day when the sun reigned over the sky. At night, she would turn into a red rose again. Princess Ievna was living in the dark prison for fourteen years until finally, the prince of Breviel, Reigen, managed to snatch Shovalon from the witches' grip. One night, the arrogant prince accidentally opened the tower prison and saw a beautiful red rose in the prison. Later he learned that the red rose was the princess of Shovalon. What would happen to the princess of Shovalon and the prince of Breviel? Would the prince of Breviel be able to save the princess from the curse? Maybe that wouldn't be easy because all the prince wanted to do to the princess was touch her. Unfortunately, the princess was no longer a human. He would need to pay with his blood if he wanted to touch the princess' body. --- "What a beautiful princess of Shovalon. I have saved you from Sharass, and to repay my kindness, let me touch you and make you mine." "Every rose has its thorn. If you touch this red rose, your fingers will bleed." --- WARNING! SLOWBURN ROMANCE! --- Original cover by jjia_en on Instagram ^.^

  • The Fallen Rose: in love with the Vampire King

    The Fallen Rose: in love with the Vampire King



    She was broken and had no one to cry to, an orphan who worked for only herself, a beautiful red-haired beauty who at the same day broke up with her boyfriend and also died by an accident, only to wake up in a mystical world in the body of a princess, with powers she herself couldn't understand. "Look 'your majesty' I don't know what sort of realm I am in but been here creeps me out" Then she meets Allerick the demon who hopped into her life after she chose to be his pet, just for the fact that she wanted to go back to her word, but slowly but surely feelings are meant to be built up. Him lone Demon reincarnation of wrath one of the seven deadly sin tries to change his faith of been controlled by lucifer and keeping his freedom, and now with the apearance of Nesrin, he should have a valid reason to change his faith. Read on to find out if Allerick is going to be successful or if she would end up going back to her world!!

  • Tale of Blood and Rose

    Tale of Blood and Rose



    Niya is an 18-year-old cheerful girl who has the biggest secret laid inside her - that she remembers her previous life. Rejected by her own family. Niya had lost faith in any kind of relationship when she encountered a lover from her past. Young Jack, a 25 years old CEO of an industry named EMPIRE in England, who has achieved a lot at his young age. His cold demeanor is enough to send shivers into everyone's body. But there is something different about this man's identity. ------ "Open the door, Niya ", voiced a man in his cold yet commanding tone as he knocked on the door. " N-no, I will not ", Niya stuttered in a trembling voice as she stepped back into the room. " Niya, let's not play this hide and seek game. If you won't open the door in the next three seconds, then I might break this door ", the man stated with an affirmed voice as before. The man counted till two and stepped closer as he almost was going to count three when the door was opened. " Thank you for opening the door, my love!" He said as he entered inside, closing the door behind him. ----- Will Niya who knows the truth about Jack's identity will ever fall for him? Let's dive into the story to know more!!





    it was love at first sight for him, something that a famous idol when it comes to love felt but all he saw before she left his sight was her head. one year later the heavens favors him one more time as he came across the woman he fell in love with. this time he will not watch her go but do everything in his power to remain by her side even if it means going against the society and his fan base.

  • Rose Against The Heavens

    Rose Against The Heavens



    Rose, a broken doll tossed out into the world with the carelessness befitting her status below humans. However, acquiring a power beyond what she should be able, she fights and Rose Against The Heavens. The story of a homunculus fighting against fate with a piercing wrath. Raging, an adversary to a cruel world. And taking place in a techno-fantasy. *Volume 1 completed at chapter 64. *Volume 2 completed at chapter 119. *Also available on Wattpad, RoyalRoad, and ScribbleHub with the name 'R. A. T. H' or my username ‘LotsChrono’ -- Kofi: Discord server:

  • My Beloved Rose

    My Beloved Rose


    Xu Anyi, the cherished daughter of the prestigious Xu family and the beautiful red rose of City A, lost her family and her freedom one winter day. Wrongfully accused of murder, Xu Anyi was sent to jail for five years. When she thought that it couldn’t get any worse, her husband, the man she loved her entire life, divorces her and gets together with her best friend, who tells her the true despicable story behind her parents’ death. For five years, Xu Anyi tried to figure out where everything went wrong. . . How did she go from being the proud, most beautiful red rose of the entire city to a forgotten criminal? Five years later, everything she once had was gone. . . Her parents, her status, her friends, her husband, her innocence, her life, everything was shattered. However, she was going to take it all back! Perhaps it was a coincidence or maybe it was fate that Xu Anyi meets Si Mu, the powerful Si family’s young master and the president of the Si Corporation and. . . the man Xu Anyi rejected eight years ago! With his help, Xu Anyi’s road to revenge would be much easier, but without her old status and beauty, would she still be able to win his heart? — Xu Anyi is seductive, sexy, and confident. Although she had lost a lot of her arrogance and pride after five years in the mud, no one could take her attitude away from her. Even after going through hell once and coming back, she was still Xu Anyi, and she was going to take back everything that belonged to her! — This is an original work and not a translation. Follow me on Instagram: @helemon_author Follow me on Tiktok: @helemon_author Join my Discord server: