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  • Kim Jisoo

    Kim Jisoo

    Kisah seorang gadis yang bernama Jisoo, yang mempunyai sifat urak-urakan, brandalan, tidak sopan, dan ditakuti banyak orang. Sampai akhirnya ada seseorang yang berusaha merubah sifat buruk nya itu menjadi lebih baik. Dan karena orang itu juga, Jisoo terjebak dengan drama cinta yang rumit.

  • kim jisoo

    kim jisoo

  • Jennie Jisoo Lisa rose

    Jennie Jisoo Lisa rose

  • Deep Black (Taehyung x Jisoo)

    Deep Black (Taehyung x Jisoo)


    Dia hanya gadis malang yang bernasib kurang beruntung, seluruh keluarganya terbunuh pada saat itu, namun dihari yang sama seseorang datang, menawarkan untuk singgah dikediamannya, hingga disanalah dia bertemu dengan teman sebayanya yang bernasib sama dengannya, dengan dendam mengiringi mereka, namun ada sesosok pemuda yang selalu acuh tak acuh terhadapnya, memandangnya remeh, dan selalu mengolok oloknya sebagai gadis manja dengan raut dinginnya, dan disanalah mereka tinggal, bergabung dalam organisasi bernama "Deep Black"..

  • Jungkook,Jimin,Taehyung,Jin,Lisa,Rose,Jennie,Jisoo


  • Rebirth and Legend: Chaos Goddess

    Rebirth and Legend: Chaos Goddess


    Sung Jisoo was born an orphan and was a candidate for an experiment called Perfect Cultivator project by the sect that adopted her. She was controlled and knows no freedom, even until she reached the height of her cultivation and became the head of her own sect. But one day, after a thousand years have passed, she was betrayed by one of her disciples. She knew this was coming, and held no grudge against anyone, as this is the way she was programmed to be. However, at the time when she was about to die, a twist of fate happened, and she was engulfed by the void and was plunged down to a planet called... Earth. Now she discovered that she has been freed from the constraint of her programming, and has now realized the chaotic emotion plaguing her mind. Will she be able to control these emotions, or will she end up drowned by them? Read and see how Sung Jisoo faces the intricate emotion and feelings of a normal person, and how she finally becomes the Chaos Goddess.

  • • Roseanne Park (Vampire!Jisoo X Rose) •

    • Roseanne Park (Vampire!Jisoo X Rose) •

  • Obsession


    "You belong to me. You are mine!!" Kim Jisoo, an ordinary girl's life gets flipped and turned upside down when she meets the golden boy of Korea Lee Jang-hyuk Does first love exist or is it just another type of obsession ? Please support on patreon : https://www.patreon.com/user?u=15839221

  • Keep You Close | Jensoo (GL)

    Keep You Close | Jensoo (GL)


    Kim Jisoo, the cold beauty and the daughter of the most wealthiest businessman in Korea, finds herself in a mysterious situation with Jennie kim, the poor one whom was running from the mafia, and in her own house. Ary Yazn. #JENSOO #Blackpink

  • Khushi's Novel  [Khushi , crystal , Malina and Jisoo] A advanture ofus

    Khushi's Novel [Khushi , crystal , Malina and Jisoo] A advanture ofus

    Adventure of Four girls to save the workl. [Magical , comedy,adventure etc.]

  • The Witch's Mistake

    The Witch's Mistake


    Jisoo the witch, chanted a spell but it turned out to be real. Now she has accidentally summoned the demons of the 7 deadly sins.Will she cower back in fear and leave the world to suffer on its own or go out of her way to fix her mistake?"Kang Jisoo, 18 years old, Amateur Caster, Demian University student and a High School Junior, am I right?""W-what? W-who are you?""Saeron, 108th angel of the 21st division, I have come to deliver a message to you from the Dominions. "

  • Long lost princesses 

    Long lost princesses 1.Y/N 2.Jennie 3.Jisoo 4.Lisa 5.Iu 6.Hyuna 7.Eunha

  • Blossoms in the Rain

    Blossoms in the Rain

    "Jisoo is a little shock at her fall into a stranger arms in the garden. She is so still like a statue, gazing at him. He also is looking at her. It is as if the time has stopped. Jisoo thinks he is handsome. But his illegal dimple is giving the expression of cuteness and sweetness. He is tall and his shoulders are broad, though they don't seem to be. She remembers then that he is the man she has saved at the shore." (Chapter 4) ********* Kim family is very rich. However, Mr Kim Namjung, Namjoon's father is murdered in an accident. Namjoon is the next victim....and he knows it too well. Namjoon is very far away from his home for survival. It is during these times, he get to meet Jisoo. And yep they fall in love. Nonetheless, life is not an easy one....Namjoon will have to fight with all his might ..soul and brain to bring peace to his life. Jisoo is the main source of energy for him. With love and harmony, will they be able to go through all the obstacles? ************* The story has completed.

  • Let Me Love You Forever

    Let Me Love You Forever

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE

    Xui Ying and her husband Li Wei always lived happily as a married couple until Wei got tired of his wife and left her and his five year old daughter Hua, but Ying still loves her husband and tries to do everything she can to get him back.

  • Dont Give Up (Fanny)

    Dont Give Up (Fanny)

  • you're beautiful when you smile eng

    you're beautiful when you smile eng

  • Serendipity (jensoo)

    Serendipity (jensoo)

    Romansa Fantasi ROMANCE R18

    Feniks Jisoo Adorjan adalah seorang pangeran kedua dari Raja Adorjan kerajaan Silverado, namun dibalik itu semua ia tak pernah sama sekali menunjukkan jati diri dan wajahnya dihadapan publik bahwa ia seorang pangeran.Seorang pangeran dengan kekuatan istimewa yang tak pernah ingin ditunjukan pada dunia, bahkan rakyatnya pun bertanya-tanya bagaimana wujud dari pangeran yang mempunyai kekuatan mistis pembuka gerbang dari dunia lain.Kwon Jennie gadis dari dunia lain yang tak sengaja terbawa oleh Jisoo, yang membuat segalanya beruntung adalah wajah Jennie mirip dengan anak dari keluarga bangsawan Cyril, keluarga bangsawan yang sangat kuat kedudukannya, dan harus menelan pil pahit karena kematian anaknya Michalina Jennie Cyril yang melakukan praktik bunuh diri karena akan dijodohkan dengan Jisoo, membuat Jennie terpaksa menjadi pengganti dari Michalina Jennie Cyril.bagaimana ia mampu bertahan didunia baru?dan menghadapi Jisoo?*Perhatian ini adalah cerita genderbander jadi yg merasa kurang nyaman dengan hal ini bisa skip atau baca karya ku yang lain jenniexboys #jensoo#genderbender

  • truyện ngắn 1

    truyện ngắn 1

    đây là n truyện ngắn mà bn cx mk sáng tác nhée, các bn đừng tg mk nhoa ~

  • Triggered Hearts

    Triggered Hearts


    Alex's past wasn't great, she lost her dad 'cause of divorce, her mom had gone wild about money and uses her sister Katie for producing money and forces her to be a model. They got separated, Katie had to go with her mom and Alex had nowhere to stay but remain in the house with nothing but bad memories...Then later on, when she got into college she finally had found her long lost sister and reunited, now they both share a dorm nearby the University their currently studying in.P.S My grammar ain't that good considering english wasn't the first language i learnt.✌️

  • Who Are You Mister?

    Who Are You Mister?

    It is a story about a girl called Jisoo. One day she encountered one spirit guy who needed her help in how he became a spirit. In return, he helped her to get nearer to her crush. However, as time go by, Jisoo and the spirit formed bond. Jisoo found herself liking him although he was spirit....How will story continue. ..Who is this spirit man...will she able to find out about him?