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    "I will protect my loved ones even with my own life." A remarkable statement. A glorious principle. A trait for the heroic person in the story. Can it be applied in A-RPG? A game that connects humans with instincts, memories, wealth, and also death.

  • Rpg World

    Rpg World


  • Endless RPG

    Endless RPG

    Video Games VIDEOGAME

  • Interactive RPG

    Interactive RPG


  • RPG Online

    RPG Online


  • While Others Cultivate, I Use My Unique RPG Leveling System to Cultivate Smut Romance With Their Girlfriends!

    While Others Cultivate, I Use My Unique RPG Leveling System to Cultivate Smut Romance With Their Girlfriends!



    Did I reincarnate? Or was I transported to an Isekai cultivation world? To be honest, I have no clue!What matters is that I turned from being useless, bullied, and trash, to fully-fledged garbage in my new cultivation world! But what is this strange bleep that keeps ringing in my ears? Is this some kind of system? Oh God! Did you gift me such a cliché, right at the start of my journey?Wait, why are you trying to kill me? Did I do something to you? Stand back or I will be forced to use unstoppable Exhudia!Tell me, what did she do for you to treat your significant other in this way? Let me show you how girlfriends should be taken care of!Wait, everyone was always telling me that demons are bad, so why is this demonic queen trying to seduce me? Wait! KEEP YOUR HANDS AWAY FROM MY PRECIOUS SWORD!I just came back from a mission and was promised at least a half a year of break. Why are you bothering me again with something as silly as subjugating a devil general?**********************Discord link:https://discord.gg/pJTVGZZ*********************DISCLAIMER:I do not own the cover. It was made with the help of fellow author(ess?) with the usage of possibly copyrighted images. If you own the rights to any part of the cover and want me to take it down, please, inform me on my discord or comment.

  • RPG: Blithe

    RPG: Blithe


    Mateo was your typical 21 year old college kid from Colorado, he had everything that he had ever wanted apart from a good financial status, in fact everything seemed normal from a persons perspective, he had a loving mother, great friends, a job and a place he could call 'home'. However, that all came crashing down when he gets brutally murdered by an unsuspecting individual of the night. Follow Mateo on a crazy rollercoaster ride as he meets a God of sorts who bestows him a second chance in life across a different dimension on a planet known as "Greiss". This particular world is out of the norms of physical reality as he soon finds out that it is inhabited by strange mythical creatures such as dragons, vampires, werewolves, giants, angels and demons. A utopia of magic, swords and beauty filled with exciting adventures in undiscovered environments.He soon finds himself under a different name: Apollo, reincarnated as a newborn baby in the hands of a rich and stable family who adores him for who he is as a person. His only ambition is to explore the vast expanse of Greiss, visiting various areas of interest filled with unexpected dangers and adventure. He also delves deep into the powers of the world including magic, swordsmanship and other crafts in order to gain the required power to protect himself from the dangers lurking in the dark.Watch as he slowly develops into a cunning, logical mind as he begins to adapt to his new unforgiving environment.



    Seseorang yang lemah dan bodoh nyatanya itu hanya kebodohan seseorang dan memiliki kekuatan langkah

  • RPG: The Divine Deconstructor

    RPG: The Divine Deconstructor


    Abyss Demon: Die! Low-level humans! Jiang Ming: Deconstruct! Turn into my materials! Enemy: Where's my weapon? Jiang Ming: Haha, they’ve all converted into materials in my inventory. The king of gaming, ‘Immovable Protector’, was plotted against in a game, his hands were maimed and his god-level gaming skills were no longer usable. He lost all his wealth, was kicked out of the guild, and wandered into the slums. Accidentally obtaining the supreme terminal of the virtual game of "Divine Land", he entered the game...

  • RPG System

    RPG System

    Arthur Pendragon was an avid RPG player known as The King because he changed his previous name for this. After reaching 60 years old, he died of a heart attack in his sleep on Christmas night alone, but because his spirit and soul were weak he could not go to the afterlife. After his death, he met the ruler of life and death Kumantyr and promised to be his follower if he could gain his death wish, an RPG System and a new life as his soul and spirit was not strong enough to ascend but is strong enough to reincarnate.

  • Overpowered RPG System

    Overpowered RPG System

    Kisah tentang Hua Chen Yu seorang pemuda yang dijuluki mayat hidup dimana pun dia berada.Yang mengalami suatu masalah sehingga membuatnya terluka dan tidak sadarkan diri. Tetapi selama dalam keadaan tidak sadarkan diri, Hua Chen Yu sebenarnya terbangun di alam bawah sadarnya selama beberapa detik kerana dia menerima sebuah kekuatan " System Modification". Ketika dia terbangun Hua Chen Yu pun merasa syok, Ternyata 5 tahun lamanya dia tidak sadarkan diri. Memikirkan semua yang dialaminya membuat kepalanya pun terasa sakit hingga membuatnya pingsan. Saat Hua Chen Yu terbangun System Modification pun ter-install dipikirannya.Simak kisah selanjutnya dari perjalanan Hua Chen Yu yang menggunakan System Modification untuk merubah hidupnya yang menyedihkan ini.***************Berlatar belakang dunia moderen. Bukan Fantasi yah.

  • My RPG System

    My RPG System


    My name is Aug and I died...However, I reincarnated into another world where people with immense power like those from wuxia novels and RPG's existed.I soon found myself with my own system the world has never seen before.I shall rise and overcome everything to become the strongest!

  • RPG High School

    RPG High School

    Do you dream being in a virtual world? A game company based in Tokyo which produced the most popular MMORPG game: Royal Online but a huge incident occur causing it to close the game. After a year after fixing, they needed many beta testers to test the game again but not in public testing. Since students love to game so this is the perfect opportunity to create an RPG high school.

  • Urban RPG - Paused

    Urban RPG - Paused

    A rich man decides to enter a new game with his friends to realize the ambition he could never fulfill. Set in the near future about a VRMMORPG with a twist on the classic style. The story is less about the man and more about his avatar. The main character is not a good person.I upload chapters about once every 3 daysUpdate - I have no plans to continue this story, it was fun but there are way too many holes. Beware any new readers.

  • RPG: Rising Arc

    RPG: Rising Arc

    This story is about a boy who has just been transferred to a new isekai world. However, his cause of transferred is unknown and he is trapped in that world for some reason.Apparently, this world has fantasy elements applied to it and lots of impossible stuff can be achieved that is normal human would not be able to do it easily. He will soon embark on a new adventure of his life as he will uncover lots of secrets of this world and perhaps meet new friends along the way while he is on a mission to return back to his own world.

  • Fantasy World RPG

    Fantasy World RPG


    Jay was having a weird day. Freaky even. He had avoided death just today over 30 times. So much so that he had become paranoid that someone was out to get him. But he survived. Because he was awesome. That night as he went to sleep, he died of a brain aneurysm. Tragic! Truly tragic. Then something happened and he was reincarnated in a fantasy world. Cheat superpowers, cliche quests and a harem full of busty beauties, here I come! Or so it was supposed to be.Only it wasn't. Instead he was born to a cobbler in a small border town, in a world ruled by dungeon conquerors with an iron fist that regularly fucked with the commoners with their 18 inch spiked steel dildos. They hoarded all the best grinding spots, the 33 world dungeons and all the best loot, armed with their hundreds of years of farmed exp as tower lords, allowing next to no social mobility.With the 33 dungeons inaccessible, a poor background, and no cheat superpowers, how will our hero ever rise to the ocassion?Read to find out!

  • RPG: Book 1

    RPG: Book 1

    The gamer. I didn't expect my wish to come true, now I'm stuck in the Gamer universe. Yep, I'm dead. Join Zed as he does his best to survive in this new world.

  • Reincarnate With RPG System

    Reincarnate With RPG System


    I am re-working this novel.Synopsis:A soldier who died because of a god's mistake are being reincarnated to the future but the earth he reincarnated is no longer the same. He ask a compensation to the god to grant his 7 wishes but the god decided to give him a system instead. What will he do in his new life with his system?NOTE:The 'system' in here wont have a consciousness so don't worry that MC will be slave to the 'system. It will just have a basic function and it will have a quest but its just a bounty type quest so he can freely accept or reject it.

  • Mind Dice RPG

    Mind Dice RPG


    Miguel, um garoto normal, ele nao se importa se morre hoje ou amanha, ele só nao se mata porque quem ele ama sentiria uma enorme dor, mas ele é feliz, mesmo nao encontrando um sentido em viver, pelo menos... É oque ele fala, mas um dia uma esfera estranha aparece em sua frente, e o leva para um mundo cheio de aventuras, em um outro universo dominado por dados, objetos magicos que melhoram as habilidades das pessoas, isso inclui qualquer habilidade, incluindo a de controlar mentes.

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