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    Nathan Rune wanders the States as a modern day Van Helsing. Being groomed his whole life for the role of a monster slayer Nathan must struggle against the danger of the job, and all the consequences that come with it. Amid power struggles between the other Families, and beasts that threaten the mundane world, Nathan and his allies must stand as the last line of defense.

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  • A Blissful Love Tale

    A Blissful Love Tale


    Amelia's tears fell silently on her lap as she tried to wrap her head around the incident that had happened. A pair of arms encircled her and a chin was placed on one of her shoulders. The warmth that the other person was radiating calming her down."Don't let their words get to you." Noah gently whispered. His strong arms pulling her closer to him, whilst his hands rubbed small soothing circles on hers. After a while, he switched so no he was facing in front of her. A warm smile on warm beige skin. "You're more than worth to be my love Amelia, never forget that."-----------------------------------------Princess Amelia Lionheart of Histonia is placed in contractual marriage with Prince Noah Eldridge of Heline. However, instead the usual hostility that would be there between two non consenting people to marriage, a tight-knit friendship blooms. This then later blossoming into sweet love.However, many obstacles are thrown in their way when the peace between Histonia and Heline are threatened. Follow the journey between Amelia and her love story with Noah in A Blissful Love Tale.

  • Zy::::



    Cover art by the talented Yishu on twitter. Do you like Isekai?Do you like dark fantasy with rich history and a great magic system? Well this is the novel for you. This story follows 17 year old Zyon who is summoned to Iriormest as the second Demon God. A title given to someone who can defeat the bringer of calamity, Lord Pyriel.Confused at first, he quickly learns his ways as the Demon God and ventures to bring Pyriel to a stop. Follow him on a great adventure. I hope you guys enjoy my first novel.

  • Notbeing continued

    Notbeing continued


    "Free food is included." Haru stated, a grin plastered on his face."Then consider me joined."-----16 year old Zero has always had his troubles. Whether it was dealing people picking on him, or dealing with his deadbeat parents. He's always had rough. That's until he's attacked by dweller. A monstrous being that is created from negative energy. When he accepts his fate of dying, Haru Inoue saves him and offers him a place at Sling Shot. A cooperation that helps exterminating/exorcizing dwellers.

  • Runes of Hecate

    Runes of Hecate



    A mage is a person born with magic. But having magic does not mean that a mage could immediately wield an element to his heart's content. He needs to awaken first.Join our protagonist, Aeon Morgan, a 19-year-old unawakened mage, as he enters the Magic Academy in search of the secrets to awakening.--You can join me on discord if you want to talk about anything casual :) consider being a patron! out my other novel (the pace is faster):

  • Runes.



    Thought I would write a real the mc whose name is gray is an orphan in a superhero world at least for the first chapter. after that, he is reincarnated and travels all around looking for friends and possibly a girlfriend, but the problem is even though he can use all magic or as the book calls the runes, he uses real runes that are much much more powerful, example if he uses something like a fireball it requires a sun rune.See gray struggle to find magic weak enough to not end the world.please forgive my grammar errors. I'm still learning and thought that the best way was to write.**********************************************Found an editor here is a word from him"Hello, I'm his editor, if you find any grammar errors please talk about it in the comments. I am very excited to be part of this project."Please note that this story is completely real and everything from the, magic, to the monsters, to the occasional romantic vampire. all of it is real and should be taken very seriously in preparation for when this happens to you. don't let anyone tell you otherwise especially my editor.

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  • Runes of Redemption

    Runes of Redemption

    As head of the U.S. Border Patrol’s Paranormal Operations Unit, Clay Chiles has found a place where he can serve with honor and a surrogate family to replace the one he never truly enjoyed. When he meets Elven warrior Arondel and begins to build the partnership he had never hoped to find, life seems good. Still for two life-long loners to merge their lives, hearts and minds, an occasional conflict is bound to arise.<br><br>Clay’s discovery he has not only a father but a half-brother on Arondel’s home world of Elvenheim creates new and different challenges -- can he accept and trust relatives so different from all he has known? Can they accept him? Finally, faced with incredible tasks and dangers, Clay and Aron are torn asunder. Will the strength of their still- fragile bond be enough to bring them through hell and back to one another’s arms?

  • Runes of the Quest

    Runes of the Quest

    As a child, Morlea's handmaid wove wondrous tales to amuse her. Among these stories was the legend of Talitha, a princess like Morlea herself, trapped in a tower whose walls wept at her unjust imprisonment. An evil wizard hid her away until a prince could save her, then struck the land and its people barren to prevent any attempt at rescue.<br><br>Morlea believes the story nothing more than a fantasy until, years later, she discovers a possible location for the fabled tower. Dissatisfied with palace life and looking for adventure, she decides to chase down Talitha on her own.<br><br>A princess needs to be rescued, of course. And if there aren't any able-bodied princes up to the task, why can't another princess be the savior for once?

  • The Runes Of The Phythix

    The Runes Of The Phythix


    Sam was a baker in Los Angeles. After being fired on a rough day, she tried desperately to find a new job. After countless days of being rejected, she got a new job in a restaurant called “Jalaminõs”. To celebrate this accomplishment she and her 11 friends decided to go on a vacation in a resort. They all had fun and talked to each other until sunset. But once the night came and the stars started to twinkle, some of them decided to search underneath the sands for treasures. They searched for a while but one of them soon found a mysterious box. They are baffled at first but finally decided to open it. But what they didn't know was that this would be the beginning of a whole new adventure.

  • Runes of Keramor

    Runes of Keramor


    In a world where the leaders are corrupt. A powerful being sitting at the head and everything under his control. Iver is born in a small village in the middle of nowhere. Growing up with nature, monsters, and other threats. Can make someone rise quickly, or Die. Thanks for checking out my first book. Sorry if the editing or the writing is a bit amateurish. I don't have an editor or proofreader. Hope you enjoy the story.

  • The Elder Runes

    The Elder Runes


    Aldrig, as a child lost everything to the Angolian invasion of his home. Haldric, an old Runelord who is haunted by his past seeks revenge. Their fates seem entwined as one learns who he wants to become while the other hopes to have his sins forgiven.All the while the race is on to collect the knowledge of the Elder Runes to tip the balance in the war.

  • Elven Runes

    Elven Runes

  • Prime Originator

    Prime Originator



    In the world of Gaia, humanity ruled the world for hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of years, and lord over all creation. However, a single cataclysmic event changed everything, subverting what was regarded as the natural order and placing humanity at the bottom of the food chain. The animals that humanity once knew and regarded as pets and livestock became terrifying beasts with monstrous strength and a horrible grudge that threatens the extinction of humankind. Kingdoms fell, lands were lost, and many lives perished as humanity retreated to their final haven, the Human Domain, an unnatural piece of land surrounded by high mountains. With the high mountains as their walls and a great wall that took all of humanity to build as their gate, humanity successfully stopped the beast tides' advances and herald in a new era of peace. Five hundred years later, the long-standing peace of humanity finally turned turbulent once more. In the new era of chaotic changes, Leon awakened the memories of his past life and arrived at a crossroad in his life. To stop at nothing in his pursuit of power and vengeance of his past life, or to lead the struggling humans in the battle against the threat of extinction and herald them into an era of true prosperity. Follow Leon on his journey as the two worlds of past and present collide, exploring the mysteries of the universe, and discovering something much bigger than himself. =====Bonus Chapter Missions===== 300 GT - 1 Bonus chapter 500 GT - 2 Bonus chapters 700 GT - 3 Bonus chapters 1000 GT - 4 Bonus chapters 1500 GT - 5 Bonus chapters Note: GT = Golden Tickets =====Tags===== [Reincarnation] [Fantasy] [Eastern Fantasy] [Western Elements] [Weak-to-Strong] [Adventure] [Mystery] [Action] [R-18] [Harem] [Ecchi] [Smut] [Polygamy] [Cultivation] [Alchemy] [Arrays] [Formations] [Runes] [Apocalypse] [Elves] [Demons] [Beasts] [Dragons] [Phoenixes] [Gods] [Devils] [Laws] [Magic] [Vast Universe] [Multiple Worlds] [Love Interests Fall in Love First] [Overpowered MC]... Note: contains lemon. =====Author's Note===== This is my first time writing a novel. Please go easy on me. Feel free to join the discord for discussions about the novel, =====DISCLAIMER===== The cover is not mine and belongs to its respective owner. Found on Pinterest.

  • Runes of Revelation

    Runes of Revelation

    As head of the Border Patrol’s Paranormal Operations Unit, Clay Chiles has found a place where he can function and a surrogate family to replace the one he never truly had. He keeps hidden a lot of secrets, and both fears and longs for the day he may be able to take that one long step out of solitude and darkness into love and light.<br><br>Before he can do that, however, he has to face some surprising facts about himself and deal with some horrific enemies. Although not a weak man, he’ll never have the strength alone to confront all those demons. But who can help him there?<br><br>Arondel Wanderer is a son of the ancient Elven royal clan, but far enough from the throne to be expendable. He obeys his queen’s orders to visit Earth and find what is going wrong there. One task he faces is to contact and recruit a human keystone in the desperate effort to stop an invasion of ancient evil that could corrupt the elves’ original home beyond redemption. Aron, a loner and solitary emissary from Elvenheim, never expected to find his soul-mate on this mission, but surprises, both good and bad, have always been part of his long and adventurous life. He’ll take anything good he is given, and once he sights the partner he’s always wanted, the most extreme danger is not enough to deter him.

  • Runes of Heckate

    Runes of Heckate

    Magical Realism MYSTERY

    The most ancient civilization to ever exist.No one know why it was swiped off the face of the Earth. Well that was until one young man found it runes right outside is small little town. Follow Alex as he finds out why this ancient civilization was killed.

  • Immortal Demon Runes

    Immortal Demon Runes


    A tragic story set in a fantasy world. In this world, humans contract with spirits known as Aethers and feed them aera (similar to mana) in order to use wonderous and fantastic abilities. Graphic and bloody battles and a main character that grows to become powerful without any clear freebies or advantages given to him. Fighting his way to the top with his own blood sweat and tears.Influenced from the wuxia and xianxia genres and is based on cultivation and martial artistry. TW: dark topics and imagery

  • The Runes Pirates of One Piece

    The Runes Pirates of One Piece


    Dan found himself in a precarious situation where marines and pirates are after him, not him exactly but the owner of this body he transmigrated with.Experiencing a power he didn't think he would have the chance to grasp in the world of One Piece that everyone on earth yearns for even if a rushing truck will kill them in the process.But will he have the balls to use it and protect the villagers who saved him from certain death?With every angle, annihilation is certain as the two dominating powers in One Piece struck them in the middle.NOTE:This is Fan-Fiction. The Plot and Characters Named in One Piece are the credit of Master 'Eiichiro Oda'Thank You!

  • Runes of Hecate (MIGRATED)

    Runes of Hecate (MIGRATED)

    This novel has been migrated. Here is the new link: chapters, same story. I will be emailing Webnovel to remove this copy of the novel soon.Thank you for all the support!

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