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  • Hale Academy: University of Sui Generis

    Hale Academy: University of Sui Generis


    Rated 18yrs & Above *Seven Individuals from across the world, receive a mysterious envelope, containing a letter that invites them to attend a prestigious academy and train as warriors to defend against great evil... Well, It's almost a typical 'Save the World' story.*#IntelligentMaleLead #BisexualCharacters #NonBinaryCharacters #ExplicitContent #MatureContent #Adventure #SchoolLife #SliceofLife #PansexualCharacters #StraightRelationships #gayLesbianRelationships #Romance #Comedy #Thriller #R-18AndAbove*Rinzen had spent almost all of his teen years feeling vaguely uncomfortable in his own skin. He mostly knew he was awesome, okay; it was just that he was also acutely aware of his flaws. Or at least the things other kids counted as flaws. His intensity for one thing, that often made other kids he was getting friendly with 'back off'. His True-blue loyalty had always been an understatement for other teenagers who just weren't prepared to handle that kind of fidelity.The babbling thing annoyed most people — actually all people — on the days when he couldn't focus, and on the other days when his attention was sharp as a razor but limited in scope they resented his stillness and silence.Balance was hard for him, and he had struggled for years to find that line.Now he was supposed to be some kind of hero?What, in the name of Hell?! * (for more information)



    Ada tetangga baru di komplek perumahan Cheviot Hills. Rumah yang sudah lama kosong itu akhirnya berpenghuni. Selaku tetangga yang baik, Bunda menyuruh Louisa untuk mengantarkan kue ke rumahnya sebagai perkenalan. Tapi, siapa yang mengira, begitu pintu itu terbuka, sosok pemuda yang paling ingin Louisa jauhi seumur hidupnya tersenyum lebar menyambutnya. #darkromance #psychologycal #obsession #manipulatif #teen #schoollife

  • Yes , You !

    Yes , You !

    " Maaflah , dahla ! tak payah cari aku lagi dah ! " Mia kata. Hamzani diam tanpa melihat ke arah Mia.

  • Never in a million lifetimes

    Never in a million lifetimes

    A black haired girl with crystal blue eyes. She has stuck to her NEVERS for almost an eternity. Because of a bad experience, she decided to build walls plastered with rules which she calls her " Never In A Million Lifetimes". Over the years, she had built her walls high and sturdy with nothing leaking out. She continues to be excellent in school. Even after she transferred into Phoenix High Academy. She is considered perfect in everyway. All the boys see her as untouchable. The unreachable trophy. Until she bumped into someone. Until she fell for someone. Until she will finally chip down her walls....Or does she need someone else to do that for her?"The thought of losing you is too much to bare......I Love You..._______"

  • Special Class

    Special Class

  • Hate vs love?

    Hate vs love?

    One day ...there a boy who named Furuka Yuki.... who live in Fukuoka meet a girl ..he think that girl is annoying... for some reason he call a girl named Mirae. ...he nickname her "annoying girl". Mirae is a cheerful girl... she also cute...nice... kind...and spirited.... she is from Osaka. She is a new student.Her father buy a house in Fukuoka state...and stay there... and her neighbour is Yuki household...her neighbour is Yuki????....she had been hated by Yuki all the time...but Yuki's parent is the close friend to her parent.. which make them have to face many conflict in their life...what will happen from time to time...Check out my new story hate vs love note from writer: this story is my own story that is created by me... and i didn't copy....and it based from my imagination... hope you like and read this story ?

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