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  • I just want to run away! (BL)

    I just want to run away! (BL)



    Lai Yiteng is a wanted man and on the run! To hide from his enemies he cross dresses as a woman, using his stunning looks to blend in. The circumstances that led to this are not simple. His sect, so upstanding on the outside, had betrayed him. They sold his near lifeless body to a demonic sect for a cheap price, where he had suffered countless torments and experiments. Now he finally managed to escape, but the only thing on his mind is staying alive and seeking revenge. But Lai Yiteng didn't think he'd run into an old aquaintence! What is this guy trying to do by sticking around?! Rob him? Turn him in?! ML: No! I just want to help you. LY: I don't believe a word of that. Just tell me what you're planning, you scoundrel...! ML: Q_Q nothing...

  • The Werewolf's Vampire Mate

    The Werewolf's Vampire Mate



    What is love? Love has a lot of meanings. To scientists, it is something that arises as a result of hormonal changes in the human body. To philosophers, it Is something that is triggered in human consciousness when two souls connect. it means a lot of different meanings to different people. Love is happiness to some, it is pain, sadness, ecstasy. It is an emotion that cannot really be explained. It is something that is meant to be felt. You also choose to be in love. But that didn’t happen to me. I didn’t get the opportunity to pick who I wanted to explore these crazy feelings with. It was chosen for me. I had no choice but to love him and he had no choice but to love me. Our love story is the strangest but also the most beautiful ever told. This is our chosen love.

  • Heaven's Gambit [BL]

    Heaven's Gambit [BL]



    Two love stories in oneLearn all about two ill-fated gods who have their happy ending thwarted by the ruthless Jade EmperorAnd the clueless nine-tailed fox and dragon they reincarnate as. Follow them as they travel across the mortal realm, to the Underworld and even risk it all on an improbable gamble to take on the Heavens,---"If I had a thousand lifetimes, I would spend them all with you.""What if you couldn't find me?""I would never stop searching until I did."---cover art by the wonderful lieu-rey

  • Sweet CEO's First Love

    Sweet CEO's First Love



    Quintin has been in love with Kaylen for sixteen years, but it takes Kaylen breaking his heart and humiliating him to realize that sometimes it's best to let go. All his life he loved someone he could never have, and it takes healing to realize love can be given in places he never thought he could find it. But just when he finally feels like he can be happy again he never thought that Kaylen would show up. Especially not on their second anniversary of that horrible day, and certainly not asking the same thing. He never knew how much the happiest words in the world could make someone really hurt. And Quintin wasn't sure he could ever say yes to Will you marry me, ever again.

  • The Return of the God Level Assassin [BL]

    The Return of the God Level Assassin [BL]



    As soon as Luo Yan graduated, he immediately got an offer from a prestigious gaming company. He thought all his hard work finally paid off. And he would finally reach the pinnacle of life. But then, on his first day of work, a potted plant fell on his head and he died. Surprisingly, when he thought he would cross the Yellow River, he suddenly woke up and found himself in the body of a 17 year old boy. This body had the same name as him but completely different background. Because the original was the second young master of the Luo family - one of the most powerful family in S City. Luo Yan almost cried. God probably took pity on him and decided to give him a loving family with a wealthy background. He didn't have to work hard anymore. Studying like his life depended on it and pretending to be a holy father just to cater to people. So Luo Yan decided to be a salted fish and just shamelessly sell meng. A certain male god who always bought Luo Yan's meng: Yan Yan is so cute! Why is Yan Yan so cute?? Cold faced on the outside, a cinammon roll on the inside Gong X Super beautiful, black-belly Shou.Cover art by Revereine

  • The Rebirth Of A White Robe Man: I'll Follow You This Time (BL)

    The Rebirth Of A White Robe Man: I'll Follow You This Time (BL)



    When a wrong path is chosen, it isn't surprising to have a miserable ending."Before didn't I mention about how blind you are? Look at you now! Since you are so ignorant and stupid, next time, just ignored the other people and follow me alright? Base on our intertwined deep fate of being enemies in this life, I am sure that we will meet again in our next life!"With bloodstained lip, Shao Cheng let out an ironic smile, betrayed by his loved one, Ren Yuan who is his greatest enemy of all time has given him comfort and satisfaction on his moment of death, which is rather ridiculous considering the two of them have been trying to kill each other.How come this enchanting man is being strangely gentle and considerate toward him?"Alright, If I meet you again. I'll follow you this time."--------------------------------------------------The second life he was given has been full of mistakes, errors, and blunder.Losing their game of conflict, Shao Cheng will listen to Ren Yuan's word this time.Later on, a beautiful young man with a cold expression dressed in a snow-white robe follows behind an older exquisite young man dressed in a gorgeous crimson robe."Aren't you going home soon? How long are you going to keep following me around!?"Shao Cheng's sapphire eyes suddenly dim down turning pitiful causing the young man dressed in crimson robe to become guilty and panic inside."Alright, alright! Just follow me! This Big Brother is powerful, so protecting a single person wouldn't be difficult!"So a clueless and ignorant crimson robe young man let a wicked person follow along his side which he, later on, learned to have an abnormal ability.I seemed to hear him talking to a bird?Hey, why are you showing tender expression to a plant?MC (SHAO CHENG IS GONG/TOP)WARNING! BL, Boy Love, Yaoi, Don't Read It If You Don't Like it! Mature Content! BTW! There Will Be Writing Mistakes, Spelling that will be accidentally Miss, and Grammars - Just want to let you know before you start reading it.IF You Don't Like it and Can't continue reading it because of the writing problems, Please Just Try To Be Respectful and Quietly Leave. Thank You.I, as the author, know the problem, but I want to continue writing, so thank you.Editor: Dreamer (Chapter 285+)Mc White Robe (GONG/ATTACK/SEME) x ML Crimson Robe (Shou/Bottom/Uke)Buy me Coffee? Appreciate it ^^ LoveableChubby#1263 First Time Server, Please Become A Member? HahaCommission Book Cover! :)

  • Magic With You (BL)

    Magic With You (BL)



    In a world filled with Magic, the strong rules the world! Calter, a Rank 3 Grand Knight Mage, the highest realm that mages in the Enchanted Star Realm reached died. But instead of completely dying, he woke up one day and realized that he travelled back in time There, he once again saw the innocent and pure blue haired and eyed youth that he always loves that died because of him. The youth that always haunt him on his dreams, his biggest regret and the only person he loved This time, he will make sure to make everything right. He swore to himself that not only he will reach his former power but also exceed it! He will protect Kence from any harm in the world, especially to the Rank 4 Mage that will descend down in the Realm! In a world where magical achievement is your weapon, the two will fight against all odds to become the strongest magicians! ---- This is an adventure in Magic Cultivation World where the main characters are both men and will love each other. A balance of action, cultivation, and Bl romance----Buy me ko-fi! you!!

  • Soul Karmas (BL)

    Soul Karmas (BL)



    After Snow died, he was a rare soul karma that has been able to reach the requirement of balancing both of his Good and Bad Karma in his repeated reincarnations and has been granted a privelages to become a Granter, where he can travel different worlds fulfilling the departed souls wishes and regrets in their moment of deaths, along with his System Flake, the special soul that was born and exist for him.System Flake (Worried) : "What should we do Snow?"Host Snow (Confident): "Don't worry Flake, I got it all planned!"Clever calm blue eyes gaze on someone, "Look Flake, that person will be our cheat to make our mission easier, a gold thigh!"Mysterious person with a deep and profound gaze, stare at the person who suddenly appeared before him: "Oh? Come, come, I will take care of you."Later on...System Flake (Excited): "Snow, Flake found another gold thigh for you!"Host Snow: "..."What to do? His adorable Flake seemed to think that he could not complete his mission without a gold thigh? Urgent online! QQMysterious Person smile evilly: "Found you, you cant escape, I'll take care of you for eternity."Warning: Bl, boy love, don't read if you don't like it, thank you.Warning: Mature Contents later on~ LONG ARCS!Buy me Coffee? Appreciate it ^^! There Will Be Writing Mistakes, Spelling that will be accidentally Miss, and Grammars - Just want to let you know before you start reading it.IF You Don't Like it and Can't continue reading it because of the writing problems, Please Just Try To Be Respectful and Quietly Leave. Thank You.I, as the author knows the problem, but I want to continue writing, so thank you.More Writing Mistakes in the first chapters since it's my first time writing a story, so please be understanding.Rewriting/Editing ChaptersEdit Chapters: 1-5Proof/Editor: ShuanYeChapter Updates: 1 Chapter minimum every day. If Not, then I am just too busy from work.To My Lovely Readers:Thank you very much for your supports! For taking the time to leave Likes, Reviews, and Comments! I really appreciate it! Its really very helpful and meant very much to me as it gives me great motivation and reminds me that I have readers that appreciate my novel, really Thank You! I wouldn't have done it without you guys with me!Recommending Soul Karmas is very much APPRECIATED! :DDiscord: LoveableChubby#1263 Cover Commission Thanks to Lufi_aysIf interested Check it out here:

  • Jodoh Tak Pernah Salah

    Jodoh Tak Pernah Salah



    COMPLETED Season 2 Kepergian Dila menorehkan luka dalam di hati Bara. Waktu pun bergulir hingga tiga tahun telah terlewati. Bara dan Dila tak sengaja bertemu di suatu negara dalam suasana dan kondisi yang berbeda. Dila heran karena Bara tak mengenalinya lagi, malah terkesan judes dan cuek padanya. Apakah yang terjadi pada Bara hingga tak mengenali Dila sama sekali? Season 1 Dila (30 tahun ) seorang pegawai bank yang sukses dalam karier tapi belum menikah karena menunggu laki-laki pujaannya yang bersekolah di Mesir. Desakan menikah dari keluarga membuat Dila menerima perjodohan yang di atur kedua orang tuanya. Bara seorang pengusaha sukses belum juga menikah di usianya yang ke 35 tahun. Orang tuanya memaksanya menikah dengan Dila. Bagaimanakah pernikahan mereka ketika Dila mengetahui Bara seorang gay. Apakah Dila akan mundur atau berusaha membantu Bara kembali ke kodratnya? Apakah pasangan gay Bara akan membiarkannya bahagia dengan pernikahannya? HARAP BIJAK MEMILIH BACAAN.GENRE DEWASA.CERITA KHUSUS 21+. BERISI PERCAKAPAN VULGAR. ANAK DIBAWAH UMUR DILARANG MENDEKAT! Cover ini milik saya. IG @vivibarbara1708 WA 081368349768

  • Villain Saving System (BL)

    Villain Saving System (BL)



    Due to the increasing cases of suicide in the country, the government created a simulator system that was linked with human’s brainwaves, bringing them to transmigrate into thousands of worlds and experienced many aspect of life in order to stimulate the will of living. Only when the willmeter was filled 100% could they finally return back to life. Lu Yizhou. Male. Single. 22 years old. On a certain day, he committed suicide by burying himself in the land of snow. And then, he was pulled into the simulator. 666: Welcome, host! Congratulations, you’re the 666th person who joined this project! Host is very lucky to get 666, because 666 is the handsomest, most sensible and most wonderful system! Lu Yizhou: …Can I change the system? You’re noisy. 666: QAQ Lu Yizhou: No matter how many times I transmigrate, my willmeter will not be filled. 666: N—No, don’t give up! Host shouldn’t give up QAQ uwaaa, don’t leave 666 alone! You’re my first, my one and only, how can you be so heartless and leave me behind like this?! Lu Yizhou: …why does it sound wrong? . . . Thus, he started to jump from one world to another to save the villain. Lu Yizhou: Why do I have to save the villains? 666: Ckckck, Host you’re too innocent! Of course, it’s because they are more awesome than the male lead; richer, powerful, resourceful, domineering and handsome! Lu Yizhou: …it’s only your preferences, is it? 666: Host, why don’t you believe 666?! QAQ . . . He thought that he had nothing left to live for. Bringing with him a weary heart and numb body, he sank to the bottom of the abyss only to find…a shining star. ******* Beautiful, stoic, dense and unexpectedly naive gong x possessive, spoilt and scheming shou who knew how to use his charm Additional tags: quick transmigration, fantasy, adventure, comedy, dark, mystery, tragedy, fast paced, seme/gong/top protagonist, love interest fall in love first, yaoi, mature, suicide thoughts, past play a big part, 1 vs 1 Find me on: Instagram: delanasiwarka Discord server: Discord: delanasiwarka#1490 Cover by laylee_hiu (IG)

  • A Gorgeous White (BL)

    A Gorgeous White (BL)



    ( An LGBT+ novel) Ending your life isn't the right decision. Moulin didn't believe this saying until he did it. Moulin, a depressed shut-in digital writer, transmigrates into the frail body of a spoiled young master. Unknown to him, he was swallowed by the fear of death. This time, he intends to start a new beginning and relive his life carefully. Waking within the frigid confines of a cave of ice. Nightly whispers of guidance and so much more. The power of unknown origin... An unusual world where special people possess elemental powers and thriving magical beasts, A cute meng selling snow-white fox, A crowd of overprotective people, and a powerful yet impressively annoying person...a stressful Moulin massaged his forehead. This couldn't possibly get any worse... Moumou: My body doesn't feel right...( secretly inspects lower body) Moumou: ...@$%#!!!! An Evil Lion: My love, our bed has gone cold... Moumou: (#ง'̀-'́)ง... Warning this novel includes the following: 1. Smut 2. Gore 3. Inappropriate language Publish dates: Monday to Friday, Sporadic (If Mimi gets busy, 2 chapters if Mimi's hands are free!) Publish time: GMT+8 6:00/ 7:00 pm. || I M P O R T A N T N O T I C E! || This novel is inspired by several BL novels• If you do not like reading LGBTQ+ novels please avoid reading this• This author is trying her best!• Enjoy! The cover is originally is drawn by yours truly º^º *hehe want a commission?*

  • Crossdressing To Survive An Apocalypse [BL]

    Crossdressing To Survive An Apocalypse [BL]



    Zou Yue jumped to the side, dodging an extended claw of a growling zombie. A pair of warm hands gripped his small waist from behind and pulled him over to a sturdy chest. The same pair of hands slowly groped his chest. “Brother fan w—what are you doing?!” Zou carefully looked up at him. Fan Xui smirked mysteriously at him and removed the huge shades stylishly. A clear pair of eyes met Zou’s challengingly. “since I saved you just now, why don’t you give me a kiss?” “you... you can see!!! Aren’t you blind!!!” Zou Yue glanced in shock. He pushed himself for of his body. Fan Xui laughed out loud, gently caressing Zou’s long black hair. “are you gonna leave me now?,” he continued groping his barely their chest through his girly tank top. “Fuck yeah!! Let go you poser.” he pushed him away and started shooting the zombies outside with renewed passion. Fan suddenly caught his wrist. “You bastard, what are you doing, let go of my hand. The zombies are coming!!!” “Hmm okay,” Fan Xui let go. He swiftly snapped a fluffy handcuff snugly on his wrist, tying them both together. “Now we are tied together for live and death,” “FAN. XUI!! Get this off of me!” Zou growled at him, but the young man just laughed happily. “Sigh, you are beautiful even when you are angry, dear,” Fan Xui whispered and pulled him up for a passionate kiss. He gently bit those soft lips and moaned. “Delicious,” Letting go, he slowly waved his hand towards the upcoming zombies and they are reduced to ashes. P.S I don't own the cover

  • A Wave Of Desire (BL)

    A Wave Of Desire (BL)



    After having been abandoned on the beach as a baby Ocean has lived the best life possible. He is the school's star swimmer. He is the most popular and a shoe in for the student body president. He is an honors student. And he even has the hottest girl in school as his girlfriend. But everything comes crashing down around him when the hot new Makai Rivers transfers in their senior year. Makai begins to steal Ocean's popularity, his number one spot on the swim team, even his girlfriend dumps him for the new guy. All of this just infuriates Ocean. So, why is it that Makai seems to follow Ocean around like a lost little puppy? Why can't he get this super annoying and super hot guy to stop following him? What is it that he truly feels toward Makai. And What is it that is different about Makai? Why is it that they're both so drawn toward each other? ******************** MATURE RATING ******************** This book is a LGBTQ story with mature content. There will be scenes that contain the following: ADULT LANGUAGE UNDERAGE DRINKING VIOLENCE SEXUAL SITUATIONS FOLLOW ME AND TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK **THE AUTHOR OWNS NO RIGHTS TO THE IMAGE ON THIS COVER, IF THERE IS AN ISSUE WITH ME USING THIS PLEASE CONTACT ME WITH ANY CONCERNS**

  • Becoming the Luna (bl)

    Becoming the Luna (bl)



    Life is all roses and strawberries with your asexual mother till Alpha wolves fall in love with you. And now you have to choose... But who do you pick?Hayden Lebaron is an average teenage boy, well if average means being about the size of a midget and being babied by everyone, at least that's what he thinks. A new student moves to their school and Hayden finds out that he's deeper in the Werewolf world that he ever thought possible and the worst part was that he had no idea that Werewolves even existed.EXCERPT :"What the fuck did you do?" Virgil demands his eyes dark, the only reason Dale doesn't have a black eye yet is because he's still carrying me. I intervene quickly before Virgil changes his mind and decides to land the punch. "V-Vi-Virgil." I stutter out desperately, reaching for him. "I-It wasn't D-Dale, h-he d-didn't d-do any-anything.""What sort of boyfriend are you, letting your girlfriend get beat up by dudes in the boys bathroom?" Dale accuses, snatching me back and ending my efforts to reach for Virgil, his leaf green eyes nearly glowing. Shana is momentarily stunned, "Girlfriend?"  She mouths to me, I close my eyes in embarrassment, this was one of those days I wanted to start over. Virgil isn't even fazed by the obvious confusion. "Thanks." He bites out coldly, the appreciation has the same energy as 'go jump off a cliff. "Now give me back my girlfriend.""No. Now get away from me, you're in my way." Dale deadpans, making a move to continue his journey. "I won't ask you again." Virgil says in a deadly voice, stepping in front of us, electric blue eyes nearly jumping from his face with how hard he is glaring. "Hayden sounds terrified of you so no, I'm not giving her back. Now get the fuck out of my way." He says, his quiet voice ringing volumes, the entire hallway is silent now, the entire school watching the school's heartthrob go against the hot new kid... and over me! - I wail mentally, wishing I was a bird, a pebble, anything but Hayden LeBaron right now.VOLUME 2•~•Come talk to me on discord at Aryna Stan#5852 I'd love to hear your thoughts...Link to the Discord server...•~•

  • The Rogue System [BL]

    The Rogue System [BL]



    Zhu Kang, a trafficked soul, was captured by an evil organization and was stripped of his real memories. Unaware of the dangers he worked for this evil corporation as a system. One day, all of a sudden, fifteen men dressed in black started a shoot-out killing all the other systems.In desperation, Kang threw himself into a transmigration device that tossed his soul into a random world."System 202 has escaped.... a-again.....” one of the black-clothed men said. Trembling, he glanced at their team leader.Kai Alden gritted his teeth. “You let him slip away so easily! Send me into that world. I will capture my dear System and bring him back here,”

  • My Atypical Wolf (BL)

    My Atypical Wolf (BL)



    Ashton is an Alpha who hides who he is due to the fear of being feared, and Caleb is an omega who hides his identity since he hates the way omegas are mistreated. Both of them gave up on the thought of ever having a relationship, even if they find their fated mates. What happens when these two meet and their biggest secrets unfold. Will this bring them closer? Can they fight their feelings despite not wanting to? ~~~~~~~~ "The way spoke in front of them, you almost had me convinced that you liked me", Ashton snorted. "I do". Caleb confessed. With widened eyes, Ashton struggled to ask, "Is this... another one of you jokes"? "No. I really like you. I have liked you for a long time". He said, biting his lips, awaiting the rejection. "I thought you hate Alphas". Ashton wondered. "Not you". Caleb declared. ~~~~~~~ How will their story develop? Get into it and find find out for yourself!! [WPC-145: GOLD TIER WINNER] [MATURE CONTENT] check out my another story, 《Vampire who fell for his hunter(BL)》 ---------- PS: If you want to connect with me: Feel free to message me in:- 1.Discord. ID: sillymlk#8687 2. Instagram ID: @silly.mlk or @zuozhe_jiemei 3.Discord group: 4.Twitter: @Sillymlk 5. Blog: 6.Buy me a Ko-fi? 5. Check out its trailer in YOUTUBE:

  • Fierce Love (BL)

    Fierce Love (BL)



    Kence Russel Crosmoner, a man that doesn't believe in love because he witnesses how love can be devastating for those who experience it. He originally thought that he will not love anyone yet the unexpected variable - Calter Sternix entered his life and made him fall in love After many struggles, the two Alphas entered a loving yet hidden relationship. Kence is a famous actor and to protect his fame, he cannot publicly announce his relationship. Calter's family on the other hand doesn't want him to be with Kence. Everything should have been alright but because of the Sternix Family and Calter's childhood sweetheart - Eriel things have change Kence endured for years before he decided that he cannot take it anymore. He confronted his boyfriend to end their relationship just to get into a car accident and he was sent to 2 years in the past. This time, Kence will end things with Calter again and regain his peaceful life That was Kence's plan but what the hell is happening in this world? The legends of the earth being a world of supernatural actually appeared to be true? Kence now has to keep himself away from his ex-boyfriend that just won't let him go while making sure that he is safe from the supernatural things happening in this world --------- This is a Bl novel packed with Action Fantasy

  • The Obsession Of The Wolf {BL}

    The Obsession Of The Wolf {BL}



    Werewolf Book: {BL} Blade Eastwood is a 17 year-old-male true blood alpha and the son of the Bloody Diamond pack's head alpha.Blade Eastwood is head over heels for Ian Keene.The only problem is that Ian is also a 19 year-old-male alpha, but Blade didn't care about Ian's rank, because he was madly in love with him even though all his friends and family told him that this relationship is impossible to happen.They were right, the mating between two male alphas has never happened before.But all this will change when Blade will find out that his fated mate is the one and the only person he has been deeply in love with ..... The alpha Ian Keene.Ian Keene on the other hand is one of the famous students in his high school whom a lot of girls and boys have a crush on. He also hasn't found his fated mate yet.Everyone sees him as the perfect person who has the perfect life since he's the only son of the CEO of the Keene Enterprises and the alpha of the Dark Moon pack.Nobody knows the true life of Ian Keene.The real plot of this book will start when Blade and Ian will find out that they are fated mates.Blade was more than just happy with that, he was ready to ignore his true blood alpha wolf and submit to his mate, he was ready to even sacrifice and kill his own wolf, he was ready to be marked even though the true blood alphas are not meant to be marked because they are the ones who are supposed to mark their mates, he was ready to give anything even his own life.Just to have a small kiss or a hug from his fated mate Ian.Ian like any other alpha was waiting for his omega or even a beta. He was excited and happy waiting for his fated mate.But all his happiness and excitement vanished in the thin air when he'd found out that his fated mate is nobody other than the TRUE BLOOD ALPHA Blade Eastwood.Ian will never be able to accept the mating bond with the true blood alpha, but his wolf will.That's why he couldn't reject Blade AT FIRST.What if Ian started using Blade's love for him just to show people how strong he is by controlling the strongest creature on this earth which is a true blood alpha?What if Blade one day found out all the lies behind Ian? What if all the love that Blade used to have for Ian disappeared and turned to hatred and grudge?The plot twist:What if one day Blade leaves everything behind and comes back, but he is not the 18-year-old stupid Blade who is in love anymore.And instead, he is the 23-year-old Blade Eastwood the Demon Alpha and also the CEO of the Eastwood enterprises?Will Blade take revenge and destroy Ian's life? Will he use the weak Ian Keene who lost his wolf and he is now just a mere human? Will Blade use the fact that Ian needs money to save his only son from dying?"He didn't see me when I was fighting for him, he only saw me at the end of the war carrying a weapon and thought I wanted to kill him. He ended up killing me." -Blade Eastwood-Read If You Want To Find Out What Happened And What Will Happen in Blade's and Ian's Love/Hate Story.lgbtq+ ROMANCE BL BookboyxboyWord count: { 300.000-350.000} Book cover by me.

  • Wolf you Up ! (BL)

    Wolf you Up ! (BL)



    [R18 Mature content ] -This is an action work with a slow burn plot- Eden is the son of the most powerful and courageous alpha in the history of Bloodhood pack, Silver. He has the intelligence, speed, and charisma of a leader, but there it is! Eden is an omega. As tradition requires, only an alpha can lead the pack. One night, Eden meets his fate mate, Glen. He is the first son of Red Creek's alpha and a mysteriously weak werewolf. But that was before a magic system appears and uncover a dark and deadly secret. Will Eden succeed to wolf up his mate before their enemies bare their claws? [TW: Gore, Blood, Violence, Strong language] Cover by the author JustL89. All rights reserved. Do not use it.

  • Contract with the Demon King (BL)

    Contract with the Demon King (BL)



    Zhang Wang got stuck in a contract with the Demon King! This is totally bullshit!He was finally going to have his chance at stealing the title of protagonist by killing off the evil Demon King...But right at that moment, when he was about to cleave the head off of the villain’s shoulders, somehow, his bugged out system decided to interfere! Next thing he knew, he was stuck with a contract with this evil, hateful villain.What? Their souls are entwined as well?What the heck! Was this just some stupid plot device for some cheap danmei?! Zhang Wang wasn’t going to allow this to happen. He will have to break this contract as soon as he could!-----WARNING: This is BL, which means boyxboy romance. And there will be r-18 scenes eventually as well so consider yourselves warned!-----Join the discord!

  • Nightmare Shuttle [BL]

    Nightmare Shuttle [BL]



    The warm blood ran silently along the cold lines of his scalpel. The heavy, metallic scent of death yet to drift away with the chilling night. His knife sharpened with the dying echoes of his victim. Almost reverently, he ran his fingers along the edge, watching in awe as his blood intertwined with that of that pitiful soul. Tremors burned like fire in his body, the pleasure of death almost orgasmic in its wake. It was beautiful. His face reflected the light of the moonlight, he was enchanting yet dangerous. Darkness lurked in his midst. Like an incubus in the night, he lured his victims, watching as they willingly devoted themselves to his blade. All to keep this beautiful demon alive. --‐-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mysteriously he was dragged into this game, the blood still dripping from his fingertips. It did its best, all to please this sinister creature. Because beyond the void, something even darker, more terrifying stared lovingly at his angel, waiting desperately for him to fall deeper into the abyss once again, Chu Yi... Chu Yi... He's waiting. Wolfish Yandere Gong x Tsundere Serial Killer Shou [Unlimited Horror Instance] [Vote and comment to support the author's work] 《Every 500PS= 1 Extra Chapter》 《Every 50 Golden Tickets= 1 Extra Chapter》 《The cover is not mine. All credits to the owner. Twitter @BloodyBeni (Pintrest) Please DM if wanted to be taken down》 Discord: TomatoesandCoffee#7004 (I don't bite) ^Want to support me more? Send me a kofi^

  • The Claimed Omega [BL omegaverse]

    The Claimed Omega [BL omegaverse]



    Suddenly presenting as an omega, attacked and claimed by a stranger while celebrating the end of exam season with his friends, Wonho struggles to except all the new changes in his life. Then came Minwoo, a narcissistic, proud noble alpha with distaste in omegas who can't seem to leave Wonho alone, thinking Wonho is a mere beta who shows no interest in him. How in the world with these two strong-headed males even get together? Or, will they even get together in the first place? ---excerpt 'Tall, dark and handsome…' He starts, and as he expected, Minwoo blushes as if he knows Wonho is talking about him, '… just the type I hate.' Wonho smiles in triumph as he successfully wipes the smug of that face. Unfortunately for him though, Minwoo crouches beside him, too close for comfort. 'Looks like we have another thing in common, I prefer pale, beautiful people shorter than me too.' --- An original campus omegaverse AU, with none of the heavy alpha-dominating-omega storyline. [Warning] An angsty omegaverse with a twist. Not for the easily triggered. Proceed with caution! Also, contains Mature Contents for you pervs out there :3

  • No Time[BL]

    No Time[BL]



    Even before the apocalypse, Shui Yu's family and life were falling apart. So when he went back to the time when he was born, he tried hard to prepare and teach his siblings so that they would not be separated in this lifetime. But even though he was very OP(too OP in fact), troubles came his way. He just wanted to get rid of boredom and travel the world... but who's that mad scientist chasing him? Shui Yu: Why're you chasing me? Mad Scientist: You're my past life's lover! Shui Yu: Bullsh*t! I don't remember you! Get away from me! Mad Scientist: I'll make you remember me, starting with your body... In fact, this is a very dark but sappy story of two very OP individuals falling in love~ Reminder: This is a slow romance novel, so expect to get to the ML by chapter 70! And the apocalypse starts at chapter 45, so please don't comment or review about the novel being so slow or for me to hurry up with the story. If you read the <Not an Update>, you'll know how I deal with rude reviewers. Warning: This is BL, Danmei, fujoshi/fudanshi crap, etc. And the cover isn't mine. I edited it perfectly, but it's still not mine. The beautiful work belongs to its rightful artist~ #2 for Writing prompt #27: Reunion of a Separated couple

  • To Capture a Snake God [BL]

    To Capture a Snake God [BL]



    [BL - boys love]LiangLin is born into a snake god family, the leading snake clan of the Hei’ang city, and the sole owners of the largest brothel within 100 miles. XueYa is a sorcerer, on his quest to reach immortality and become the greatest sorcerer who ever lived. To do that, he must retrieve the body of a blue-belly snake.The two lives intertwine when XueYa steps into town and steals LiangLin's body away - literally.On his journey to retrieve his body back from the sorcerer, She LiangLin will learn that, yes, even that one-eyed bastard of a sorcerer has a heart, no matter how small and ugly it might be!And XueYa... well, it is up to debate if he learns anything, at all.---Cover by Valiantxvillainous! her novel: QT: Don't believe in fate here ->'t-believe-in-fate-(bl)_19716791906167305

  • The Villain's Light (BL)

    The Villain's Light (BL)



    Rhash was a perfectly normal man living a life of abuse and bullying on earth. The only thing about him that he finds special is the series of dreams he had about Reif Callan. A man that the universe itself wronged and forced to become the world's Number 1 Villain. Rhash greatly sympathized with Reif and he wished to meet the man in real life. As if the universe finally took pity on him, Rhash was suddenly transmigrated into the world that Reif is living into an experimented body with similar features as a Vampire. Follow Rhash and Reif in their story where they are each other's only light in this world that seems to find joy in hurting and abusing them. —- This is a BL novel packed with tons of actions and adventures!

  • Don't Misunderstood! (BL)

    Don't Misunderstood! (BL)



    Klein has just entered a University. He thought that his college would be perfectly normal but still enjoyable. What he did not expect was that a certain guy will always misunderstand him In their first meeting, Klein's eyes glowed as he saw a bag he wants to buy for his sister from a girl that tags along with Calix. However, Calix has prejudiced to people that only likes him for his appearance and he thought that Klein looks at him with infatuation causing him to feel displease On the same day, Calix decided to eat at the booth that Klein and his classmates opened. For the first time, Klein personally served the food he had cooked to the customer to inquire where he can buy the same bag. But Calix misunderstood him again for wanting to get close to him Still, on the same day, Klein saw the girl with the bag confessing to Calix and was rudely rejected. Calix threatened Klein that he would receive the same fate if he confessed. In anger, Klein threw a stone at Calix before running away On still the same day, Klein planned on watching the concert at the University. What he did not expect was that Calix would be the singer. With his mood ruined, Klein walks out of the venue but he was once again misunderstood Klein really doesn't like Calix and when the latter realizes the former was really speaking the truth, he despaired. It seems like he (Calix) was actually the one that fell in love, not Klein. What should he do now?

  • Red Blossom System (BL)

    Red Blossom System (BL)


    Cillian has been a guardian for more than a millennia. At least that's what Bliss calls what he does but if you ask him he'd say that he's nothing more than a glorified gardener. One day he appeared in an infinite white space called Blossom Central with no memory besides his name and bound to the Red Blossom system Bloom. This annoying flying ball called Bliss the personification of Bloom materialized as his assistant. His duty was to nurture the Red Blossom trees and make sure no cherries flower falls. Each Red Blossom tree was a different world that needed Cillian's help to blossom and thrive. One day Bliss decided to wake Cillian in the middle of a nap which is usually the fastest way to die but he let it go when he saw that multiple Red Blossom trees had lost cherries, something that had never happened before. Cherries falling meant that the world was going to collapse because a mortal's fate had been altered. Changing the trajectory of his fate again was the only way to save the world from annihilation. --------------------------------------------------------------- Cillian pushed the man on top of him and begged: "Enough please I can't anymore." The man got on top of him again. After licking his bobbing adam apple he whispered: "We're just getting started I'm not done playing with you." Cillian yelled in his head: "Bliss get over here!" "Yes, master?" "Who the hell is this guy and why does he keep following me from world to world?" Bliss answered innocently: "I have no idea master." Cillian threatened: "Say what you're keeping from me or you're dead!" Before Bliss could speak the man was kissing him heavingly. He entangled their tongues and reminded domineeringly: "I told you Baby don't call me something other than Gege." Cillian was close to tears. He's always hated being stuck in Blossom Central but now he's being chased by this shameless tofu-eating psycho who always wants him to call him Gege! Why did he accept to travel in all those worlds? Like a fool, he thought he would get to play with Alterers but he's the one getting played with over and over again... Arc 01: Abo (17 Chapters)✔ Arc 02: Vampire (Ongoing) Arc 03:... Arc 04:... Arc 05:... Arc 06:... Magic Castle = 2 Bonus ChapterSpacecraft = 5 Bonus ChapterGolden Gachapon = 1 Special ArcMATURE CONTENT.

  • Chaotic Romance (BL)

    Chaotic Romance (BL)

    Azarel Lancaster, a billionaire's gay son was forced by his father into marriage for an unknown reason. The only good thing was that he could choose his own spouse and who is better than the perfectly proud gold digger Evren Frazer that could anger his father to death for that position? Watch as the two enter a Contract Marriage that leads into a Chaotic Romance between the two of them!