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  • The Sloth

    The Sloth

    Arnold had always been an own pace type of guy. Put him in a room filled with screaming children, and he would have no trouble just taking out a book and starting to read. No matter what happened, he would approach life with a calm mind, and lazy body. Of course if you asked him, he wasn't lazy, he just strove to do the most amount of work with the least amount of effort. Even at school, he just sat in class. However, after he is hurled into a harsh new world, he must adapt and try to find a way to live the life he wants. That being a slow and lazy life where he can do whatever he wants.(P.S. If anyone can find a good cover image that I could use for this book I would greatly appreciate it.)

  • Sloth Memory

    Sloth Memory


  • Sloth [Bl]

    Sloth [Bl]

    Matsuo Aki and his clasmates are transported in a fantasy world, where swords and magic exist. The king welcomed them except for Aki, because of his job class "Baby Sitter". They deemed him useless to defeat the demon lords, so they send him in an abandoned orphanage.There, he raised the abandoned babies/children of many races, magical beasts and monsters to level up. Will Aki have a peaceful life raising childrens in this another world?

  • The tomb of Sloth

    The tomb of Sloth


    This book is a work in progress from a highschool student! The book is a martial fantasy novel based around the sin of sloth. I understand there are small mistakes but I’ll try my hardest to get them fixed. I’m also looking for proof readers! Please contact me on discord if your interested [Dylan stay vibing#7745]

  • Witch of Sloth

    Witch of Sloth


    The demon kings of hell ; 9 total of which 7 consist of the 7 deadly sins; Pride, Greed, Lust, Envy, Gluttony, Wrath and last; Sloth mentioned from strongest to weakest their powers based off of the origin of their respective powers, gaining more power by motivating others and themselves to follow the teachings of their cultivated sin, the remaining demon kings were Mephistopheles and Faust, usually in an alliance with 3 deadly sins each while scheming against the other.The demon king of sloth was too lazy to bother with their politics, being the ruler of the 6th layer of the vampire realm, many demon kings coveted his land and power, but out of fear for the unknown they hesitated, the demon-king of sloth, Belphegor, wasn't known to flaunt his power, but he did rule the 6th layer of hell, his powers an ever-growing mystery, and as a demon king if he decided to; he could self-destruct and if any other demon-kings or beings equal were closer than 400 meters they would die with him. That was one of the main reasons the other demon-kings didn't fight all out with each other, rather waging a proxy war between their closest enemies and furthest allies.But that all changed when a mystical meteor landed in the vampire realm, more specifically; within the territory of sloth, but the demon-king of greed, Mammon, and the demon-king of envy, Leviathan, were quick on the uptake and had it investigated as well.What had come?The demon king of sloth, ever lazy, found out at the same time as Mammon and Leviathan got news of it; a being, more specifically a heavily injured woman, on the cusp of godhood had been smited to death by the tribulation lightning used to create a god-body and a god-soul.All three were shocked; demon kings were originally not powerful enough to be gods, the closest to reach godhood was Lucifer, already having failed his ascendancy once without dying, the demon kings had speculated that one would need to be powerful enough to control all of hell to succeed the ascension, Lucifer had been powerful enough at the time of his attempt, but was attacked and distracted during it; making him fail.The wealth of this mysterious woman attracting all three demon-kings; they met, and because of the self-destruct function of their origin of power, began negotiating who would get what of the resources, techniques, and relics, after a short while they decided to split the resources between king Mammon and Leviathan while Belphegor would get the techniques and the first pick among the relics.He picked a pendant holding some foreign black and white stone, and he received an unusual technique.A divine technique, something unheard of, the greatest techniques being sacred techniques like the origin of sloth and other origins.But the requirements of the technique were too stringent; One needed to be female to even start cultivating it, and being a body cultivation technique it required massive amounts of resources, more than the king of sloth ever managed to accumulate, maybe the demon king of greed would have enough, but even he couldn't become a female on a whim.Belphegor spent years trying to make the technique viable for men and trying to lower the costs of cultivation, but the lower the costs he managed to reduce the more apparent a female body was the core of the technique.Having a divine technique obviously attracted attention, Mammon and Leviathan, knowing they had lost out, came knocking on Belphegor's door. A fight broke out and sloth self-destructed his origin of sloth, killing both Leviathan and Mammon in the blast.Somewhere else, in the mortal world, a girl lazily opened her eyes, looked down and saw a broken pendant with a crack and a female body." hu.. hu.. huhaha.. HaAhaHaHaahhHaAHAHHAAHAHHAHHA!" a Bone-Chilling laughter of maniacy reverbed from her room, reminiscent of a witch's laugh of obsession.***I do not own the art in the cover, contact me if you want it removed.

  • Sleepy, Sleepy Sloth

    Sleepy, Sleepy Sloth

    Nighty, Night; Sleep Tight

  • Ruler of sloth

    Ruler of sloth

  • House of Evils : Sloth

    House of Evils : Sloth


    " Will you let me serve you" The stunning man stood in the middle of the crowded road, bewitching him, a devil's temptation.The man with dilated pupils looked at him , panting heavily in rain and his eyes narrowed with confusion, "what?"That's how the future sin of sloth met it's butler.

  • Life of Sloth Sages

    Life of Sloth Sages

    What is this book? Well this is a collection of short story staring bunch completely useless people with questionable social intelligence live in their own live trying to survive inside the modern society while not trying at all.

  • Sloth and Gluttony skills

    Sloth and Gluttony skills

    Alex is a student who likes to eat sleep and read was killed by a truck and got reincarnated in another world with two particular skills: gluttony (you gain the skills and stats of what you eat) and sloth (you get stronger when you sleep)This is the journey of a lazy boy in an unknow world.Important note : -English is not my main language so it's normal if you find faults-I'm lazy and unmotivated so if there is no more chapter it's normal... Besides I'm not good in creativity ?-I'm writing it as I go so there will be inconsistencies (sorry)-For the future nothing is planned ?-I've absolutely no naming sense (I'm thinking about the title and the characters that might appear in the future)

  • The God of Sloth

    The God of Sloth

    Arian is a loser. Due to a sleeping condition he sleeps more than the average person, after spending 8 years in college his life was finally gonna changeThis is my first time writing a novel with Webnovel so I would enjoy feedback

  • My Sloth Cultivator System

    My Sloth Cultivator System



    I hate cultivators. I am the son of one of the most prominent cultivators, but I will never try a cultivation technique, I will never use any body refining techniques, and I will never pick up a sword. Or so I thought. But somehow, against my will, I ended up in a labyrinth. To survive in the cave and achieve my perfect, slothful lifestyle… I fought. And I lost. Being the most diligent I have been in my life; I didn’t give up. To become truly slothful, I must be diligent only at one point. As if to reward my diligence and iron will. It showed up… [Sloth Cultivator System: Unlocked.] (Cover doesn't belong to me if the owner wants me to take it off lmk)

  • My Sloth lifestyle

    My Sloth lifestyle

    This is the story about how a energy conserver gains a super human ability to inherit all the traits of a sloth besides the body features and is transported into a world to be a hero with the people needing him to defeat a very strong demon to save there world will the main character be able to continue being lazy or will his sloth lifestyle get thrown out the window!?!?!?!? The story has Boy Love in it as well as some perry scenes so beware when reading

  • Acedia: The Sloth Chronicle

    Acedia: The Sloth Chronicle


    A man from Earth who suddenly wake up in a body of an injured child..._______________All the rights of the works I may use as reference are from the respective Authors, with the exception of my originals. Also English is my fourth language (Indonesian, Javanese, Sundanese, English), so forgive me if you see many mistakes or chronological errors.

  • To Love You Again

    To Love You Again



    Xiong Zhi ran away from her unwanted marriage.That day, Linfeng, her aide, died while protecting her. The man who she held dearly in her heart died in her arms.In her last breath, she uttered,"Never again to be weak...Never again wasted our precious time...I'll promise...In the next lifetime... I will protect you..."Full of regrets, she closed her eyes, wanting to be united with the man in the underworld.However, when she opened her eyes, she found herself in her sixteen-year-old body.Realizing she had a second chance, the cold, indifferent, obedient, and meek young miss of the Xiong family was reborn as a strong, sharp, vengeful, bold, and confident woman.In this lifetime, she will fulfill her promise with no regrets.Of course, including seducing Linfeng again.-----------------------------------------------------This is my first novel and my original. English is not my first language. So please pardon me for any gramatical errors.All characters, name, place and plots are from my own world.Thank you!Happy Reading (*^▽^*) is the permanent link for my novel server. Other upcoming novels will be there as well.please join and grace us with your presence hehep ^^ And thanks to my new editor, who work like a sloth but very amazing, my sis, Letmesleep,. And the kind hearted Rei who help me edit the earlier chaps for free. I can't thank you enough!Though, not all chaps had been edited yet, they makes my novel so incredible. Thank you guys!

  • Sloth-kun is Bored

    Sloth-kun is Bored


    What would you do if a pink-haired loli with demon horns knocked on your door one day and told you she was going to isekai you because she was bored? Not to worry she is going to give you perks to make sure you survive. You just have to choose certain "entertainment points" to keep her entertained. Made your decisions? No regrets? Then let the fun begin!-based on the cyoa Overpowered Isekai by Tokhaar Gol-This is my first published work so please bear with me. Constructive criticism, advice, and comments are always welcomed, but trolls can go the way of the thots. Please enjoy.

  • Daily life of Sloth(Pause)

    Daily life of Sloth(Pause)

    Shin a.k.a Sloth is known as the most normal in the 7 sins because of his lazy nature and easy to talk with, even Lucifer admits he’s the most normal. Except for his human origins he’s well respected in the demon world. But one day he wishes to die and finally pass away but because of the curse he’s been sealed as an immortal. Now will Shin ever find the cure or is it just a legend.

  • Lazily Yours.

    Lazily Yours.



    #R18 #MatureContents #NORAPE #strongfemaleleadReader discretion is advised..................Slothnoun-reluctance to work or make an effort; laziness.A lazy and casual life.That was the only thing that Lyca Huang wanted after transmigrating into the body of a rich young miss. Tired of schemes and killing, the lazy elite assassin vowed to enjoy her second life and live a life of luxury while lazing around and bossing over her servants.With her doting mother and loving father, Lyca thought that she could easily achieve this goal. Oh boy was she wrong... so wrong.Who would have thought that her prominent grandfather would introduce her as the heiress to his security empire? How could her lazy ass manage a conglomerate? She wanted to protest! She must decline the offer in front of the whole Huang Family! However, at the time of the announcement she was so busy eating her freshly peeled grapes and could not find the time to just open her mouth to speak. Second, she was too lazy to argue or create a strain of conversation with anyone else at the party.In the end, Lyca nodded at her grandfather’s words as she continued eating. Sometimes… food was more important than pointless arguments, ah.Moreover an heiress sounded really interesting. That only meant... more food and servants, right?……………………….“Oi, Shen Qui, do you like me?” she leaned towards him, showing a little bit of her chest that was covered by her thin robe. She smiled and batted her eyelids.“No,” he answered, his face stern. “That will never happen.”“Good!” The smile on her face disappeared as she nodded, satisfied at the lack of emotion in his face. “Then… marry me.”…………………………"You stayed in your room for three days," he stated."So?""Without going out.""Hm," she nodded."You just slept and ate all day.""And?""Well… that's not very healthy, is it?" His lips curved into a wry smile."No. Not healthy.""I don't want to become a widower at twenty-five."Lyca's eyebrow lifted. "Are you cursing me?" She fought the urge to laugh. What widower? This man's honesty is sometimes infuriating. "I am tired," she said."From doing nothing?"She nodded. "I am saving energy.""To do nothing?"She looked at him and didn't miss the concern in his eyes. "To do you." She uttered and immediately laughed when she saw his face reddened. .........................................One lazy heiress.One hardworking illegitimate soldier.Two opposite worlds.Two different goals.And one marriage due to her laziness.......VOLUME 2 - Aden Shen's Story - HIS SAVAGE LOVESTARTS AT PAGE 495 - can be read separately.Killing her son in front of her wasn’t enough to satisfy their savagery. So they cut off her limbs and laughed as she bled to death.In the end, the life of the prodigy Gabrielle Sutton ended with her eyes full of unwillingness and thirst for vengeance.Who would have thought that the end she had expected never arrived?Instead of falling into the abyss of death, she woke up ten years before her demise.Would she be able to save herself this time?Book 2 of Seven Deadly Sins SeriesSin of Sloth: Lazily Yours



    Sci-fi HAREM ECCHI

    If becoming a high ranking military officer that owns battalions consisting of only female personnel was a bad dream then please dont wake me up.This was the life a lazy 15 years old boy wishes to live, tall slender and fitted body which at first look will give off an impression of an athlete, black hair and red eyes that would make every girl want to be his girlfriend, handsome but still a virgin. at an early age he was bullied in school and had felt unimportant in life ever since then, trauma made him a short-in, even though he was smart and intelligent he only schooled from home until he finally took a step to go for his final year exam which was held live at the college center located at the center of the city.Walking out of the college building where he was studying and had just finishdd his final year exams made his day go way around as he was been called by a strawberry blonde beautiful girl in an all out military uniform of black, red and gold.She was from the DARK DIAMOND FACTION said to be one of the top 5 FACTION in the world that protects the planet from extraterrestrial creatures. Although they are top 5 but they seat at the lowest rank while occupying few territories on the planet.Cursing his fate he stood miles away from her as he was both scared of her and somewhat disappointed at why the lowest rank faction member would want to approach someone like him.Staring at the girl made him question himself..."oh damn she is pretty...b...but what does she want with me?, why does one of the most popular SILVANNA want to speak to me....oh no she is getting too close"

  • Seven Deadly Sins: Lust & Sloth

    Seven Deadly Sins: Lust & Sloth

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE DEVIL

    This is not the ending the Book of Revelations predicted for the world. No savior, no fire, no religious fanfare. Just two cousins being chased by a demon they can't figure out. For Athena, an attack in the woods leads her down a path of mystery: who wants her dead? Why do they want her dead? And how does her cousin, Clare, factor into this? For Clare, meeting Luca was the best thing that ever happened to her. Until she realized she was not only dating a demon, but THE demon: Lust, one of the Seven Deadly Sins personified. Together, and with the help of Lust, Sloth, and Greed, the five of them must find the answers to the greatest mystery: who wants to kill them and why? And then they have to save the world.