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  • Speed Is King

    Speed Is King



    WPC 242 Gold Winner. SSS Beast Apostle System and Survival Racing in Apocalypse. When the aliens invaded earth, they didn’t come for its resources as many doomsayers had proclaimed throughout the years. Instead, they came for fun. They came, flattened earth’s biggest cities and turned the world into a planet-sized stadium for their civilization. The sport? Survival Racing. Ferocious alien beasts were unleashed upon the ruins of the world along with thousands of alien death-row fugitives who were only told one thing: Kill the humans, survive the year and regain your freedom. Elliot was a survivor. He died right before he entered the final 15 days of the Games. But as his consciousness began to slip away, a metallic voice rang out within his soul. Mission failed. Activating sponsor’s Boon: Reverse Time Walk. Activating sponsor's Boon: Beast System. "Welcome to the Beast System. My name is Hawk, your AI." ----------------------------------------------------------- EXCERPT from Chapter 1: Elliot screamed in absolute exhilaration as he smashed his foot on the brakes, just enough to fully utilize the power of his ceramic brakes but not so much that his tires locked up. He went from two hundred miles an hour to forty miles an hour in a heartbeat. He entered the sharp corner from the outside at the maximum entry speed and skillfully brought his car to the threshold of his tire’s grip. SCREEE!! He took the corner at record speed like a professional racer and then floored the pedal to the metal once more! ---------------------------------------------------------- Action packed start. Please give it 15 chapters for the plot to thicken :) This is my 3rd novel, I hope you'll enjoy it! Join my discord channel for a richer reading experience with pictures! :) https://discord.gg/ZqdTKhtn6z





    Once upon a time in a modern city, a man died and was reincarnated into a body and a new mythical world. This world holding many secrets, and wonderous things, but he possessed something that was highly regarded in terms of importance and usability: SPEED. Join Noah on his quest to acquire great power, meet new people; while also discovering the many mysterious features of this new world he'll eventually learn to call his home. ___________ Disclaimer: The world In this book is absolutely nothing like Earth. Rules that apply on Earth may not apply in it. It's a fantasy novel. ____________ *Please note; the book cover doesn't belong to me*

  • Global Survival: 100 Times Cultivation Speed From The Start

    Global Survival: 100 Times Cultivation Speed From The Start



    Global Survival: 100 Times Cultivation Speed From The Start It is the Year 2052, mining workers in Country A have accidentally dug through a bottomless pit. Bizarre-looking creatures have escaped from underground and caused a large number of civilian casualties. The Abyssal Passage has opened! Ten gigantic Golden Ranking Lists have also appeared in the sky. The strange phenomenon has plunged the whole world into chaos. The Golden Ranking Lists have evolved from the will of the world. Those who get ranked on the Golden Ranking Lists will receive heavenly opportunities; the higher the ranking, the greater the rewards. The first person to be on a Ranking List will get its only divine-grade reward! From this point onwards, the fate of humanity will be all changed! Chu Feng bounces up from the sofa, gasping for his breath as he awakens to the year 2052. He can still feel the cold sensation of the long sword of his ‘good’ sworn Big Brother Lin Yi slicing through his heart. “I…..I’m not dead?” He soon realizes that he has been reborn 10 years back in time! The Tribulation has not yet arrived; none of the tragedies has happened yet! He knows what will happen in the next 10 years! He must now seize Big Brother’s opportunities, he must avenge himself! He must seize all the opportunities and ascend to the Golden Ranking Lists, and obtain all the divine-grade rewards as soon as possible before the invasion of the Abyss! He must become even stronger!

  • Speed Devil

    Speed Devil


    "Everything seems so slow as if they are frozen in time, but they are not, I am just too fast.I feel like I can outrun light but will I be able to? Would I even be able to see at that speed?""Well there is only one way to find out"..._________________A physics intern gets exposed to enclosed tachyon particles in a lab accident which causes his body to go through severe changes making him the fastest being ever._____________________A/N - The start of the novel will be very slow-paced, the characters around the MC will be introduced, the world around him will slowly be built.If you don't like slow pace start, this novel is not for you.

  • Speed Trap

    Speed Trap

    When Mark Peters is stopped for speeding, patrol officer Lt. W.V. Tench lets him off with just a warning. The only problem is that now Mark can't get the sexy cop out of his mind. When his friends jokingly suggest he drive around until he gets pulled over again, Mark thinks that's a great idea.<br><br>Except it's a different cop this time. And this one isn't as taken in with Mark's disarming grin as Lt. Tench claimed to be.<br><br>With his friends snickering beside him, Mark just wants to drive off and try his luck again. How many tickets will he have to rack up just to meet the man of his dreams?

  • Ramming Speed

    Ramming Speed

  • Seed of Speed

    Seed of Speed


    Diego had been a normal person back on Earth. After his parents died, he took in his sister to help raise her, but before too long, she accidently caused his death. Instead of it being the end, as he expected, he found himself waking up on a strange new world where magic and cultivation existed.His arrival in the red sand desert would set into motion events that could destroy the fragile balance of world, but he would not learn of this until it is far too late. He rises through the ranks of power in the Konto Sect, but before he is strong enough to stand against the dark forces of the world, they begin to stir. Now, he is hunted for a power that is not truly his own. Can he master the Seed of Speed and rise through the ranks of his cultivation before the Daemoras capture him? Will he find the strength to rise to the peak of the world and ascend to the Heavens to rejoin his sister who gave him this second chance?Follow his journey to break through the Heavens and walk among the Gods!

  • Infinite speed

    Infinite speed


    Marcus was a human on earth in 2021, and his life well it wasn't what you would call good. See Marcus was disowned by his parents at the age of 14. Ever since then, he has been living in the streets for 2 years now, and It all changed that day. It was new year's and Marcus' only wish was to live a good life and then it happened he lost consciousness and had a heart attack. But little did he know that wasn't the end but the beginning of his new life.

  • Speed System,

    Speed System,

    "You are too arrogant""You underestimate your opponents too much"These were the too sentences he had heard for most his lifeNow moving up the ladder of the martial world can he keep his Arrogance or will he be another stepping stone for a young masterZhang Guangs Adventure to the Top of the martial using speed

  • Speed Demon

    Speed Demon


  • Speed Runner

    Speed Runner


    So, you want me to reincarnate into another world? Get some new material. Haha, this world is like the game I played so much? Does that include all the glitches and such?... Really? Then I accept!

  • God of Speed

    God of Speed

    A boy who is from Earth loves martial arts. He buyes martial book and tries to cultivate and transfers to another world.

  • Top Speed

    Top Speed


    Eric Young has always wanted to become a street racer after seeing one in person as a child and used his life savings to buy a Shelby Mustang to live out his dream in Faircaster City, a place known for its high octane nights. He meets a girl named Anna in his first race and earns his place in her crew. His choices unintentionally make them the targets of both the street racer hating police and the terrifying crew that ruled the underground known for taking down any racers they think is a threat. Eric is forced to make the difficult decision of leaving Faircaster or putting everything on the line to save the people he calls friends.

  • Kings Of Speed

    Kings Of Speed


    Maja Piwonska is the daughter of a former rally driver. You can say that the bent for fast cars is in her blood. Of course, after the girl learns that illegal races are taking place in her area, she decides to go watch them. But how much fun can give watching? She takes mother's Ibiza and goes on tour. There he meets the kings of the surrounding routes - the Olszanski brothers...

  • Speed Of Light

    Speed Of Light

    I was just bored and came up with this... I hope it turns out good...

  • The speed of ONE

    The speed of ONE

  • Speed-Mech


  • Windbreaker: God Speed

    Windbreaker: God Speed


    Well this is a Windbreaker Fanficit is about a young man who moslty lived his life in the hospital because of his illness and died but was given a second chance to live in another worldDisclaimer:i don't own anything except for my OC characters.

  • Speed Force God

    Speed Force God

    I hate this world all that is left here is pain and suffering and there is nothing to look forward to. I had a family if it can even be called that, but a family none the less. That is until I was reborn into a place where all my dreams can come true and I can become the fastest man alive.Image Credit:idk

  • God Speed (mha)

    God Speed (mha)

    A boy was born with a special quirk that none could compete with will he find someone fasterOP MC he gonna get fast and If this goes well he gonna visit other worlds not very good at writing so it probably gonna suck so try like 2 chapterswell this is ironic i say to try like 2 chapters and only do 2 chapters. to be honest this isn't gonna go anywhere after the first two chapters i have no idea how i wanted to continue it or how to continue. it will most likely be on permanent hiatus.sorry to disappoint ;-; if you weren't already

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