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WPC 242 Gold Winner.

SSS Beast Apostle System and Survival Racing in Apocalypse.

When the aliens invaded earth, they didn’t come for its resources as many doomsayers had proclaimed throughout the years.

Instead, they came for fun.

They came, flattened earth’s biggest cities and turned the world into a planet-sized stadium for their civilization.

The sport?

Survival Racing.

Ferocious alien beasts were unleashed upon the ruins of the world along with thousands of alien death-row fugitives who were only told one thing: Kill the humans, survive the year and regain your freedom.

Elliot was a survivor. He died right before he entered the final 15 days of the Games.

But as his consciousness began to slip away, a metallic voice rang out within his soul.

Mission failed.

Activating sponsor’s Boon: Reverse Time Walk.
Activating sponsor's Boon: Beast System.

"Welcome to the Beast System. My name is Hawk, your AI."


EXCERPT from Chapter 1:

Elliot screamed in absolute exhilaration as he smashed his foot on the brakes, just enough to fully utilize the power of his ceramic brakes but not so much that his tires locked up. He went from two hundred miles an hour to forty miles an hour in a heartbeat.

He entered the sharp corner from the outside at the maximum entry speed and skillfully brought his car to the threshold of his tire’s grip.


He took the corner at record speed like a professional racer and then floored the pedal to the metal once more!


Action packed start. Please give it 15 chapters for the plot to thicken :)

This is my 3rd novel, I hope you'll enjoy it!

Join my discord channel for a richer reading experience with pictures! :)


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    Hi guys, this author review is around chapter 190 and I would like to say a few things. 1. A big THANK YOU to all of my readers, and for all of you who are rooting after Elliot, Jennifer, Jessica, Jessica, Wu Kong and Jules! I have a ton more surprises in store, it'll be a great ride ahead! *spoiler ahead* 2. To all my potential readers/supporters. All of the characters around the MC will be pretty strong, so don't worry too much about him having "baggage". 3. His two sisters are going to be epic down the line, so don't worry about that either. 4. There are races in this novel, but it will mostly deal with the beast system in the beginning. So don't expect to read about racing until around chapter 80. 5. My discord server has pictures and inspirations in it so you can have a richer reading experience. Do consider joining it! :D Overall, I think this is a fun LIGHT novel to read. I apologize if there are slight mistakes and slight plotholes, I am very open to questions and discussion, so feel free to drop your comments! Do try to give this novel a chance if you're thinking of reading it. Thank you!! :D

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    The first thing - author has done justice to the title. I haven’t read any racing books but I feel that as long as a person has a basic idea about racing, cars and various manoeuvres then - you are in for a treat. Side characters - well fleshed out and not just add ons. They have their own story. The mc - amazingly created because his personality and goals appear to a product of his experiences and not just for the sake of the plot. World building - it’s a huge world that the author has created and it isn’t static. It is dynamic and doesn’t just wait for the mc to create events and this shows how ‘alive’ the characters are. Lastly the plot - simple but strong. Instead of the climax or something else, actually going through the plot is much more fun, though it may change looking at how grand the world structure is. Kudos to you dear author, just don’t drop the novel and it will truly be one of the best online novels out there, I am 100% certain.

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    One of the most satisfying and fast-paced books I’ve ever read. Everyone progresses very quickly but not in a way that feels forced or wrong. The world building is pretty good. It’s one of the very few books to pull off a universe-level scale setting well. It’s not perfect but it’s more than good enough. The power system is incredibly fun and mc’s plot armor is explained by it(which imo is a great way to give an mc plot armor) Thank you Author for all you hard work

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    SHAMELESS AUTHOR REVIEW!! Hi guys, this is my 3rd novel and I will give my very best to make this novel succeed! Please support me! Thank you very much :)

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    Great novel! Quite a different concept and very fun to read, the main character reactions are hilarious, and the story is quite immersive. Hoping for more chapters to come out!

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    SPEEEEEEEED.... Shameless, Borderline Psycho, Cunning, Ruthless MC. Awesome Comedy. Younger Sisters- Mind you, its Sister's'. Beat Taming. Void Abilities- Space and Time (Maybe not sure.) Exciting World Background- Universe Scale. What more do you want? Come, let's enjoy.

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    Review from the latest chapter right now I can say that this book do have potential. Its also very well written so you should absolutely give it a try (You will like it)

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    I have read several chapters of this novel. 🙌🙌🙌 and I think I fell in love with the story he made by the author of this novel.🥰🥰🥰 Really very detailed and very good. Keep spirit of writing Author, All the best💥💥💥

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    Wish you the best for the WPC! The book deserves it. Sadly, I'm short on power stones right now, but I will give you some tomorrow!

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    now if this is not an entirely new premise, then I don't know what is. an approach to invasions that's entirely unique, with all of the action u would expect from a death race. keep it up

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    I really had no other choice but to add this to my library. It’s witty, entertaining, and well written. A genuine rare diamond that I will be sure to follow along with! You’re doing a fantastic job!

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    Great so far! Skipped for a few days because of comedy tag but incredibly glad I gave in and picked this up. One of the few novels that made me curse that I binged the chapters available so quickly. Definitely has the makings of a top ranking story, keep it up Mr Author!

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    Honestly, when I read only 2 chapters, I was curious about the continuation of this story, especially since the grammar is good and the fantasy story is captivating, I really love it. I hope this story is the Winner in this WPC ✨

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    Very fast paced action packed novel, I mean there literally isn't a single second spent reading this that is boring. It has a fairly unique approach on the summoning system, making it all that much better. Very well written with almost no flaws in grammar. Very good novel, definitely worth a read.

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    This is so amazing it felt as if I was watching a movie, I'm not interested in cars but this book did something to my brain, I love the grammar, the description everything is nicely done, Great job 🔥

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    Very well written. I never read a racing novel before. I hope there will be lots of racing scenes in addition to the beast system scenes! Thanks.

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    From a fierce race like never before to beast-taming?! This was one of the most unique stories I have read here on this website. The story is well-paced with good narration and interesting characters. Def a gem! Good luck to the author of this story!!

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    Hohoho you know a gem as soon as you see it! Cant wait for all the other chapters sir author! It's a fresh concept among all these webnovels plus your ability to show is really great

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    The story is interesting and has a clean start, giving attitude to the main character and developing mystery behind the world of the story. I enjoyed, and I think you would too. Keep it up, author.

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    Author mrant12