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  • The DreamWalker

    The DreamWalker

    Fantasy Romance ADVENTURE SYSTEM

    In 2038 a new game was released to the public. The world was introduced to Silver Skies, a game that lets you play while you sleep. Luna, a young girl suffering from severe insomnia is recommended by her psychiatrist to try Silver Skies. Without any real game knowledge, Luna gets herself lost.Finding herself in a difficult situation, she gains a class that compliments her favorite playstyle. Chaotic swordfights and lots of naps!Follow her adventure, and discover the hidden power behind a true warrior of sleeping justice!PS. I don't own the art. If the original artist wants it taken down then that's completely fine. Also if you're interested in their art take a look at their work posted on twitter at: https://twitter.com/13033303

  • Atomodori dekinai (No Turning Back)

    Atomodori dekinai (No Turning Back)

    A child gets experimented at a young age, and wants to become a swordsman like his mentor.He founds that his father was the one who experimented on him.and know is sending his minnions to hunt down "Kinz┼Ź" Read to find about his journey.

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