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  • Medieval Me

    Medieval Me


    High school student, Lawrence Valentine was just 17 when he found out he had supernatural powers even his big brain and wits couldn’t explain. Now the voices he’s heard since he was a kid could be explained, but who could explain the powers that come with the Orb?

  • Medieval Chronicles

    Medieval Chronicles

  • Medieval Love

    Medieval Love

    Fantasy ROMANCE

  • Medieval Terror

    Medieval Terror


    [Trickle! Trickle!] Blood… Pure unfiltered blood. Thick wetness of inhumane variety was drowning the contours of my defiled countenance with crimson slick. My warrior’s mien was brutally decorated with the vile viscera and entrails of the dead. Scattered all around me was a large pile of corpses floating in the bloodthirsty puddle of the afterlife. Accompanying my rest within this detestable domain was a rapacious array of lord Beelzebub’s kin. A swarm of black motile embodiment capable of aerial drifts made my bloody appearance barely visible. [Buzz! Buzz!] I was dead yet living, I could travel between the broken realms of existence and meddle with the vengeful souls. Such was possible by virtue of my life that had succumbed to the Lure of Enigma. The bizarre events that unfolded which brought me to this destitute phase of utter dysphoria was a mixture of tales that will leave a distasteful flavour of doleful buds on your tongue.If you wish to know more about my apocalyptic journey then feel free to turn the pages of my undying path. However, I must warn you, inquisitive readers. My legendary tale might cause your weak constitution to become cripple, hence read at your own peril.(Link to Discord)’s Notes)You can offer your support for Mia Aim’s creativity if you visit the following links below. I’m currently in the process of working on my new LitRPG-Fantasy novel, Word Fu! The latest chapters are published on Patreon along with character artwork. Please offer your support.

  • Medieval Steel

    Medieval Steel


    Two young adventurers set out to explore the world, oblivious to the hardships and challenges that await them. They are asked to fend for themselves in an unforgiving world, but discover that this journey is worth every pennychapter length: about 1000 wordsIll see about the frequency of the updates, as im still in school, and i need to pass the exams for the fine arts uni, and study my chess theory, and socialize, and actually take up time to write well. I expect a chapter every 3 days, at least during the lockdown, but maybe moreStay tuned, and don't be shy, drop a review down below ^^

  • Medieval Cop

    Medieval Cop

    History HISTORICAL

    Meet Dregg, the most depressing cop in the Medieval Times in a country full of idiots and corruption. -This was based off of a game called Medieval Cop made by VasantJ. I had the sudden urge to play the game, type it down, and upload it here. If you like this you should play the game at either Kongregate or Newgrounds. This is a spoiler for the game-

  • Medieval Centuries Online

    Medieval Centuries Online


    Sora Tatsuya. To himself, a misunderstood loner whose wisdom is unmatched. To the world, an introverted, snarky little shit who's hard to get along with. One day, the long-awaited sequel to the Medieval saga was released, a VRMMORPG that garnered a cult following due to its innovative strives in the genre. Wanting to see it with his own eyes, Sora jumps onto the bandwagon only to realize that once you're on, you're not getting off that easily. Btw, check out my friend's book bout yanderes called: "What Do You Mean My Cute Disciples Are Yanderes?". Pretty Gucci. He needs the views. And power stones, don't forget that.

  • The medieval actress

    The medieval actress


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  • Fallout: medieval style

    Fallout: medieval style


    If reincarnating once is a dream, a second time is surely a bad move of destiny to your person.A fallout 3 and Kingdoms Come Deliverance All credits to Betsheda and Deep Silver for such great games.PS: My native language is not English and I write this for fun, if you want to read, have fun.I accept suggestions and remember. Nothing is true everything is paid for fast passes.

  • A cripple in medieval world

    A cripple in medieval world



    This is the first time I write a novel in English. I’m just a historical nerd wanting to create a beautiful story. It’ll be great if you guys can tell me about my grammatical mistakes ******** This is the story of a modern man reincarnated into a medieval, fictional, and fantasy world. Although he is a cripple, he has some special power that can help him to develop his land and hammer his legend into history. I’m inspired by the legendary tale of Ivar the Boneless. =.= Enjoy! My discord server:

  • Medieval System Adventure

    Medieval System Adventure



    When he woke up, he found himself in a completely white room. In front of him was an angel. Long story short, the man found himself being led by the god-king.The god-king, have decided to give the man another life, in another world, because of all the kindness he did in his whole life, even until his death.One moment he found himself talking with the angel, the next he found himself being in a new world, starting his new life in a world with a medieval theme.

  • Epic Medieval Journeys

    Epic Medieval Journeys


    .Where abilities are the rarest, in the kingdoms where all Powerful Kings and queens are.the book is about Abilities, war, adventure, quest and Dangerously Fun!

  • Masters of Faith Medieval

    Masters of Faith Medieval


    Lu Fan was a member of a declined martial arts family age 23 years old, his mother died from giving birth to his little sister, a while later, His father died in a traffic accident. His grandmother and sisters are the only family member he had left in the world. namely Lu Ai Min (12) Lu Fen Ya (18) Grandma Lu Mei (53) as a martial artist his father had taught him everything he knew within martial arts. Their clan before was the leading Martial Artist clan in the Warring Era of china. they contributed alot even with the unification of china. but as peace passed, generations by generations, their family was forgotten by time, and with the changes of Government leaders, their Family was left in the dust, since this new Leaders don't know their history, why should they care. they only gave his family a monthly pension of 30 RMB, which they used for daily necessities and for the studies of Lu Ai Ming, and Lu Fen Ya. Lu Fan worked as a part timer for 6 works, 20 hours a day, luckily, with his martial arts, he can easily go without much sleep. But Faith was not within him, as the three of his only family member, died in a train accident. Full of Grief he was ready to commit suicide, then he found a letter in his sisters' room, there were words in them saying "LIVE ON BROTHER". Lu Fan, worked and worked, then there was a new game that was releasing. called "Masters of Faith Medieval" he bought the game helmet worth 18,000RMB all the money he saved for his sisters when for their studies. Lu Fan played the game for a year, and He became addicted to it, With the help of his martial arts He became the #1 Assassin. But being an assassin, within the Empire game didn't get him any advantages. only ruin After the 1st year of the game's release, it updated its system "Empire War", He can't join the guild because Lu Fan was famous for being the #1 assassin, Meaning he was a hire for kill, if he Back-stab their leaders in critical moments. It would be tragic. Lu Fan sighed then quit the game and sold his account. but when he was about to buy his dinner, Destiny played a huge joke, as he died. after saving a girl that was almost hit by a truck. But exactly when he closed his eyes. a warm light fell to him, when he opened his eyes, he came back to time when his sister and grandmother had died. Watch as Lu Fan Remake his new Legend! Join us in Masters of Faith Medieval and follow Lu Fan's Journey to become the GOD!

  • The Modern Medieval.

    The Modern Medieval.


    How does it feel, that science which only a few of us knew, could change the complete world?How does it feel, if we brought the ancient warriors, people and dragons back?How does it feel, when we mix fantasy, action, adventure and sci-fi together?And today, I am presenting you this story, which you might have not seen before.This story is about a person, Gyder, who was one of the few left behind in the transmigrated world, due a failure of an experiment. Now he should find his way, either to bring the transmigrated people back or teach the new souls how to adapt to the modern world. Which he chooses? And what do you what he might do?Note: This is my first story in webnovel. There is a good chance of having grammatical mistakes and some logical missing in between. Please show up my mistakes and help me in improving.

  • Medieval Gothic Lords Series

    Medieval Gothic Lords Series

    "A place of superstitions.A place of curses.A girl who was forced to sacrifice her life for the welfare of the village, and became a widow against her will.Widowed? Or Married?Ella Rosemane was satisfied with what little she and her family had. But one incongruous incident shatters everything she had and kills the spirit in her.Stuck between being widowed and married, Ella found the curse around her was embraced by a stranger who was anything but a stranger to her."

  • Fantasy medieval and Magic.

    Fantasy medieval and Magic.


    The two brothers,after realizing how inexperienced they are, set off on a long adventure.

  • Transmitted into a medieval world

    Transmitted into a medieval world



  • medieval story for fun

    medieval story for fun

  • RE: Masters of Faith, Medieval

    RE: Masters of Faith, Medieval

    A remake of one of my first novels, Master of Faith: Medieval.I hope you guys will like it~

  • Gaming Cafe In The Medieval Era

    Gaming Cafe In The Medieval Era


    Opening a gaming cafe in the Middle Ages? With the use of an internet browser, you can access a great deal of information, watch movies, and play video games?!Our MC finds himself with a mysterious system that allows him to run a fully self-sufficient VR gaming cafe. Come join us on this voyage as Hwang Lee expands his influence throughout the continent with his collection of modern treasures.-------Note------Pay no mind to this half-baked novel. I'm dyed-in-the-wool about walking out on writing. This book would probably rot away in a small corner on this website (Not that I care anymore). So, go and read something else that's not wasteful of your time.