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  • Treason



    Milamber is a space-ops special forces private sent tasked with investigating the strange events happening on planet Treason.His mission led him to investigate strange movements on the planet's crust and prisoners developing powers, despite Project Power, a project with the goal of giving humanity the power of a god, being banned four thousand years prior.While on Treason, he finds himself developing his own power, and that might spell his end.Will he manage to hide his powers from the watchful eyes of his superiors, and will he find out the truth of the source of his power?

  • an encounter that ends in treason

    an encounter that ends in treason


    Seorang gadis bernama Drizzle Anastasya Richard yang terkenal kegalakan dan ketegasan nya sebagai keamanan kelas harus di hadapkan dengan murid baru yang dimana pemenang juara satu olimpiade matematika bernama Alex Cahyo Nugroho yang sangat terkenal dengan ke bad boy an nya serta seorang cowo yang susah di atur. Bagaimana cara nya Drizzle menghadapi seorang Alex Cahyo Nugroho??? Akankah Alex akan berubah??? Atau justru mereka akan mengalami yang namanya jatuh cinta??? Bisakah mereka bersatu??? Dan akankah mereka akan selamanya bersama??? Cari tau jawabannya....

  • The Atrocious Treason [COMPLETED]

    The Atrocious Treason [COMPLETED]


    "Will I feel better if I just disappeared?" -Aidan-Menjadi jenius dari lahir ternyata tidak semenarik yang orang pikirkan. Bagi Aidan, hidupnya terasa menyedihkan. Namun, semua berubah ketika Aidan bertemu dengan seorang gadis, bernama Freya. Ia adalah salah satu agen elit CIA, dan dapat dipastikan ia bertemu dengan orang yang sejenius dirinya. Tetapi realita tidak berjalan sesuai ekspektasi mereka, berbagai misi yang mereka jalankan ternyata saling berkaitan satu sama lain dan semakin membongkar rahasia lama kedua institusi.Apakah rahasia yang disembunyikan kedua institusi? Bagaimana pertemuan tersebut mempengaruhi kehidupan kedua agen elit yang berbeda institusi? Apakah mereka berada di jalur yang sama atau justru saling bertentangan?***

  • I’ll Come Clean! I Am The King Of Lolan!

    I’ll Come Clean! I Am The King Of Lolan!



    In the 15th year of Lolan’s independence, Luo En transmigrated to this world. But because his system needed six months to load, he had to make use of his own know-how to open a bar in the city and use the bar to familiarize himself with this new universe he was in. But the location of the bar was poor, so the only customer he had was a man named Charles. This man was a very strange one who enjoyed asking Luo En about the country. He would ask about matters concerning the military, the people, and any other topic that would have seemed potentially treasonous. “What sort of person do you think the current king of Lolan is?” “Which side do you think is more likely to win the war between Lolan and Waoh?” “Which of the king’s sons do you think is most suitable to be the next king?” Charles’ questions were always so bold. Luo En was always on the verge of rolling his eyes. As a top student of the 21st century who was well versed in military matters and history, these brainless questions were an insult to his intelligence. But since Charles always spent so much money here, he decided to just answer some of Charles’ questions. “The current king of Lolan is a good king who’s hard to come by. His legacy will definitely go down in history!” “Before him, Lolan was a divided nation where the aristocrats took control of everything, oppressing the people and making their lives difficult. White Horse City and Sunset City were filled with poor and hungry people, even selling their children to make ends meet and eating absolutely anything they could find. It was such a tragedy.” “Thankfully, the current king united the country and gave the people a peaceful and stable environment to live in. At the same time, he set new laws to help the people come out of their post-war poverty…” “So, I think the current king is a truly wise man, a good king who comes once every millennium!” After hearing these words, the king in disguise at the bar felt his heart palpitate. “You know me the best!”

  • Fallen Crown: Child of Treason

    Fallen Crown: Child of Treason

    Fantasy ACTION MAGIC

    During the war, Charles is regarded as the child of treason. Due to leakage of confidential information about the Magic particle, his father is accused and killed, his dead body dragged away from their family. After the despair of losing his father, he wants to get stronger and prove his father’s innocence, but how when he has no talent in magic?Amidst the hopelessness and doubt, I shall pave my way to power. When persecutions come, I will show absolute strength and dominance. With the same blood used to start this conflict, I shall end this war.

  • Gregor and the Treasonous Queen

    Gregor and the Treasonous Queen


    Gregor feels a primal scream welling up in his chest. Someone has kidnapped his family and he knows it was the Underlanders. Is it another prophecy or is it something else? Strange things begin to happen in the Overland and Gregor knows he must return to Regalia! Read to find out the rest!

  • Rebirth of the Phoenix God

    Rebirth of the Phoenix God



    Within less than a day of the Inquisitor’s arrival, Fen ends up bound to the stake. As he stares down at the face of the friend who sold him out, the stakes are lit as the execution begins. "I will burn you for this treason!" Those words resounded in Fen's mind as his body gave up, releasing his soul into the flames Only for it to be cleansed, and reborn from the fires! Now, the age of the dragon is over. It's time for the return of the Phoenix! Discord link:

  • Blemished Records Of A Treasonous Official

    Blemished Records Of A Treasonous Official


    A Treasonous official somewhere in the universe has been caught and apprehended. It has come to the attention of the court that he was not honest in his dealings and has mishandled justice. to get the full scope of his crimes you have been given the task of sorting through this book to find out what his true motives are.WHAT EXACTLY IS THIS BOOK THAT REMAINS A MYSTERY FOR YOU TO SOLVE( psst a compilation of short stories)

  • The Tales of a Blessed Daughter

    The Tales of a Blessed Daughter



    Su Yan was reborn and returned to the day she was betrothed! In her previous life, her grandfather had been accused of colluding with the enemy and treason. After he unjustly died in prison, the Su Family's eldest branch fell from grace. The Su Family's second branch swooped in and seized control, and her cousin snatched her fiancé away. The same cousin also plotted to marry her off to the Prince of Guangping, whose days were numbered. It was only when she was slandered by her cousin for climbing into her former fiancé's bed, accused of incest, and beaten to death by the Old Madam of the Prince's mansion, that she found out that the entire eldest branch of the Su family had long been exterminated! Su Yan wanted to change everything in this life! The vicious cousin said, "Sister, on the day of my wedding with Brother Lingyu, you must come!" Su Yan smiled. "Of course. I'm engaged to the Prince of Guangping. If you marry his nephew, you'll have to call me aunt. I'm still waiting for you to serve me tea!" Scumbag ex-fiancé said, "Su Yan, you're both daughters of the Su family. Your sister is gentle and kind, but you're so evil!" Su Yan sneered. "I have something even more vicious. Do you want to try it?" Su Yan had especially found Soul Returning Pills to give to her future husband. She wanted to cure Prince Guangping, who also happened to be her childhood savior! However, is this medicine not too effective? He had just taken it and it was already able to restore a man who had injured his body to its original state? Looking at the man who was undressing in front of her, Su Yan stuttered, "Prince, what… what are you doing?" The prince said, “Madam, of course, I want you to see the effects!” The next day, Su Yan held her aching waist. Persona: Su Yan: Pretty and smart, vengeful and protective. Gu Ruoyun: He has a cold personality and likes small animals. He often treats Su Yan like a little rabbit and is soft-hearted.





    "I am you, and you are me. We are the same soul" -Fu Xie Lan- . . . Betrayed by her organization, Clara's soul was thrown into the body of the woman accused of treason. Being in a world that she never expected. Everything she once thought was a myth had come true. Magic? Demon? Vampire? Fairy? and all kinds of immortal beings roam there. She was met by a young man who always followed and called her mother. And another soul who was sealed in her body, as well as a mystery about the events of 700 years ago that always loomed over her. How did Clara handle everything? How can she break free from the seal on her body and get her revenge? Who is the young man who always calls her 'mother'? Can she get her revenge? The answer is in this story._______________________________READ MY OTHER BOOKS?* Rebirth Of The Goddess.* Unexpected Love: One Night With Mr. CEO* The Hidden Princess And Seven Nobles

  • The Great Vampire General is a Girl!

    The Great Vampire General is a Girl!


    "He wanted her to be stronger, he believed in her strength. Valerie thought he only sees her as his fellow knight comrade. Until they finally taste each other's blood and their world will never be the same again," *** Valerie Dubois, joins the soldiers to fight on the front lines. She replaced her weak brother who was the heir of her family. She disguised herself as a men for five years and never seriously became a knight. Her troops was defeated, due to an incompetent general and treason. She was slandered and became the cause of their defeat. She became a prisoner of war and was tortured. She died in a state of revenge and regret. She wanted to live as a woman. She wanted to feel Love. She prayed that she would be given a chance to live again as a woman. She opened her eyes and she was returned to the four years ago. But this time she promised not to make a mistake. She will fight to become a General and win the war. After that, she may retire and live as a noble Lady again. But can she easily obtain her happy ending? *** Excerpt: "Sir Raphael, I need your blood," He's a vampire, just like me. I'm not too thirsty for his blood. But I need it. He smiled, looked at me then unbuttoned his clothes. He showed the veins on his neck and some of his charming masculine curves. "Go ahead," he said. I touched his body and brought my face closer. My fangs grew and I plunged them into his neck. I gulped down his sweet blood. I won't drink too much. He's not my prey. I could see his calm expression. He clearly enjoys what I do. "This is unfair," he said. "why?" Raphael then took my hand and dropped me on my back. "Let me taste your blood too, Valerie. Will you enjoy it as much as I do?" he said. Umm, I was not ready for this. He was already strong. Why did he want to drink my blood too?? *** Author's Note: This story contains Gore, sadistic scenes, brutality and uncensored action scenes. The MC is Vampire, of course she drinks blood. I like writing explicit scenes. I already warned you. No explicit smut scene. A little bit of humour. Well, I am not confident enough to be able to make you laugh. I just want to tell you, this is a serious but not too serious story'. It's a slow burn romance. The relationship between the MC and the male lead at first will be more like brother, or like a senpai and his junior. But you will enjoy their sweet relationship growth. In the beginning chapter I write in the first POV, but later also write in the third POV. Last, Please encourage me to keep writing by adding this story into your collection! I OWN THE COVER. IT IS COMMISIONED

  • The Alpha King's Nemesis

    The Alpha King's Nemesis


    Alternative Title: Rebirth of the Crimson Alpha.~Daily updates resume on 01/04/2022Please consider dropping a review as you read. ________________ Rage... That was all she felt, rage so powerful it consumed her every being, dispelling all other feelings but one... the need for revenge. _____________ 'Mine!' Zariah's wolf had growled in a possessive tone and at that very moment, Zariah had realized that she was gazing upon the very one the creator had made specially for her, the only one deserving to stand at her side, the other half of her own soul...her fated mate. Zariah had immediately been overcome with joy, all caution had flown out the window and her wariness had been immediately forgotten as she leaned down and gazed into those innocent baby blue eyes, her own mismatched orbs of a fiery crimson and a glowing gold were contorted with pain as she stared at the bruised and broken body kneeling at her feet. 'You are mine precious one and from this moment on, no one shall ever hurt you again.' Zariah had vowed aloud, before him and before her pack members and within her heart, Zariah had promised to protect and love him for all eternity...oh how foolish she had been, If only she could have known then that saving him would become the greatest regret of her life...had she only known then that he would be the cause of her death and the destruction of her pack. __________ When Zariah, female Alpha of the Crimson Moon Pack is betrayed by her mate, her pack is completely massacred and Zariah is captured and tortured for treason before being publicly executed by wolfsbane. Zariah finds out in her last moments that the massacre of her pack had been under the orders of none other than the Alpha King. As she took her last breath, Zariah swore to return as a vengeful spirit to destroy all who had contributed to the destruction of her pack. The creator was merciful and Zariah was granted a second chance, a rebirth and a chance to change her pack's fate However fate is a funny thing and with every gift given, there is always a catch to it. Zariah is tossed in turmoil when she finds herself granted a new mate in this new lifetime...a new mate in the person of her greatest nemesis, the Alpha King. ~First Book in the Werewolf Rebirth Series

  • Wings of Destiny

    Wings of Destiny


    I promise that I will be the one to find you in our next life. I swear to prioritize you before my duty as you prioritized me. I will love you wholeheartedly and not hold back anymore.....I love you, Max - Charis Astrea's perfect life came crashing down when her family was charged with Treason against the royal family of Nethilor. She fled to the neighboring Empire of Findara and lost her memories because of an injury. But her life restarted as she was adopted by the couple from that kingdom. Everything looked well until her first love and fiance came into the picture. Lorcan Radcliffe, will not stop at anything until he gets his beloved back. Whereas Cassian Wulfgur who is her destined mate and fiance in the Findara empire would never give up on her. A vampire prince and Alpha of the strongest pack of werewolves, Who will she choose, and what will happen when her complicated past life's enemies enter her life? Follow Astrea in her journey to find her true self and one true love. Look how she will complete her unfinished duty from her past life amidst all this chaos. 'Cover is not mine' Follow my insta @ruby_rosie_2001 #werewolf #Alpha #Fatedmate

  • Princess in the Death Penalty (English)

    Princess in the Death Penalty (English)



    Prince Shem Theodorus of the Kingdom of Sadrach has fallen in love with a Princess of the Serafin Kingdom. They are ready to get married and both of them love each other. But who would have thought that the King of the Serafin Kingdom was treasonous and wanted to steal Red Xavier Crystal, but was caught in the act. So that it caused a great war, and the Serafin Kingdom was completely destroyed along with the King and Queen who were beheaded. Because the Serafin's Princess disappeared, she became a fugitive in the kingdom with the status of Death Penalty (beheaded) as well. In her escape, she met many men who wanted her, even her body. Even the King (Father of Prince Shem) is tempted by Adaline's beauty in disguise and wants to have her too. What will happen to Princess Adaline? Will Prince Shem Theodorus give up his lover to be beheaded? anti-plagiarism, honesty will have an impact on your world and your hereafter.

  • Rebirth of the Third Prince

    Rebirth of the Third Prince



    Victor von Claes was the third prince of the Claes empire who was betrayed, imprisoned, and executed for the fraudulent excuse of treason. It wasn't until his next life that he found out that everything about his first life was nothing more but a novel. Turns out he was just a minor villain character in this stupid novel. But after living his best in his second life, what he didn't expect was waking up back to his first life. Will he seek out revenge or aim for a better life away from it? ***** Note: This is a BL (Boy's love) novel. It is an incredibly slow build and slow pace, focusing mainly on a slice of life and world-building that many may not like. If you don't like these themes and settings, please don't proceed. Thank you.

  • The Twenty First Gem

    The Twenty First Gem



    She falls in love with him for his looks and he falls for her talent and bravery.Story of Main Leads: Separated in a terrorist attack in Delhi, destiny brings them together again as strangers and fated partners after twenty years...And the game of life and death begins when the villain of their story- Lord Agma reenters in the frame to separate them again...Sarah and Aryan...She is a doctor and an all-rounder girl with many hidden identities while he is a soldier with a secret mission to kill his own fated partner to protect his country from this new ruler of Underworld and also, to marry the girl he loves secretly for the past twenty years.For her, her fated partner is Mr. Wrong and the man she falls in love with at first sight is her Mr. Perfect.When will Sarah discover that the man she worships in her heart for a long time is actually the biggest villain of her life?What will Sarah do when she will learn about the betrayal by her own people, especially the man she loves?...Three seasons... One Saga of Love, Hate, and Revenge...Between fated partners...Will they come together ever?********************************Season 1:Sarah, the twenty-first adopted and spoiled heiress of Mumbai's richest Family, is a fun-loving, sporty, mischievous girl full of life. She is a lazy, tomboy, tyrant, crazy, and psychopath yet an all-rounder girl with many hidden identities...A famous author and celebrity for the common world, she also rules Mumbai's dark Mafia world. Her family is her life and she can go to any extent to protect her siblings.Known as a troublemaker and the one who is always surrounded with troubles, Sarah gets involve in a drug and attempt to murder case. As if it isn't enough, her love rival poisons her with the most lethal drug in the world which reopens an old case of drug and murders and exposes a new evil plan of a terrorist organization.When Sarah gets successfully out of the charges, she falls into another case of treason against the country Kontumba for which, she works as a secret agent.Season 2:A new journey of Sarah begins when she goes to Kontumba to receive her punishment for treason and faces Life and Death Challenges to survive.Upon returning from Kontumba, Sarah decides to avenge herself and punish those who trapped her in the false charge of treason. Her journey to become the ruler of the underworld begins with more dangers lurking in the darkness around her.Season 3:Sarah's family thinks her life is full of dangers and tries to change her lifestyle. Her elder brother finally takes her to the Army base in Delhi where she again meets the man she loves.**********************************Be a part of the adventurous, funny, spicy, and emotional journey of Sarah to self-discovery, truth, and love...This is a story of...Strong Familial bonding between Adopted Siblings...An extraordinary relationship between Mentor and Disciple...A story of Sacrifices,Love,Betrayal,&Vengeance...***************************************Dive into the world of side-characters' short love stories including a special BL story along with the main leads' love saga.*Family, Love, Comedy-drama, Sizzling Romance, Action Thriller, and Suspense!***************************************Warning:Beware, the MC is the real Villain. All of the others can move aside from the picture.***************************************Join me on Discord-K_H_Sonali#9808Please Support out the looks and Characteristics of the Main Characters of the novel on my Instagram Page- i_am_k_h_sonali***************************************Disclaimer:The book's cover page is edited by the author. The credit goes to their original creators.

  • The Grounded Citizens

    The Grounded Citizens


    The world was attacked by wild beasts. Only those that fled survived settling on the unattacked part of the world. Building strong fortresses, walls and armies. After many years of settling, they discovered that they had changes in their lives with out physical ones; stronger, extremely wise! Physical ones appear in their off-springs like eye color change. Making factions to make good use of their abilities; the rulers'faction (strong), cultivators'faction (both but surpassing none) and the bwarts'(wise). Over years, there were many other factions due to intermarriages; archers, purposive and cleansed hearts. The rulers' faction took over the country dominating it as they were the strongest. They committed all crimes as they oppressed the others. Until, they eliminated the cleansed hearts as they were threats to Them framing them for treason. Arthur Zane the only hidden surviver of the cleansed hearts strives to survive and seek revenge for the death of his parents.Will he succeed in the cruel world of the rulers'?

  • Ultimate Skill Leveling

    Ultimate Skill Leveling

    In a world with a legendary game system explore the story of David Poklore who is the first and only son of the small noble family Poklore, at least he used to be before the family was annihilated in the 33 years war, the only problem is they weren’t annihilated by the enemy they were annihlilated by their own Kingdoms, Ausloris Kingdom’s, forces with the reason being treason, but is that really correct.In this world where only the rich and the talented can thrive find out what made david able to thrive (CHEATS)

  • The Emperor’s General

    The Emperor’s General


    "I vow to be loyal and sacrifice my life to my country." This was the oath he made when he first joined the army. Now here he was surrounded by hateful gazes of his own people for murdering their country's Mother Empress. He was once a mighty general known as the God of War and now instead of dying a prideful death, he was convicted of treason. A traitor to his own country. Su Ying only wanted one more chance to make things right. He wanted to prove himself as the trusted General of the Emperor he had once been. He wanted to go back to the man he loved. He wished he could go back to the time where he could watch the man silently. "Only if I knew things would end up like this, I would have already confessed my love to you." This was the last thought of Su Ying before he was beheaded. He died full of regrets but never did he think he would get a second chance.

  • Chained to the Crown: Will A Cursed Love Find A Way?

    Chained to the Crown: Will A Cursed Love Find A Way?


    ‘How did things get this far?’ As far as I knew, it all started one year ago… ----------------------------- A tale of love, royal plots, and many adventures. The story is about a girl, turning eighteen, and about to hold the throne of her kingdom. She waited for this moment her entire life, and when it finally came, she was in a bitter position than she initially thought . She was surrounded by enemies, a father who didn't love her, a fiancee who was toxic like viper, a head of her knights with no loyalty, and the head of advisors who always treated her badly. Her entire life, she was dressed and lived a lie, being a prince of this country, a lie made up by her dear father, a lie that imprisoned her. At the day of her coronation, the one man she, wholeheartedly, loved was accused of treason, and she was forced to brand him 'traitor' in front of her people. will she be able to do it? ___________________________