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  • Tribe: I Become Invincible With My 10,000x Bonus From The Start

    Tribe: I Become Invincible With My 10,000x Bonus From The Start



    “Ding! You’ve received the [Human Archer (Stage 2)] and has activated the 10,000x bonus. You have received the [Flame God Archer (Stage 10)].” “Ding! You’ve received the [Speed Totem (Silver)] and has activated the 10,000x bonus. You have received the [Wind Goddess’ Speed Totem (Legendary)].” “Ding! You’ve received the [Basic Resource]x1,000,000 and has activated the 10,000x bonus. You have received the [Basic Resource]x10,000,000,000.” “Ding! You’ve received the [Mecha Maid Army] and has activated the 10,000x bonus…” When Li Cheng was reincarnated to the launch day of the game, Tribe, he had received the 10,000x Bonus System. From armies to equipment to talents and skills, he could receive a 10,000x bonus. A few years later, when the world and game merged, people struggled to survive while Li Cheng had already become a godly being…

  • 40 Tribes

    40 Tribes


    In 2061, a war-ravaged Kenya on the brink of collapse and defeat entrusts its future to a few promising youth, and trains them in the ancient spiritual magic arts of their ancestors; arts long forgotten after the unification of the 40 Tribes.Makena, an 18 year old straight out of high school, is looking for any way to avoid the mandatory military draft that all citizens face upon turning 21. Little does he know that his desire to stay alive and away from the battlefield, has its own mortal dangers.

  • The Seven Tribes

    The Seven Tribes

  • War of Tribes

    War of Tribes

  • Ace Tribes

    Ace Tribes

    Chryssant Elettra--akrab disapa Ysee--mendapati diri berpindah ke tubuh lain setelah 'dikutuk' oleh korban perundungan kawanannya atas perlakuan buruk mereka. Tragisnya, ialah satu-satunya yang terkena imbas atas 'kutukan' itu. Ysee berakhir di sebuah kontinen bernama Earthalic, terancam mati pada perjumpaan pertama dengan Remus Valez, sang putra mahkota kekaisaran. Dituduh sebagai penggerak utama agresi suku Ace, Ysee hampir menjadi tawanan kekaisaran sampai seorang tabib istana memvalidasi kejujurannya. Atas izin dari sang Putra Mahkota, Ysee menempati manornya, dijadikan sebagai pelayan pribadi pria itu secara sepihak. Sampai kehadiran Ysee berdampak pada terkuaknya satu demi satu kebenaran yang selama ini luput dari jangkauan pengetahuan Remus. Tetapi, mereka tidak sadar bila keduanya telah menjadi bagian dari permainan skema seseorang--memainkan peran sebagai dua buah bidak yang akan menjadi awal dari kehancuran.[]

  • The five tribes

    The five tribes

  • War of the Nine Tribes

    War of the Nine Tribes

  • Books tribes of bite

    Books tribes of bite

    Judge Roy SparkmanReligious liberty is under attack in the United States. Faced with legal challenges for the mere action of preaching from the Bible, Pastor Preston and his supporters confront a terrifying truth: the U.S. Constitution is no defense against a biased district attorney obsessed with sending him to prison.A "Pastor’s Pit" exposes the threat to the religious liberty that people of all faiths take for granted, as well as the crucial role that U.S. Supreme Court appointments and presidential elections play in maintaining the rights of all citizens. How can a pastor be indicted and tried for the "crime" of preaching from the Bible? Will the courts send him to prison or uphold his constitutional freedoms? Purchase at"Irina"by Philip WarrenA masterfully detailed historical novel of culture, religion, history and politics of the times intertwined with a deeply moving portrayal of tragedy, hope and perseverance. This is Irina’s journey from Polish serving girl to French businesswoman. Her determination and curiosity will make you cheer, and her harrowing escape from those who would thwart her progress will have you holding your breath.Poznan, Poland 1378. Irina is dying. Despite her storied life, one loss is not accounted for: her only son. In a world dominated by men, Irina finds that she can thrive, having everything she could want but the answer to one question. A rich, wonderful saga. Purchase at the Way to Casa Lotus"On the Way to Casa Lotus"by Lorena Junco MargainThis is a memoir of family, art, injury and forgiveness. The author — a passionate art collector and devoted wife and mother — is already shaken after abruptly fleeing Mexico and relocating in the USA with her family. Then, she learns she has a tumor, which simple surgery can mend. But to err is human — even for surgeons. Rather than improve after surgery, her condition worsens.Deeply compassionate, wise and poetic, the memoir lays bare some of the most poignant contradictions of the human condition, blurring the distinctions between guilt and neglectfulness, anger and sorrow, humility and shame, gratitude and despair. The book plants a seed of hope that loss and pain can serve a higher purpose. Purchase at Exposure"Indecent Exposure"by Viola Trivette Meera and Aaron have been pitted against each other since law school in their fight for a higher class rank and their ever-growing gap in political views. Apart from constant class bickering, Meera avoids Aaron after an awkward moment in an empty classroom their first year. However, as graduation approaches, she starts to regret all those nights she spent alone in the library and finally agrees to go out with her roommate where she bumps into Aaron at a noisy club.Although both characters are undeniably drawn to one another, they refuse to admit what’s between them. What ensues is a game of back-and-forth as they each try to force the other to concede. Purchase at

  • Tribes of The Unknown (18+)

    Tribes of The Unknown (18+)


    A daughter created by his subconscious, a tribe, and many enemies, Oliver, the not-so-normal high schooler, starts his exciting life in a new world commanding a tribe of fifty people.

  • I Can Make Everything Level UP

    I Can Make Everything Level UP



    Our discord server: Without noticing it, a man called Bill passed away, but then he realized that his life wouldn't end that way and soon he was reborn as Billy in another world. Billy was already satisfied enough that he retained his memories, but the surprises didn't end there. He was born with a weird power that granted him the chance to convert mana into experience points and transmit it to all sorts of things. Things were looking pretty good until he noticed that he was born in an impoverished and rustic village that was facing their imminent extinction in the hands of creatures that he had never heard of before and other tribes that had all sorts of abilities. Before he could learn how even to crawl, Billy had to find a way to help his tribe. Otherwise, they will be annihilated before he can even become strong enough to stand. Billy's journey will be much different than he had imagined. Much farther away from Earth than he had originally thought, Billy will have to adapt to a new environment where his tribe is at the bottom of the food chain. Will he be able to grow up safely and try to change things for the better for his new family and friends? The story, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this production are fictitious. No identification with actual persons (living or deceased), places, buildings, and products is intended or should be inferred. The image on the cover doesn't belong to me, if it is yours and wants me to remove it, just say so.

  • Space Tribes - Planet of Hope

    Space Tribes - Planet of Hope


    "These demons invade our land with their iron birds, their strange weapons kill our people, open our bodies to steal our ancestral hearts, steal our food and our water, these demons call themselves Humans"“In the year 2100 humanity reached the height of space technology, space travel is easy, a planet almost equal to planet Earth is found in a nearby galaxy. We call this planet Hope, our natural resources are running out, but this planet lives a strange people called ancient people, I ridicule such a good place being used by tribal primates "The story takes place on Planet Hope, the protagonist is Draed Stone, a young tribal warrior, his quest to free and save his people from invading demons called humans

  • The world of magical tribes.

    The world of magical tribes.

  • Ancient Tribes Ancient Laws

    Ancient Tribes Ancient Laws


    Bro just read the damn book, all you need to know it's funny, and I used Grammarly (that in of its self is a whole reason to read it )Sike naww im just playing but yeah i would really like it if you tried the book, and i want honest feedback not some i just didnt like it, explain so i can better my self

  • Falling in Love with the King of Beasts

    Falling in Love with the King of Beasts



    [COMPLETE] Reth stalked towards her, chin low so the shadow cast by his hard jaw cut across the thick fur collar of his vest. His hair had fallen over his eyes in the scuffle, so he peered at her through it like a lion in the grass. With each step, his graceful, rolling gait reminded her of a predator stalking its prey. Despite the forest floor littered in twigs and leaves, he didn’t make a sound. “Wh-who are you?” Elia stammered, backing away, her hands up. He met her step for step until she came up hard against the tree behind her—and didn’t stop until he loomed over her, so broad his shoulders and chest made a wall in front of her. She could feel the heat rising off his skin in the cool, night air. “I am the Leonine King.” His voice was a dark, husky gravel. Behind him a chorus of wheezes, howls, and chirps of agreement rose from the people watching. “And you are?” “Elia,” she breathed. “Elia,” he growled, leaning in closer, bringing with him the scent of pine and rain and the musk of something distinctly male. “I am Reth.” He said the name with a strange, guttural roll in his throat. “I am the King of Beasts. I am Clan Leader, and I am Alpha of WildWood.” Several snarls rose from the crowds behind him then, but he ignored them. Elia swallowed as he leaned in until the scruff on his jaw rasped her cheek. “I am the King,” he said, “And you will be my mate.” The forest behind him erupted. ****** Elia is a poor university student until the night she's taken to the world of the Anima—ruled by humans whose ancient hearts pulse with the blood of animals. There she's forced into a battle to the death. But when Elia survives, and refuses to kill her final opponent, the King must either kill Elia himself, or take her as his mate. Reth, the brutal King of the Beasts with the blood of lions, shocks everyone when he chooses the weak, human Elia to become his Queen. He promises her every comfort of his wealth and position—but he is clear: She will not warm his bed. He chose her to defeat those that were trying to corner him into blending his Leonine line with the Wolves. Elia needs the help of the Anima to become stronger and rule them well. But the vengeful Wolves see only a weak human that brought them shame. As Elia and Reth grow closer, the wolves are determined to destroy her. Will Reth and Elia admit their feelings for each in time to fight for the Kingdom—and their lives—against the villainous wolf-tribe? Or will the wolves kill Elia and steal the throne? [Mature content - no sexual violence] Cover Art used by paid copyright permission. Illustrated by Aenaluck--see more gorgeous art and support them on

  • The history about African tribes

    The history about African tribes

  • Erityian Tribes Series #1: Tantei High

    Erityian Tribes Series #1: Tantei High

    Do you have a special talent?Do you have a great mind?Do you have the courage to fight? If you have, then our school is perfect for you. Talent.Courage.Intellectual mind. These are the only requirements for enrolling. We are the crème of the crop.A school for great people.A school meant for you. TANTEI HIGH. ***Tantei means detective in Japanese/Nihongo***Unofficial Translation for Filipino Novel

  • Tribe


  • Taming the Queen of Beasts

    Taming the Queen of Beasts



    [COMPLETED] Elreth is a Princess in the world of Anima—where humans can shift into the form of their animal ancestors. As the Lion King's daughter, Elreth breaks a thousand-year tradition when she challenges her father for dominance—and wins. But as the first known dominant Alpha Female, she faces a lonely, and dangerous Rule. Aaryn, Elreth’s best friend, has always secretly loved her beauty, and her strength. But as a member of the wolf-tribe, and unable to shape-shift, he is not viewed as the right Mate for Anima's first Dominant Queen. When events force Aaryn to admit his feelings, for the first time, Elreth's eyes are opened to Aaryn not just as a friend, but as a male--and her True Mate. But Aaryn also has secrets. Secrets spanning decades, that open Elreth's eyes to the threats against her people, and threaten to tear down the royal family, and the Anima as a whole. Can love really conquer all? Can Elreth convince a prejudiced people to accept Aaryn as her mate before these secrets threaten not just her rule, but her life? [Mature Content: No sexual violence] ***** Then, as Aaryn stared at Elreth, his scent changed. Which only confused her more, until something flashed behind his eyes. Something she’d only ever seen in her father’s face when he was staring at her mother. Desperation. Joy. Hunger. But that was crazy. Why would—? And suddenly, like a cub tumbling down a grassy hill to land on its feet, everything fell into place. Everything. Her mouth dropped open. She blinked. And blinked again. And for the first time in a very long time, she looked at him. Not at her confidante. Not at her closest ally. Not at the friend who’d been present for every major milestone in her life. She looked at Aaryn. The male. The wolf. She stared at his silver-white hair, that scattered over his ice-blue eyes, fixed on her, and created a barrier between them. She looked at the strength in his jaw, shadowed because of the late hour. She let her gaze drift down the cords of his neck, and his broad shoulders and the wide, smooth expanse of his chest that rose and fell rapidly. And she let herself remember the ladders of muscle that painted his torso—hidden by the white shirt he wore. She swallowed. She’d seen every inch of him at some point. Well, almost. Her mouth went dry. (Cover Art used by paid copyright permission. Illustrated by Aenaluck--see more gorgeous art and support them on DeviantArt and

  • Tribe Online

    Tribe Online

    Shi Xieren is a runner athlete.He started running at the age of 8.At the age of 10 he started to attend a running competition.At the age of 12 he become the fastest in Zhoushan.At the age of 13 he become the fastest in Zhejiang province.At the age of 14 he become the fastest in China.At the age of 15 he become the fastest in Asia.At the age of 16 he become the fastest in World.At the age of 17 he stopped running because of some incident which made him could not run anymore.But his legend didn't stop here. He stopped running in the real world but he continued running in the virtual world.Join Shi Xieren, the fastest runner in his age creating his Legend in the virtual world.