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  • Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator

    Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator


    Chen Fan, the great cultivator, failed to transcend the Tribulation of Heaven: the final stage of his cultivation. Little did he know that this accident would bring him back to Earth and turn back time to five hundred years ago when he was just a teenager. ‘I had once reached the precipice of power in the known universe and could look down on the ten thousand realms with pride; I was lonely nonetheless. I will not leave any regret nor anyone behind while I relive my past life this time around. ’ Join Chen Fan as he relives his teenage years, righting the wrongs of the past as he punishes his unwitting old enemies.

  • The Urban Dao Child.

    The Urban Dao Child.



    Yang Dao is an orphan. He does not speak much. He is so introverted that if not for his grades no one would have even known about him. One day it all changed. A red helicopter landed in front of him and a black-haired beauty walked up to him. She spoke in a joyful and emotional voice, "Young Master, this servant finally found you." ... Follow Yang Dao, a boy blessed by the heavens. A guy who was given four familiar spirits by the heavens. DISCLAIMER: THE COVER IMAGE DOES NOT BELONG TO ME.

  • The Divine Urban Physician

    The Divine Urban Physician


    "Serial killers? Ancient Martial Artists? Swordmasters? I don't give a rat's *ss who you are! All will bow before me!" Five years ago, his family was wiped off the face of this Earth, and the useless Ye Chen was looked down upon like an earthworm crawling on the floor. However, five years have passed, and he has mysteriously returned with a head full of earth-shattering abilities. What is even more terrifying is that he is now backed by the strength of a hundred ancient elder spirits! With all of that in his grasp, Ye Chen has returned not to reminiscence, but to exact revenge on all of those who have wronged him, especially the mysterious Man.

  • The Urban Leveling Life From Zero

    The Urban Leveling Life From Zero



    People celebrated as the world’s first AR MMORPG, Fantasy World, was announced and welcomed the arrival of a new age. Lu Jin was the most powerful beta tester for Fantasy World for the past three years, but he was reincarnated on the game’s launch day. When he woke up, he quickly learned that he was in the future, four hundred years after Fantasy World was launched, to be exact. The world had become a place where the players ruled over everything, and Lu Jin had become the fiancé of the CEO of the large corporation. When Lu Jin decided not to live an easy and boring life, a few changes had suddenly taken the world by storm. “What the hell? Why are the levels of all the employees of Phantom Light Corporation so high?” “Are they serious? I’m the CEO of a company, and my equipment is worse than their employees?” “What? The Phantom Light Corporation has built another city in the Abyss Dungeon?” A few years later. “What is our company’s motto?” “Join the Phantom Light Corporation! We will work our heads off for Mr. Lu!” “And?” "Anyone who stops us from working overtime will be beaten to death!” All Lu Jin could do was look at his employees speechlessly.

  • Urban Emperor

    Urban Emperor



  • The Urban

    The Urban

    A novel on the survival of girl migrated to urban

  • Urban Vampire

    Urban Vampire

    Pepper writes stories that span the gamut from humorous to heartfelt, however the common theme is crossing boundaries. Pepper's unique stories often tackle taboo topics such as mental illness and homelessness. Readers will find themselves questioning their own sense of right and wrong, attraction and desire. In addition to writing, the author is also an artist, an introverted recluse, a self proclaimed empath and a foodie. Pepper Pace can be contacted at: pepperpace.author@yahoo.com Kim woke up one morning to find that she was dead ... well UNDEAD. Unfortunately her Vampire after-life is a big mystery. The ones that know are out to kill her for being turned by a rogue and her allies happen to be her food. In order to survive the Vampire Nation, Kim will have to outsmart and out think her enemies. Their big mistake is underestimating a black woman with the will to survive. The last thing Kim wants or needs are the three gorgeous men vying for her attention, one chocolate, one vanilla and the last caramel. How do you choose between the gorgeous protector, the charming and tasty food, and the scary dangerous elder? Warning; adult situations, graphic sex and language.

  • Urban Mafia

    Urban Mafia


    "W-Who the hell are you?!" Glenn said, his face filled with terror.Jonah rolled his eyes."I told you to shut up. You're hella annoying."_____________________________________________________________Jonah Cane is a discharged marine turned mercenary turned student. After a traumatic experience that completely changed him, as well as a fruitful career as a one-man army, Jonah just wants to live a quiet, uneventful life in New York City, while providing for his mother.However, it seems that danger plagues Jonah, and he is forced to put his skills to use as he solves difficult situations, takes down criminals, kills rapists, and threatens entire organizations with complete annihilation. As an accomplished assassin and mercenary, Jonah has made a name for himself in all sorts of communities. Before they inevitably died, his enemies gave him all sorts of names. The Bloodhound. God of Destruction. Death’s Shadow. Yokai. But there is one more name, which is the most predominant name for him, and perhaps the most fitting.The Reaper.But Jonah has vowed to leave his days of contract killing behind him. Now, he just wants to get his education and start a business or something. He once heard that running your own company is a lot of work but can make you a ton of money.He could’ve used his extensive network of connections to set up a successful business, but he wants to do things the right way, get his degree and run a small unassuming business without the help of his “associates”. However, plans rarely survive contact with the enemy.--------------------~ Author's Note ~--------------------Mr. Author here.I hope you're enjoying my book. This is a passion project and is not my main book. When I have time to write a chapter, I will. Once this book becomes my main priority, it will be undergoing edits.As of now, I am revamping the plot, characters, and basically everything about the story.Thanks again to my readers; I appreciate it.Twitter: @WilliamAPendra1Instagram: @williamapendragon----------------------------~~---------------------------I don't own the cover image; I just edited it. If you want it down, contact me.

  • Urban Legend

    Urban Legend


    A shy kid who used to hide in the corners, sit in the last bench and always eats alone at lunch. Who was once the child of the richest family on the planet. Everyday bullied for his looks a thin small built, long dark hair covering his eyes and a pair of blue eyes peaking from behind them. Working part time to cover for his tuition fee and to support his old mother who lives in a different city. The person he cared for the most his mother, told him on her deathbed that she was not his real mother and something that would change his life forever. Revealing a whole different world of elementals to him and passing on the books and the knowledge she could before leaving.With his whole world upside down he went to hone his talent in elements and in the world of business. But soon coming across the people who killed his birth parents and now they cannot see another empire rising while they are the ones who rule the world. He goes into battle with them one of the strongest elementals of time and ends up losing his life, his family, his business everything.Unknowingly, reborn again in the past as if given a second chance by God himself to prove him right and protect the people he loves.

  • Urban Sorcerer

    Urban Sorcerer

    Witches, martial artists, shamans…On Earth, there are so many legends about supranatural forces that it is tempting to believe in them. But, what if you suddenly received an app that would enable you to purchase whatever magic you wish?Drake Moonlight, your average employee in a big company of finance, was suddenly given the opportunity to fill the void in his heart, to become strong, to become immortal. However, he will also have to face demons and spiritual beasts that stand on his way.

  • Urban Dragon

    Urban Dragon


  • Urban novel

    Urban novel

  • Urban Assassin

    Urban Assassin

  • Urban Wraith

    Urban Wraith

    One day, a 16 year old teenager named Aaron Beckett woke up in a hospital bed, following a nuclear fallout in one of the most prestigious labs in New York, Queens stationed at the center of the state. The young man despite not coming to direct contact with radiation got into an accident that caused him to almost experience death. But, the medical organization called B.L.U. saved him from imminent death, by testing their latest creation on his dying body. An elixir that, if created right, gives the vessel superhuman attributes. Now that Aaron not only has been saved from his death but has superhuman powers to spare, he must find all the humans that were affected by the radiation blast and went rogue, arrest them and restore Queens to its normal state. Is that a lot to ask from a teenager? Basically, yeah. Will you follow Aaron, AKA Wraith through his journey of becoming a true hero and understanding the true meaning of nobility? It's up to you...

  • Urban lover

    Urban lover

  • Teen urban

    Teen urban

  • Urban Jungle

    Urban Jungle


  • Urban Diary

    Urban Diary


    [stacking chapters, stay tuned]PS: Female lead, no romance.

  • Urban Hunter

    Urban Hunter

  • Urban Outfitters

    Urban Outfitters