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  • Guild Wars

    Guild Wars



    Draco had risen to the top of the world through his exploits in the legendary FIVR game, Boundless. After years of intense conflicts between his guild, Hellscape, and the guild of his former infidel lover, Darkrow, things came to a head when Draco conquered all. Now, nothing stood in his way of total conquest within the highly acclaimed second world of mankind, as he intended to fortify his new empire. Unfortunately, a timely assassination sent him back into the wheel of time for reincarnation, but not even the Gods gave him peace of death. Thrust into the past, Draco realized he'd been given a second chance at life to start from scratch, with all the knowledge of over fifteen years of almost absolute power in Boundless. Now, his path to glory will be far shorter and filled with more bloodshed than Hades could handle. ___________________________________________________________________________ WARNING: If you're the type to be triggered easily, please do not read.





    *Ping!!!* [New quest available] [Soul reaper : collect a hundred souls in forty days] [Penalty : Death] [Rewards : ????] ***** ********** ***** In a world graced with unparalleled technological advancement, his life deep within seemed to be running slow as ever. In a world where magical abilities was a norm, deep down, he felt empty and hopeless. Klaus Dean Jackson, a sixteen year old leading a carefree life and a subtle dream to go to the magical academy suddenly falls into a deep bottomless pit of anguish. He finds himself to be struck by luck but this is only momentary as what the future had in store for him, he wasn't prepared for. Losing everything in one night including his innocence, he is poised to do just about anything it takes to set himself free from his self inflicted prison. But obstacles along the way push him to take a route that inadvertently brings him closer to his heritage and he discovers there's more than there is to be discovered. Now fueled by anger, remorse and unbridled grit, he sets out on a journey he is not sure of which road to follow. Who is he? What is he? These are questions he must find answers to. _____________ *Warning!!* [Host is experiencing tremendous outpour of emotions] [Host's vital state is unstable] [Emergency protocol will be taken] [Demon tantrum activated] [All stats tripled].... .... *ADDITIONAL INFORMATION* CHECK THE DISCORD FOR CHARACTER ILLUSTRATIONS AND HOT TOPICS ABOUT THE NOVEL AND OTHER WORKS. [https://discord.gg/HK2h8R9skE] NOTE : Not my cover...will gladly take it down if owner wishes

  • War Online

    War Online



    Williard is an early side character who became a stepping stone for the world's protagonist, Bran. This average gamer real-life hidden identity is a runaway young master of the Scarlet Vultures, a powerful mafia group. One day, he gets killed by the rival gang after getting found out and woke up in the past at the time when his life changed by two events, the death of his father and the release of the world's biggest VRMMO game, War Online. "Ugh, this skill book cost 3000 gold? I only have 500 left. Boys, go and rob the players" "Oh! You are the young master of Paves Group? Boys, go and kidnap this trash and his father and lock them up" "Oh! You want to challenge me 1v1? No thanks. Boys, just round him up and kill him for me" "Did that guy used his large guild to bully you? Don't worry. Just pay us the amount in gold or real cash. We will take care of him and his so-called guild leader" Follow Williard Ravens as he becomes the "Mafia Boss" in War Online using his Mafia brothers. ------------------------------------------ Note: please do read author's review before reading the novel. ----------------------------------------- Author's other current books: My Soul card is a Reaper, Prince of Kpop, Weapon Seller in the world of magic Notable works: The Last Slytherin, The Sharingan Hyuga

  • The King of War

    The King of War

    He was the Warrior King who crossed the border to avenge his comrade's death, and he went back to the city five years later...His elder brother became a matrilocal son-in-law who was bullied all the time.He was despised by everyone for being an ex-convict.He never expected that ... his biological parents came from a famous family in Washington...

  • Realm Wars

    Realm Wars



    [Mature Content] A long, long time ago. In this world of power and magic, war is constant. The six realms in the world of Septverden have been shackled in perpetual conflict. They have engaged in slaughter and battles among themselves for every reason possible, from territory, resources to meaningless semantics. In the era where the mortal realm is the weakest among the six realms, where human bones and ashes covered the entire Blue Earth Continent, Empires rise and fall as the never-ending cycle of war birthed boned deep hatred that even centuries can’t erase. Until the mortal realm no longer can take the oppression and give birth to a new generation of heroes. With power equal to that of the Heaven and Nether Realm. With strength and agility on par with the Beast realm. With magic and spells second only to that of the Elfen and Spirit realm. With these. The mortal realm stood shoulder to shoulder with the five realms and humans sore to never-seen heights. Together, they reclaimed their lands and repelled the five realms back to their continent. And the world of Septverden finally known peace. Or so the tale goes . . . --- PLEASE TAKE NOTE! The first chapters, the MC is weak, mated and became a servant. I know you'll hate Cecily but at most she wouldn't be present in the latter chapters. If you could make it through Arc 1, then 2, and 3 wouldn't even mention her and the servant thing. SPOILER! In Beast Realm Arc maybe Arc 4, the mate bond will break as well as his restrictions. He'd be OP then. Hope you'll stick around till then and appreciate Ryu's journey *bows head ---- Read my other works: I am the Queen (FL) Genre: Fiction, Mature, Modern Romance, StrongFL, RichFL, PoorML, ColdML Leanna (FL) Genre: Modern Romance, Reincarnation, Second Chance, StrongFL, RichML, ColdML, Mature, Trinity the Last White Witch (FL) Genre: Werewolf, Vampires, Witches, Fantasy, R18, Mature, ColdML, StrongFL Generation of Heroes (ML) Genre: Action, Adventure, Epic Fantasy, Friendship, Magic, Beasts, Game Elements, Multiple Leads, OPmc, Romance, War, Military ---- Stalk me here: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter: MiuNovels ---- Donate for my Milk Addiction: PayPal: Miu.2017@yahoo.com

  • Forsaken : The Angel wars

    Forsaken : The Angel wars



    Christine didn't know why her dreams were filled with angels. Little did she know she was a reincarnation of the Angel of War. Lucian who damned himself to follow his lover to earth was left broken to see her die over and over again. Uriel who always hid his feelings in the shadows will not back down. Who will win her love in the end? This is a slow burn romance. ------ Lucian took a step forward, Christine took a step back, her back hit the door. Lucian placed his hands on either side of her head pinning her in, his face came closer, she could feel his breath. "What does your gut tell you, Miss Parkins?" Christine couldn't think, she was already undressing him. She averted her gaze, he removed this right hand, placing his fingers under her chin. He forced her face gently so that she was looking into his eyes. "Do not look away from me, tell me what does your gut say?" Christine gulped. "M... My gut says you are hiding behind a barrier, you are not dangerous to me." Lucian smiled at her, he moved his face an inch closer, their noses almost touching. "I am a very dangerous man, Miss Parkins. Your gut is wrong." Christine's head was spinning, then why did he ask me what my gut says if he will only brush it off? Before she could muster a retort her cooking alarm went off. "That would be lunch." ----Warning: This story does contain smut, R-18. Please proceed with caution.*Disclaimer: The cover does not belong to me and all credit goes to the artist.

  • Galaxy Wars: The Legacy of Light and Darkness

    Galaxy Wars: The Legacy of Light and Darkness



    It's a story about a young man who was thrown into huge play he never planned to join in. His only aim is to survive, live well, be happy, and enjoy his life with his beloved harem girls.James is a 16 years old war orphan who was captured since he was little and raised to serve in a military base. He will escape from it to be thrown in the middle of an old brutal war between the light and darkness forces in the universe. He will try to survive, and save his new friends from being sacrificed in this war. However he never imagined his destiny is to be one of the main forces that affects the fate of the whole universe. His hidden powers will be discovered gradually, and he will become a witness to a new age, the age of great wars between empires in the whole universe.Join James journey from being a nobody who is just trying to survive, to become one of the strongest light and darkness Immortal in the universe.[Some chapters contain R-18 content. Those will be marked with R-18 in the title.]________________________________________Join the Discord Server Via this Link:https://discord.gg/kky7xhkc5Q________________________________________

  • The Blood Wars: B 1

    The Blood Wars: B 1



    Raven isn’t just an ordinary supernatural being to everyone who knew about her, but for those who held her captive, she was nothing. Her enemies are safe as long as they seal her memories and feed her with false recollections. Raven would have gotten contented living with her pack if only fate didn’t intervene. With a mate hoping to be with her again, people who need her most, and an ancient and new war brewing on the horizon, Raven must choose. Is it love over death or death over fate?

  • Star Wars VRMMO

    Star Wars VRMMO



    First and foremost: Yes. I drew the cover myself in Microsoft Paint. It is a masterpiece. You're welcome. This is my second work. I thought I'd give a shot at one of those game novels. I've always had a dream of there being a video game where it was kinda like a combination of an MMO and GTA but with Star Wars themes. You'd be able to travel the whole galaxy and have progression that relates to the story. I think it'd be quite interesting. Essentially, I am going to be creating a universe so this is going to be a really fun experience for me. There is gonna be no bullshit with reincarnation. Just pure exploration and luck. I might experiment with different POVs throughout the work but who knows. Lastly, sorry if I make mistakes with the math. I am going to try and keep it as simple as possible. Here is a preview: The year is 2086. The VRMMO market has been taking off in the last 20 years. Each title is more advanced than the previous. Finally, an unknown entrepreneur is creating a game that introduces an AI that fully manages the game independently. This unknown investor has partnered with Disney to create this game within the story of Star Wars. Tyler Sandberg is a 17 year old boy living in New York, USA. He lost his father in a space exploration accident and he has been living with his mother since that happened. Unfortunately, the two have been struggling financially ever since his father passed so they live a modest lifestyle. Since his father was an astronaut, he was always super into sci-fi content. Star Wars was his favorite. After finding out that there was a mysterious VRMMO Star Wars game coming out, he swore that he would make it big in the game and get him and his mom the lifestyle they deserve. DISCLAIMER: All characters, companies, and events in this novel --even those based on real world entities-- are entirely fictional. All representations are made up ... poorly. This novel contains coarse language and due to its content it should not be read by anyone.

  • Star Wars VRMMO: Galactic Expedition

    Star Wars VRMMO: Galactic Expedition



    Yes, I made the cover myself. Thankfully Photoshop has a free trial. Guess we'll find out if I remember to cancel it or not.The year is 2053. The VRMMO market has been taking off in the last 20 years. Each title is more advanced than the previous. Finally, an unknown entrepreneur is creating a game that introduces an AI that fully manages the game independently. This unknown investor has partnered with Disney to create this game within the story of Star Wars.Kyler Zimmerman is a 22 year old college graduate. Having lost his mother in an accident, his father and him have been struggling for years. They live a moderate lifestyle but can't seem to get past that.His friends drag him along to a store where they were planning to buy VR headsets. Kyle doesn't know why they are going but is immediately hooked when they arrive after seeing that it was a Sat Wars game. What will he find once he enters this new world?DISCLAIMER:All characters, companies, and events in this novel --even those based on real world entities-- are entirely fictional. All representations are made up... poorly. This novel contains coarse language and due to its content it should not be read by anyone.

  • The Most Badass Woman in the Wars of Space

    The Most Badass Woman in the Wars of Space


    Nicola travelled into a book and become a paranoid heroine. Now she have to finish all the pervert tasks from her system towarding the male protagonist, Arthur, and the reward for mission accomplish is... making Arthur become more powerful? However, in the book's ending, Nicola's body: LIlith Noelle was killed by Arthur! In order to avoid the cruel ending, Nicola decided to be a good person.

  • Bloodline Wars

    Bloodline Wars



    A bastard son of a prominent family has been kicked out of the household. Now that he's homeless, our MC will do everything to live by himself. Using the upcoming and earth-shaking VR MMORPG, his goal is to be a professional player. But, is that it? Join him to find out!

  • Yanderes Wars

    Yanderes Wars


    “It’s not a crime to indulge from time to time. How ‘bout a rhyme? Frankenstein - Sinn Fein - Divine~!” A former eldritch horror, Occam Chariot, has died as a human and reincarnates as a metal slime in the world of Hisoutenshizen! With his balanced fixation in science and fiction, he decides to thrive on this endless horizon! It's just that—he doesn't realize that many figures who are obsessive of him on earth also came along to the other side. Not to mention, almost all of them were backed by some kind of gods and deities while Occam starts with nothing. And they all will participate in a yearly grand-scale, everchanging war for technological blueprints, godly weapons, mysterious artifacts, his used pants, body pillow with his image, and a ticket to date him for the whole next week after usage. Or that's how it appears to be. This is the story of humanity in the heart of a monster, who only wants to become human and nothing more. And the power and suffering that comes with it. ______________ Prominent tags: Yanderes - Progression Fantasy - Beautiful Protagonist - Eastern Mythologies - Lovecraftian Horrors - Shapeshifting Protagonist - System Creation and Development - Fairytales - Thriller - R-18 - Psychology - Worshiped Protagonist - Weak to Strong - Gods and Deities - Genius Protagonist - Narcissistic Protagonist - Playful Protagonist - Yangire - Demon Lord - Pirates - Mafia - Apotheosis

  • Blood Wars: The First Bout

    Blood Wars: The First Bout


    200 years ago, the world was engulfed by a blanket of diverse monsters known as "Dhekaids". Throughout the generation, humanity protected itself by building the Seven Towers, each surrounded by large walls that cover the entire continent. Interested by the origin of the outside world, Aran Crossford enrolled at Fosier Academy to set out a journey outside the walls in order to solve the truth about Dhekaids. Can he save the world from the apocalypse?

  • Primordial Wars

    Primordial Wars


    The battlefield of good and evil is eternal, the string of fate will spin, and the scales of destiny will teeter. Only karma will maintain the balance of power in the end.

  • A New World: Star Wars System

    A New World: Star Wars System



    John was an average dude on Earth who shipped dirt for companies. He had an average life, family, and friends. His only hobby was fiction. Science fiction, historical, whatever. John died one day and was given a Star Wars System. What will he do in a new world? Any characters, lore, buildings, or weapons I use from Star Wars belong to Disney. The characters I create for this story, if they could be used in others, are my original characters. If I ever use a type of ship(Harrower-class dreadnought for example) I got the info from Wookiepedia. Also, if I haven’t released a chapter in a while, I’m either taking a break for myself, or because of a holiday.

  • Iris: Werewolf wars.

    Iris: Werewolf wars.

    Iris has had a difficult life, running from her past and living like a nomad. She is not a regular wolf. She curses the Moon goddess for the gifts she possesses.The ability to heal others at least that is what she tells herself and best friend Aria. She wants nothing to do with being a wolf. She barely shifts, does not believe in mates and hates everything that has to do with packs. And she shows her disregard, with a foul mouth and attitude to match she is always landing herself and travelling companion, Aria in trouble. Until one day she runs into a pack of ancient wolves, rumored to be extinct. The first wolves made by the Moon goddess, and finds out the Alpha of the pack is her mate.And ofcourse she wants nothing to do with him and he wants everything to do with her. But He is not one to be toyed with, brutal and heartless( and that's just being modest). He refuses to let her disrespect him and will go to any extent to ensure she submits to his every will, thankfully she can't die. But a war is coming and it's out of this world, Malik and Iris are the only ones that can stop it, and they don't know it yet. Will they be able to push their differences away and let the Moon goddess finish what she started or will they be too pig-headed and stubborn to fall in love?

  • Star Wars : Last Order

    Star Wars : Last Order


    Victor is a military man from the modern era, enjoyed his job defending his county… may be a little to much. He is Fascinated with swords of the old way and the skill it takes to wield. Durning his Retirement he read a lot of books and novels and seen lot of movies and let not forget his fare share is enjoyment in life ‘winks’ Victor use to follow orders now he doesn’t take them but gives them how will he shape his new life. Lets join him as he is thrown into the Star Wars universe.

  • Arizal Wars Series

    Arizal Wars Series

    After an injury she can't remember, Fallon wakes up to discover Earth has been destroyed. Taken to her new home on Harrizel, she meets Reid and a crew of others who don't trust their new hosts, especially with all the disappearances. Together with their friends, Fallon and Reid travel across different planets, assisting in a multi-world war that involves monsters, monarchs, and centuries-old prophecies, all while Fallon learns about herself, her family, and her connection to it all. Arizal Wars is for a mature audience only (18+). It contains adult language, as well as sexual situations. Reading discretion advised. Arizal Wars Series is created by C.G. Coppola, an eGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.