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  • Weekly System

    Weekly System


    Each country is surrounded by walls that protect them from something. It stood mightily yet it doesn't protect humanity from everything.With limited spaces, resources slowly run out. The government hides the fact to prevent the public from panicking.Leave with no choice, government from all around the world send their respective Expedition corps for resources.Expedition corps is an organization that explores the outside wall. It exists for thousands of years. It is unknown who created it.Despite the long history, however, Expedition corps are despised by the public, for they always come back from the wall not only fruitless but return with most of their soldiers dead.Little do they know the Expedition corps always hides what they gain from them, only the government knows. This is so the public doesn't have absolute reliance on the Expedition corps but the government but hey, at least those who work there get a high income and comfortable life... sort of....Tadano Kage had injured knees because of an accident before the Expedition corps' examination. A few months had passed, and he encounter something that changed his life... and he hate it.Weekly System, is a system that gives him different kinds of systems every week with the main purpose of helping people.Level Up Everyone Except You System, Flaw System that enables you to see flaws within something, Martial Art System that could make someone incredibly strong in a week, Craft System that allows him to create anything with limited resources, and many more exciting, new systems!With such power, he also shouldered a great responsibility.Can he, a normal youth with personal problems and a sense of justice shoulder such a big responsibility while he could simply run away?

  • Weekly Fanfiction

    Weekly Fanfiction

    Romansa Anak Muda YURI

    Sebuah Fan-fiction acak yang diterbitkan setiap hari Rabu.

  • D.E.M.O.N.S: Getting Summoned Weekly isn't so Bad

    D.E.M.O.N.S: Getting Summoned Weekly isn't so Bad



    “Kat, you have a tail” said Lily“Look, Lily, it really isn’t that big of a concern” said Kat“You.Have.A.TAIL KAT” said Lily “How is this not a concern to you?” “Well, the dream I had was a bit weird as well, but if I’m honest, I’m mainly worried about the floating text that’s on fire” said Kat“THE What?” said Lily---------------------------------------------------Join Kat on her dimension hopping adventures as she fullfills her demonic duty and answers the call of the summoner. Each week Kat will get involved with new strange situations and oppurtunites that await her. During the week she'll have her best friend Lily, and perhaps a little help from Sylvie to figure out what's she supposed to do with her life now that she's becoming a demon.Chapters releasing daily~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Artwork by CristianAC:https://www.deviantart.com/cristianacStory Discord: https://discord.gg/YzGgDHC

  • Transmigration Weekly

    Transmigration Weekly


    Why do the spirit beasts of the holy land cry out in their sleep? Who keeps on knocking at the door of the blacksmith elder's door at night? Is it man or ghost? What is the truth behind the resignation of the sect master? Was fairy Dongfang really having an affair? What is the secret behind the sudden rise of the trash and the fall of the sect genius? If you want to know the truth behind all of these stories and much more. Please stay up to date with the latest issues of the Transmigration Weekly as your devoted godly miracle journalist Charlie gives you the latest scoops from the cultivation world.--------------------------------Hello guys this will be my latest WPC entry, it is about a journalist that gets transmigrated and how he revolutionizes the cultivation world.Volume 1- The MC getting used to his new world and setting up his news agency inside his sect.Volume 2- Starts journeying outside the sect and encountering more transmigrators, will include many unique short stories and interesting scoops from all over the continent.Volume 3- Starts crossing dimensions to look for more stories.(Not too sure about that will see how the story turns out.)

  • Weekly Random Shitpost

    Weekly Random Shitpost

    It's just a shit post. A way to motivate me and get my creative juices flowing. My goal is to write whatever shit for 20 weeks (atleast 1 chapter per week). I don't know how you got this recommended, probably a bug.

  • Hero of Darkness

    Hero of Darkness



    Elric lived a traumatic life since childhood. Being bullied, detested by his family, and having no one who cared whether he lived or died. The accumulated loneliness and suffering puts him through severe depression & he decides to take his life's final decision... SUICIDE. One day, his soul hears a voice calling out to him. "Wake up, Elric. I am the God of Darkness. And I'm here to give you another chance at life." To God of Darkness, Elric replied with only two words. "Fuck off!" Will he become a puppet or forge a new destiny with his own hands? Will he overcome his trauma or waste another chance at life? Accompany the Protagonist in a journey to achieve an Impossible task he's given as he aims to become one of the strongest beings in the world full of Magic, Mythical creatures, Dragons and Gods. [[Author : Antihero protagonist who's a scheming mastermind & doesn't trust anyone. No Harem, Romance or Fan-service here. MC isn't an Edgelord or a Psychopath who kills people for no reason. Character Development takes time for the MC to acknowledge and overcome his flaws. So read only if you want a psychologically well-developed personality in the protagonist. MC is a proper Antihero in the making.]] Note : Character Reference Arts available in chapter comments.Discord Link : https://discord.gg/GSUFxdWSRt Support the Author : Patreon : https://www.patreon.com/CrimsonWolfAuthor Note : Vote for the Novel for extra weekly chapters. 500 Power Stones = 1 Extra Chapter per week 1000 Power Stones = 2 Extra Chapters per week 2500 Power Stones = 5 Extra chapters per week 100 Golden Tickets = 2 Extra chapters per week 200 Golden Tickets = 3 Extra chapters per week 500 Golden Tickets = 7 Extra chapters per week

  • Rebirth of a Nobody

    Rebirth of a Nobody



    Marcus, your every day normal gamer was one of the only dedicated players in The World. Down on his luck following the terrible string of being unsuccessful at finding employment following his graduation, suddenly passes away in an accident and wakes up to find himself 11 years younger just before the launch of his favorite MMO of all time. Armed with the knowledge of his past life, along with a second chance, can he right the wrongs of his past and save his family? A classic weak to strong story without an overbearing sense of OP MC plot armor, join the adventure as he works to uncover the mysteries of The World, and what went wrong in his past life and why he was brought back. Book Cover was found on DeviantArt and edited by the immensely talented Suoshi. If it belongs to you DM me for removal If you enjoy this work, consider becoming a Patron: https://www.patreon.com/OneWingedGaming Come join our Discord Channel to connect with me and fans: https://discord.gg/DHUyACuQ Vote for the story to receive daily bonus chapters! Chapters will be released daily, 5 minutes after server update! Power Stones: 025 PS = 1st Bonus Chapter 050 PS = 2nd Bonus Chapter 100 PS = 3rd Bonus Chapter Golden Tickets: 10 GT = 1st Bonus Weekly Chapter 25 GT = 3rd Bonus Weekly Chapter 50 GT = 5th Bonus Weekly Chapter Super Gifts: Magic Castle - 3 Bonus Chapters Spacecraft - 6 Bonus Chapters Golden Gachapon - 10 Bonus Chapters

  • I transmigrated to a mafia character from a BL Dark novel!

    I transmigrated to a mafia character from a BL Dark novel!



    Lee Fei is a normal 30-year-old man who has a good job as a librarian at the National University in China. He is an avid reader and has always read everything, including BL and GL, even though he declares himself 100% straight. He died just like that. There was no truck. There was no car accident. No deadly disease. Lee Fei reincarnated and transmigrated to the world of the book he had read days before he died. Unfortunately, a BL Dark Book. The worst, he transmigrated as an insignificant side character! Lee Fei became Emery Darcy, who is the third child of a powerful duke. Your life should be full of wealth and happiness, right? Unfortunately, Emery Darcy followed the path of an exorcist! Yes, Emery Darcy is an Exorcist Bishop! To make the irony of his situation worse, this side character had a worse fate than the villain. What an injustice! As the knowledge of the plot of this world, Lee Fei intends to return to the home of his rich family and live a good life! So, what if he has divine powers and MANA from nature? He just wants a rich and peaceful life! Ehhhh? Is the MC making a honey trap for me? Is ML no longer a possessive demon, but a tsundere that is following me? Is the fallen archangel a shameless voyeur who spies on me even in the bath? A guardian knight who thinks I'm the reincarnation of the god of nature? Stay away from me, I just want a peaceful life! Does apocalypse come far? No matter, I'm rich enough to protect myself! Let's have a happy and rich life as a good nobleman should be. NOTE: 1. R 18 2. Chapter Auxiliary with the main characters of the harem so far; 3. Harem Romance 4. Follow my Ko-fi for news and weekly calendars: https://ko-fi.com/post/Calendar-1001--1601-L4L27V5L9 and Ko-fi.com/take_the_moon. Thanks for your support in the 2021. Hope we're together in 2022 too.

  • Heart Over Sword

    Heart Over Sword



    Evanna’s world came crashing down the moment the physician gave her mother 6 months left to live. But after discovering a long, lost secret hidden by the elves, the sheltered and naïve princess sets off on a quest to find the one item that could change the hands of fate. In order to do this, she must come face to face with the Flori, the heartless and deadliest of the elven kingdoms.Her plan disintegrates when she is caught red-handed in the elven kingdom, where the penalty for even crossing over to their land is death. However, the princess soon finds herself to be the shiny new toy for the cold-hearted elven prince to play with; determined, she does what she must to survive.Will she be able to escape from his clutches and make it home in time to help her mother, or will she find herself falling deeper into the elven world he introduces her to?*** SNEAK PEAK ***[ MATURE CONTENT ]"Do you know what we do to thief's here, Evanna?"She placed her fork of meat down on the plate soundlessly, her attention still on the king. Evanna subconsciously held onto the knife still."No, your highness," Evanna replied politely.The king glanced at the prince, and she followed his gaze."We chop off their hands," The prince finished.Evanna watched and pulled her hand back in time for the prince's knife to slam into the table where her hand was placed. She gasped; another hand had been stabbed, sticking them to the wood.A loud yelp sounded from behind her.Within a flash, the prince stood up, pulled a sword out from his side, and swung it down on the man's wrist, dismembering the hand from his body. Blood squirted out and coated the table before her, along with her plate of food.The man fell back, wailing and holding his wrist. Evanna watched in shock as the guards came forwards and dragged him away. She looked back at the prince, who was wiping his blade with a handkerchief nonchalantly before sheathing it. Her attention was brought back to the king, who continued to eat as though nothing had happened."Just remember that the next time you wish to steal from us." The king said lightly as he relaxed his cutlery and stared at Evanna, "You may be my son's new plaything, dressed up to look pretty, but do not fool yourself into thinking that he will release you once he is bored of you. You took something of great importance to him."-------------------DISCLAIMER: *MATURE CONTENT*Graphic ViolenceStrong LanguageSexual ContentAttempted Rape*This is a slow burn book and is still ongoing*YOUTUBE: For a review on the first 25 chapters of the book, watch Third Eye Trap on Youtube, the first video is up which will give you an overview of the first 4 chapters:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LobzgD5Y0qY&t=1s He will be posting weekly between 3-5 chapters up until chapter 25!-----------------Book Cover Design:I own the book cover so please do not use it :) Artwork illustrated by @if.__art Graphic design done by @katielord.designs Both found on instagram^^-------------------Support me on Instagram: @xkelly_starrzx or join me on discord where you can chat to me/ ask questions: Kelly_Starrz#5020BUY ME COFFEE? https://ko-fi.com/kellystarrz--------------------

  • Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband, Aloof Cute Wife

    Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband, Aloof Cute Wife

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE FACESLAPPING


    Wen Xuxu is a tenacious, talented, smart and brave woman who was fostered by the Yan family at the age of four when she lost both her parents. Brought up to be the successor of a huge conglomerate, Yan Rusheng is an aloof, intelligent and arrogant man who is the most sought-after bachelor in the capital city. Despite growing up together, both of them seem to treat each other as an eyesore. She labels him as a jerk and womanizer while in his eyes, she is a shrew. Over time, they fall for each other, but they continue to conceal their feelings for each other. By a twist of fate, they are forced into a marriage. And unknown to everyone else and Yan Rusheng, she has harbored a deep secret for many years… Keywords: Childhood sweetheart, Womanizer, Aloof, Soulmates, Forced marriage, Orphan, Secretary Sugary Scene: Suddenly, Wen Xuxu stretched her hand to clutch his wrist and pulled him forcefully. Yan Rusheng was caught off guard and he lost his footing. He fell on the bed and then his breathing became sluggish. Young Master Yan was afraid that he might lose control of himself and do something to Wen Xuxu... the woman he loathed. So he hastily raised his head. But he had barely moved away when Wen Xuxu stretched out her hands and put them around his neck. "Don't leave." We have a Patreon which you can support us at: https://www.patreon.com/elitedotingmarriage We have advanced chapters to offer, as well as goals to increase our weekly release rate!

  • Transmigrated With A Resolution System

    Transmigrated With A Resolution System



    Waking up in an alternate world didn't seem half as bad as Nix thought it would. He was a digital artist with a ruined reputation. After a long night of drinking on New year's Eve, he wakes up to what he believed to be his home, a tablet and a stylus in front of him. The very equipment he had sold a long time ago. Curious to explore why the tablet had made its way back to him, two notifications popped on its screen. [Escape reality by drawing out your fantasy] [Redeem yourself, with your creativity. Find the path to enlightenment.] Nix decides to draw one last artpiece–a world filled with gifted users, magic users, and dragons. Not knowing this artpiece would send him into this world as a fire rank user with a system. As an unrivalled rank among the gifted and magic users, he sets out to explore the world of his creation, while infiltrating an organisation which had ruined the fresh new start he had hoped to achieve. ––––––––––– Ps- The cover doesn't belong to me. Text editing done by yours truly ( ꈍᴗꈍ) Do read my pinned review! Discord server - https://discord.gg/A6cpxG8SnK ––––––––––– Contact the author to discuss more about story or share your thoughts with me! Discord: Bloomjay#0759 Instagram: Bloom_a_ & Bloomseries Any insightful comments/review gets a chapter dedicated to such user (。•̀ᴗ-)✧ ––––––––––– Daily updates within (00:00 – 02:30) GMT+82-3 chapters dailyOther tags: [Transmigration, dragons, dark, level up, beast taming, summon, counterattack, betrayal, deceit, academy, infiltration, no harem, gore, ability, organization, yandere, another transmigrator.... to be added as the story progresses]–––––––––––Weekly Event––––––––––– > 200 Powerstones within a week= 1 bonus chapter > 500 Powerstones within a week= 2 bonus chapters > 900 Powerstones within a week= 3 bonus chapters –––––––––––Monthly Event–––––––––––> 50 golden tickets at the end of the month = 1 bonus chapter> 200 golden tickets at the end of the month = 2 bonus chapters> 400 golden tickets at the end of the month = 3 bonus chapters> 800 golden tickets at the end of the month = 4 bonus chapters> 1.6k+ golden tickets at the end of the month = 10 bonus chapters––––––––––– Privilege unlocks–––––––––––1k+ unlocks at the during the month = 3 bonus chapters5k+ unlocks at the during the month = 7 bonus chapters15k-20k+ unlocks during the month =10 bonus chapters for the first day of the next month & 4 chapters daily starting by the next month

  • Biohuman




    Project BIOHUMAN was supposed to be a quiet project that tested to see if they could create superhuman beings. The Creator, Dr. Vang Chang created the Numbers, ten individuals who took the BIOHUMAN serum and came out different. Countries caught wind of this and demanded the Creator to disperse the serum to strengthen the humans. The BIOHUMAN serum was shot into the sky and dispersed all over the world. Little did anyone know, it changed Earth and everything living on it. Plants, animals and humans were genetically changed forever. 25 years later, the Creator's son, Lee Seng Chang is a high school student without any Biohuman powers. The serum had given him almost no Dark Matter and only increased his overall human abilities to a super-Biohuman level. Even with that, the power standing only made him seen as the weakest amongst everyone. Picked on because of his powerless status, Lee Seng was left by all of his friends and labeled powerless. He desperately tries to keep going with a smile on his face. Lee Seng one day gets an option from a man with a Fox mask. "Awaken your power but at a huge price." Lee Seng takes the deal and watches as the world he knew quickly changes and isn't what it seems. Put under the pressures of his Father's status and his new profound power and changes, Lee Seng battles the demons within him and the unknown coming for him. ---- Thanks to my friend, lechingu, for his help with the Cover Art! Check him over on Instagram @lechingu --- Golden Tickets Chapters -- The end of the month, there'll be a mass release of X amount of chapters based on the Golden Tickets you invest to the book! Hit the goals for the end of the month and you'll get a mass release of X amount of chapters! 15 GT: 1 extra chapter 25 GT: 2 extra chapters 40 GT: 3 extra chapters 50 GT: 4 extra chapters 60 GT: 5 extra chapters 70 GT: 6 extra chapters --- Power Stone Extra Weekly Chapters! Power Stone extra weekly chapters! Vote and at the end of the week, get extra chapters mass released! 10 votes/ 1 extra chapter 25 votes/ 2 extra chapters 50 votes: 3 extra chapters 100 votes: 4 extra chapters 200 votes: 5 extra chapters 400 votes: 6 extra chapters 600 votes: 7 extra chapters

  • The Rest Of My Life Is For You

    The Rest Of My Life Is For You

    Contemporary Romance COMEDY


    Yu Yuehan is the usual rich, perfect, aloof president—the richest man in City H; but one day, a female toddler suddenly appears in his life as his daughter! Despite being certain that he has never touched a woman before, DNA tests certify that the toddler is his! He soon becomes a good 'daddi' for the little toddler, Xiao Liuliu. Two years later, for some inexplicable reason, Xiao Liuliu becomes very fond of a trial nurse, Nian Xiaomu, hired to take care of her. Nian Xiaomu has a strong personality and refuses to let anyone bully her. Constantly wary that anyone might cause harm to his daughter, Yu Yuehan keeps a constant watch over Nian Xiaomu. However, his black-bellied daughter has plans for her father up her sleeves… Over time, Nian Xiaomu reveals her charming side bit by bit; and for the first time in his life, Yu Yuehan is drawn in by this mysterious woman… Keywords: Mysterious Daughter, Cute Daughter, Aloof, Nurse, Strong Woman Cute Scene: "Daddi, you are so handsome!" Xiao Liuliu blushes. "Daddi, I want hugs!" Xiao Liuliu coos. "Daddi, I want a younger sister! Quick make one with Mommi." "Daddi…" Yu Yuehan says in a deadpan fashion, "I have never slept with any woman! How can I have a daughter!?" "Did Mommi sleep with you without you realizing it?" Yu Yuehan: "…” We have a Patreon which you can support us at: https://www.patreon.com/restofmylifeisforyou We have advanced chapters to offer, as well as goals to increase our weekly release rate!

  • The Alpha Prince and his Silver Lone Wolf

    The Alpha Prince and his Silver Lone Wolf



    "When you love someone, you do not give up on them! You fight until the end!” ~Selene "I refuse to lose you !! PLEASE !!" ~Prince Alcyd "Who needs love if I have the world under my palm?" ~King Viktor Under the Blood Moon, it is told in the prophecy that a she-wolf will be born with the mixed blood of a witch and a vampire. It is revealed that Selene will rule over the supernatural world and possessing the power to unite the werewolves. Selene lost her pack and family. She vows to search for her older brother, her only remaining relative who seems to be alive. Crown Prince Alcyd McSigurd, second son of King Viktor is the most arrogant, ruthless, and powerful among all his siblings. He is an Alpha too, though not the king of Alphas, like his father. Despite being nineteen, Alcyd is known as his father’s youngest general in the werewolf kingdom. Thus, dark forces fear the prophecy that is to come into fruition. A battle for supremacy over the supernatural world is bound to happen. [Volume 1] - War of the Werewolves [Volume 2] - Legion of Vampires As the war between werewolves ended, King Lionel gathered his own forces in his own claim for supremacy. Selene and her fated Alpha unite their forces together in their attempt of taking what was rightfully destined for the new chosen one against those who dared to claim the supreme throne. [Volume 3] - Return of The Dark LordAfter the Second Greatest War, Selene and Alcyd welcome another chapter in their life as Selene reign as the Supreme Ruler while Alcyd protect his loved ones from the return of the Dark Lord.Will their love be enough to conquer the darkness?Can Selene and Alcyd keep their loved ones safe from the looming threat of darkness? [Volume 4] - New Generation (Coming Soon!) (New Generation!) --- What kind of twisted fate awaits the Alpha Prince and Selene? Will there be love conquers it all or will darkness take it all? The battle between good and evil; who will stand victorious in this battle for supremacy? ============== ** 1 or 2 Chapters Release on 18:00 +8 GMT ** ** Every Saturdays and Sundays*** ** For Gift or Donation in any amount is highly appreciated! All gifts are immediately spent on medicines and food for my family. ** If we achieve: (on a weekly basis) 1,500 Powerstones = 3 chapters daily release 3,000 or more Powerstones = 4 chapters daily release + 10 Mass release chapter by the end of the month paypal.me/madskie00017 Discord: madskie00017#8773 Instagram: @alphaprincenovel -For behind the scenes and more personal look with the making of the story THANK YOU SO MUCH for the support !! ========= *** Disclaimer: *** This novel's story, characters, and setting are all fictitious. All involved concept and terms which were used for names, institution, agencies, positions/titles, abilities, living and non-living things are all just Author's imagination. There is no association or reflection towards anybody or any organization or any entity in real life. Cover: P.S. Cover is not mine, but I edited the image so if you want it taken down, please message me. Credits of the cover goes to the real owner, not me.

  • My Name Is...

    My Name Is...



    Magic was flowing through his body like a rushing river, and it headed for his hand as he screamed with all his heart:"Firebolt!" From the glowing heptagram that magically appeared from the palm of his hand and floating in midair, a huge fiery sphere was formed, ready to be hurled at the heinous beast.The monster's red eyes that at first instilled fear, no longer frightened, because aware of his Magic, he threw the fireball at the wolf-like beast, which was quickly engulfed by an explosion of flames, burning its pitch black fur and flesh in agonizing pain.Smirking at the accomplishment, he breathed a sigh of relief at the escaped threat, and as he watched death come upon the creature, he exulted saying:"I did it! I'm finally a... Sage!"____________________________________________________WARNING:If you cannot stand dark stuff like rape, murder, gore, etc, my work is not for you.Ordinary man MC Isekai-ed in a world full of conflicts, but most of all, he needs to resolve his inner-conflict. Weak to strong.As a first-time writer, worldbuilding is my forte. The writing and English grammar need to be improved... and I'm continually learning.My chapters are usually longer than the standard on WN, 3-4k words instead of 1.5k words. I manage(d) to publish twice weekly, but by the length of my chapters, it's basically the same amount of content you'll get with daily chapters of 1.5k words.Chapter updates when I have the time, unfortunately.If you wish to directly support me, you can send DOGE to this address: DPy7f5UxEEvty424M7KxfEhGA3dECtQcn8Cover art is not mine. Artist can contact me for removal.

  • Let's Imagine a Female Knight from Another World

    Let's Imagine a Female Knight from Another World



    The distant lands of Euphoria are plagued with corrupt kings, ruthless knights, savage beasts, and endless bloodshed. After dying an unseemly death, Momoko Miwa meets with the Goddess of Sorcery, who offers her refuge in the world to defeat the foreboding Evil King. Unfortunately, due to her inept perception of fantasy, she accepts with the hopes of becoming an incredible knight like the heroine of her favorite manga. She finds herself on the outskirts of Phoenia, one of the strongest military powers in the world currently being targeted by all governing nations due to their increasing level of magic proficiency--something the other powers lack entirely. With the secrets of magic unfolding, alliances being tested, and mentalities being broken: Will Momoko prove to be a worthy Holy Knight, or will her new surroundings overwhelm her into oblivion? == Info! == Updated Weekly (Mon-Fri) - New Chapters, usually 1-2, are posted at 23:55 GMT (11:55 EST) every weekday. - Every 50 Powerstones = An Extra Chapter the following day (This can also roll over to weekends). == Links! == Want to support me directly? https://www.buymeacoffee.com/wintertimecrime Looking to chat or discuss my book(s)? https://discord.gg/My7k4vsV4a / WinterTimeCrime#1754

  • It All Started With Lightning

    It All Started With Lightning

    While Serkan is happy to find a girlfriend after a long time, he experiences a violent love with lightning with the combination of his clumsiness and misfortune. Although this lightning seems to have created misfortune for Serkan, who knows how the story will end?Author's personal point of view after 50 chapters: Exploration, adventure, fun, these are the ingredients to create the perfect story. However, Professor monstersells accidentally add another substance to this mixture; an indispensable cliché. Thus William was born! While William dedicates his life to exploration, adventure and fun, he tries his best to avoid stereotypes! What surprises will this new world bring him? Who knows! Read and learn!Good or bad, be sure to leave a review. This will increase your reading pleasure and my writing level.Publish schedule: 7 CH/WEEKEVERY 50 POWER STONE +1 CHAPTER (MAX 7) WEEKLYI don't know who owns the picture on the cover. If you want me to give credit or remove, my contact address: canberksi@gmail.comTags: #EasternFantasy, #WestFantasy, #Magic, #System, #Adventure, #Explore, #Cultivation, #Comedy, #weaktostrong, #pet, #creatures, #antihero, #villain, #dark, #reincarnation, #Bloodline,

  • The Way of the Sword (BL)

    The Way of the Sword (BL)



    Zemin Yan is an orphan who lived on the streets, until the day that the Celestial Sword Sect makes large-scale recruitment, in which even the beggars were analyzed in the Qin Empire. He who lived in an isolated village had managed to pass through the most difficult examination of the sect, but even so, his talent was the only medium. At best, his prospect was to reach the intermediate-level Aurore Core realm. Zemin Yan was happy with this prospect, after all, he was just a humble mumper, over time, he learns to read and write, he even grew a little taller, but his physique was delicate and flexible, not pretending that he was a martial practitioner, thus generating mockery for his colleagues even a strong bullying. However, Zemin Yan didn't care and always proceeded with optimism, until the moment that was allocated to be assistant of the greater cultivator of the young generation of Celestial Sword Sect. Zhong Liang is the supreme talent of the Heavenly Sword, he is tall, handsome and powerful, he is the dream of all women and the goal of all the boys. He is loved and appreciated by all but remains with his cold character and his expressionless face. Because of his Swordless Dao, Zhong Liang was getting colder, indifferent, and cruel, so his Master, fearful that he would turn to the demonic cultivator, decides to put three young disciples to serve him and keep him company, whether in missions outside the sect or even in as servants of this great prodigy. The Master of Zhong Liang wanted him to develop some kind of bond that would prevent him from getting lost in the path of the Dao of the Swordless Thrill. Unfortunately, Zhong Liang doesn't agree with his master's vision and astounds all the young disciples, only one remains he is as firm as a sword stuck in the ground, this disciple is Zemin Yan. "Senior Zhong, do you want grapes or apples?" Asked Zemin Yan with his typical silly smile. Zhong Liang didn't respond and continued training with his sword, he just ignored the existence of this young disciple. "So it's going to be grapes," Zemin Yan said without even letting his mood fall, he had already grown accustomed to the lack of response from his senior disciple. When Zemin Yan came back to call Zhong Liang for dinner, the grapes were far from visible, which left Zemin Yan with a silly and contented smile for the rest of the night. NOTE: 1. R 18 (IN THE FUTURE) 2. Slow Romance 3. Romance 1x1. 4. Contest 59. 5. COVER: POPPY QUEEN 6. Follow my Ko-fi for news and weekly calendars: https://ko-fi.com/post/Calendar-1001--1601-L4L27V5L9 and Ko-fi.com/take_the_moon. Thanks for your support in the 2021. Hope we're together in 2022 too.

  • The Legend of Min Hong

    The Legend of Min Hong



    Chapter Release Rate = 14 - 21 Chapters Weekly...------------------------------------------------------------------Hailing from the Min Family that was created by a banished Min Clan member, who seeks to one day be recognized and rejoin the same Clan who casted him away in the first place... Our MC (Min Hong) who was born with an extremely feeble body with no hope of cultivation, began his adventurous journey in a world where respect could only be earned by possessing absolute strength...A world where rules don't apply to the strong, and the weak are trampled upon by the strong. A world where experts battle Qilins, Dragons and Phoenixes with impunity...Min Hong with nothing other than a desperate grandfather, a heartbroken mother and a sick family, was driven by a deep desire to obtain enough strength to protect his family...But, as life has a separate plan for man, asides from the menial ones he makes, what was meant to be Min Hong's day of weeping became his first step to obtaining unrivaled power... The kind of power that instills deference into all life.... Dragons bow, Phoenixes cry in fear, praise and servitude...Armed with nothing but willpower and desperation, even Lady Luck had to feel for this youth. She blessed him extraordinarily, pushing him to the point where he stumbled upon an extremely Ancient Primordial Treasure; 'The Eye of the Myriad Universe'.------------------------------------------------------------------How do I comprehend the Dao of Oblivion? Min Hong asked.To comprehend the Dao of Oblivion, you have to know how it came to be... The Ancient Heavenly Monkey replied.What does Oblivion mean to you? The monkey asked.Oblivion is emptiness... a state of nothingness... it is an endless entity that was never there but always present... it existed before any other entity came to be... even the Chaos itself was birthed by Oblivion... it is the progenitor of all Universal Daos and lords over all things...Oblivion created the Chaos out of boredom... created the Dao of Will to control the Chaos when the Chaos began to rebel...------------------------------------------------------------------I am open to critics... This is my first novel and it is an original... So please, when you notice the slightest error, be sure to pinpoint it...I promise to consider my readers first before any other thing... I am here to serve you, so kindly do your best to support my efforts...Do not forget to drown me in your power stones. Buy Privileges and send me gifts , that way i would be inspired to better my work and please you all.Thanks... Our Journey to over 2000 chapters begins now...DRUMROLL.....

  • The Making of the Vampire Queen

    The Making of the Vampire Queen



    "Alliyah and Areej against the world remember! You will always be my big sister whatever happens ..." ~ Areej. "I will conquer the world, if that's what it takes to keep you by my side." ~ Alliyah. "Life is like a wheel, sometimes you are up and sometimes you are down. Just persevere and it will not always be as tough as it is ..." ~ Joe the hunter. =*=*=*=*=* Alliyah lived her 21 years as an orphan who has never left the Caragua island. Until one night, a group of vampires wreaked havoc in Caragua island in which death and chaos ensued. Alliyah was supposed to be dead but now she became a vampire. She wakes up no longer a human but a vampire. A new life and fate await the red velvet-haired Alliyah. Her adventure begins... What will happen to her? How will she survive, now that she is a vampire? Will she venture the dark path of vengeance? --- Author's Note: [WARNING: Some chapters of this book may contain mature R-18 content.] Everything written in this story is just a fig of my imagination and has no reflection on real life. PLEASE Vote this book with power stones for motivation, PLEASE Send Gifts if you enjoyed reading. PLEASE! I need your support. If we achieve the following: (In weekly basis) 800 powerstones = 2 daily updates 1,600 powerstones = 3 daily updates ~I don't own the picture. I just took it from the internet~ =============== *** Updates will be everyday *** *** Everyday *** > 20:00 +8 GMT paypal.me/madskie00017 Discord: madskie00017#8773 Instagram: @alphaprincenovel THANK YOU SO MUCH for the support !! ===============

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