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Elric's life had been nothing short of a nightmare since his childhood. He was constantly bullied at school, detested and ignored by his family, and left with nobody to care whether he lived or died. The accumulated loneliness and suffering from decades pushed him into a severe depression, and he ultimately decided to take his life’s final decision… Suicide.

One day, Elric's soul heard a voice calling out to him.

"Wake up, Elric. I am the God of Darkness, and I'm here to give you another chance at life."

To the God of Darkness, Elric replied with only two words…

"Fuck off!"

Now forced with the possibility of a new life despite his unwillingness… Elric must decide whether to become a puppet or forge a new destiny with his own hands.

Will he overcome his traumatic past, or will he squander yet another chance at life?

Join the Protagonist on his journey as he is given an impossible task while striving to become one of the strongest beings in a world full of Magic, Mythical creatures, Dragons, and Gods.


[[Author : The protagonist of this story is a scheming mastermind who doesn't trust anyone and plans everything based on his present strength, knowledge and circumstances.

No Romance, Harem, or Fan-service here. The main character is also not an Edgelord or a Psychopath who kills people without reason.

Character development is a gradual process as the Main Character learns to acknowledge and overcome his flaws. This is a story for those who appreciate a psychologically well-developed character.

The protagonist is an Antihero character who exists in the gray area between good and evil.

This is a story for those who enjoy complex characters, greatly improving and expanding World-building along with intricate plots. If you are looking for a story with a nuanced and morally ambiguous yet humorous protagonist in a mature and gritty world, then this is the novel for you.]]


Note : Character Reference Arts available in chapter comments.

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    AUTHOR'S SHAMELESS REVIEW : If you've come looking for Gold, congratulations.. You've actually found a Diamond! This isn't your typical Reincarnation story where MC is randomly thrown inside a world with some OP system. Here, the protagonist does everything by his own and doesn't have or need someone to guide and help him becoming strong. MC isn't an idiot to trust anyone blindly even if they're kind & helpful to him. He plans all his actions by already thinking of the consequences. Plus a lot of references for Novel, Manga, Manhwa, Anime, Comicbook Movies & Tv shows fans. So read and enjoy! P.S. I take no responsibility if you get addicted to this story.

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    this is literally one of the best webnovels i have read. I would recommend this to anyone who likes a protagonist who isn't a beta and actually have a personality. world building and character development is good so far. Read it for yourself its a hidden gem. (i wrote this review as it might help the writer of this webnovel, i genuinely don't want this novel to get dropped by its creater. sorry for my english)

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    need 2 likes for exp ............ . ....... . ..........,.................................................. but this novel is a wholesome one

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    Wow! This is amazing! The story overall is nice, different from other generic webnovels, and the world building is also super good. The MC is actually smart, not a saint, but not a cold-blooded killer either. I generally don't like webnovels that reference other pop cultures too much, but this one works with them. I just started a week ago, so I can't say much about the updates or past mistakes, but I am sure about this webnovel's potential. You will not regret reading this!

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    pro. -First off, while there are some mistakes, the grammar is fairly good(compared to most novels in WN). -The MC is a true "smart" MC in his choices and while other novels advertise these types of MC's, this novel (so far) actually delivers. -The story is interesting and so far pretty good. Negatives. -My biggest complaint is the lack of information in regards to stats and abilities. Stats have no real value and are just numbers that go up and down. While some stats like strength can be understood by the reader as it's common knowledge, dex and defense isn't explained and is just there. Abilities lack depth and are just thrown around. -The fight scenes are lacking, It just feels like details that should be there aren't. This also feeds off my earlier point as even the combat is missing information. -The authors notes aren't needed and takes away from the immersion. This isn't a translated chinese novel where the culture can be confusing to westerners and needs explanation. Instead the Author should explain better through the story or expect the reader to understand the jokes. -MC grows way too fast. No real challenge as he obtains a super powerful pet very early on and so the story loses threat value from enemies as the reader already knows it's going to end up one sided. The story is fairly new and could easily be corrected in the future so overall the story is good and the MC is likeable. The first conflict was kind of a Cliche but I laughed at the "it's a trap" comment. The story would have made more sense through a cultivation system then a game element one. We need examples for stats so the reader can imagine the differences. We need a bases for how each stats are in value. Right now all we know is 10 strength is greater then 9 strength but that's it. We need references like a normal human has X this stat and that. It should also have power scaling(or whatever the author wants) where 10x stat= C rank, 50xstat=D rank, etc. If not stats will just becoming numbers that have no concrete meaning and just go up as the MC levels, Abilities also need a ranking system or leveling system. You have many abilities the MC absorbed but are just there as fluff. Then the next chapter he suddenly has new abilities that he combined but no real information. The MC goes hunting, kills monsters, then shows up with many abilities, the lack of depth is boring. This alone could have been far more detailed and less rushed.

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    LV 14 Badge

    Oi oi oi oi Author San! I've heard you're dropping the novel!? This is a joke right? RIGHT!? This is an amazing novel and you have really great talent! You've fallen sick so many times, and i believe you should take breaks, I mean official breaks, l when you feel really tired, just go on a break. Like sometimes a week, and when you fall sick, then 15 days and whatnot. Take care of your health, both physical and mental, we all need breaks in our life.

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    author is a liar. there's romance that he forces with a super genius girl, even uses the mc soul to revive her and they become soul mates blah blah blah. trash author lying to get views.

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    it's kinda fresh and the writing style is very good with no mistakes and does not weigh down on you , author notes are very funny and the main character FINALLY HAS A BRAIN , PRAISE THE GODS IN ALL MULTIVERSES , i was soo done with typical MCs , so this novel is like rain after a long draught

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    Wait why now? I just heard you're dropping this, it was going so well, please don't end it like this, this novel has a lot of potential and even if you want to, take a month break or longer to recover and get back to shape but please don't drop this I begging you😭😭😭 or atleast give us closure on why you're dropping it...

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    LV 13 Badge

    Amazing Novel It is quite hilarious , engaging and has interesting characters, would definitely recommend it to everyone.

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    was good till he lied about there being no romance. Another shameless author tryna trap readers before he goes back on his word. Glad I read this for free instead of wasting my stones

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    Yes I am giving 5 stars all around for a review, and second I apologize to Author-sama because I just noticed I haven't left a review.So onto the actual review. When I came across this novel I was looking for a MC that was set on surviving after being reincarnated or the likes of reincarnation and no romance. When I started reading the novel I couldn't put down my phone because I was laughing along with some chapters or cheering on the MC during battles, and just pretty much riding along for the journey. I'm a female reader that prefers reading novels with a mixture of adventure, action, and comedy. This novel gave me so much more than I expected. I will be waiting for the next Arc to start. [img=recommend]

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    Loved the Character Development🙂 This is my First time Reading a Novel but I liked it, looking forward for Further Chapters☺️ Keep it up🙂👍

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    dropping after chapter 8. it annoys me when author spoon feeds too much. And hot the hack the guy who got conned lecturing a god who live billions of years. That god is the dumbest god, with that toodler level iq how did he became the strongest god. instances like this, which break consistancy and are out of logic, Kicks ne out of the flow and leaves a bad test even if the story became better in further chapters.

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    The story is not as good as the reviews say. It's just bad. Read the free chapters and make up your mind. I won't be paying for this book. To the author I hope you continue writing and improve further. There are very few Indian progression fantasy authors. I wish you the best. Sadly, I couldn't enjoy the book :-(

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    why..why.why. what happen with the ending.. is that really the ending???!! please dont end khan and the gang yet.. u cant do that author.... author dont drop this T.T.. p/s take care of ur health author..and get well soon..

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    The writing quality its superb, i liked very much the references to oother works, characters are well made and there are very few cliches, just a couple actually but they were presented in a funny way to be honest. The world building seems to be well done and finally we have a novel where there is a f***in purpose in the story and it is not the main character that mindlessly kills everyone that stands in his/her way. His cheat abilities are very refreshing and are used in a very smart way but i feel like the author is making the power progression too fast, still it is done well because at least the MC uses his power in a believable and "realistic" way. The story development seems well tought and the author is able to give a proper sub-goal which is different than "craft X, get core from Z, learn U skill" and so on. The MC is, as the author says, a gray person not good not bad and this add a realistic touch which is often non existent in other works.

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    I have read this long ago, maybe 2 years ago? I don't remember. I dropped it, i was too foolish. Only the once who read everything there's to read will realize: the nice things are the ugliest things in this accused world. A realistic book of pain suffering, no love. No bullshit, a place where you watch someone just like u. Living on a rope of misfortune where right or wrong don't matter. Where u realize god or devil, who are you to decide if the exist? And... So what? The top stories on this site are a fake nice picture of lies. Only the ones buired at the bottom of the tunnel are true.

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    Author I'll be honest with you, yours is the only book I've ever completely fell in love with. don't drop it if you can, please.

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