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  • Reincarnated as an Undead Lord with a... WW2 System?

    Reincarnated as an Undead Lord with a... WW2 System?



    Goal of Supreme Commander Agoncillo - "Make the first civilized undead society!"A 16 year old highschool student got isekai'd, gets a brief existential crisis, recovers, and does shit with his newly obtained system.I'm back bois, its time to, unfortunately redo this mess of a story lol.

  • A WW2 General's Rebirth as a Mage

    A WW2 General's Rebirth as a Mage


    Dying in a nuclear explosion as a WW2 Japanese General, he is reborn in a Magic world with kingdoms, Monsters, and Mana. Lux is thrown into this new continent called Asgarden, where he will make allies and enemies alike, and the only path for him to take is becoming stronger and forming precious bonds like he never had previously.

  • Life of a Soldier: A Vietnam War Story

    Life of a Soldier: A Vietnam War Story


    The Vietnam War was one of many proxy wars during the Cold War Era between the United States and Soviet Union. During Vietnam many soldiers from many nations joined the fight. During Military groups took part in Vietnam including Green Beret, one special unit of a group called MACVSOG was made to find and destroy VC tunnels, collect intelligence and do covert operations. Anthony a young man joined the U.S. Military in 1972, in hopes of getting benefits to support his family after his father served in WW2 and his uncle served in Korean. Anthony is placed in a unit that specializes in clearing out enemy hideouts and tunnels for MACVSOG. Now he must survive one of the most deadliest conflicts known to man

  • 3 Friends and WW2 kinda.

    3 Friends and WW2 kinda.

  • good friends from different countries, because of the war conflict WW2

    good friends from different countries, because of the war conflict WW2

    menceritakan tentang anak bernama adam yang kembali ke zaman penjajahan di zaman penjajahan adam akan bertemu dengan orang-orang dari negara-negara yang berbeda

  • To My Sunflower

    To My Sunflower



    Hinata longed for his Eiji to return from war. Alone in the idyllic countryside whilst other areas of Japan were torn asunder. One day, he receives a letter from his lover filled with the scent of sunflowers and his undying love for him, followed by official news of his presumed death at Iwo Jima. Heartbroken. Yet determined to honor his promise to Eiji; to live the life they were unable to live together. Eiji fought honorably for Japan at Iwo Jima. He fell injured in a banzai charge to be classified as dead. He recovered with the aid of an American lieutenant, who escorted him back into the mainland for espionage work. His one chance and hope of return to Hinata's side. A controversial risk of a war story set at the end of WW2, 1945 within Hiroshima and Nagano, Japan. Two sides of the war are shown from the individual perspectives of same-sex lovers Hinata and Eiji. More than a boy's love. An emotional drama, revealing the hearts and souls of people surviving America's assault. Hope from the consequences suffered at war's end.

  • WW2 battleship In MHA

    WW2 battleship In MHA


    A 10 year old kid named Abhram got killed by a car and he was reincarnated in MHA has a WW2 battleship he can turn into any battleship with any country

  • The Reich will Stand

    The Reich will Stand


    A German historian called Jordan who studied blueprints and had photographic memory was studying the why the Reich lost WW2 and was writing a article on it when he mysteriously time traveled to the year 1933 as the chancellor of Germany.

  • Otherworld Development Plan

    Otherworld Development Plan


    Someone from Earth is reincarnated to an alternate reality that has giant insects and dinosaurs walking around and the inhabitants only has 1910~30s technology. MC has a “system” that lets him exchange stuff from Earth, due to MC being a 4x strategy fan he accidentally discovered there’s a hidden console command panel. Suffice to say after that discovery he now can get everything for free! (F-22s, ICBMs, Seawolf class subs, Abraham Tanks, Everything from Earth is FREE!) Besides that the only other cheat MC has is that he has eternal youth (for realistic story reasons) Like you can’t expect large world changes things to happen in a short amount of time. Japan took 100 years to modernise (from the American blackship’s arrival Japan to the start of WW1) China failed to industrialised which is was part of the reason why it lost to Japan in WW2, and it isn’t until recently that China is considered a developed nation.

  • Transmigrated Into A Parallel Dimension!?

    Transmigrated Into A Parallel Dimension!?


    Aurel Sitz, A German youth, has always been a history buff, especially finding a fascination in World War 1 and World War 2 because his grandfather had participated in WW2 himself. Looking for a history book in his school library, he stumbles across a book with foreign inscriptions. Curious, he grabs the book and turns the first page only to see a brilliant flash of light. Aurel Sitz opens his eyes to find himself in another persons body sharing the same name. Except… it’s 1914 in a Parallel Universe!

  • The Undrowning Lotus: A WW2 Historical Novel.

    The Undrowning Lotus: A WW2 Historical Novel.

    The Undrowning Lotus: A WW2 Historical Novel, Based on a True Story of a Sexual Slavery Survivor Based on a true story, Undrowning Lotus centers on Chunhua who grew up during the opium crisis in Shanxi, located in Northern China. After being sold as a child bride, her feet were bounded by her in-laws, a popular practice in China at the time. She worked on the farm day and night while trying to find meaning in her life. As communism rose in China, she became a revolutionary. This allowed her to contribute to her country at a time of civil war in China. During the invasion of China by the Imperial Japanese Army, she was captured and put into sexual slavery known as comfort women station. According to Iris Chang, the author of the Rape of Nanking, these women were called "public toilets" by Japanese soldiers. This is a story of survival through the comfort woman station in Northern China, where our heroine escaped and was recaptured a couple of times before the war ended. This book features interviews from 2014 with Chinese comfort women from Shanxi before they passed away as well as rare photos of a comfort station from Northern China.

  • Bliss and Blitz

    Bliss and Blitz

    A short story inspired from the events that occurred in WW2.

  • Mage's Sign X

    Mage's Sign X


    In a seemingly normal world , there are those who are endowed with certain skills , both physical and psychologically. This is the result of years of human evolution , and there is much evidence to support that fact. Using their knowledge of the Earth and spiritual energy in the Middle Ages, humans created their own magic , becoming the first self-proclaimed “ mages”. But there are some in the world who believe that these abilities are the result of either God or Satan- therefore they are imperfect. For this reason , there is a mass hunt for people of magical heritage , and having abilities is punishable by death. Genetic development to counter them has taken place since World War I. This allowed them to be kept in camps until WW2 , when they rebelled against the chaos. However , the mages failed and were sent into hiding. People who possess them must stay secret from the public , but there are still underground networks to ensure that they remain alive. In 2020 , 13 year old Mitsuya Nieto and his eleven year old sister Kaoru are adopted by the rich former student of his mother after she is murdered. From here on out , he begins a path of revenge with his allies - shadow manipulator Casanova , spirit prodigy Julianna and sword wielding Keiko. Their first objective - infiltrate the Mage Academy.This is a manga/ anime concept that I wrote for a competition with my classmates. We typically like to watch a lot of anime , so I wanted to make something that borrowed from the many different anime that I watched. In this story I hope to incorporate tropes and storylines from my 15 favorite series while trying to add originality . These include Fate , Code Geass , Yu Yu Hakusho , Soul Eater , Bleach , SDS and more. I will try my best to make it interesting. I hope to make enough money to produce a comic of this someday. But until then , I hope you enjoy !!!

  • Magitech Civilisation System

    Magitech Civilisation System

    other name:- reincarnate in WW2 with a magitech system- bringing magic to the earth in the past.Isekai with a system? ClicheSomeone got reincarnated to the past historical event like ww2, Cliche too!Bringing our advance science and technology to another world? it almost become cliche too!Why not make the reverse of the 3?This is a story of a history, technology and magic otaku who died because of (spoiler alert) and get send to the past as emperor of japan 16 years before WW2 with a Magitech Civilization System.Watch as he bring chaos to the world through his bizarre magic in all aspect of military and sciences in the era of war.???: "Einstein! how do you explain those Japanese magic with your E=mc^2 formula!!?"Einstein: "This is crazy!! How the hack those people create matter out of nothing! this is unprecedented and illogical! this subvert our understanding of the world through sciences!"author note:(please comment which titles should I use).The magitech will likely resembles those in mahouka koukou no ritoussei but is more advanced and also take several other work like the mecha in knight's and magic.I get several difficulties in designing the power system of the system such as should I add level or not? how the mc gain more knowledge/technologies? what is the cost of the technologies? And the most hardest one - how to integrate sciences and magic without destroying the other.Anyway, please comment and suggest anything you like for the story!The cover is taken from internet that I modified (photoshop with a magic circle) so it is not mine.



    Martial Arts ACTION WEREWOLF

    In a Russian School during Pre-ww2, the rules are simple for the boys. The strongest survive and adults are the enemy. Stick to your class and get your name back in the School's Hierarchy system.Then the girl came.

  • Travelling the Seas

    Travelling the Seas


    First book. Book about travelling the world and more with ship waifu. No harem. Azur Lane Inspired sort of only the one shipfu. Mostly cultivation. Navies and army and wars and big battles at the beginning only.. The Beginning is set a few years after ww2 in somewhere in china. Mostly action but can be changed if readers want it. Discord if you wanna chat or make suggestions: https://discord.gg/MwX9qqpjwe can either make a patreon with no premium chapters or no patreon with premium chapters starting from chpt. 50.https://www.patreon.com/PeanutGalleryBooks

  • Times & Memories

    Times & Memories

    Realistic Fiction ROMANCE ACTION

    An old man named Alan tells his grandkids about his journey, starting from his last year in high school to his service in WW2. Along with the troubles he faces today, such as old age and his daughter.

  • The great machine war

    The great machine war

    Hell... That was what he thought when he went to the frontlines. The machines were launching assault after assault with an intermission of a day of bombardment when they failed an assault.It was now his first month on the frontlines. His friends were all dead on the first assault they encountered on their deployment. It was now his fifth trench they’ve overrun the last four.But the on the first day of the new month he would regret joining it before the first Wave.This is like what if WW2 had machines and some other stuff. Inspired by Dima Fedotov’s “Fortress”

  • Beauty in War

    Beauty in War

    in an alternate universe where the German won the WW2. A general named Wednesday find himself attracted to a rebel force woman named Rosa. Will love change the outcome of war?