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  • Historical System

    Historical System



    [Received the history -"The Beginning of the Path"]It`s unknown how, but Stroph finds himself in the middle of a billion stars and his sleep comes true."The Empire of the Flaming Heart" has been surrounded by the countless hordes of monsters for thousands of years and is constantly at war. The rivers of blood flow unceasingly on the battlefield, the furious hail of bullets never ceases and the swords stained with blood cannot be counted.Stroph has been living a completely unremarkable life with his family and friends.But one day, the most ordinary trip to the store ends with him getting a system that records the histories Stroph has committed.In the pursuit of histories, Stroph will have to go to the places where human life is worthless, you might get killed just for fun and a terrifying monster, who is capable to demolish cities with a simple wave of his paw, might be waiting for you around the corner.But Stroph is definitely not one to let himself die without turning the world inside out.

  • Historical Romance

    Historical Romance

    Historical Romance ROMANCE

    Yua is the Lady many men want for her beauty, but what about what is inside? Will she be able to find someone who loves her for who she really is?Story set during a time women were meant to just be pretty 'dolls' at home.

  • Historical writing

    Historical writing

  • Historical, placement

    Historical, placement

  • The Historical Magic

    The Historical Magic

    Hindustan (The old India) Have many secrets in his Streets... !India is the country of magic!The magical land had a invisible street when Mughal rules in India!!And how can a man find the Magic book until he got street !!

  • 90th historical

    90th historical

    Read the book and increase your knowledge

  • Biafra historical

    Biafra historical

    Biafra What you have to know about this pre-country Biafra republican

  • Historical wold

    Historical wold

    Suspens for you must read this story

  • A historical palace

    A historical palace

  • Thanos historical

    Thanos historical

  • The Villain Who Fell In Love

    The Villain Who Fell In Love

    Historical Romance ROMANCE HISTORICAL


    WARNING some chapters may trigger the reader.Emelia Beaumont first princess of the Redodel Empire and known as the Empire's flower. But soon her name was tarnished as the Empire fell onto the hands of the Vivian Empire. The two empires have been fighting for six years however victory reigned on the Vivan Empire, giving them access and power against the Redodel Empire."I am not someone who would be a use to you," The platinum blonde girl coldly said to the black-haired guy who didn't seem to be fizzled by her words. Instead, it pinned his interest in her."Are you sure? Because sooner or later you'll fall in love with me," The black-haired man answered with a sarcastic smile."Fall in love? My frozen heart won't melt for you," She sneered as the two guards that pushed her down to the floor forced her to lower her head."Then let's play a game, shall we? If you lose you are mine."Emelia laughed pathetically then answered, "No matter what challenge you bring to me I will overcome it."The black-haired man is named, Elliot Lucius Renaud. The current and youngest emperor of the Vivan Empire. Who fell in love with the princess of the Redodel Empire.The platinum blonde girl is named, Emelia Louis Beaumont the princess of the fallen empire. Who eventually fell in love with the Vivan Empire's emperor, Elliot.Is it fate or coincidence that brought them together?========================================Cover Art commissioned from: @laylee_hiuJoin my server: https://discord.gg/SSvspaDbB2NOTE: EDITING WILL COME ONCE THE BOOK IS COMPLETEDNO STEALING OF THE ART. IT BELONGS TO ME

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    historical book


  • Historical man

    Historical man

    The great historical men of all time and achievements they made of all time ,to be remembered

  • American Historical function

    American Historical function


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    Historical gaming

  • Historical Past 2009

    Historical Past 2009

  • Historical War.

    Historical War.

    It all happened on December 24, 1989 when the married turned to widow and widower; and when the childbearing mother turned childless and children turned parentsless.The homer became homeless, the rich became poor and the poor became rich. Elders lost their respect to kids they brought up. Lives were lost.Most youths turned to blood suckers and homes looters. People walked nicked in street. People died from starvation and thirst. People left their comfortable homes and slept in the forests and ate leaves for survival. Women and girls were raped. Human rights were violated.Innocent people were killed due to one man's selfish political gains. Lots of Liberians suffered home and abroad.What was the cause of all these? The answer here is war. If war is the answer,then what brought about the war? This bloody massacre was caused by bad governance and last for 14 consecutive years.This war took place in Liberia, a country in West Africa that borders three countries: On the North side is the Republic of Guinea, on the West is the Republic of Sierra Leone, the East is the Republic of Ivory Coast and on the South side is the Atlantic Ocean.Liberia is divided into 15 political sub-divisions called counties with administrative purposes.

  • His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling

    His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling



    When Yao Ling saved a handsome man, she never thought that there would be a day she would propose a marriage to him. "Will you marry me?" One question and it sealed their fate together. She needed his protection and she was his savior. There was only one problem, that man lost his memory. This convenience marriage might just be a ticking bomb, one that could explode and burnt in a second when he gained his memory. Who exactly he is? What will happen when the man regains his memories? Whether it's a happily ever after or not, it depends on their love. Will love blossom? Only time will tell. Hope you will enjoy this ancient contractual marriage! :) _____________________________________ Taken from Chapter 17 : Yao Ling squinted her eyes at him again, "Do you also look at other females like that?" Yao Ying was dumbfounded. Where was the jealousy coming from? How come it changed from customers to females? He wanted to cry again. Woman… They could be a bit unreasonable. "Of course not, Wife. I'm only looking at you." "Really?" "Really." Yao Ying answered firmly. Before he dug himself another grave, Yao Ying decided to distract his little wife again. He used his final move. When a woman was being unreasonable, just shut her up and kissed her. He hugged Yao Ling closer and kissed her until she forgot everything. That was how he saved himself that night. _____________________________________ Join His Peasant Wife: Yao Ling Discord Channel: https://discord.gg/xY29wHb Here is the link if you want to buy me a cup of coffee! http://ko-fi.com/missoline87 or you can directly donate to my PayPal: https://paypal.me/missoline87 Thank you very much! ^^ *hugs* I am thankful for your support. This will surely keep my spirit high ^^ ______________________________________ Current schedule: 7 Chapters/Week Tag: Female Protagonist, Comedy, Hidden Gem, Romance, Contractual Marriage, History, Ancient, Handsome Male Lead Cover by: yaoyueyi. Thank you very much! ^^

  • Ethiopian historical place

    Ethiopian historical place