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  • Historical System

    Historical System



    [Received the history -"The Beginning of the Path"]It`s unknown how, but Stroph finds himself in the middle of a billion stars and his sleep comes true."The Empire of the Flaming Heart" has been surrounded by the countless hordes of monsters for thousands of years and is constantly at war. The rivers of blood flow unceasingly on the battlefield, the furious hail of bullets never ceases and the swords stained with blood cannot be counted.Stroph has been living a completely unremarkable life with his family and friends.But one day, the most ordinary trip to the store ends with him getting a system that records the histories Stroph has committed.In the pursuit of histories, Stroph will have to go to the places where human life is worthless, you might get killed just for fun and a terrifying monster, who is capable to demolish cities with a simple wave of his paw, might be waiting for you around the corner.But Stroph is definitely not one to let himself die without turning the world inside out.

  • Rising  Phoenix

    Rising Phoenix

    History HISTORICAL


    Dynasties rise and dynasties fall, like the tide washing the sand. On one side, he suffers from intrigue and hides his great ambition; on the other, the mysterious girl hides her anger behind her gentle smile. Who toppled the country, establishing their dynasty? Who built the Yellow Springs and set it over Imperial Power, inciting strife and conquering the earth? Who exchanged gazes at the Nine Palaces to the sound of halberd and blood, watching the falling flowers of Acacia? Who drank the poisoned wine and smiled, trading it for a cinnabar dot to the chest? Tribulation and strife has destroyed past prosperity; he would not retreat, and she has not finished singing. .... Is she disturbing the earth world, or is the world disturbing her? This is a seemingly simple story about an era of recovering the old country and the fight for the throne, and the men and women on both sides. To conquer or resist; To push away or fight for chance. To provoke or to still; To love, or to refuse love.

  • His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling

    His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling



    When Yao Ling saved a handsome man, she never thought that there would be a day she would propose a marriage to him. "Will you marry me?" One question and it sealed their fate together. She needed his protection and she was his savior. There was only one problem, that man lost his memory. This convenience marriage might just be a ticking bomb, one that could explode and burnt in a second when he gained his memory. Who exactly he is? What will happen when the man regains his memories? Whether it's a happily ever after or not, it depends on their love. Will love blossom? Only time will tell. Hope you will enjoy this ancient contractual marriage! :) _____________________________________ Taken from Chapter 17 : Yao Ling squinted her eyes at him again, "Do you also look at other females like that?" Yao Ying was dumbfounded. Where was the jealousy coming from? How come it changed from customers to females? He wanted to cry again. Woman… They could be a bit unreasonable. "Of course not, Wife. I'm only looking at you." "Really?" "Really." Yao Ying answered firmly. Before he dug himself another grave, Yao Ying decided to distract his little wife again. He used his final move. When a woman was being unreasonable, just shut her up and kissed her. He hugged Yao Ling closer and kissed her until she forgot everything. That was how he saved himself that night. _____________________________________ Join His Peasant Wife: Yao Ling Discord Channel: https://discord.gg/xY29wHb Here is the link if you want to buy me a cup of coffee! http://ko-fi.com/missoline87 or you can directly donate to my PayPal: https://paypal.me/missoline87 Thank you very much! ^^ *hugs* I am thankful for your support. This will surely keep my spirit high ^^ ______________________________________ Current schedule: 7 Chapters/Week Tag: Female Protagonist, Comedy, Hidden Gem, Romance, Contractual Marriage, History, Ancient, Handsome Male Lead Cover by: yaoyueyi. Thank you very much! ^^

  • Nova Roma

    Nova Roma



    Our protagonist was a Mexican who died on a flight, when he woke up he found Apollo who reincarnated him as the grandson of Gaius Octavian Turino (Augustus) the first Roman emperor, having a mission in hand to conquer the New World to save the Roman polytheist world and his existence.Our protagonist will be able to develop the great Roman civilization in America and survive the different ones that exist in this distant land ...Discord Server https://discord.gg/CwxPsCy

  • Overlord, Love Me Tender

    Overlord, Love Me Tender



    In the 21st century, she was the talented leader of the hidden family clan, once she crossed over, she became the number one waste? Break off an engagement? A good-for-nothing? Open your ​​eyes and see clearly! This lady here can just throw you into the skies and let you be closer to the sun. With a red fan in hand to blow the world into a whirl of chaos, carving a name for herself under the skies.

  • Legend of Fuyao

    Legend of Fuyao



    While excavating tombs, an archaeologist, the “red-haired witch,” causes too great a disturbance, becoming a martyr as a result of the grave chamber’s collapse. Seventeen years later, she finds herself transmigrated into the Five Regions Continent as the delinquent, Meng Fuyao, who struggles to survive in the lowest rungs of society. As a tsundere, crafty, loyal, vengeful, bold, and sharp-tongued woman, she has a unique charm that draws people around her. Follow the funny Fuyao as she defies fate and ascends to supremacy!

  • The Villain Who Fell In Love

    The Villain Who Fell In Love



    WARNING some chapters may trigger the reader.Emelia Beaumont first princess of the Redodel Empire and known as the Empire's flower. But soon her name was tarnished as the Empire fell onto the hands of the Vivian Empire. The two empires have been fighting for six years however victory reigned on the Vivan Empire, giving them access and power against the Redodel Empire."I am not someone who would be a use to you," The platinum blonde girl coldly said to the black-haired guy who didn't seem to be fizzled by her words. Instead, it pinned his interest in her."Are you sure? Because sooner or later you'll fall in love with me," The black-haired man answered with a sarcastic smile."Fall in love? My frozen heart won't melt for you," She sneered as the two guards that pushed her down to the floor forced her to lower her head."Then let's play a game, shall we? If you lose you are mine."Emelia laughed pathetically then answered, "No matter what challenge you bring to me I will overcome it."The black-haired man is named, Elliot Lucius Renaud. The current and youngest emperor of the Vivan Empire. Who fell in love with the princess of the Redodel Empire.The platinum blonde girl is named, Emelia Louis Beaumont the princess of the fallen empire. Who eventually fell in love with the Vivan Empire's emperor, Elliot.Is it fate or coincidence that brought them together?========================================Cover Art commissioned from: @laylee_hiuJoin my server: https://discord.gg/SSvspaDbB2NOTE: EDITING WILL COME ONCE THE BOOK IS COMPLETEDNO STEALING OF THE ART. IT BELONGS TO ME

  • The Virgin Outcast Who Stole The Emperor's Heart

    The Virgin Outcast Who Stole The Emperor's Heart



    The night after her parents death, she's forced and threatened by the Queen at the age of ten to get engaged to the prince whose father is the murderer of all her relatives. Seven years later, she is brought back to the palace to be married to the prince who is now the Emperor. -----------+ Never would innocent Nana have ever imagine her life to become so complicated. Being threatened into a marriage she so despite. She hates him with all her heart and she wish him nothing but death but of course none of her wishes can ever come through, she isn't given a choice. To save her only remaining sibling life and to bring justice to her late parents, she agrees to marry the man she despise so much and one would think it would be easy ..given the fact that the whole kingdom knows that the Emperor is in love with the Outcast ..but no. As Nana entered the palace she receives the worst kind of hatred and wickedness from her husband's mother, brother and sister. The scary part is they want her dead. (PLEASE NOTE (There are no Wolves in this book. Only a few ghosts, Lol. Do take note, this story is rated PG 17+ and there might be scenes that would be uncomfortable for some people but rest assured that I will write a warning on each chapter which contains overly mature contents ..You can choose to read that chapter or skip it to the next one.) The book cover is from Pinterest.

  • The Duke’s Stubborn Bride

    The Duke’s Stubborn Bride


    [ON HIATUS! I’m sorry …] Lady Evelina Belle Beaumont Huxley and the distinguished English Duke Alexander Montague McAllister unexpectedly cross paths. While one is mistaken for a courtesan in the red-light district, the other is perceived as a scoundrel. Despite a tumultuous first encounter, Evelina finds herself indebted to the Duke after a challenging night. Little does she know, this is just the beginning of her journey. Weeks later, at a seasonal ball, Duke Montague catches Evelina's eye once again. However, the words he utters trigger all of her anxieties, compelling her to comply with his demands. Will she submit to the Duke's wishes? ** Please note that the cover art is original and belongs to me. Do not use without permission.

  • We Will Meet Again

    We Will Meet Again



    [COMPLETE] [Meiji 1895- Tokyo 2019] "You, you murderer!" 'It...it wasn't me,' she wanted to say. But the words would not leave her lips. The colour of blood covered her hands, proving the other persons point. It wasn't her, but why? Framed for her Mothers murder when she was ten year's old. Kaname Setsura spends the following eight years gathering information on the case. Against her families wishes, she accepts her scholarship to a famous art University, ST Rinkan. In that place, there is a 'clue' to the events from what happened eight years ago. However right as she is about to marry the man she loves, on the day of their graduation, an accident occurs, leading to her fiance to fall into a coma. Distraught, lost and uncertain Setsura shuts herself away from the world, and her half brother uses this chance to send her away abroad. Setsura accepts, but on that day, a grand scale earthquake occurs, right as she is about to board the plane and she wakes up in the middle of the roadside and finds herself in the year 1895. With the help of a man named 'Akito,' she settles into the Meiji era and discovers that the three major "accidents" in her life that occurred, one in 2011 and the two in Tokyo 2019, are connected to a series of cases in 1895 "Mysterious cases of the shard."

  • Married to The Mysterious Prince

    Married to The Mysterious Prince


    Rizelle Verona is the kind-hearted, cheerful, and beloved Princess of the Linolia Kingdom. For the sake of her people and the Kingdom, she accepts to fulfill an alliance marriage proposed by the King of Esriven, their neighboring kingdom in the east. Once a beloved Princess who is sheltered from all kinds of the world's cruelty; now she has to start a new life in a foreign kingdom and even marry a mysterious Prince whom she has never met before! The Princess knows nothing about her mysterious husband-to-be but one thing is enough to dread him even before she met him - the infamous fact that he is a cold-hearted being who is crazy about power! * * * Disclaimer: I do not own the cover photo. It is uploaded from another source and all rights credited to the rightful owner.

  • Trapped in Hisstory [BL]

    Trapped in Hisstory [BL]


    "Help me fill the pages of the book, with an untold story."Chance Howard, a historical researcher, was assigned to discuss the history of the last king whose death was said to be connected to a male lover and now he is struggling with lack of information about the requested topic. Dead tired, he took a nap but that was when he got into a deal with Wish and Fate to help him know the king's story. Thinking that it was just a bizarre dream, he was shocked to find himself awakened in the 19th century, back in the last monarch of Antares. Surprised to also see his friends!Living the life as the prince, the main subject of his research, he met the man who caused the death of the person he is living in. Caliber Stein, the man, whom no matter what changes, still bound to be part of his life.And even if he returns back to his time, he knows that he will forever be trapped in history.In his story.~~~~~~~~~~Disclaimer:Picture used in the cover are not mine, all credits goes to original creator. If the owner sees this and wants it to be taken down, please do tell me. Thank you!Discord: Reed#0934IG: miss.reeed(ALEXANDRIA [GL] is out now!)

  • Ruling the Historical Romance Novel as the Female Supporting Character

    Ruling the Historical Romance Novel as the Female Supporting Character

    After dying from staying up too late, Su Yijia found herself transmigrated into a historical novel as a minor female character. Giving money and treasures to the female lead? Daydreaming! All the good stuff belongs to her! Forget about golden fingers; she has natural talent as the daughter of a wealthy family. Tricked her into marrying a disabled tycoon? No problem, he can still be of use after a little fixing. As for conspiracies and schemes.... Watch how she tramples her enemies, punishes the scum, and beats down all those with evil intentions. The yield-boosting liquid she invented help crops to surge fivefold? Her ointments are being snatched up globally? Want to buy something? Take it slow! The treasures she has are beyond your imagination. Becoming rich is nothing. She wants to stand proudly with her beloved homeland, dominating the world together! What? To use the golden finger requires her to kiss and hug her husband? Come on sweetheart, today is also a day for us to cuddle sweetly. Qin Kaize: Online plea for help! With a wife sweet and charming alike, he can't stand one more moment of being confined to a bed. What can he do? "Passionate and Sweet Little Spouse vs. Cold and Mysterious Disabled Tycoon"

  • Henan Zhong: Three Wooers, The Bride Is Not Ready Yet

    Henan Zhong: Three Wooers, The Bride Is Not Ready Yet



    With a different identity, she has entered in the enemy Kingdom. She wanted to bring back Wan Hu Shang. The Crown Prince is ignorant about her real name and identity. He invited her to live in his Palace for a month and celebrate the Event of Winter since she saved his life from the angry crowd of wild sambars. The time comes and she is able to reach Wan Hu and free him but she herself got trapped by the enemy and fell in his personal prison. Will she be able to free herself and reach her father? The sparks those initiated between Prince Wan Hu and Henan, could she be able to understand her heart? Will she ignore him again? What would be her choice either to fulfill the wish of her father or fell in love with Wan Hu Shang, what would be her destiny? A Queen or an Army General? A quite unique and strong female lead is meant to shine in history.Join me author on this journey.The above is the synopsis for second volume. ..."I don't need another life to prove myself. I have this one. let me see if I lose or win. I am Henan Zhong." "Stay with the story and each and every chapter will be a new revelation for you readers." The opening first volume is the setting of the great story ahead.The story revolves around deception, untold emotions, newfound passions, strong characters, and many more. The daughter of General Zhong becomes General by way of chance in an era where girls were not allowed to wield weapon or study Martial Ways.This story is not for those who like to read weak female lead stories.Chapter release rate: 2-3/daily...Photo Google courtesy, not mine. Just edited

  • Seribu Pengantin Lelaki

    Seribu Pengantin Lelaki

    Fantasy HISTORICAL


    (WARNING) Bukan Bacaan di Bawah Umur Pernahkah kau bayangkan di Cintai,seorang Pangeran Lucifer Bernama Prince Voland..? Lalu Cinta Memisahkan kalian lagi, kau mencarinya dalam "kutukannya menjadi Perawan Abadi..?" 800 tahun Kemudian,kalian bertemu dalam Wujud yang berbeda ,Kini Ia Seorang Bintang besar,bernama Orlando..? Lalu Takdir Menyatukan kalian lagi dalam Reinkarnasi dan ingatan Masa lalunya kembali..? Dan di takdirkan Melahirkan "seribu Putranya...?" Kini Hasrat Cinta Keduanya tidak dapat di Pisahkan lagi. Bahkan, Ke -300 Pangeran Lucifer lainnya datang ke.Bumi manusia mencari Cinta sejati Mereka Beserta Sang Ayah"King Lucifer". Saksikan selengkapnya dalam Novel the best ini Loh...! Jangan lupa PS Sebanyak-banyaknya,Review,dan Komenin yang baik -baik ya...!" Eits satu lagi...Gift nya Jangan Lupa...!" By: RED Queen ( farahdiba-sandala)

  • Miss Chicken & Her Mister

    Miss Chicken & Her Mister



    Chang Seol runs away from home and ends up in a sharehouse. Though she has one or two secrets, she only wants to live a low-key life. Falling in love isn't in her plans but it happens anyway. So, she likes kissing a certain someone and touching him here and there. When she tells him that she likes him, she gets chicken-zoned? God-daughter zoned? Pillow-zoned? Voice-zoned? There is no lack of zones but he never puts her in the love-zone. But then... how did she become a chicken for real? So, she's a shapeshifter? But who is Mister? Why is he turning more mysterious day by day? When she doesn't win his love after trying so hard, Chang Seol returns to her true world. It's a world of magic, lies, and war. She must shed her old self and lead her people. However, why is a certain Mister chasing her now? *** Mister: Keep distance. We are friends. Miss Chicken hugs him tightly. Mister: You are my goddaughter. Miss Chicken pecks him on his lips. Mister: I don't have any feelings for you. Miss Chicken listens to his heartbeat and smiles. How long can Mister hide his feelings from her? ***** Are you into fluffy shapeshifters, petty drama, dark conspiracies, mysterious worlds, thrilling adventure, comedic romance, and a shameless female lead who likes to steal kisses? This novel might be for you (^_^) **** Instagram: Koch_Norah Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/norah_koch ***Cover is Mine ****Full list of my novels******* Novels with Interconnected Worlds: 1. The Love That Remains (Completed) 2. His Mischievous Time-Traveler: How to capture a celebrity husband? (Completed) 3. His Devious Harbinger: How To Tame A Wicked God? (Completed) 4. Supernatural Investigation 101: Chronicles of Nakashima Wakana  5. When A Ghoul Falls In Love 6. Hunting for a Husband in a Vampire Apocalypse Standalone Novels:  Her Wicked CEO: How To Seduce A Hikikomori Wife? Miss Chicken & Her Mister The Villainous Emperor is My Pet? (Available on Goodnovel.Com) Bad x Bad: My Dear Hana (Available on Goodnovel.Com)

  • Transmigrated as the Blind Empress

    Transmigrated as the Blind Empress


    Hu Sungho, the man who possessed the body of a woman, Du Hyeon Ju. She was no ordinary; she was the king's third wife. Foremost, Hu Sungho learned that she was legally blind. This might be the reason why the people in the palace neglected her, treated her as if she was just some hostage from the rival country.Days came by and Sungho accidentally listened about an upcoming war between the land he was in and the land from the south.How will Hu Sungho deal with the mistreatment? Will he be able to secure his chastity against the king before the threat to conquer the land come into being?...This novel is inspired by 'The Ugly Empress' by Yun Guo Shi Fei, but more different.The picture on the cover is not mine. Contact me for a request to take it down.Instagram: @gmy.wnDiscord: gmy#8109

  • Transmigrated Into A Historical Novel As A Villain Vampire god

    Transmigrated Into A Historical Novel As A Villain Vampire god



    Zhang is a powerless young man who lives a very shitty life on the outskirts of the city, his life becomes very difficult after his parent's death and he toils to make ends meet but with no success. He naturally gets exhausted from his shitty life and has only one resolution to make it better, death. Before he commits suicide to evade the brutality of the harsh world on him, he comes across a historical fantasy book in which the villain is a powerful, ruthless, and affluent vampire god. He finally commits suicide but after being trapped in what felt like an eternity of infinite darkness, he opens his eyes to find himself in a completely diverse world, as the villain vampire god. Zhang feels as though he has been granted a second opportunity at life, but as a villain in the historical novel he once read, he must be wary of what is to come for he is clueless about the plots and adventures that await him in the enigmatic novel.This book has been dropped, check out my new book Reincarnated As An Assassin: Hwarang//////// For those that want to contact me about the book, feel free to dm me on discord: Mel_goddess123#0675 Follow me on IG: melaninngoddess_123