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Aboron: The Elusive World of Adventure

Fantasy 64 Chapters 107.2K Views
Author: Mashuk_Musafir23

4.96 (10 ratings)

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[Strong language and scene: be advised.]
Imagine a group of unlikely characters: a hapless boy, a shy girl, a homeless man with a mysterious power, and an underground high school society. What could possibly go wrong?
Tom, a desperate bullying victim, encounters a timid Cacey for the first time in the school canteen. Tom was in need of something that Cacey possessed, and Cacey was in need of someone to rescue her from an uncomfortable situation.
Despite its brevity, the meeting leaves an indelible mark on both individuals. To Tom, Cacey becomes the savior he will always admire. Accidental interactions with Cacey continue to impress and captivate Tom.
Tom encounters the enigmatic homeless man Edward Lesseter Holmes, who promises to take him to a realm called Aboron. This encounter, however, turns his and Cacey's lives upside down. After the disappearance of the homeless man behind a dimensional curtain, Tom kept experiencing bizarre events. He finds himself in a land of snow, fettered and wounded in freezing cold weather, when he is right inside his very own room. Cacey keeps experiencing events from the life of a mysterious battle princess, Aurelia. Cacey, once a timid girl, suddenly becomes the nightmare of the bullies. They both keep having doubts about what is real and what is not. In the meantime, without their knowledge, they end up on the Syndicate's hit list. Angus Balfour, the meticulous villain, has a very sinister plan for them. What will happen to them? What awaits them in Aboron? Will they be able to survive the evil of Ogologos High?
Join them as they set out on an adventure brimming with transformations, blood-curdling vengeance, and otherworldly powers. Instagram for wallpapers and illustrations of my novels: Mashuk_Musafir23


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    Not my type of story. But it surely was a fun read. The author is a good writer. He made it really easy to read. I really felt a rollercoaster of emotions while reading this story.

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    The description of characters is good and the story has a good background ,I am looking forward to further developments to this story.

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    It is true that I have only three chapters, but the writing style, and the way of presenting the novel captivates from the first line, the prologue is appreciated where they introduce us to the world in which we are going to spend our time between increasingly better story lines. on every step. I liked it a lot, greetings

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    The emotions rollercoaster of love, loss and self-discovery really do a good job of gripping one's attention to this work. From what I've seen the world of Aboron is thoughtfully crafted leaving me at the edge of my seat. When you pick this up expect some unexpected twists and turns.

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    I think it's a good story, a lot of things I have learned from it. The plot is good and I like how the author used references. Keep writing, I'll be waiting for the next chapter!

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    The characters are well thought out, each with their own goals and flaws, making them relatable. Their interactions feel genuine and add an emotional layer to the narrative.

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    This novel is well written, though I don't typically read genres like this yet, I binge read, and this novel has potential, keep up the good work author! Added this to my library!

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    A well written book that can really catch the interest of its readers with very intriguing characters and story development... Can't wait for more updates and for it to catch up to where I have last read it.

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    i did not expect this story to be this interesting. I won't give any spoilers, but if you think this story is boring just because of a few initial chapters, then you are simply missing something really worth reading. The first volume is getting really tense. What will happen to the duo? Writer, please, keep up the good work.

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    Hi! The author here! I believe the story is not getting enough attention. So, I will tell you a bit about the story. As you can see from the novel synopsis, there are four main characters: Tom, Cacey, the homeless man, and the Syndicate. First, we see two teenagers, Tom and Cacey. Tom is being bullied every day. He does not fight back because he does not want to create problems for his dad, who is proud of his family name and status. So, it's not that he cannot fight back; he chooses not to fight back. He wants to be loved and noticed by his father. But that never happens. Cacey, on the other hand, is a very timid and unbelievably beautiful girl. She is a very talented student, too. However, she is being wrongfully misunderstood by people in each of her past schools. She always has to transfer from one school to another, as living peacefully becomes really hard for her. Everyone notices her beauty with either love or hate and jealousy. She never does anything to anyone. The homeless man Edward is a very mysterious man with strange powers. He talks about a strange world, Aboron, in another dimension. Everyone has a chance to change themselves, but they must fulfill some conditions, which he never reveals. The Syndicate is an underground society of students from very powerful families who play gods on earth and have the power to control the lives of people. This heinous group controls the high school where Tom and Cacey go. This group is disgustingly resourceful and can render your effort to establish justice ineffective. At first, we see Tom and Cacey's troubled lives. We then explore their inner thoughts and their teenage efforts to run away from their problems. In the meantime, mysterious things keep happening to them. Their way of life suddenly changes after Tom and Cacey go on a trip, taking a voluntary leave of absence from their school. It was their way of avoiding the truth and the troubles of their lives. We will explore their inner fears and thoughts. Things start to happen quickly when Tom and Cacey come back from their trip. The events that followed quickly prepared them for their transmigration to the mysterious world of Aboron. I won't say anymore here. Otherwise, it will be no fun!!! If you have any questions, you can ask me here. I will really be happy to see some interactions. Every writer adores it when readers read and appreciate their work. I, too, would be happy to talk to you about my story. But I won't give you any spoilers. You are always welcome to ask questions. Happy reading!!

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    Author Mashuk_Musafir23