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Abyssal Ascension: Birth of The Demon Emperor

Fantasy 133 Chapters 151.0K Views
Author: Purple_Midnight

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All his life, Amari Burrows had done nothing but read novels. After a fateful turn of events, he was tossed into a gang war by superiors, losing his life and family in the process. A strange entity takes a liking to his soul and gives him the opportunity to grow stronger in another world.

Gods and divinity ruled this new world. Demons were shunned as locusts that did nothing but take. And where did he find himself in? The body of a demon.

The path of ascension was open and the time of reckoning was soon to come. Would he be able to survive far enough to achieve his desires?


Author's Note: Join my discord server for more interactive conversations, questions and so on: https://discord.gg/BCnvk9hkqP

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    This is a reupload of a book I posted some two months ago. Chapter uodates will be frequeent since I already have quite the "Stock". If you want some guarantee of quality then you can go check out the reviews on the original version. I hope you enjoy it.

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    A cold MC! I've been wanting to find one lately. Would be cool if he could massacre some random clan lol. Not saying I'm into that... Maybe Definitely try reading it and judge for yourself!

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    I liked the premise. A sad and painful start and filled with hurdles and such. MC starts as an adopted demon in wolf demon family? A very interesting start. Hope the author continues to upload new chapters.

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    A novel venture. The story is detailed and engaging. A good start, giving the background for the development of a cold and vengeful MC. The writing quality improves with the increase in the chapters. It would be a good addition to the reading list.

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    The author knows how to write engaging stories. Despite some flaws, their writing can improve. With effort, they'll get even better over time. Looking forward to read more chapter

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