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Conquering The Omni-Verse!

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Author: KingSeyer

4.6 (66 ratings)

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•The Boys


•All Tomorrows

•Final Space

•Star Wars


+Mini adventures to other verses like Star Trek.


The Omniverse—the collection of every universe, multiverse, reality spheres and every form of dimension that is, was and is yet to be. Some may call it the source of everything.

What will happen to the Omniverse at large when an extremely smart and chaotic scientist is thrown into its muddy waters?

What will happen if because of a disturbing experience, he decides to take matters into his own hands and contro of everything in his sights?

Stick around to find out why entire Multiversal and Dimensional clusters tremble at the mention of the Prime Conqueror!

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[Mature Content][Gore][Neutral Evil Mc] [Manipulation-Type Mc][Messed Up Scenes] [Dimensional Hopping][Intelligent Mc] [Psychic Powers][Overpowered Mc][Sadistic/Lustful Mc][Large Scale Battles][Mind Control][Evolution][Character Growth]

|Note|~ Expect evil things that wil make your skin crawl, beware when reading. Don't read if you hate scummy and evil things, no one should read and later complain about Mc's actions. You have been warned!

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I won't complain about him being a villain but no mind control rape/rape in general. love to see more fanfics of the boys they need their own tag already

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i don't mind him being a proper evil person who does some horrible stuff but doesn't turn him into a man child like homelander let him be intelligent and independent so he can be free of the company if he chooses but stays due to the benefits and them covering him without him needing to say so. i don't mind if his arrogant when he enters the omniverse but when he realises he isn't on top of the food chain let him be sensible about it and plan ahead

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LV 4 Badge

unfortunately i had to rewrite my review. i was really looking forward to this book but the author decided that he want one love interest. i know that this is not something to cry about, but for me a villain mc with no moral should and can have whatever he want. why limit him? and this story is a multiverse travel so........ and the dude have super brain so yeah...... anyway the book is good but not for me. hence the 3*

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There is very thin line between charismatic villain and sc*m. Severus Snape vs Dolores Umbridge or Sandor Clegane vs Joffrey Waters and it's difference lies in character arc and development. And MC is strongly in latter camp. I think Author tried to make him Homelander (tv version) without all crippling psychological issues but what came out is just plain sc*m. I read up to 27th chapter and maybe Author plans some character arc but it does not seems likely.

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GooD writing quality great potential . sadly no harem and it will make the story alot more interesting looking at how the mc gona bul it and how is he going to manipulate hes way in. non the less good read just not my cup of tea.

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Yes. [img=recommend]

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I just write pros and Cons of this work. But divide it by the worlds. Because author does improve some things. And make a new mistakes. The boys. + mc is actually a villain! +some ideas are pretty great. - everything is so forced. You can predict how the story goes very easily. Like the first time mc mentioned Victoria, he already give away ending. - Mc just wastes his time and his plans doesn't work. -60 + chapters of useless fillers, out of 74 chapters in a first volume. Literally you could delete them, nothing gonna change. - romance done so poorly that people asked in comments, does mc actually loves Victoria at the end. That's just mental, dude. +cool powers. Can't do anything, they are just cool. The invincible world. + it's feels more natural and less forced. + at least mc plans starts to work. +the world much more interesting then boys. +romance become better*. Somewhat. At least it's doesn't feel like you chocking on a big NOSE in you troat. - Mc still love to waste time. -Mc isn't acting as a villain. In first volume we got at least some scenes where mc been evil, now there is nothing. A villain tag is why im here, and it's doesn't work... Great. * mc doesn't want to waste time on queen maeeve, but somehow amazonia us different....you don't see a problem here? So yeah. Can't say much good about it... But author really does improve in a second volume. So that's something.

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The MC is evil just for the sake of evil. Some very disturbing things which doesn't donate much to the story/plot or any characters. It's like those emo period of kids. Honestly this is just straight up trash where a psychopath does whatever he wishes in the world he created. This is singular fan's fic. Don't know if it is a fanfic anymore tbh.

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Finally a decent the boys fanfic. Excited to see where this is going

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. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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Please publish it also on "scribblehub" so we can continue to read it on PC

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When I finished chapter 13, I screamed scandal... because it was the last chapter, I read everything in one day which is fast for me. I propose to tie the author to a chair and burn his head if he stops writing, who is with me? I like that the homlander is not identical to the series because of the existence of the mc. question it was not clear that the mc came from our world since it does not seem to me that we are not talking about manga in the introduction which shocked me a little some chapter ago when he talks about it

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Excellent premise, the beginning of the story is so far well executed. Really interesting especially since the lack of The Boys fanfiction of this quality making it a rare diamond in the rough in a budding Fandom. Storywise I can't say a lot considering the lenght of it at the moment, however what I can assure is that these first chapters gave me the desire to read more of your story. Overall I'm Impatient to see where you're going to take this fanfiction that have the merit to be original in any case :) I'll end this review by inviting any potential readers eager for a Boys fanfic to read The Mentalist. Thank you for your work.

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it's a pretty good ff, and by the fact that it is a boys fanfic which is pretty hard to find, makes it even better, Writing Quality = Would Rate it 5 for there not being a spelling mistake or, something that makes it confusing tor read. Story Development= Don't know yet its only 6 chapters in, might change this later but currently giving it 5 stars, rating it on what I've seen in these 6 chapters, Character Design= We haven't seen much on the character, but the prolouge explained him enough and at the very least he's a fleshed out character. Updating stability = once a day is pretty good so 👌 5 stars World background = I don't Rate it on which work it based on for example HP or marvel, which are pretty fleshed out themselves so author won't have to work on it, but instead I do it on what changes the author makes to that world to fit in the SI character or how much attention is payed into small details, which is also the reason why boys is so good as it deals with ten or twenty issues and a reason why it wouldn't work as a movie, so for the attention one author would have to make it longer, and finally 5 stars for now but may change it later onwards.

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This story is definitely a five-star review. The grammar is excellent without any problems, the plot is good and I didn't see any major plot hole till the end, and also the personality of the MC stays consistent without any stupid decisions that contradict his personality.

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To be honest, I feel like there is something wrong with Author's mindset and in a very dangerously bad way. Like how could he even imagine such horrible scenes.But... I never knew I would come to love such a... psychopathic and disturbing novel.Even if I know it is wrong, I still want to read it. Fortunately, it didn't left a bad taste in my mind like a few others that I read before.In simple words, just f...ing read it.

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LV 2 Badge

read up to chap. 30 the mc is different from my pov of a villain. A true villain with both good and bad side. A villain that kill without remorse to those who threatens him and do whatever it takes to get stronger like stealing/manipulate but nevermind or payback those who has goodwill to him or has love to his families and friends. Unlike the mc in this fanfic which is very evil villain without any goodwill, every action is pure evil. Does it change at the later chap? well sorry for my grammar if it's wrong or misplace english is my third language after all.

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imo, this is a bit boring to read. I'm sure some people like the writing style. I don't like the writing style. other than that, aside from some parts (I won't say it because I'm sure it'll be ignored or being insulted based on those paragraph comments I read on particular chapter). it's an okay read.

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Really good. Consistent updates, quality writing, good characters, normally I’m not a fan of harem but the way it’s done is believable and unlike most other works that try to make it seem normal in that world or something the Mc is just kinda a bad guy so it fits. 10/10

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I lost this fix for a long time because my app closed and it didn’t save in my viewed I love the boys plot and was super upset when I lost it. I spent at least 2 hours looking for it. I think this is a great fic and was hooked even at chapter 2.

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