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  • Game of thrones: Alan's adventure


    Game of thrones: Alan's adventure

    Mc was playing For Honor video games and after playing some time he fall asleep . And suddenly wake up in a different world . with his avatar form but no other cheats. (AN)I don't own anything. English is not my native language and I'm writing this from my phone. thus lots and lots of grammatical mistakes are included in the story. If you don't like it then just leave you don't need to write your comment . I'm warning the story is horrible .

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  • Teen wolf: A unique werewolf


    Teen wolf: A unique werewolf

    The main character of the fan fiction Jack Anderson gets three wishes and gets into the world of Teen wolf. He is not an ordinary werewolf and will try to live his new life with familiar characters. I want to note that English is not my native language, so forgive my mistakes. I will use a translator. If there are any errors, please tell me. I do not own the copyright of Teen wolf and the cover art. Only the main character belongs to me.

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  • Different Royal Pony.


    Different Royal Pony.

    A Brony reincarnated in Equestria after an unfortunate accident. "Magic? I can do magic?! Heck yeah!...but why Is my surname Blueblood? I don't even look like that ponce..." What would happen if there was an unicorn with potentially unlimited resources, an inexhaustible love for anything magic, and future knowledge in a single package...

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  • Game Of Thrones: House Dustin


    Game Of Thrones: House Dustin

    How the hell did it come to this?! - A young man is reincarnated in the Game of Thrones world as an only son to House Dustin in the North but there is always more to every story. This is a small side project that I thought about. This is strictly for fun so dont expect correct dates and all that stuff investigated. I will just write what I want. Can't guarantee stable updates. Again. It's for fun and I have another story for now. Don't even know if I will follow the canon or not. I didn't watch or read GOT except FF's so don't get angry if I make mistake. EDIT- This is strictly for fun. If you are a person who can not understand what’s written above and expect accuracy and whole background, save us both some time and don’t read it. Every review stating how unrealistic it is will be deleted. Go feed your ego elsewhere. Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author of this story. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any previously copyrighted material. No copyright infringement is intended. The author of the fan fiction does not, in any way, profit from the story and all creative rights to the characters belong to their original creator(s). Anything used in the FF belongs to their owners. This is strictly for fun. The cover doesn't belong to me. The owner can contact me and I will take it down.

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  • Batman in MCU


    Batman in MCU

    a young avid Dc fan gets paid a visit from truck kun then wakes up as a kid in a rich family all is normal until he discovers his family is friends with the Starks and Captain America is real. follow his adventure as he tries his best to survive in a world of heroes and villains and have fun along the way. this is my second fan fic I learnt a lot from my first one and I'm going to hope this goes better than the last. to support me go to

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  • Game of Thrones: The Prideful One.


    Game of Thrones: The Prideful One.

    Dying was supposed to be the end, but it wasn’t, so I will make the best out of it - - - I will be posting this story on First novel, I hope you guys enjoy, please let a comment and review if you feel like it. Love y’all.

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  • My Mother Told Me


    My Mother Told Me

    MC known from my other novel, thanks to the joke of God Weles, is reborn in the times of the Vikings ... the Vikings series. Here, more than the previous novel, I will focus on beliefs, demons and Slavic traditions. The MC will have his powers and knowledge ... Of course, there will also be a lot of focus on the history ... Unfortunately, the creators of the series made some mistakes that I do not intend to correct ... like Rollo was not Ragnar's brother ... and Ivar, instead of being a cripple, could be impotent. If there are any reviews, let them be honest, it's a pity that someone would waste time on something that is not to their liking. MC is not a good man, he is a murderer, sadist, manipulator and womanizer. This novel has no safe spaces, so anyone who gets offended ... I don't give a shit. Chapters will appear not too often. The Commonwealth remains my main focus.

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  • Reincarnated in Originals as a Dark Fey


    Reincarnated in Originals as a Dark Fey

    The MC is reincarnated into the world of TVD with 4 wishes. Warning I am writing this to pass time and for fun.

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  • Ben 10,000 x D.C. Universe


    Ben 10,000 x D.C. Universe

    Ben Tennyson as an adult finds himself in the D.C. universe after working on a null void projector and getting sucked in during a malfunction. With no hurry to get home, how will Ben enjoy his time in this universe? This is just for fun so no frequent uploads. It's rated R-18 but I don't know if I'm gonna do a harem. In this story, Ben is an adult and has master control and new additions. I DO NOT claim ownership of any characters and places mentioned in this story. Enjoy! Cover made by myself using Clip Studio Pro

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  • The Son Of Murder's Journey in TVD/TO As A Mikaelson


    The Son Of Murder's Journey in TVD/TO As A Mikaelson

    MC- Cain- gets R.O.B'd as the son of a Viking warrior that was Mikael's brother in all but blood, and gets adopted by Mikael after Vali- Cain's biological father- sacrifices himself for Mikael. The MC gets reborn with the Mark of Cain from Supernatural TV without Amara in it. I will guide you through his journey, his journey as the son of murder, the Prince of Death, the Original Ripper... Will he be able to control his lust for death, or will he let into the Mark of Cain, and burn the world for his own pleasure. Side note: The MC doesn't meet an R.O.B and get wishes, he gets thrown into this world with the Mark on him, and grows up with it For more info please read the auxiliary chapter. (These are all my fictitious thoughts, and have nothing to do with reality.) (Disclaimer: TVD and TO do not belong to me but Julie Plec and CW) (Cover art is not mine, if the creator wishes for me to remove it, then please email me and I will.)

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  • Winter Comes (Game of Thrones)


    Winter Comes (Game of Thrones)

    Waking up tied to a Weirwood Tree with a Child of the Forest about to stab a dagger into your heart is never a good thing. What follows gives that experience a run for its money though. (Night King Pre-Canon Self-Insert Fic)

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  • Reincarnated As Michael Demiurgos In DC/Lucifer TV


    Reincarnated As Michael Demiurgos In DC/Lucifer TV

    This story is about Samael(Me) being reborn as Michael Demiurgos in DC/Lucifer TV world fusion. In all my other fanfics the story is that all of creation(every fictional world) exist because of humans from our world(the world of origin). The souls of the world of origin are made from the true Creator's Light which holds all these world's in balance and keeps them existing. But the Apocalypse has already finishes in the world of origin so these world's are collapsing so beings that came into being from the void begged the true creator for mercy and atleast one soul made from the true Creator's Light. In pity the True Creator reincarnated Samael. But Samael will not remember the encounter, nor will he his name(though he will everything else in his past life but he will have the mentality of a Archangel so expect him to act like one), he will have a instinctual feeling of believing that he must not die no matter the cost which he will believe is a instinctual feeling because of him being the Demiurge. So the one who is the vessel of the Dunamis Demiurgos. God's power which will flood all creation if the vessel breaks aka if he dies. Michael will be loyal to the Presence because he has the mentality of an Archangel and I see myself If I reincarnated as Michael also be loyal to The Presence And not rebel. (More about Michael's thoughts will be explained while reading the fic) There will be differences in this fic compared to the show. The Mother of Creation doesn't exist in this one. Amenadiel isn't the oldest. Michael is. He and Lucifer are twins then came Gabriel an instant later. But Michael came into being an instant before Samael(Lucifer) Michael will be merciful and kind but if one dares to defy the presence then he will descend like a furious fierce lion and rip the blasphemous sinner apart be it angel or another sentient being. Michael will not like the pagan deities because his father is the Creator and he sees these inferior beings dare to claim to be God's and above him so expect hateful comments for them. So if you don't like that please be warned. (Though I will not focus too much on this part) Also I will not be focusing on the DC universe superheroes theme. Because well...It is pretty confusing. With crisis on earth storyline and all the other shenanigans... So I will mostly be focused on Vertigo and TV show stuff but there will probably be times where Michael will interact with other beings such as the New God's or Superman and Batman etc. This fanfic will also most likely contain my own headcanon along with changes in some beings personalities because of Michael being one of the first beings and helping in their creation alongside Samael and Gabriel. Also guys I know a good bit about Vertigo but I don't know everything so feel free to correct me on things I get wrong. (All of this are my fictious thoughts, and have nothing to do with reality. Religious themes that come into this are all comic book and Tv show based and do not have to do with reality. I myself do not believe in them so please do not believe in them as well, and merely read it as entertainment. Also, I claim no rights on any of the pre-existing characters in this fanfic. Michael Demiurgos, Lucifer Samael Morningstar and many other characters in this fanfic belong to Netflix and DC/Vertigo Comics)

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  • Game of Thrones: Dragon King of The North


    Game of Thrones: Dragon King of The North

    Got inspiration from another ff and decided to put my own spin on it. Guy transmigrates in the world of Game of Thrones as his game character. Updates will be slower as I will be writing longer chapters, and I get writers block often. I don't own game of thrones and am writing this to pass time.

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  • Reborn as a Mikaelson.


    Reborn as a Mikaelson.

    This will be an originals fanfiction, I write all my fanfic for fun, I make absolutely no money from any of my fics yet anyway, that's why I sometimes take long to update, I just don't have the time. I am restarting this again sorry this will be the last time I restart, unless I drop this- this story will restart 7 July 2021

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  • Reborn In Marvel as Grant Ward


    Reborn In Marvel as Grant Ward

    A boy Reborn in the Marvel world as Grant Ward after he cursed the guy for being stupid. How will he live the life different from the original Grant ward let's see. At first the power he gains isn't that good with regards to being in Marvel world but he will be gaining more power in the future so don't judge it based on that as my Grant Ward would become the strongest Human in the future.

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  • Reincarnated In The 100


    Reincarnated In The 100

    The MC reincarnates in the TV show Hundred with wishes I am writing for fun and to pass time. My grammar sucks so for those who strict with grammar and stuff I am really sorry since english is not my first language Warning the writing quality is bad .

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  • HP transmigrated into Domeric Bolton (GOT and HP crossover)


    HP transmigrated into Domeric Bolton (GOT and HP crossover)

    Harry Potter dies at the age of 28 in an accident by falling through the Veil. His soul travels through dimensions and end up in the body of 7 year old Domeric Bolton who recently died due to a horse accident. Plus, If you like my work and want to support me, then please do so at- Upto 100 additional chapters in Patreon.

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  • The Necromancer King (A Game Of Thrones)


    The Necromancer King (A Game Of Thrones)

    "I shall strike east... and conquer." A Targaryen prince blessed with the gift of boundless potential over all types of magic. Men will bend to his will, whether through life or death. An endless horde of warriors who do not require rest or food will follow him to the ends of the world. He who summons fire, commands the wind and controls the flow of the sea will continue to march and conquer what is rightfully His. This is the story of the first Dragon Emperor of the World. (Image is not my own, all credits go to ArtofReza. (MC is an OC if you're wondering.)

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  • Mikaelson Family Across The Multiverse


    Mikaelson Family Across The Multiverse

    MC dies and meets another version of himself who just happens to be an omnipotent being. With the second chance at life offered in such a strange way, MC gets reborn into the world of Vampire Diaries as Kol Mikaelson. But that's only the beginning. He becomes a king, and later discovers a way to travel between worlds. His kingdom grows so large that it spans over the Omniverse. You will love this series if you are into OP protagonists.

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  • Reborn in DC

    Reborn in DC

    Without meeting god, he was thrust into a world of which he has no knowledge. He’s not the best at using his overpowered abilities, but he does his best to do what he thinks is right. Whether that be punishing the guilty, or killing the sinful, or saving the innocent. In the end, how will his choices shape his destiny? How will he take care of the impending doom? I suggest you get a basic or decent understanding of the shows and/or books this fic takes place in, or you may be lost.

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