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Crazy Necromancer in the Ruined Tower

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Author: Twilight_Lord

4 (43 ratings)

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[WPC #238 Silver prize winner]

What do you think is the dirtiest and most vile thing in the world?
A rotting corpse? shit on the roadside? or was it the blood splashed all around due to a massacre?
No, they aren't.
humans are the vilest and dirtiest creatures ever.....
He was a boy who was seen as a murderer by society, a wicked one who killed his father.
was there ever someone who asked him why he did that?
He doesn't remember since it was all the past that he didn't regret one bit.
His life was dull like a sunflower without sunlight, He was slowly losing his motive to live, was there one in the first place?
That's when a reason to live appeared...
[You have been chosen to have a chance to climb the forgotten Tower of Ruins, do you want to take the test of the Ruined tower?]
but that was not the end of his story,
the beginning of the Crazy Necromancer's Myth was yet to start.....


Stay tuned! Share it! Support it!
if you are looking for a novel with MC fuc***g female characters left and right like a harem genre, then you are in the wrong place, if not then enjoy!

The reference images for most of the characters were provided in discord, Join fast!

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    pretty good story, love the "crazy" aspect of it, vary minor mistakes if any at all, the pacing can be a bit hectic but the plot makes it worth it. there will be times where the story jumps ahead to give an idea of whats to come then flash back to the proper point in time. hope this doesn't go on hiatus any time soon. Let's go Bone Bros😂😂 ☠️☠️

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    honestly, I didn't expect to enjoy it this much. But I did and it's good, hardly any grammar/spelling mistakes and its an enjoyable read. But I do hate some parts but I guess and its an intentional character flaw. Anyways i reccomend it since its a great read and I hope it stay good till the end

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    LV 14 Badge

    Fantastic story although it currently is only at around 60 chaps a really good story and when i started reading i couldn't stop until i caught up i recommend everyone to read it unless you don't like evil mcs

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    Great idea but a terrible flop with some of the worst grammar I’ve seen. The people expressing the lack of grammatical mistakes are lying. It’s littered with mistakes. That and the author is injecting random inner thoughts and comedic remarks into the story that break the cohesion. Details in the scene unfolding are expressed in the most basic way and are told to you in a way where you don’t feel as if you are there. It is just very badly written and hard to read.

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    Hello Guys, you already know what this is, Yes! its shameless promotion, My story is based on a lone young man's adventure starting from the sudden invasion of monsters to Earth, as he travels to tutorial tower numerous people gather around him together with his undead army, He was not looking for friends to adventure in the tower but, he was looking for comrades who doesn't leave him even in the face of death... and again, In this story He will be a full-fledged Necromancer, so you can look forward in that aspect. as for Romance, It will not be introduced until above 50 chapters or more, ITS DEFINITELY NOT HAREM. If you have any questions about the Story, you can reply down here, Thank you, have a good day......

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    A new and unique approach ny the author to the world background, he is introducing Hindu mythology to it and whatakes it better was short cedys in between totaly a recommend book 9.5/10

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    Please remove the villain tag. He's just a childish guy like all the other Chinese clichés, a deceptive title😑 😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫

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    Personally I have no clue what people meant in the reviews when they said their were hardly any grammar mistakes it was riddled with plenty of mistakes and overall I just didn’ find the novel good

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    LV 11 Badge

    the story would be much better if the quality of the writing wasn't on the same level as a 5 year old. a good example of this would be how the author spells 'battle' as 'battel'. no capitalization for a majority of sentences. random and pointless plot points introduced for no reason. overall this novel is written by someone who has no grasp of the english language or storytelling.

    Reveal Spoiler
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    The story is interesting but we don't know where mc lived why he killed his father or why he showed kindness to a random person. Although the novels are common with mc who use summons to become op, this novel is much better than most similar novels out there. Give it try.

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    No romance tag = no harem. No harem = better story. This is looking up! Can we finally get a story that isn’t about either: a. Clueless guy get’s a harem or b. Cold man becomes someone epic just to get girls for the author to wrangle in the degenerates? Maybe there’s an option c, it’d probably be how good writing only comes when authors don’t try to get readers from adding a terrible tag, that ruins the story by removing any and all romantic development, just to do nothing for 400 chapters before rush-adding a female love interest.

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    I am here just reading that the novel is related to Necromancer do not disappoint me. Hahahahahahhaah please uptade frequently and all the best for your contest

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    too cliche how did the book get an award and nothing there seems crazy to me in the book will a crazy person save people or will just see a girl and think she is cute. the book is just like anime or manga where the mc either gather harems or do stupid things and call it crazy. and there too much coincidence that don't form.

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    Its promising….. IF the author didn’t insert his dam commentary. Its like the author is writing a book about himself telling the story of someone else that they dreamed up. Seems author forgot this novel is about the crazy necromancer, not the author himself talking about his fantasy novel named the crazy necromancer.

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    LV 12 Badge

    Its good and I like how the MC is a actual crazy person unlike some Webnovels where they say crazy but actually mean strong. I like the ways its written so 9/10.[img=update]

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    Pro : The crazy part is interesting and original and the story, characters are good. Con : Summoning class are getting boring recently we got so many dungeon novel with them and everytime their class work in the same way, when will we get some fortress or giant transformation or some similar class ? But well i won't take it into account on the rating because it doesn't affect the quality of this novel but only 4 stars because there is some sentences with errors that make them hard to understand.

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    Good luck for the contest brother....................................... ..........................................

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    A novel with a huge potential, suggested for all who want to experience the feeling like solo leveling but he is not solo at all,............

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    Book isn't finished. Don't be like me and pay money for this!!!! I really liked it too! Even if the writing quality was horrid it was a good story. Writing quality: 1 star: wasn't finished, lots of word misuse, or horrible spelling maybe? Story development: 2 stars: was fairly good! then the story went no where and died! Looked to be an Epic of a book or series but... sad days are upon me again! Character Design: 4 stars: I was really liking the characters! Perhaps too much information on people we'd never see again but still, they were good characters. Updating stability: 1 star: how can it be stable if the author dropped the book, and then made us pay for the chapter where the explanation was and no Update on the "about this book" page? Would give 0 stars here if I could!!!! World Background: 4 stars: As I said a really good concept, good story, good world building... ... ... ... WHY DROP and NOT SAY ANYTHING on the front page AUTHOR?!?!?

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    was good until the author made the chapters very short, im out here paying for a minute long chapter with half the chapter just being the stats of the characters. At this point I just wait a week and watch an ad to read it because, frankly it does not deserve my fast pass or my money.

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    Author Twilight_Lord