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From Thug to Idol: Transmigrating to a Survival Show Original

From Thug to Idol: Transmigrating to a Survival Show

Fantasy 734 Chapters 3.6M Views
Author: SandKastle

4.69 (301 ratings)

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In a twist of fate, Jun Hao, a ruthless street thug known for his brute strength and sharp instincts, dies at the hand of the boss he served like a slave.

When he thought he would die, he saw a screen flash before his eyes—it was a system and a status window!

[System integrating: Become A Top Idol]

Jun Hao finds himself abruptly transported into the body of Choi Joon-ho, a timid trainee hoping to make it big in the cutthroat world of idols through "Rising Stars," a highly popular idol survival show. In a world unfamiliar to him, where singing, dancing, and charisma reign supreme, Jun Hao must navigate the treacherous waters of an idol survival show or risk losing the life of his beloved younger sister.

Parents Strongly Cautioned
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    Hi, Sand Kastle here!🏰 (Shamelessly rating my book 5 stars since I like it) Are you looking for a story with an unlimited level-up system that will allow an underdog to evolve into an overpowered figure in the idol industry? If yes, then, this story's for you!

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    I didn't expect that I would like it but I actually did, the story was very entertaining. I really recommend this novel.

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    This novel is awesome 👌 10/10 do recommend.only critique is that maybe the author should get a better novel cover.

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    it was good, but around 130 chapters it's all started going downhill. it's too predictable, the drama became too much, and them dramas are garbage, author don't have any creativity. the plot become too forced, the novel just become some low level garbage novel. mc id an ex Gang member, lived with drugs and guns, but then somehow he forgot his way? litterally just trust everyone. guards down. and dumb too. so dumb. it's all bs. trash, garbage, dogsht. im so mad and disappointed rn. usually i'd feel bad if i curse like thia, but this author deserve it. u let me down big time

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    I really like this🫶🫶 to the point I made a total of 6 account just to unlock the chapters.😂

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    For Author’s view only. Rating 3/5: This book is in my library for 2+ months. I started reading but stopped after reading 8 or 9 chapters. I don’t have anything to read now So I gave it a push. I’m the type of reader who says for what it is. I READ A LOT(WN, Kindle, P*treon, Ibook platforms etc). So I believe I have expertise to provide technical comments on books. The book is good(kinda). Well the review is divided into pre 150 and post 150 chapters. The first half is good. The second half started good but it is going downhill real quick. Lots of folks might have mentioned positives but I’m concentrating more on cons of this book. These are my issues with the book. 1.) There is actually no growth in MC skill wise (singing, production etc) meaning he is heavily system reliant. The Author failed to show how the MC is improving by relying on system PLOT ARMOR. 2.) For an ex mafia member MC is WAY TOO PASSIVE. I mean at certain point you feel like he is a PUSHOVER. He also acts STUPID. I mean who tells the villain about his impending doom only for villain to rectify it? He might have a SAINT behavior in mafia gang but after spending so many years, he need to have that knack feeling similar to 6th sense. A different author who wrote similar genre book has implemented that 6th sense to the MC really well. If you want I can elaborate on that. We do not want a COLD BLOODED MC but MC who has a genuine head on his shoulder. 3.) Author likes to create too much UNNECESSARY AMATEUR drama. There is no point in creating that UNNECESSARY AMATEUR drama only for MC to come out unscathed. As a reader we like plot progression with main characters personal growth. Not this type of plot progression by creating unnecessary amateur drama only to get resolved few chapters later. Some drama is necessary like the 2 characters from original Joon’s past as it is presented as a necessary thread but the other stuff like the Moon/Xin is UNNECESSARY. This line of writing is predominantly written by asian authors as it gets traction from local populace but from a global WN perspective only certain section of readers stick with book and the other drop the book VERY quickly(I’m also asian BTW). Global audience LOVES DRAMA but the drama should be CREATIVE, TENSE, NAIL BITING. This style of drama is implemented by hundreds of other authors previously and most of those books failed. They wrote 1000+ chapters but all of them are a pile of junk books that folks don’t read. There are ways to rectify the point1 and 3. For point2 I already provided how. If you want to use that 6th sense thing do it subtilely and don’t force implement in a single chapter. Point 1.) In order to make MC less reliant on system, you need to portray MC in a way that he is actually putting some effort like listening to multiple genre music, going through production scores, dabbling with instruments etc. All these things at least on a macro level should be shown to readers. Your goal is for MC to become a top idol. No one becomes top idol if they are messing around and you need to show it. Point 3.) This is kinda difficult to put into words but I will try. June is the face of the book. Not Lin Zhi. Not loufa(White Tiger leader) but June. These Lin Zhi, Loufa, White Tiger gang are categorized as sub drama threads meaning they are just canon fodder drama aspects. The real drama should be how MC struggles to become an Idol like his learning process, how he gets his creative concepts, how he gets new opportunities etc. Audience aspective should be secondary. The primary concern is how he fights to get the limited opportunities as an independent artist. Currently he is in a label but his end goal should be owning his own record label and producing his own songs. I don’t know your thought process but if you want him to become a top idol, at certain point he needs to step out of Korea meaning he needs to become a global star. Honestly speaking, If comparing same genre music there are 100’s of western artists who could wipe the floor skill wise compared to asian artists because hip hop/ pop/ r&b etc are predominantly used in west similar to Basket Ball and Soccer. You can show more drama here by how MC is struggling to break into a global artist. I’ll also join discord(If available). You can ping me over there and you can also reply me here if you read the review.

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    Can some one gave me a coin so i can unlock more chapter i really like the story.................................... ............................

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    I'm disappointed in the author. He did well up until around 200 chapters, this Linzhi character was totally unnecessary. The author said he went to a different world so why are people from his past world there, it's tiring to read.

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    I’m extremely disappointed, the story is good at first because of surprise affect the first arc had. By the second arc I was going in with a lot of expectations because of the previous arc. But it just got replayed the same tension, the same build up, and the same climax. Literally no difference. Now, imagine that for the rest of the novel. Just the same reused script. … All in all, very disappointing.

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    It's good at first, then it's become repetitive, repeating the same plot over and over, and side characters all become dumb; they can't even understand a situation. Mc is the only one with a brain, but again, his character should be a gangstar, but about 100 chapters later, he became an introverted teenager.

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    The first few are good, but around the 100s, it started to go downhill, which I don't think I'm the only one noticed. I'm even questioning if this is an IDOL show or a life and death game? Because it wasn't giving an idol show, it's giving death and schemes. I did expect there's gonna be some action scenes because he's apparently a "gangster," but wth is this. You should have upgraded him into an assassin for the scenario to fit better. And wth is with the villains? Can't there be one villain at a time? Because they're too many, like a cockroach. All of their character design is also shallow and ridiculous. For the main character, I think he hit his head and thinks he's a gangster in his past life. Because he doesn't act, look like, and think like a right-hand man of a gang leader. He's acting innocent, naive, and a saint. He's probably lucky he survived that long if he is not delusional that he's an ex gangster. For his so-called "friends" in show? They're bs. Their actions is really a red flag, especially when only one of them stood for the MC (during the Choi incident) after what they all went through. I would immediately drop friends like that. Those kind of people are not worth your time, efforts and feelings. I'm not only talking about fictional but real life, baby. This is an advice. And, this novel probably contained more drama than the televisions my mom watched. Like, wth. This is a SURVIVAL show. What are we doing with this drama? It just doesn't match up. I'm already exhausted with all the drama happening. Overall, this is not a good read for me. For a more detailed review, I suggest reading RealBanana19's review. It's comprehensive and detailed, and I quite agree with her/his views. I also suggest the author read that review as it can make the novel better.

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    I am always a fan of idol themed story every since I read debut and die. I thought that it is the story of that theme but boy, I was wrong. This is an exciting story of that is taking a different spin from other showbiz novel. I love the energy of Jun Hao and I love how poetic the songs are. It gets better that it is an original composed by the Author herself! Totally deserved that five-star rating!

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    I really love this book, as you don’t really find books like this, especially ones that get updated regularly. I just wish I could immediately all of the recent chapters for free, but there’s only so much I can do.

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    rare plot, great potential, good plot, and honestly it gives off versatile superstar vibs. good gob author hungry for more.

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    love this book ❤️ recommend to read. I enjoy reading idol survival shows and this one is one of them.

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    Started reading when there is a free read trial and now become addicted to it. Aah what to say? Highly likable MC AND TENSION FILLED CHAPTERS. Side characters are likable and flow of story is seamless. Overall a feel good novel. Highly recommended if you guys want to experience a new feeling other than reading novels like SS, SM, MTWV AND OTHER classic novels!

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    I have been on webnovel for 5 years now, but this is the first novel that I bought the privilege for with money, earlier even if I liked a novel I would just use fast passes or multiple accounts to reach the rest but this novel is amazing. 👏👏❤️. Amazing work author, keep it up. love ittt 💯

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    I’m not a kpop fan but this novel might turn me into one.

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    this is the best Novel I have read in ages 😂😂

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    This book is masterpiece❤️‍🔥 can anyone recommend me any book like this? besides debut or die, please 😭🙏🏻

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