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Gaming Sword Magician

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Author: Lazy_leon

4.68 (104 ratings)

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The sky is the chessboard, stars are its pieces, the kings duke it out in the afterlife while a young mortal metamorphoses into a Deva!

The human race is at war with the vicious Abbadon shaman and savages but an era of peace ensured after a grand battle.

In a fantasy world, where the awakening of Class weapons is done through a magical ceremony, a snowy-haired boy with the bloodline of the divine battle king is abandoned on the outskirts of the Water Kingdom.

Whittaker is a child of mysterious origin, who awakened a system along with two class weapons during the awakening ceremony.

He completed quest after quest and became more powerful, until one day, a mysterious spirit slumbering inside the pendent of the night–a treasure of his unknown parents–awakened.

Ever since that day, he was given missions to find out secrets untold.

Check out my other Novel: Scion of time Gaming System (R-18, FACE SLAPPING! HIGH-TECH!)]

Cover rights belong to the artist only. If you want me to take it down just say it in the comment or message me at discord: Lazy_leon#8545 and I will take it down.


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    Honestly I am loving the book so far, it has consistent updates, as well as, good character development. I recommend this book for everyone to reaD

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    Writing this review with 41 ch read so take that into account. Where you ever frustated, that main character is waiting for power up at least 20 ch or more? Well based on what i read so far, this novel for you. I already fall in love with the whole power system, main character and even some side characters(which is very rare). I can´t say this confidently but so far, this is at the top when you are looking for tags as: game system, magic, frindship or bit of comedy :)

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    0-0 Listen to me......this novel is too good. >< Bro this novel makes you want to spend fast pass or coins. -_- Other novels make me sometimes yawn or go on other apps while I'm reading. This novel is was so good that I wasted more than one hundred fast passes and create 5 more accounts to get 15 faster passes daily. WHYYYYY DID THE AUTHOR MAKE THIS A PREMIUM NOVEL> I hate/love the author. Also, the author should post the original photo of the MC. Also, the author shouldn't make this a harem novel. I don't want to see the pure, innocent, naive child be a Casanova. (0)_(0)

    View 2 Replies

    Take it all. All my power stones are reserved for you. Even if it's only one. Author, you have my heart, my souls my eyes, and my everything~everything~ You are my everything. Hashtag, I am straight.

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    Author supporting his work. In this novel, you will feel how life in a magical academy is. The world will be seen and felt with the eyes of the main protagonist. There are seven human lands, each with their unique storyline. There is Fighting magical beast, understanding the concept of "worlds", completing "dungeon", fending off the alien invaders, face slapping, and lastly, comprehensive magical " Technology" in the early chapter of this novel.

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    i would love to say great ending but it costs too much to just end in the middle of the book as a finished story if I'd have known i wouldn't have wasted my fp and credits on a fraction of a finished book good story bad writer for doing half a job even if its for pleasure its stiil paying you for premium

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    OK this is an actual review. I started this novel because like you I thought since it said 5 stars and there a bunch of 5 stars ratings but that is NOT the case. I got to chapter 165 and this is toxic dumpster fire garbage. Why go so far as 165 you say? Well naively I tried to stick it out but it was just so bad. Characters are about as cliche and flat as you can imagine. MC especially. There's no struggle, no real development because everything is handed to him on a silver platter. Even supposed impossible trials are magically achieved because he "happened" to somehow exploit some loophole. And if the Main Character is bad, the supporting characters are worse. They are just there to make the MC look good and power of friendship. No real value. There also just no clear plot line. So much gets introduced and put aside. Like for the Main character is trying to climb a tower dungeon while also being a first year at a school while also being apart of some secret organization then out of nowhere he's attacked from different world from outer space?!? (yes this actually happened). Just makes no sense. The writing quality is also clearly subpar. So many grammer and spelling mistakes it's comical. While I don't mean to be rude but this is no doubt machine translated at best with no revision effort afterward. Updates was a positive. Very Consistent. But thats it. Background is promising but not fleshed out very well or at all really. Many countries and places but no attempt to talk about them or make then anything more then stating "this town in this country". Any way long story short, this is so trash, it's not even good enough to be guilty pleasure trash. Have some standards.

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    123 Chapters in and am here to once again self promote myself. To be honest, I must say I am impressed with myself for creating such a masterpiece for no reason whatsoever. Just think of me as a narcassist!

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    One of the best novels on here with a refreshing MC. I adore Whittaker which is why I don’t understand. Author why would you stab us in the heart like this? 🥺😭😭😭

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    Chapter 20 killed my expectations of the novel. Early romance just makes me uncomfortable. A nuisance and liability to his safety and it's a hype kill for me. The kid fell in love with a stalker in 1 interaction and shes already as important to him as his family. Sigh.

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    I am not someone who writes reviews for novels (since I'm really lazy, and I mostly like commenting on chapters), but I certainly have to give it to ya, I did not expect this novel to be such a twister. At first when I read the title, it felt like the typical VRMMO novels out there, but this one is a real twister. Now truthfully speaking this is my FIRST review, so I can't give the specifics, but all in all I must give this a 5-star just based on the World Background and Story Development, the chapters have some small grammar mistakes here and there, but nothing too much to worry about since some people can fix those in the paragraph comments. Keep up the good work Author!! I will surely reserve at LEAST 1 power stone and 1 fast pass if it's the last thing I do!

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    Exceeding good novel. The grammar was a refreshing experience for me, so was the plot of the story, less cliche, and the authors has grasped the meaning of the show not tell. I hope you will get what you deserve, a large reader base!

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    A really good novel for those who want a system type in fantasy/magic world. Great read till now. Good progression and pretty interesting as novels go.

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    15 Chapters in and only one fight. The plot is slow but the characters are fleshed out well. The only reason why I am reading this novel even though the battle scene are so less is because of the unique personalities and features of the character. You got to add more battle scenes!!!!!! Or say goodbye to me, your loyal reader.

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    Absolutely amazing. Specially the way the characters are introduced into the story. Literally every single character with a unique personality is forcing me to give this novel power stones. As long as author-san don't mess his setting, I will continue to read and vote with power stone.

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    I got the 4 vote it is a pretty good novel and you should continue write I would love to read more of your future novels so keep up the good work[img=recommend][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=update]

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