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Gate of God

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Author: Xin YiTranslator: Sparrow Translations, Atlas StudiosEditor: Sparrow Translations, Atlas Studios


4.18 (456 ratings)

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This is a strange and inexplicable world...Mountains, water, stones, flowers, grass, trees, wood, the Sun, moonlight, stars...
All creation under the Heavens and Earths are sources of energy. In this world, there are all the classics from his previous world, but there is a new addition: The Law of Dao.
Fang Zhengzhi was conflicted. I can obtain power from reading books? Should I read Tao Te Ching first? Or should I read The Art of Becoming Invisible? What about the Analects of Confucius or... The Golden Lotus?
With The Law Of Dao as his foundation, can Fang Zhengzhi master the Dao of All Creation and open the gate of God?

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    Website : qidian china Views : 8.73million Rating : 8.8(1210) Chapters : 1000 Status : ongoing Word count : 3.68million author level : lv5 No of works : 2 If you are interested, my reviews are in almost every novel with atleast 3 likes. Please do not reply for this review, as this is an ongoing novel, I would like to update it time to time in my replies. Like is suffice to show your appreciation.

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    I read the raws, and this is definitely one of the better ones among the "What's next?" novels we need to vote for. This is a transmigration and age regression novel where MC is proficient in ancient Chinese history and literature, and makes good use of his knowledge when he is in the body of a 6-year old child (there are other OP children as well, not just MC). The world has a martial arts system based on the Tao (dao) contained within all things. There is a good amount of comedy, and the best thing is MC is intelligent with an interesting personality (a big contrast to "Badge in Azure" that won the vote last week).

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    It seems like comedy. It feels like comedy. It should be comedy. It will be comedy, therefore the comedy shall come and be voted for. be praised for comedy

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    The synopsis looks good, ill try this out when its available. 140 word requirement.....😐 So stuff that stuffs others into stuff thats not stuff makes stuff feel stuffy with stuff around other stuff that when plural, could be stuffs or stuff.

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    The picture is cute and it reminds me about book eating magician so ill give it a 4.0 i like turtles i like turtles i like turtles i like turtles i like turtles

    View 26 Replies

    What I want to know is why all of the top reviews are of people... WHO NEVER READ THE BOOK! Give some proper reviews and stop with the oh i like the author and the cover so that's 5 freaking stars. Stop misleading people! I've had enough of those little spammers. You better cut that s**t out.

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    If i have one thing to say about this novel is that the cover is quite cute that all cya i hope i can hit 140 character i wanted to just word but like using character can increase my count

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    A story made of cliched plot points. The MC being a reborn world jumper, the parents poor, and the father a blindly trusting fool to name a few. I'm amazed that the author can shove so many crap ways to show the dad being an idiot in one chapter. I'm stopping my reading at chapter 39 since I just can't take the crap contained by it anymore. I know the market is flooded and you have to be a bit nationalist with your leanings but this novel seems to exhibit how the average citizen's interaction with the government is always like dealing with a corrupt official. And the antagonist is a 5-6 year old girl referred to as "Lolita". No doubt she'll start loving the MC at some point soon. It's just bad. Author should stop writting this and lay out the plot trajectory for the first Arc and restart it from the beginning with the same world and characters. The place and some people have a good setup but are handled badly so the story is just not worth the time to read or translate.

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    Right. This story is amazing from chapters 0 to 50. If you like funny comedic stories with a good plot this is worth a read. Now let's talk about the bad news. After chapter 50 the MC leaves his village behind to take some exams. At this point in the story, all the people in the story excluding the villagers, a couple girls, and some examiners are cookie cutter personalities. For some bizarre reason, the main character is villainized by every scholar in the two cities we visit for exams. What's even stranger, is that everyone regardless of background does this. On top of this, almost all these "Scholars" start behaving like muscle brained men. There's a really bizarre contrast to this story. When the MC walks into a room everyone is speaking poetry and elegance. Then they notice the MC and suddenly it's bravado and taunts... There's no poetic taunt, or historical story to outwit the opponent it's pure I'm better than you smack talk. Naturally, this means the MC is the only one quoting poetry and making metaphors in the face-smacking competitions. But it's bizarre because these people are all scholars. They memorize this stuff for power! I know for a fact if you read enough wuxia you start getting an urge to use these foreign sayings in society. But yet these "scholars" do not behave this way in the story and instead only mock and laugh at the MC. Finally, I am pretty frustrated because I do not understand the MC's goal. He wants to take the imperial examination but for some reason can't signup for that exam. He has to take several easier exams first and these exams don't test your knowledge they also test combat capability... Against groups of your peers. Meaning ten guys could team up to knock you out of the competition if they so chose to... So here are my stars: Translation: 1 Star. (it's fine like 95% of the time and then there's a word that's a completely wrong word and changed the entire meaning of the sentence. that makes it REALLY hard to follow the story sometimes. Updates: N/A Story Development: 3 stars Character Design: 3 Stars (Decent MC, Father, Mother, and some villagers. Everyone else is crud (barely tolerable female lead) World Background: 2 stars (There hasn't been an explanation of the world yet. But from what I can see its a terrible world. In a world where literacy grants power there are actually illiterate people. Also for some bizarre reason, there are two villages like 45 minutes away from each other by a fast walk being forced to share a food supply by hunting and they don't plant crops. Also, there are demons... Yeah. Dunno crud about them just that the MC randomly punched one unconscious no explanation. Also, there are vicious beasts that somehow have DAO powers without reading. Oh, and demons don't have to read either! They gain DAO powers from eyeballs in their forehead... Wait so this is a world where reading is power for everyone BUT animals, non-humans, and other species? How on earth did humans survive?! Reading is NOT an easy skill in the beginning! Also where did those books come from!?

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    The picture is cute...The picture is cute...The picture is cute..The picture is cute..The picture is cute.... IDK anything , i just knowThe picture is cute

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    They'res a Book Eating Magician so there also has to be a Book Reading Daoist............................................. ................. ......................................................................

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    Warning to those who have yet to start; Author is unoriginal and repetitive. Multiple major story arcs that happen IN A ROW are all the exact same progression. Even to the point where the interactions in the chapter and pacing of the chapters is the same.

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    It started as a good novel i even spend all my stone following the story and always read the latest chapter but gor some odd reason the author had a change of heart from a fun and interesting story it was replace by a boring repeating scene and a never ending of filler chaptet. How bored is the author making a single chapter just for one subject? Where you can sum it up in one sentence. Broken hearted i am finally convince to drop this novel it's not worth following anymore. Enough is enough i thank the author for the last 30 or more chapters it convince me to drop this story and made me realize how hundreds if stone was wasted by me.

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    This bs is cliche as hell, plz remove this and focus on translating dozens previously ongoing translations with the same fukin plot........................................................

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    LV 11 Badge

    With an 8.8 rating for the untranslated version, this should have won out of the 8 options we had weeks ago. I think people aren't giving it a chance because it's last in the list and the cover isn't as swaggy as others. Looking forward to it.

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    i have a felling this won't be just a typical read. imagine epic fights for books. if they ead alot then the villians and all that will be smart. hurrah!!!!!

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    LV 4 Badge

    Read the first 15 chapters and let's just say it is very boring... ........................................................................................

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    LV 12 Badge

    there are a lot of things i like and a lot i dislike about this novel i'll start with likes as bullet points -the MC is smart and decently strong and stays pretty strong throughout -i really like the shamelessness of the MC its really funny -the chapters are really long it feels well thought out so while it says over 1000 chapters you really get a lot for that 1000+ negatives -everything has a story and the author must tell you the story of everything(example: theres a guy about to stab the MC with a sword, it goes and starts talking about the guy, who he is, what his childhood till this point was like, what he likes and dislikes and why you should care about him. then it talks about the backround of the sword what it likes and dislikes why you should care about it and how cool of a sword it really is. you can actually skip 10+ chapters in most of the fights and come back with the sword still about to stab the MC) -filler plot. he loves to tell you on the spot why things matter this story is 99% filler. i can describe the whole 700+ chapters i have read in a few sentences if i ignore the filler. -personality change: early on in the very first few chapters they introduce the female lead, shes bratty, smart, spoiled, vindictive, strong and likes to smiles alot and talk and laugh at you. she is out to get the MC. later the author decides he doesn't think she should be like this so now she is. quiet, rarely smiles, cold beauty, loving. and the author makes another girl who has her original personality to replace her. -translation quality is low, you can read and understand it most of the time but there are tons and tons of errors (translator thinks Gift of gap is the saying instead of GAB) this goes on for many many chapters. tons of random words missing or the totally wrong word in its place. overall i read 700+ chapters and by read i mean i skipped 1 out of every 10 chapters (so around 70 total) because the filler was getting to me. i will never finish this i can't read more filler anymore but it was a good way to kill a week of isolation.

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    I was hopeful for this novel I thought awesome he is going to use his knowledge of 20+ years to become stronger faster than anyone and master the dao. But no its clunky the plot if for lack of a better word stupid and boring. The overall plot outline is good but the execution is terrible. He comes off like an idiot in the first chapter when you learn he is eating a chicken he stole he see a girl rather than acting like a normal 20+ year old person and asking would you like some. He tells her (knowing almost nothing about this world mind you) to **** off. Then later talks about his maturity and knowledge WHAT. Then the author spends 15 odd chapters fucking around till something interesting happens and you think okay now hes going to become powerful and fight for his family or something nope nothing. He back his character into a corner saying if anyone see him do something amazing they will think he is posses or crazy. WTF. Very boring and disappointing.

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    Blechhh.. not fun anymore.. repetitive..

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    Author Xin Yi

    Translator Sparrow Translations Atlas Studios

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