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What a ****show.. Where would you find such exchange students? Whenever a foreigner comes to study abroad, he would always act like a good grandson lest he gets himself in any sort of trouble.. Esp in a country like China :/ View More
48 Hours a Day · C57
5 hours ago
Brah, keep your masochistic tastes to yourself. View More

ShouldBeStudying: the lack of setbacks is ridiculous

Carefree Path of Dreams · C992
18 hours ago
not bad) View More
My Self-Insert Stash · C244
1 day ago
Becuz plot demands she stay a powerless loli View More

Kamitenbatsu: Sooooo... if Bei Li is making Lu Wu cultivate to become stronger... why doesn't she do the same?

The Boss Behind The Game · C108
1 day ago
So if our world is invaded by aliens, you’ll simply flop down and let em do as they please just because they are somewhat powerful? View More

DaoistCitizen: Fuckin retards, he fought you all to a standstill even without any of the mechas, you even know hes a higher being whos fights far surpassed the two strongest individuals in the galaxy, and you also doubt abt the second universe when two demon gods wage war in your world? Id be impressed if they dont get destroyed sooner or later anyway

Carefree Path of Dreams · C991
1 day ago
holy fucking **** how annoying his familial ties are.. wherever he goes he has to take care of some useless baggage.. like wtf kind of bull**** is this author trying to pull by wasting so much word count? View More
Way of the Devil · C687
2 days ago
so wtf? Why did we suddenly deviate from developing his own strength to raising a crane shaped pokemon? View More
Way of the Devil · C686
3 days ago
Thats the biggest issue with setting up an all powerful enemy for your noob protagonist.. You either turn this enemy into an incompetent idiot or your protag dies View More

ShouldBeStudying: i expected more from the abominable lord

Carefree Path of Dreams · C989
3 days ago

ShouldBeStudying: i expected more from the abominable lord

Carefree Path of Dreams · C989
3 days ago
Thanks for the mass release!) View More
Carefree Path of Dreams · C988
4 days ago
moar View More
Carefree Path of Dreams · C984
5 days ago

GoldenGale: Yo dude don't call us old. We are simply senior daoists who have been cultivating the dao of patience for a few millienia is all. Ahem, What I mean is we're still youthful.

Way of the Devil · C683
5 days ago

enzimiro: Lmao more like he's in love with muscles and making GAINS!

Way of the Devil · C683
5 days ago

Freek: Lol, we had three chapter a year. Having one a month was already a blessing.

Way of the Devil · C683
5 days ago

GigelFaceLegea: Having regular releases is already a divine intervention for old readers ...

Way of the Devil · C683
5 days ago

Freek: Some knows still remember the old days of darkness, my family sacrificed 3 great generation in those bleak days.

Way of the Devil · C683
5 days ago

nothingworks: And I was going to comment on how this was the only Arrival wherein Lu Sheng died of old age without care of his hosts karma. 😅

Still, that part about the girl growing up, growing weary and dying disappointed of herself made me a little bit emotional 💔😢

I hope MC could meet up with his host's father before the old man dies.

Way of the Devil · C683
5 days ago
This betrayal came completely out of no where.. wtf? Just because they argued a bit before, the fatty took his time to stay behind and trap him in the cave? What kind of **** logic is this? View More
Birth of the Demonic Sword · C22
6 days ago

PlasmaPhantom: I really question how literally ALL of us here know what is going on in there. It is either a forced mutation, evolution, or recovery from advancement. Why does NO ONE is the story ever think of this most likely situation?

Birth of the Demonic Sword · C21
6 days ago
wtf is this ****? Reading those 1 star reviews raving about how this protag is a sociopath and doesn’t care abiut anything but himself, I got super excited.. But all I see here is him feeling warm inside and *****ing about his mom’s bruises.. Like who the **** cares about her? View More
Birth of the Demonic Sword · C10
6 days ago

A_Canadian: Wait what?! Mc hates attracting attention so he never(NEVER) flaunts his status immediately to get out of a hassle.(throwaway faceslap done ad nauseam)
Oh wait, he wants to live in peace~
Gosh darn it is so cool. How any and all female characters have to somehow be a homing missile of some form of conflict for the Mc.
Q: Is he OP and can learn and do anything instantly.
A: yes. That is how his power works.
Q: Does the internet exist? And can he learn off of it?
A: Yes! he actually uses the internet to play games with a random gamer girl who fell for him instantly. Oh and yes he can instantly learn stuff from the internet.
Q: why not just search up any and all relevant knowledge in a binge-like manner and become godly overnight?
A: lol why.

I Am A Prodigy
1 week ago
and my point was that he is an average dude compared to the usual Plagiarist protags.. The author usually steals the setting and not the character of the original protagonis.. View More

Shamial: The original comment called him stupid. Why are you trying to argue about this? A regular person can be smart I didn't call him a genius. He's just not an idiot, same as MC from LOTM. I'm cautious, meaning I'm not regular right? If u don't want to read about an MC who's smart and uses his brain like what the novel is based off then don't read it.

Transcendent Dawn · C2
1 week ago
So how does cautious and smart equals to an average person in your dictionary? View More

Shamial: Isn't this meant to be like LOTM? Where the MC is cautious and smart? Not an idiot who instantly starts showing off his knowledge?

Transcendent Dawn · C2
1 week ago
Well, this is The Plagiarist protagonist.. When we come to read his novels, we are not rlly interested to read about average protags and their reactions View More

Shamial: What? How is he stupid? He's done nothing so far except react like a normal person? We're u expecting him to adapt and suddenly become a genius rather than try to stay low key and adapt to the world when he's still a teenager?

Transcendent Dawn · C2
1 week ago
ugh.. All these average protags are becoming quite annoying.. View More
Transcendent Dawn · C1
1 week ago
so what happened to his father’s savings? Or did they disappear together with him? View More
Universe's Ultimate BOSS · C4
1 week ago

Usagi_mofu: Well, that was forced...

Author: Gave the mc something OP, then just forced him to use it on a super low level skill...

Universe's Ultimate BOSS · C2
1 week ago
Reading Status: C54
Moar please.. Moar please.. Moar please.. Moar please.. Moar please.. Moar please.. Moar please.. Moar please.. Moar please.. Moar please... View More
Losing Money to Be a Tycoon
1 week ago
Read a few chapters and this protag acts like an angsty hormonal teenager with abrupt mood swings.. View More
My Self-Insert Stash · C223
1 week ago
Meh.. can’t he think for himself instead of playin second fiddle to the protag? :/ View More
My Self-Insert Stash · C223
1 week ago
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