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Godfather Of Champions

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Author: Lin Hai Ting Tao


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This is a story about the pursuit of victory.

— "I subscribe only to the theory of victory. I only pursue victory. As long as I am able to obtain victory, I don’t care if it’s total football or counterattack. What is the ultimate goal of professional soccer? In my opinion, it is victory, and the pinnacle of victory is to become the champions. I am a manager. If I don’t wish to lose my job or be forgotten by the people, there’s only one path for me to take, and that is to lead the team in obtaining victories, in obtaining championship titles!”

The main character was not well-liked by people.

— “⋯We conducted a survey which had been deemed by Manager Tony Twain as extremely meaningless. In a random street survey conducted, ninety-three percent of those surveyed chose the option ‘I hate Tony Twain’, while only seven percent chose the option ‘This person is rather decent, I like him’. It is worth noting that nobody chose the option ‘Who is Tony Twain? I don’t know him’. Mark, do you know why Manager Twain felt that our survey was very meaningless?” Parker, a reporter from <The Daily Telegraph> laughed loudly and said when he was being interviewed by BBC.

But there were also people who were madly in love with him.

— “⋯ Became the spokesperson of world-wide famous clothing brands, shot advertisements, frequented the fashion industry’s award ceremonies, endorsed electronic games, has a supermodel girlfriend. His earnings from advertisements exceed his club salary by seventeen times, owns a special column in various print medias, publishing his autobiography (in progress), and is even said that he is planning to shoot an inspirational film based off his own person experiences! Who can tell me which part of his life experiences is worthy of being called ‘inspirational’? Hold on⋯. Are you all thinking that I’m referring to David Beckham? You’re sorely mistaken! I’m talking about Manager Tony Twain⋯.”

He was very knowledgeable about Chinese soccer.

— “⋯ I’ve heard about it, that Bora gifted four books to his manager Mr. Zhu before your country’s national team’s warm up match. After which, the team lost 1:3 to a nameless American team from Major League Soccer. The new excuse that Mr. Zhu gave for losing the match, was that Bora gifted “books” (‘books’ and ‘lose’ are homophones in the Chinese language). Here, I recommend that you guys find out what that one specific book is. Which book? Of course the one that caused you all to score a goal. After that, tell me the title of the book. Before every match, I will gift ten copies of that same book to you. In that case, won’t you all be able to get a triumphant 10:0 win over your opponents every time?” An excerpt taken from Tony Twain’s special column in a certain famous Chinese sports newspaper.

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    Qidian China stats: Rating : 9.3 (154 votes) Chapters : 1024 Status : finished Written in 2007~2009 702.6 million total clicks 437.07 million words

    View 32 Replies

    A slightly different time travel and transmigration story, this one is for sports lovers. I say different because MC travels of a different geography (England) with which he has little familiarity. Moreover, MC had never been an actual manager in his previous life, so he had no experience (he only watched a lot of soccer games as a "fan"). He does have "information about the future", as well as the original body owner Tony's notes (this Tony was a pretty straight-laced guy) and his own style of motivating players. This book needs concentration to read as there are a few info dumps and dense blocks of explanatory texts, but I like it because I really enjoy sports novels (on webnovel, we only had "Almighty Coach" under the genre as "officially translated" until now, so I am excited).

    View 76 Replies

    The other soccer novel coming out seemed horrendous. Luckily this one has a much better synopsis. It seems like this is the only hope for a good soccer plot so far.

    View 18 Replies
    LV 15 Badge

    Will be putting all my daily stones on this novel from now on. Come on Reds. Would have ignored this novel if MC transmigrated into lame clubs' managers like Manyoo or Liverpool.

    View 17 Replies

    Hey fool, you are missing chapters, have mixed up chapters and aren’t listening to us or anybody. This has made the story confusing and mixed up. Now fix it, because I have complained to the site already. Good day not so smart one.

    View 8 Replies

    Sadly some of the chapters were removed. We want those chapters😐😐😐😐 Plz post those chapters . As a football fan I have been waiting for this wn for some time n want to read the whole series Thanking you, Lucifer_thelazy

    View 2 Replies

    Can’t wait yo read something that’s different from the normal ‘ahhhhh you have offended me by doing what’s right i shall destroy you and your family’ crap 😐 Lol don’t get me wrong I love it but too much of a good think kinda becomes a bad thing. So thumbs up to qidian for switching things up a bit.

    View 1 Replies

    A fiction about a football manager trying to resurrect a fallen football giant,Nottingham Forest. This book about Tony Dunn/ Tony Twain is really relaxing to read as far as I remembered. Characters development is kinda okay. Plot Twists and imaginary players blended well with well known football stars. MC is really lovable, a fun guy. Most of the plots are intense and interesting. (MC is reincarnated to the past btw) At first,MC didn't know anything about actually managing club other than former experience of the host body and his FM experience . But he knows one thing. About which players will be stars in the futures!

    View 7 Replies

    I fell in love with this novel at first sight it managed to Ignite the flame I have for football again after years of it being extinguished. But the author just ruined it with the pedophile relationship. The MC was going to adopt the the girl as his daughter who later on became his wife. While he had a perfectly good woman who was beautiful, his age, and cared for him. But nope the 13 yo girl became his wife... That alone ruined the novel for me

    View 2 Replies
    LV 10 Badge

    The story was so great and everything was going well until the MC turned into a whole pedo I just couldn’t continue reading it.

    View 0 Replies

    This started off fairly well and had me hooked. A guy transported into an Englishman's body etc etc. When Tony got going he had a lot of dominating games, losses and he gave a lot of halftime pep talks to his players then made spectacular comebacks. Then the novel quickly deteriorated into the repeat of dominating, losing against easy teams and SPECTACULAR COMEBACKS nonstop and Tony being an ass. Furthermore, the author is a pedo and Tony is also written as one being obsessed with a 13-15 year old girl throughout the chapters'. Yes, people may say he didn't do anything vastly inappropriate with her but yeah, no. She's still a 13 year old girl when this starts I think. It's sick.

    View 0 Replies

    Author is a disgusting pedo who gets off to sleeping with 13 year olds. The soccer part is great but it's very much destroyed by the authors raging hard on for an adolescent child .

    View 3 Replies

    This novel has a much better synopsis than the other one (soccer/football related) . I hope this gets published first. At the moment it's last in the race we need more supporters.

    View 1 Replies

    At the moment the he novel is at about a 100 chapters, and I think it's fair to give it a review now. For starters the novel greatly exceeded my expectations. I expected some more lame-ass faceslapping, but for once I got a decent fan-fic. Yes that's right, fan-fiction. Lets be clear, this sure as hell is written by a football fan as fan-fiction, with tons of known players like fabregas, bale and Walcott making guest appearances, alongside some imaginary players. It isn't bad at all, in fact it's fairly decent, the plot goes on nicely, and it has a nice and peaceful atmosphere. It reminds me a lot of those kingdom-building novels, as that really is what it is. We watch Tang En, or Tony Twain, or TT as I like to call him build a football empire. We watch as he picks up to be pro players, and builds some players himself. It's a light entertaining read with some amount of info-dumping and discoursing upon football tactics. Now on to the bad. Yes there are problems. Any and all conversations feel robotic as ****, and really weird. They don't sound like humans, but more like NPC's interacting. There are equally weird filler arcs, where our main character accidentally kidnaps a loli, and barely evades the FBI. Clearly filler. Character development can get weird at times too. In short the writing is fairly terrible. THe characters themselves however, do have personality. That itself is itneresting, though bound by stereotypes the author believes in.

    View 3 Replies

    This novel is missing some chapter ( Chapter 70-71 is a big time jump) around 1-5 chapter. if this is how they do things I can't help but say sorry to but to leave this behind.

    View 0 Replies

    Man.. I think its a bad idea to release 2 soccer novels at the same time.. Its a conflict of interest. Also, tbh I never watch sports anime, so I don't want to read sports anime either. But... I really want to read the fish novel lol... It looks like a stupid novel that I would enjoy. Also why am I supposed to rate when there is no prologue or anything given...?

    View 6 Replies

    Fix the missing chapters and get your story straight until then consider this dropped No communication is sometimes worse than lies Fillerfillerfillerfullerfuuuuuuu

    View 0 Replies

    This is missing so many chapters as well as the translator being slow as ****. Thinking that separating chapters into parts is good and that one chapter a day is good. The translator is a complete moron who knows two languages. The translator insults this work and then expects us to pay them in their Patreon. What a dumbass.

    View 0 Replies

    using the Chinese name instead of the English name is confusing. anyone his first meet with Shania? what chapter?

    View 0 Replies

    Awful translation, mc, and story. This fic is awful.

    View 2 Replies

    Author Lin Hai Ting Tao