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Harbingers Of Death is a fantasy isekai-based novel. Max Addison, a teenager utterly obsessed with gaming is gifted the fast popularity-gaining VRMMORPG, Harbingers Of Death on his 17th birthday. This simple gift caused a great change in his life on the night of his birthday as he enters into a whole new world where he has to conquer magical beasts, demons, powerful ability users, and even players like himself. Finding out the game is not all it seems, he sets to become the last man standing to uncover the secrets of the world and the connection he has with it.

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    Hi there everyone ☺️, I've been working on this book with the dream of a big future for it 🙏. I hope you all check it out and find it worth reading😁. Thank you🥺.

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    The moment I saw the title I got hocked up, reading more and more. Always video games comes with an intriguing humor, a world where you have to fight to survive. Addison go on!!!!![img=recommend]

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    I've read a few chapters and ,phew.it's GOOD! , it started off pretty well and ends in a cliff hanger just at the right time to make we want to continue reading the next chapter.

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    I read a few chapters and really liked the start, great storyline author, everything with demons and beasts is always great!! Can't wait to read more!!

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    Solid first chapter. Gives me sword art online vibes, and the mystery around their father and purple eyes is definitely strong enough that I‘d want to continue reading

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    What captivated me in this story is the title itself. When I first read the first chapters, it was interesting and it hooked me until I realized that I kept scrolling and scrolling. Overall, I'm looking forward to development of this story. This is a must read! 🖤🤍

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    If you love fast-paced stories, this one can be interesting to read. And the concept of transporting into another world, when you think it's just a game, is very intriguing.

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    I like the pace of the story and your writing technique. It's also easy to visualize what happening with the story so kudos. Last but not the least, I admire how you can update 5 chps a week lol. I could never 😭

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    LV 12 Badge

    The book introduces an intriguing premise of a virtual reality game where players fight to become the last man standing. The story captures the reader's attention with its unique premise and the introduction of exciting game mechanics. While the writing could benefit from further refinement and character development, the book offers an entertaining read for fans of action-packed virtual reality adventures.

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    i just have to say even though i have only read a few chapters of this book it is still pretty good with enough cliffhangers to keep you going. I hope the author can keep it up because the person seems to have great potential in writing. Even just by seeing the name of the book i fell in love with it and i hope u guys would love it too

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    LV 15 Badge

    Alright, I read chapter 15, and it became borderline unbearable. First of all, the character interactions are dry and seem to be rushed. Second, the MC is unbearable and a complete simp, from the second he met Hilary (his real crush that just happens to conveniently be in the same area as him from the thousands that just randomly spawn in. Plus, his friend is trapped in the game too, but this rich girl who has never interacted with him before is more important). He shows her his secret abilities and grants her free power-ups for no reason besides him being an imbecile. And he has absolutely no sense of danger. He is not at all worried about being stuck in a world forever and just immediately gets over it.

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    I’m so in love with this novel and can’t wait to read more . From the characters to the setting and plot twist is captivating and intriguing

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    Author Blak_cherry