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Heavenly Saga

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Author: Ichiryuu

4.35 (37 ratings)

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In a world ruled by seishin practitioners, a genius was born. Is it his fortune? Or will it become his misfortune?

The most powerful person will rule over the world. "Survival of the fittest", that's the only rule followed ever since the world began. Those who are weak can only beg for their lives. Heaven is only for those who can trample anyone in their way.

This is Heavenly Saga, the journey to the pinnacle of the world.

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    Guys, we've already reached 100k views! I know that it's not that amazing, but for me, this is one of the best things that happened in my life. I know it's shameless for me to rate this novel of mine like this but just let me have this one, okay? Let me give my thanks to all of you! Without your support, probably, I already gave up writing this novel. Thank you very much! I started college this year so I am a little busy with my school works so forgive me for the slow updates. Please continue to support so that I will be encouraged in writing this! Please leave some good reviews if you happen to have a time. Again, thank you!

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    I like the magic system in this story and also how the schools and rules of this energy are portrayed. It's only 8 chapters for today and they are short but the story has great potential

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    Read 20 chaoters : The premise and concept of this novel is good and well written. The only thing I can't accept is the author's blatant use of words which are contradictory. 1) He tells the 5 year kid is as mature as a youngster then that means he should be as matured as an adult when he turns 10.But the author writes that Belle and MC plays around when she visits him.๐Ÿคฏ. Does this mean they are doing some adult stuff playing ?? They should compete with each other to check their progress as Belle is too competitive as said by author but nope they play around. 2) Dragon in this world lays very small eggs and two dragons come out of a single egg as they are twin and they simply bond with each of the MC and Belle.THICC Plot armor. 3) The author does not know about cause and effect. He writes whatever he wishes and events happens without any cause and consequences. 4) Nobody wanna kill/harm/kidnap MC. Only the dark alliance wants it and rest all wanna worship mc as god. 5)He is as mature as a youngster but cant say no to Belle cause his Body is still a KID. 6) Everything happens in favor of mc (THICC PLOT ARMOR).He is a happy go lucky naive kiddo with maturity. I hate reading story where everything is smoothsailing for mc who is naive idiotic but author keeps portraying him as intelligent and mature. This makes the story a FAIRY TALE and I have grown up from Fairy Tales. There is no suspense and thrill in reading fairytales. So If you like Fairytales this novel is for you. Alas its not for me.

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    I've read the first few chapters and I got to tell you all that the high rating of this novel is not as high as the quality of the novel itself. This must be the author's first novel, so I don't blame him for it being so bad!! anyway, here are some tips to the author- the mc has zero background and is supposed to five years old, yet sometimes he's smart and other times he's childish as ****. the side character are not well written either. there is no world building and we are introduced to the big shot characters in the first few chapters. there are many other mistakes that I didn't mention that also need to be fixed, but I don't have the time to list them all.

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    I've read only 4-5 chapters yet So don't know where the story is going I liked it but dear author what's with the pointless and needless use of Japanese words/verbs the totally make the story feel out of place With a mediaeval western world building use of Japanese words makes me feel awkward while reading especially the use of word seishin or whatever which is important part of the world's power system As a non-japanese reader who completely doesn't understand the words' meaning it makes me turn my back on the story I really hope you can change the use of Japanese words with more familiar English words or atleast translate those words into English

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    Itโ€™s pretty good. no chinese bs and no nothing. I wish it updated more. OTherwise no complaints. Hope he keeps goinG. ......................

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    I give five stars to this book. The writer did so well, I love the book, the magic and everything single thing about the book. A big kudos to the writer

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    Love it. Need more. [img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update]

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    I'm only 10 chapters in but as a German speaker I am so irritated by the German names that it ruins my experience.

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    I didn't read that far because I can't get over this names. I guess it's alright if you are not German but unfortunately I am. This names are a jumbled mess of German words, just a few examples of the first three chapters: Kraftvoll = powerfull Hund von Schwert = Dog of/from Sword (the heck xD) Rosa Fraulein Wunderschonen = Pink/Rose Miss Beautiful Even though the the story might be great I can't continue, my apologies.

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    So I have read up to chapter 100 and I finally have decided to write a review. Here I will list the pros and cons that this story has and hopefully give the author some constructive criticism to further improve his writing. PROS 1. Characters seem somewhat well written unlike some Chinese novels where every character seems like an arrogant brat. 2. Story premise is actually quite enjoyable to read. 3. MC is enjoyable to read about in my opinion. CONS 1. Author seems he can't display characters emotions correctly yet. For example, in the elemental test, the MC gets a godly score with the ability to manipulate 6 different elements, and yet he doesn't even seem happy in the slightest. It seemed like, to me at least, that the MC was trying to score an impossible score. 2. Detail is mediocre at best. For example, going back to the elemental test, when the MC got tested there was no suspense, there was no detail on what the MC was feeling, there was no detail in anything he was seeing either. It just seemed like he was a robot devoid of any emotions. 3. The pace is wayyyyy too fast. It seems like one chapter he is traveling to some castle or city, and next chapter it's already 3 days in the future. Like I understand if the author was trying not to bore people with unnecessary content, but my man you gotta slow it down sometimes. Honestly, this book could be one of my top books in webnovel if the author fixed up these mistakes in the writing. I hope once the author gets more experienced in writing, he will come back to this story and completely restart it. Yeah I guess it's a naรฏve hope, but you can let a man wish. Thanks for taking the time reading this long and boring review, much appreciated. Thanks to the author for writing this novel, and it seems to me a lot of people enjoy it aswell so good luck!

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    Hi Author, I just started reading your story and I would like to share some of the things I noticed in your novel. I think the story is really fast-paced and lacks the build up of the world and the character that is needed. I hope that the progression of the story would be a bit more enticing as your idea is amazing as the chapters felt rushed and boring. All the Best! xo

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    The story line is well thought out. The pace is good with no major leaps or large times wasted in single thing. Character development is going nicely, and no major contradictions with events or peoples action. However, some of the writing of โ€œThat spellโ€, โ€œUse thatโ€, and such is annoying. Its fine once or twice but everytime is too much. Specially since the next sentence it is named said soell. I know the author is trying for suspense, but here it is better to just use the name or such. For example, instand of saying โ€œuse thatโ€, it would go better to say โ€œuse water guardโ€ or โ€œ use your new spell.โ€

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    Hmm I have only read a few chapters but so far itโ€™s really good the storyline and plot is quite good. I would recommend it to my friends๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

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    great story and thank you for novel . .

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    Nice story, i understand the reason for the use of the Japanese words, though it was kind of hard for people like me who doesn't speak Japanese. I look forward to more works likes this.

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    Author Ichiryuu