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Author: Zentmeister

4.45 (45 ratings)

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It is the year 2500, and humanity has expanded its reach beyond the confines of Earth. In a distant sector of the galaxy, a young man named Erich "Silber" Jaeger is born into a dystopian empire that tightly controls the lives of its citizens.

Growing up in a society rife with discrimination, Erich faces an uncertain future as he approaches military conscription. He will spend the next two decades of his life serving in the Armed Forces of the Germanic Star-Empire, fighting against the many enemies of the authoritarian state.

As he navigates the treacherous landscape of interstellar warfare, Erich must grapple with his own ambitions and loyalties. Will he rise through the ranks to become the next dictator of the empire, or will he meet a gruesome end on the battlefield?

Join Erich on his journey through the Interstellar Age, as he confronts the challenges of war, politics, and personal identity in a universe filled with danger and intrigue.

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    I need more already, if it's anything close to as good as ToS was, then we are all in for a treat!

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    My new main novel to read after reading ToS

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    If you came here after TOS expecting the same thing u will be sadly disappointed. Why u might ask? Let me explain after reading the first 15 chapters. The Mc has no defining goal he's simply going with the flow. He's born in a position of disadvantage yet seems to not fully develop his powers nor try to escape his disposition. The author also mentions these power he has but seems not to actively utilize them. The Mc feels so small in this story simply because the world is so developed and they are so far behind in power and technology. More to add but im lazy and also waiting to see wt happens next.

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    I like the pace of the story, not too fast or too slow, no info dump. MC is very relatable and not a generic OP mad lad from the start.

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    I'm not going to say that the novel is bad but it's not for me, it's pure drama, I can't tolerate all these dramatic moments, there's no evolution of the character either, despite only 54 chapters the protagonist went through a lot but he's still the same, he should have already changed, besides that they always handle it as they want, I can't stand such a beta protagonist, even though there are times when I understand that he can't do anything, he should have forged a stronger character, more with what happened, he literally drowns in alcohol every time something happens to him, sometimes I understand but other times I want to hit him and tell him, "stop getting drunk and get stronger", it's frustrating.

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    if you don't like the mc being ordered and used for most of the time then don't start reading.If you hate to see mc losing or taking losses(more than 50 times in 200 chapters) in different ways don't read.if you don't like heavy plot armor don't read.if your searching for a smart or strong mc don't read.

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    yeah, boring bro. i read 50 page and Mc not growth

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    I did enjoy the earlier chapters of this novel, but after a while I found the protagonist's naivety become more and more glaring, and started to find it harder to identify with him or root for him as the novel progresses. His lack of backbone, subservient nature, and simplistic outlook is frustrating to read. He acts almost wilfully foolish at times in order to progress the plot, eg, forgetting about CCTV, self incrimination, etc. Additionally, he has multiple special powers that he just seems to forget about all the time, only using them in very specific situations, and not the multitude of other situations where they could have been useful. Whilst these flaws will likely change (I'd certainly hope he improves and develops as time goes on) it's ultimately taking too long to see any sign of his improvement for me to remain invested - I haven't gone beyond the free chapters due to this so bear that in mind. The novel features uber Germanic nationalistic themes, which most of the time can be explained away as world building, but it's very heavy handed. Constantly hearing how fantastic the German Empire and the German people are (in actuality Europeans of every nationality who fled Earth to colonize space hundreds of years ago), how superior and handsome Aryans are/how inferior everyone else is, etc. It's odd to say the least, especially when the narrator voice and even other alien races seem to share and repeat this view at every opportunity. It feels like I'm reading some propaganda distributed during the 1930s/1940s at times. The protagonist's motivations and goals revolve around progressing up the chain of command of this xenophobic meritocracy, despite being treated abhorrently by them and it's people for the color of his hair and eyes. Unfortunately he has well and truly drank the fanatical Koolaid and is willing to go to extreme lengths to remain a part of it and defend them. Further making it hard to empathize with him. There are a couple of cases where the plot feels contrived, for example, a side character discovers an old social media photo that literally trillions of other people (including the military, friends/family, etc) inexplicably missed. The thing is, this could be properly and naturally integrated with a bit of extra effort but that doesn't take place. Apart from that, chapters are a very good length, and grammar/spelling is practically flawless, only a couple of minor typos here and there which aren't distracting.

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    Mid story, could be better if the author didn't fumble alot of opportunities to make the story better, like death-baiting characters that should have stayed dead and he makes some characters that could have been interesting way too generic

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    I feel as though I've read an actual book with a very similar plot except the simulations were real but otherwise humanity had to defeat the bug aliens and the mc destroyed a mother/hivemind winning the war with a strike which is the reason for a low score in world background for lack of creativity. I feel as though the bug war thing was rushed even though it had plenty of foreshadowing. I feel as if not enough main characters are introduced or their abilities besides Silber. Writing quality and stability of updates is nice.

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    with the author's experince from tos and hoa this novel is gonna be fire. just read and i want more if only i could travel through and binge read the entire thing without having to wait

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    It's an okay novel. The story progression is fine but unfortunately is not immersive so we really don't get the tension that comes along or if we do it's very weak. The story is very simplistic in the sense there really isn't anything complicated nor are there any underlying things that make it more alive. The characters are weak and the author should've spent more time building them up. He kind of just throws in characters and gives brief scenes of them just so we can get an idea of their personality. It's not very well fleshed out and their rather paper thin. The characters need fire in them or co-ops together so that we get a firmer idea of them. Even the mc feels like a piece of paper. I believe if the author corrected these mistakes and gave more through in-depth detail of the events that happen with the mc then it would be better. Like don't go too fast over something but make it so that it's interesting. Especially make the characters interact more and have more events so we see more and more of them. If that's done then I genuinely believe this novel can be one of the best stories. For now though, it's disappointing to see the potential wasted

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    I'm not likely able to keep reading, not because the story, writing, etc is bad but because it literally left me in tears. I read to try to escape from so much pain and darkness in reality. I've enjoyed other stories from this author as the author does an amazing job of world building and character development, but they're hard to read since I'm far more emotionally invested.

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    Another amazing book in the works!! Hopefully we get a little more supernatural powers this time around compared to the other books. For anyone that reads this review, definitely stick around for this story.

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    i really like this novel,at first I thought the mc has no motivation no ambition so after reading 100 chap i was disappointed but after 200 chap the story line was improved drastically and now I think it is better than tyranny of steel.but one of the most frustrating thing is that the update frequency is really bad.we have to wait 2 or 3 days for 1 chap.i think author should concentrate one novel at a time.please author if you reading this please at least update daily,it will be better if 2 chaps in a day

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    The World building is interesting. The problem is that the characters are stupid and make senseless choices. this problem only gets worse in the story.

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    Warning spoilers I love this book but even tho I’m born and raised Jewish with German ancestry. Due to the Jewish part already had mixed feelings although very minor. The German ancestry sure helped. BTW not currently religious at all. The book is a sci fi masterwork in its own way. But my criticisms are that the all around racism everyone has towards each other gets in the way. If it’s not racism somebody hates each other for whatever reason. Still it adds to the conflict of the story so it’s whatever. Lastly the MC although around when he is almost 30 acts like a petty petulant man child. I mean come on almost three years of not resolving a relationship with a girl you didn’t even try truly getting to know. On top of the fact that she is stuck in the same boat. I get the resentment on both sides but it irked me the way he felt entitled and was childish. But it got resolved although should have happened sooner.

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    This novel has a slow start, middle part is decent, but the next arc kill it for me. Had to drop the novel because the MC strafe from character. Not going to lie the story Arc where he travels the galaxy is not my favorite. The pacing was awful and it felt like the MC was getting power trip.

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    Author Zentmeister