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Rise Of The Eternal Monarch

Fantasy 34 Chapters 176.2K Views
Author: GrandSky

4.87 (15 ratings)

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Zayn's life was pretty much planned out. He thought that with enough time, he could do anything he set out to do. But destiny threw a wrench in his plans as he finds out that he has been bound to an Ethereal Seed, one part of one of the greatest sources of power in the universe. And now he must fight to save himself, while discovering the mysteries that lay within him.

Cover art isn't mine.
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    Hello! It's your friendly neighborhood author GrandSky with a bit of a...uh... shameless promotion. Don't take it to heart. Go read the novel and tell me what you think. Well, let's start with the story. Not gonna make it a spoiler though. It's going to a bit slowpaced, but it gets better. Blah, blah blah. I dunno how to do this. Please just check it out! And come leave a review. Constructive, not harsh. From Grandsky

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    The story is well-written. But a word of advice from me: Try to edit the dialogue and the paragraphs. So readers won't find it difficult to read. Overall, it is an amazing novel. Do check it out! Keep up the good work author!

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    The themes explored in this book were thought-provoking and made me think about the world in a different way. Such an amazing author!!!!!!!!!

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    The story has just started, and it already has that Saturday morning cartoon vibes. The action are spectacles, not just fist fights between two parties, and the character interactions are genuinely interesting, if a bit cliched. I look forward to reading more. If you're on the fence about the fiction, here's your call card to commit.

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    The fights are well written and the storyline is great. First I was intrigued by the first chapter. Keep up the good work. I’m sure we’ll find out more about the world other than that i have no complaints.

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    Great story so far. Loving the pace and the academy arc so far. The fights are well written and from the very beginning, I was very Invested in the Ethereal seed. Can't wait to see how our boy grows and the fights to come. Overall is a good read and I would recommend it to anyone who likes well-written fantasy. It is still early chapters so the world building is there and I'm sure we will understand more about the world as the story goes on. More chapters please.

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    Writing quality - Superb! The author's writing style seems very experienced and reminds me of the sort seen in translated series. The plot so far seems really promising, I can already see the foreshadowing for an epic storyline. So kudos to the author for achieving that. The characters are extremely engaging and intersting to follow, the mc is quite likable so far. World background ... once again the author has done a good job in describing it too us without making it feel like an info dump. Really great job!

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    The sorry has a different feel. The plot is intricately designed, the background of each scene is well described too. The author has put a lot of effort in the creation of this novel, i can assure you that.

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    This book is really amazing .. Totally love the cool title, The wonderful plot and it amazing characters 😘😘 What a really nice good book to read

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    This book has it all, the engaging plot, wonderful characterization and a writing style that manages to hold your interest and supply you with information without confusing you. Loved what I've read so far, going to my library for more reading later. Good job author. 👏

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    This is a great read to be honest. Only issue is the writing format of the dialogue which I believe can be improved, but overall great book.

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    i was just starting taking interest and it is now "Premium "......... I think author could have built his foundation of 50 or something chapters so others can explore more about mc and his life..... sigh~ well w/ever, story has good plot but power levels could have been more simpler ....( like, esper, abilities , espgen, soul) .......i mean it 'could' have been ....... anyways it's up to Author ..... So as far as i have read, it's readable and quite gun as mc is not stupid or sometimes he is stupid and sometimes he is smart.... Lots can give it a try [ Warning : Author has used heavy Friendship force here... And there will be no betray like cliché ... ]

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    I read this story fully recently, it's impressive, and I really liked it. I kind of feel hypocritical in a way writing this. I'm sorry if I seem dumb, anyone can correct me. It's a little confusing at the beginning, with the slight ambiguity in how the main character has any clear or priority motivation. It isn't fully clear how he turned out top 10 in the school and why, as such I would recommend a little more exploration of the ideals and such of the MC. For Exa. Why is the MC required to be an assassin by night? Money? If so why is it so necessary that it is required he risk his life for it? Just... not a lot of explanations, it feels like the author wants to push forward other aspects of the story or plot without proper setup first. HOWEVER. Many aspects of the story are capable of establishing wonder and excitement in the reader. With time in writing the author will understand the importance of not going overboard with language as to suit all audiences, as recommended by another reviewer. I hope the author can continue his work. I'd be interested in seeing the direction of the rest of the novel. Also I recently created this account just to read, and review this novel. [img=recommend]

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    Excellent fight scenes. The fight is actually what brought me in, even though there are a slight bit of writing errors, the author made sure to keep us hooked up with his story. The background of the story is simple and best. But the only thing I would say is that from the next time, make sure you give a slow start to your novel. All the best author.

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    Really love how the fights were written. It's clear and well described. It's not confusing. Great first chapter. Keep up the good work. I’m sure we’ll find out more about the world soon enough. Only complaint, the book cover and the story feels like it didn't match that well

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    Author GrandSky