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Author: vinayraj

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"There is no fairness in this godforsaken world"
- Leo

With the appearance of ferocious beasts and hideous monsters, humanity was on the verge of extinction.
As humanity lost its hope, a few otherworldly beings referred to themselves as ‘Gods’ appeared and helped humans in creating new cities from the rumbles.
Before leaving the world, they left a special gift that could help the humans awaken their talents hidden deeply in their bodies as there were still monsters and beasts outside these newly created cities.
With the help of their newly awakened talents, the humans started fighting monsters and beasts on their own.
That’s the beginning of a new chapter in human history as humans became heroes.
In such a world, a 12-year-old kid was framed for theft and the murder of his adoptive parents by some powerful heroes.
Furthermore, they even planned to kill him and make his body disappear to avoid future trouble.
However, after 10 years, he returned to the city with a different name to take revenge against those so-called powerful heroes while trying to find out the reason behind the death of his adoptive parents.
“I don’t know exactly who you are and why you did that, but I will find out even if I have to kill all the powerful heroes in the city.”
Standing in front of the gates of the Phirie city, Leo muttered to himself with a cold look on his face.

The following story is purely fictional and the plot is not to be associated with actual historical or religious records.
All characters and plots in this book are totally fictional. There is no intentional disrespect shown to any community. Please be understanding of the plot and read it as fictional. This story is purely created for the readers’ entertainment purposes.

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    First review from the author:- What this web novel has - Overpowered MC with a cold personality but will be warm to his family and friends. - Mysterious past that makes readers always change their thoughts. - System and Game elements. - Revenge. Mc wants revenge; however, he was not completely crazy in his thirst for revenge - Monsters/ Beasts. The world is filled will all kinds of monsters and beasts. - Romance. No spoilers about the Female lead for now. - Loyal friends/ Beast companions. Overall, I will try to make it as good and as interesting as possible. If you still have any doubts, you can ask below. Thank you.

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    LV 15 Badge

    Imagine a story where you immediately skip 10 years of power up to the point our hero is OP and ready to take revenge. Sure the past is hinted at through plenty of hints and flashbacks, but overall you are thrown right into the Acton. Just like as if you started with book two. This revolutionary writing style is surprisingly satisfying. If a touch confusing for a couple chapters at the beginning

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    I've read a number of these types of books, and without fail, the author will drop skills, have wildly incorrect levels, and, most annoyingly, forget usable skills that make the fight, arc, and even the whole story completely illogical. This book is an exception. Everything, including the intro, is done in either a unique or fresh way. I am currently 200+ chapters in (so hopefully only 1/10th through 😊) and vinayraj has managed to- a: never write a boring/pointless chapter (no filler) b: keep a fast pace while still fleshing out characters and lore -and as I said in the beginning- c: utilize the system extremely well, as it is an integral part of the story. He does this without forgetting skills, and manages to keep readers up to date on (actually correct) levels while not constantly spamming copy and pasted stats to increase the word count. I strongly recommend this book and am personally really looking forward to the to seeing where this story leads! 👍👍👍

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    500+ chapters, 2.2million views BUT ony 32 comments, if that isnt red flag then i dont what is. Author deleting so many comments its gonna reach pefect 0 soon.

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    I advice not to read it until it has 1000 something chapter because f**king up to 210 chapter mc hasnt even completed his first goal of revenge, and i tell 2.5/4 of words counts up until now are all about describing of his skill and upgrading skill, you dont even remember the skills, i know i am being petty, i think because iread a good or nearly perfect (hero of drakness) novel which raised my expectation, but you can read f you dont have anything to read , it is average book in my opinion

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    LV 13 Badge

    Why should I invest my time and money, when the author hasn't finished his other novels? Even if I'm bored I wouldn't waste my time, if author finish the novel I may read it, for now not worth it.

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    Don't bother with this book if you don't like to repeatedly read the same sentence just differently worded. And The story pause during a fight for the mc to think for 5 pages.....over and over.

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    Great book so far! Love approach with the Mc already starting out powerful. It was nice not having to watch him build his initial strength/skills.

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    Well, i dropped when it hit paywall and well that gave me a reason to stop anyway. became obvious this is yet another fake op mc and whats worse its probably a harem. Since the author is dancing around on his review/comment and mentioned "FLs" as in possibly more than one so yeah may as well save myself the trouble and drop while I can. since I have a bad habit of reading when I should stop.

    View 3 Replies

    The story was spotty and felt like it jumped around a bit too much. the first few chapters are especially bad. I was confused more than interested.

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    The MC is cool, but story seems boring when he is with his family and all....... The story is good if you leave the family stuff ................

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    writing seems good but their is basically no story about the MCs life unless you want to read over dozens of chapters for a little hint here and there. the world and characters are cliche and you dont feel any emotion from them. ik they are fictional characters but with good writing you should be able to get a feel for their emotions but you cant. ps: your grammers good and i can tell you had a decent idea but had poor execution. keep up the work and improve also have a good life. i wish you the best of luck.

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    LV 4 Badge

    Although it have a few problems I like this novel, I will personally prefer that instead of the MC having two devouring abilities the author has simply focused on a better one from the get go and run with it, but other than that, is more or less fine, maybe the other problem is the talent promotion he gets from a price pool that is basically useless for almost everyone other than the MC and a few others like the guy the MC got his ability from. There is something I REALLY REALLY HATE tho and its the MC nonchalance with his brother Ryan lying about his parents deaths to help the villains hide their doing and blame the MC. Sure everyone can understand than he did it to protect the rest of the kids, SURE. Otherwise they may all be dead, but he may have just say he kill them himself and suffer the consequences himself of being the scapegoat instead of blaming the MC and HE DIDN'T. SO while I understand why the MC may not hate his guts, I don't think the MC should be so happy go lucky and even get him benefits. He should have a restrained relationship when he may not blame him but also don't benefit him for after all it was him who plotted the MC. Even his sister gives him more or less the cold shoulder but the MC just take it as nothing? C'mon. Again, I'm not asking to kill him, just to break their relationship and be done with him instead of treating him the same. It's impossible for somebody to not even be disappointed knowing his brother conspired against him.-

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    Great job with the new novel! I think you did a great job :) I have no doubt this will be popular just like your main novel! Please keep up the great work

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    Another masterpiece like your other novels and I wonder where you will take this character as well as flesh out his background throughout the novel through flashbacks and his interactions with others.

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    HİDDEN GEM. MC has cool personality and world building is quite good. Story seems like have a lot to offer. I am really looking forward to how will story going to progress.

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    it is a good premis the chapters i have read at the moment show a good story idea hope this story continues since its worth reading and since the word count needs more i shall

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    I’m usually a guy who likes massacres and world enders but it feels like everything is mindless and weightless. He kills one million and devours them one by one in a day which is kinda sus because it says he can digest them in 10 minutes so maths? His unique ns undermined by a more op skill he got from a random. Love the concet but I feel so disattached to the character that I don’t even enjoy the killing

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    good novel to read(based on chp 1-5) and gonna binge read this cause two chapters a day is going to be great. I'm expecting some good stuff happening after chapter 5 and writing quality is good enough for me, to clarify my 'good enough' is that it's readable and understandable, good grammar too

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    Well, I can say it's an amazing story. I liked Leos adventure in misterious worlds. I hope you update it regularly and more chapters!!!

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    Author vinayraj