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"This world is truly...boring."

The Mage King, overthrown and killed by his own people, escaped via one last spell. Reincarnated in the body of a weak baby, he sets off to conquer the world once more.

Except somehow, he has been reincarnated into a completely different world. A world with no mages...aside from him.

What is the point in ruling such a boring world? He might as well reincarnate again. Until the TV catches his eye, and he sees a certain animation from a far east Asian country...

Maybe...maybe I can do something here. Maybe in this world without mages, a mage is what is needed to spice things up a little. Maybe this boring world needs...a Demon Lord to rule it from the shadows.

If this world isn't interesting enough, then I'll force it to change with my own hands!

"A Demon Lord needs henchmen, so I will create my own!"

"I also Heroes to fight against, so let's make those as well!"

"Hmmmm...I like System novels, let's give a Hero a Gamer system!"

"I also like superheroes and romances, let's create some superheroes and make them fall in love!"

"What's this? A thriller? Hmmm...maybe I can make something like this too..."

Lots of LGBT issues in here. If you can't handle gay, this is probably not your story

Cover was drawn by @yikes-psychic-pen, go check her out at https://yikes-psychic-pen.tumblr.com/

Parental Guidance Suggested


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    LV 10 Badge

    Alright, this novel is gutsy and ambitious. Three entirely different storylines of different genres meshed together incredibly well using that one demon lord. Seriously, I was scared for this one. I thought the stories would clash, and that there would be tonal clashes and clashes for which story takes the spotlight. But this goddamned author pulled it off. And he pulled it off to an extent I've seriously only seen in published books. Alright, yeah, so if you, the person reading the review, hasn't cought on to the fact that I love this book and that this is just going to be me gushing all over it, then let me make it clear. I LOVE this book. The writing is phenomenal. It's set on Earth and I'd say it's a pretty solid planet as far as word building goes. It seems to be very well researched. I can't elaborate on this point really because I haven't had much experience with the character and location and customs settings present in this book, and as a typical Webnovel reader I'm too lazy to cross reference it against stuff, but yeah it feels really well researched. The writing style is great. The flow and pace just fits the story like a glove. It's introspective in the best of ways. It's just great, yeah? There's some occasional spelling issues I've come across but c'mon, that's still leagues better than any Webnovel I've seen on here. The characters oooh boy the characters I love em to bits. Character development and growth is on point. Characters are all hella likable. They are characteristic of how much effort went into this book and how much I love it. Alright, I'll close this off by saying a couple more things sike this brain isn't going to let me stop gushing so soon- a) It's great. b) I love it. c) Yes it does have quite a bit of LGBTQ rep and boy do the characters gain depth due to the societal impacts of that, but it's not the focus of the book. d) I need more chapters e) Hey almost daily uploads would you look at that thank you author f) I have no clue why I'm still doing this. 7) I will not apologise for any time wasted on reading this 'review'

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    LV 14 Badge

    Excellent writing skills but too lgbt for me. There are obvious parallels between the main character and the reader in how he feels and how we are supposed to. Many times the mc posed valid reasoning that made me question my discomfort at the ever increasing focus on lgbt issues. Maybe I'm reading too much into it but it felt like the mc was a strawman for the reader and his assistant trying to push lgbt stories to him is the author trying to tell me that the characters doesn't have to be like me for me to enjoy the read. Well it didn't work and I'm dropping the novel, but credit where credit is due if you don't mind the anti-corporate agenda (which I don't) and the large focus on lgbt issues (which I do) then it's an excellent novel.

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    Its a good story. I personally like the gamer and the MCs stories the most. All the other plots seem to be pushing LGBT views down my throat though. Like one story arc happens then we switch over to the MC and get his take on the surprise reveal of the gay couple and the trans person. Where he plays the straight white male, and then all of a sudden his female assistant (which was purposely made to be more competent than him) starts making excuses for her candidates. Ending with the MC being subtly manipulate into changing his straight views on the sexes and into this female leads more gender neutral ones. At this point I dropped the story. I didn't want to read something where there isn't a single person I can relate to. And that the only straight male (MC), was only created to play the fool in this story. The constant POV switches didn't help either.

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    LV 4 Badge

    disappointing, mc is an alpha turned into beta, being slowly manipulated by the girl ruins it. and how the author os constantly trying to push an agenda later on is also disappointing, mc barely gets time too. really an author shouldn't heavily endorse their ideals into a story and should make it more 'neutral'. also what is the point of having this story being so heavily into the lgbt community when as far as I know the mc aint a part of it

    Reveal Spoiler
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    Pretty interesting story so far. By mixing several types of anime together, the author manage to create this unique novel. Several POVs allows reader to see the situations more clearly and make this story more lively. I can only say that I really envy that assistants girl. She’s really lucky to get that job.

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    Im sorry for those who support lgbt but imma go with own principle I realy love everything in here except for some characters its kinda disgusting for me, i ussually avoid lgbt or yaoi tags but i accidentally read this, now its in my head i must wash my brain But it was good though i mean the story, so much creativity, so much potential tsstss Its my fault anyway i didnt read the tags before reading i was baited in recommendation

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    For anyone that reads this know that this is amazing, very good pacing, great character interactions and natural development of relationships. A lot of writing techniques that can be copied, I mean learned from this

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    Story has great potential but Author is clearly lacking in storytelling. Our Mc is starting three storyline together which got so confusing at a time that I had to dropped it.

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    LV 3 Badge

    I’ve read until about chapter 30. So not especially far. As the author warned, if you can’t handle LGBT, you won’t want to stick around. 30 is a point in the story where the focus seems to be more on LGBT issues than the story. I can handle, and even like stories with Yuri. Yaoi is out of my comfort zone, and that’s where I have to draw the line. The writing (w/o the LGBT agenda) is top quality, and if you can push past that, it is a great book. Sad to say that I won’t be continuing though.

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    This was an utterly amazing book! It kept me on the edge of my seat and I fell in love with the characters. The author did a really good job of representing minorities without playing in to classic stereotypes. While I do wish the author developed the main villain a bit more at the end, overall it was a fantastic read and I highly recommend it.

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    Honestly one of the best written things on the site ive seen. The plot development, quality of writing, and obvious experience with human interaction (which sadly most who write on here dont have) all make it amazing. Personally, i prefer to read things that are either neutral in their views, with some LGBTQ+ relationships and some not, or just no relationships at all, as when i and many other readers come onto the site they are mainly looking for a good read that is usually action packed, or has an amazing plot like this one. The only reason i will not continue reading this is because of the way i choose to read. I try to stay away from social/societal issues when reading because they are what are making me want to read in the first place. As of chapter 30, which is what ive read up to, there has been mostly no issues being brought up, but as the story started getting more fleshed out the more i realized one of the main topics that would be discussed and very prevalent would be the opinions people have on the lgbt community. An example of a story that is similar to this in terms of how fleshed out the story is, and explanations would be Zombie Knight. If you have time i would really you read a bit of it as it would greatly improve the already amazing story you have created. Overall a 5, but will not be reading as it will probably just take a toll on my mind i dont currently need or want.

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    One of the best books that I have read! Firstly, the world building is made to be reminiscent of real world issues. This allows for the stories to be relatable for some, and draw attention to actual problems. The character depth is also very good. It makes the characters interesting individuals, rather than mindless cardboard cutouts as well as keeping them emotionally compelling.

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    LV 13 Badge

    To everyone who wants to turn away because of the tag, grow a pair. The only thing “not normal” about this book is how amazing this author is. Three different stories from different backgrounds put together in a way that blew my mind. Any SINGLE one of the perspectives could be a sold on Amazon for $30, minimum. Just try the book, you wont regret it.

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    As of this review, 36 chapters have been published. Writing quality—quite good. Some grammatical mistakes here and there but nothing too distracting. A little clean up will do the trick. In terms of flow... wow. There wasn’t a moment where I wasn’t sucked into this story. The story switches between the first POV of the main protagonist, the self-proclaimed Demon Lord and Magic King Rupert, and the third POV of the people he had chosen to include in his grand plot. Both point-of-views were fun and entertaining, and I found that there was never a boring moment in either of these POVs. The story centres around an ex-magical-overlord-turned-filthy-rich-businessman named Rupert Hargreaves, who, after being reincarnated into a different world, finds life to be a tad too boring for his diabolic, mystical tastes. In order to satiate his boredom, he indulges himself into the world of fictional entertainment (and the internet)—especially anime. Soon after, he brings his hobbies into the real world and began an anime-esque experiment/production in real life involving real people with his equally twisted deadpanned secretary, Alice Kang. The overall premise of the story is similar to that of ‘To Be a Power in the Shadows!’ or ‘There Was No Secret Organization to Fight with the World’s Darkness so I Made One (In Exasperation)’. It is a story of a guy who is both bored enough and powerful enough to create a whole fantasy just because he could. In my honest opinion, this kind of plot is fun but hard to execute as the scale is quite large. On top of juggling between several protagonists in different settings, one would also need to make coherent ‘pulling-things-from-behind-the-scenes’ plans that doesn’t rely too much on Deus Ex Machina... or maybe just heap it on so that the humans will actually survive until the (obviously planned but shh) Last Boss battle... lol. In any case, it is advisable for the author to take caution in writing the story as it is easy to derail and make it tedious and boring to read. Last but not least, my favourite part about this story—which I didn’t realise until more than a few chapters in—was the fact that this story involved a lot of queer characters. Also, the Uyghur girl? I have no choice but to stan. All in all, this was a very enjoyable read and I look forward to more! Good work, author!

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    Incredibly fun and creative story about an otaku mage and his assistance trying to have fun by making the world they are so bored with feel more like an anime plot. The writing is absurdly enjoyable with every character being extremely likable which makes you want to follow them and see what they are up to. Highly recommend it!!!

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    Muy buena esta amiga, cabe recalcar que este no es mi tipo de libros pero si que esta genial, este libro cumple con mis expectativas, gracias por publicarlo [img=recommend]

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    Great story, without a doubt something everyone should at least read once

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    After finishing the book, I have to say that there were excellent points to the story and some not-as-great ones. Now my favorite moments in the story were that for most of the plots, the MCs had clear plot armor, like gaining new powers right when they needed it the most. Normally people frown upon plot armor, because it takes away tension if you know the MC won't actually lose. I love how the author constructed the plot armor to have an in-universe source, i.e. Ms. Kang and the Demon Lord, but it does have one problem. After the Demon Lord stops being able to manipulate the MCs' storylines, I feel that the MCs should have had a moment where they realize the extent of their previous plot armor, and perhaps had character growth as they realize they don't need it anymore. One point that I disliked was that Sakura's initial plot was supposed to be a thriller, but I think that the LGBT+ antagonism took away from the thriller plot. Now as someone who is actually bi, I don't have a problem with LGBT+. I just think that from a narrative standpoint, the reason Jason was a big antagonist was that he was transphobic, and I think Jason could have been developed more as a villain by having him kill off an acquaintance, rather than him just spouting transphobia every time he has a dialogue with Sakura. The biggest problem I had, though, was that the MCs were able to actually defeat the Demon Lord. Now I realize that they could because he let his guard down, but as soon as he was poisoned he could have just teleported away, and neutralized the poison, before returning to fight. Plus, as someone who was literally able to vaporize the entire Korean subcontinent, a fact the author seemed to gloss over, I don't think it would make in-universe sense for the MCs to think they could beat him. In-universe, that would be like someone shooting a shotgun at a nuke and expecting it to fall over, completely disarmed. I just think that perhaps the MCs themselves didn't have to defeat the Demon Lord. They could have forced a reincarnation spell on him, so he wasn't really defeated, but evicted. Or on the other hand, the Demon Lord could have either won, or let himself be killed and be like "this world bores me, but I didn't have the heart to commit suicide. so long, off to the next world" and that would have been a perfectly fine ending. Not that the original ending wasn't entertaining, it just didn't make sense worldbuilding wise. TLDR; just read it, it's a good book if you can suspend your disbelief for the ending.

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    First time ever writing a review on a book, and I'm currently on Ch.126 so here goes nothing icl the Tarik and Gadiel storyline was quite boring at first, but it get much better further on as their relationship grows. Then I realised there story is more focus on Gadiel about finding himself in a world where his parent push their ideology on him, with they guy he likes (Tarik) and how they go about that with the ups and downs of their lives. Irade's storyline in my opinion was by far the best, it was so captivating and interesting, I legit can't say anything less than that. Sakura, storyline to me is a complete mystery (no pun intended😉). I love this book, and author keep up the good work.

    Reveal Spoiler
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    Bien mais l'auteur est trop engagé dans la lutte LGBT que ça gâché l'histoire. Le plus frappant et pour l'histoire sur sakura ou elle accuse LITTÉRALEMENT tous ce qui ne pense pas comme elle ou qui n'agissent pas comme elle le veut d'homophobe et de transphobe.... une féministe radical typique. Mais sinon bonne histoire 👍

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    Author sinfuego